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Bones Season 9
When will Bones Season 9 be shown again on UK TV. Watched 1-8 but missed season 9 which was shown from January. Thank you
Ann 1:53pm Thu 29 Jun
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love bones
hope you will go on to show season 4
chubby 2:50pm Mon 1 May
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Bones buried alive episode ? On tv last Friday
Mike 10:43pm Sun 12 Jun
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Series 11
What on earth is going on. The new series (11) Bones is being shown on Sky at the moment but starts from episode 13. How does that work and what happened to the beginning of the series? No idea what happened to Hodges for him to be in the position he is now. I won't spoil it for anyone else who hasn't watched it yet. Is this what we pay our bills for?
Sash50 10:29pm Sun 29 May
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bones ser 10
When is part 2 of series 10 back on uk
dianes 10:11am Thu 5 Feb
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season 9
29th Jan at 9pm
Jackie 7:54pm Sun 12 Jan
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season 9 uk
When will seadn 8 be aired in the UK?
Jack P 10:09pm Fri 10 Jan
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What date is bones on season 9?
tiny 5:39am Fri 3 Jan
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season 9
when will season 9 be aired in the uk, getting very annoyed cant see it. season 8 was jan 9th 13 will it be roughly the same for season 9???
mad about bones 4:02pm Sun 3 Nov
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Uk air date
Season 9 will start in January 2014 on a Sky Living
Georgie 8:03am Wed 9 Oct
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when is it on in the uk plzzz
rach 7:11pm Mon 7 Oct
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season 9.
i am pulling my hair out. cannot find when series 9 of bones is on uk television.
very upset bones watcher 6:59pm Tue 1 Oct
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season 9
what tv channel in the uk is season 9 starting and when please, I cant find it anywhere
nannybell 1:54pm Tue 24 Sep
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Season 9
When will season 9 be aired in the uk?
Caoimhe 8:59pm Wed 11 Sep
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Season 9
When will season 9 be aired in the uk?
Caoimhe 8:55pm Wed 11 Sep
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New series
When does bones season 9 start in the uk
Auds 4:22pm Wed 11 Sep
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the answer
bones was orginally a pilot on beeb in october 2009. unfortunately the beeb and several thousand viewers thought it was a programme for sad people with no lives. A friend of the programme got it in through the back door: due to reduced costs of employing out of work actors and simplifying the storyline to appeal to a 12+ audience
nick owin 9:14pm Wed 6 Mar
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when did BONES first start
Can someone please tell me When did BONES first start in the UK and channel and time it was on please
little court 8:12pm Tue 5 Mar
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Words cannot explain my love for this show!
Tvwatcher 9:34pm Sat 9 Feb
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Bones season 8 UK air date
Season 8 in UK starts 9th January at 9pm on sky living
Bones fan UK 12:17am Boxing Day
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When does season 8 start in the UK?
Can some1 tell me if or when the new episodes of Bones is on in the UK plz, and then tell me the time, channel and day? Thanks K.
K.B84 11:32pm Tue 27 Nov
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give us a break check your sky people
who cares as long as it comes back wales number 1 bones fan
pink2012 9:38am Mon 5 Nov
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Season 7 was short
Because of Brennans (Decashnals) impending real life birth season 7 was only 13 episodes long
rich 9:28am Fri 19 Oct
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Bones Season 8
When does season 8 of Bones air in the UK/Ireland?
MaryQ94 7:23pm Wed 10 Oct
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Where is Bones Season 7 UK
No you are not going mad!! Season 7 only aired 5 episodes and disappeared! I am frustrated at this too as no one knows the answer of when the rest of season 7 will b aired in UK. We know why it took a break but, WHEN will it be aired again so we can see the final episodes!!!!!!! Thank you.
Loves Boothies! 5:04pm Mon 17 Sep
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Bones season 8 uk
Bones season 8 will be on sky living in the uk early 2013- hopefully January but may have to wait till February :( ages away :( hope that helps
Bones No1 Fan 9:39am Tue 11 Sep
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When does series 8 of bones start on sky one or sky living please ??
Maz 3:58am Wed 5 Sep
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Bones season 8
When does bones season 8 air in the UK. It airs Sept 17th 2012 in the US.
Jencun 10:38pm Tue 4 Sep
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Season 8
Wen does season 8 air in uk?
BBB 5:41pm Sun 12 Aug
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ive only seen 13 episode of bones series 7 is that it im confused theres normally 26 :( i need to watch
kaz090941 12:31am Tue 7 Aug
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when ??
Can anyone please tell me when series 8 will start on sky living
amy j 12:42am Wed 25 Jul
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Bones - series 8
Can anyone please tell me when series 8 will start in UK.
Waddo 8:13pm Sat 21 Jul
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i can understand that it will 'return' but i want to know when it is going to start again for s7 ep1? Does anyone know this?
boo 7:37pm Sun 15 Apr
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MeloPETE 3:02pm Wed 11 Apr
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Bones help
Seriously confused - I only have terrestrial TV where can I get Bones series 7 in the UK
JOHG 2:29pm Fri 6 Apr
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Bones in the UK
Bones has aired up to episode 5 of season 7 in the uk. It will continue again on April 18th with episode 6,and will continue to the end of may.
ilovebonesx 2:26pm Tue 3 Apr
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Season 7 cont.
So according to imbd Bones season 7 continues Apr 5 2012 which means it wont be in the UK until at least then.
crimson.addict 2:19pm Mon 5 Mar
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Bones season 7
The apparent air date for the restart of Bones part 2 of season 7 is the 15th of march for the USA. so going on what was before hopefully it will be one week later here!
Helen 6:58pm Mon 30 Jan
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Bones series 7
When does bones series 7 start up again in the uk? There was a long break and I've only seen up to episode 4?
Brim.. 6:06pm Tue 24 Jan
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When does bones season 7 continue in the UK? I've seen 2 dates, 12th of January and 17th of November, and also meant to be starting back in the spring! Which one isit?
becc 12:57am Wed 11 Jan
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series 7 ?
I missed episode 6 please tell me it will be shown again and when series 7 will continue.
british fan 11:12pm Tue 10 Jan
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according to geektown
Bones, Season 7, part 2 - Sky Living - Spring 2012 (TBC) Due to Emily Deschanel’s pregnancy, Bones is a bit all over the place this season (so it’s not Sky Livings’s fault). 6 episodes have aired here and the US (with the US airing a 7th in Jan). It’s then on hiatus till the spring. It’s a shortened run of 13 episodes this season. Fox have ordered an additional 4, but it’s not clear if these will air in the Summer, or be tagged onto season 8.
purrfect_74 8:32pm Mon 9 Jan
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Someone with Knowledge answer queries
Its me again, I still cannot find when Bones season 7 is starting up again in UK yet no one seems to be answering our questions
Pat 7:07pm Mon 9 Jan
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start date
does anyone know yet when Bones is starting again....staring to get withdrawal symptoms ;(
C.J. 8:01am Mon 9 Jan
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season 7
is it just me or did we start season 7 last year had 5 or 6 episodes then it just stopped and they started showing old bones in the uk that is can anybody say why and when its coming back on please
lissbabe 4:21pm Sun 8 Jan
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Season 7
Emily, who plays 'Bones', was pregnant in real life so they had to pause the season for her to have her baby. i'm very much eager for it to start again though!
bones&PLL fan 9:34pm Fri 30 Dec
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Where have you gone?
Where have you gone? When will bones start again I never seem to get the hang of US TV show Scheduling. EG pan am what that was all about James
James 9:34pm Thu 29 Dec
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bones season 7
think season 7 is back on the 12 january guys :)
sami 9:12pm Wed 28 Dec
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Series 7 UK
Thank God for these comments I thought I was going crazy yes, why has Bones stopped in middle of series 7 in uk not a happy bunny
Pat 8:11pm Wed 28 Dec
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where has series 7 episode 5/6 GONE
where has the new series of bones gone i faithfully watch please help.
bookworm02 4:33pm Christmas Eve
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