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Absolute Tosh
Am Dram acting at it's worst, extremely unbelievable and OTT storylines - how can people actually enjoy watching this load of cobblers???!
Timmy - Toyooo 5:23pm Sun 5 Feb
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No nurse would ever be so outspoken on a real ward . Get rid please
Pained 2:50pm Mon 2 Jan
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a swinger? The thought is enough to put you off your Christmas cheer!
get real 9:43am Mon 5 Dec
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I like casualty because it has a lot of drama in it and i love programes that have drama in them also casualty makes me feel happy
awesomegirl123 9:05pm Sat 19 Nov
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i love it!!!
Its amazing and helps you understand the perception of peoples lifes and how people manage and what happens in peoples lifes and how they end up at the hospital
shan 10:52pm Wed 16 Nov
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Charlie and Duffy
Pardon me while I throw up!
once more 10:03pm Sat 5 Nov
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Always an enjoyment to sit down on a Saturday night and watch this show, one of my favourites on telly!
:) 7:12pm Sat 29 Oct
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22nd october
Terrible episode bad acting Robyn and David needs to go Bad bipolar acting Robyns brother is such as bad actor. Its like a pantomime. Please get rid of some bof the staff
Chas 1:03pm Sun 23 Oct
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Dreadful acting by Robyn
Please please replace this character , her acting is dreadful, spoils the great drama
Lulu 10:28pm Sat 22 Oct
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Has anyone else noticed he never gives eye contact. He looks away, above their heads or straight past who ever he speaks to. Not much of an actor imo.
once more 9:25pm Sat 3 Sep
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I have never seen such terrible acting from ALL the cast! Please axe this drama series that us on its last legs before we all loose the will to live. Shan't watch ever again - life is too short to waste on this.
Losttheplot 12:11pm Tue 30 Aug
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Lost the plot, tried to hard to do too much. Will loose viewers with this showing
Roy M 8:02am Tue 30 Aug
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Actor who plays Charlie Fairhead
He may have been in Casualty for 30 years but, sorry, I have never thought him much of an actor. SURPRISED he has actually survived being in it that long!!!
Doubletake 9:33pm Sat 27 Aug
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I worked 30 years in A/E. Not unusual at all and none of us had such a ridiculous scenario like Charlie. Every year there is an awards ceremony for long service for 30 and 40 years and the list is long. By the way we never had a helecopter crash into us either.........
once more 9:02pm Sat 27 Aug
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Louise and Lily
Cannot imagine being in hospital being cared for by such a miserable nurse and such a miserable doctor.
once more 10:25pm Sat 16 Jul
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Such a shame
It started as a reality based medical drama that has morphed into a soap opera devoid of all reality.
once more 8:41am Mon 4 Jul
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Gone Downhill Fast
Shouldn't this now be on CBBC? The Script is infantile enough!
bobo 9:46pm Sun 3 Jul
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Stopped watching
I am thinking me too. I have watched from the beginning when it was a reality based nedical drama. Now alas It seems to have morphed into a soap opera devoid of any reality.
once more 10:02am Mon 27 Jun
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Once More
Couldn't agree more. I have been saying that from the start. So much so that I have stopped watching.
AP67 11:56am Sun 26 Jun
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A terrible actress. She always looks stupid too. Where do they pick them from?
once more 10:18pm Sat 25 Jun
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would not be allowed back as he covered up a serious misconduct breach and therefore subject to dismissal and deregistration.
once more 9:53am Sun 12 Jun
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No More
I have watched casualty since day one. Gave up a few weeks ago. Thought I would try again last night. New nurse painful to watch, doctors and porters taking time away from a busy hospital to chase up a missing child, and it goes on-watched as much as I could using subtitles. No more!!!
Ex Fan 6:28pm Sun 1 May
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Found Out
Robin Askwith
once more 12:06pm Sun 7 Feb
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He looks like someone from a sixties pop group. Herman's Hermits maybe?
once more 11:45am Sun 7 Feb
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Cast List
Why when you think you recognise someone on the show can you not find a complete cast list. Who played Grandad in tonight's episode, it is annoying me!!
Sunny 10:51pm Sat 6 Feb
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new ambulace guy
Please give us a break from idiots one this once great programme. New ambulance guy RIDICULOUS!!!!
Irene 10:05pm Sat 6 Feb
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Reaching the depths
using a child writing a letter to promote a lesbian "family" situation.
once more 10:08pm Sat 30 Jan
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That a senior doctor and others agreed to cover up for a doctor who admitted he was over the drink drive limit.
appalled 2:33pm Sun 3 Jan
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You are so right an escape from every day life....... an escape from reality even
once more 12:07pm Sat 28 Nov
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I love casualty and have watched for many years, my daughter now also loves it! It's a way to escape everyday life and we look forward to Saturday nights. Our favourite characters are Zax, and we want them back together!
Boo 7:07am Fri 27 Nov
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understanding what they say
the actress who plays connie beecham. needs to stop talkimg through clenched teeth and learn to speak clearly. I am fed up of having to put subtitles on to understand what they sayTHey need to go for speech lessons
chas 12:42pm Sun 25 Oct
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I totally agree. Stopped watching after the episode you mentioned. After watching since day one. like all the soaps now - the scriptwriters seems to think the more unrealistic the better-they should listen to the viewers .
annoyed 12:08pm Sun 25 Oct
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Casualty going downhill fast.
Casualty has been one of my favourite programmes for years. However storylines new in recent months have been poor. The phantasy film noir episode a couple of months ago was pathetic. As for the new matcho male nurse...he's an absolute joke...he m St becthe only nurse in the UK to wear a white short sleeve double breasted uniform. Holby is now far superior to Casualty.
Joe 11:57am Sun 25 Oct
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Zoe and Max
Will they ever get back together?
me 12:59pm Sat 17 Oct
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Last night's episode was irresponsible in it's extreme. I've complained to OFCOM.
seasidejennifer 9:08pm Sun 27 Sep
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What on earth as the scriptwriters on?? Soaps are supposed to be an escape from reality. Tonights episode went a step too far. And are we really meant to take Robyn seriously!!!
Not Amused 9:57pm Sat 26 Sep
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Barbie girl
My comments exactly-although despite several attempts my comment was not printed
unbelievable 12:32pm Mon 13 Jul
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sin city shocking
Appalling episode. Writer obviously on something when he wrote this and how from the team of producers thought this a good idea?! Awful. Get back to informal please. Last few weeks have been terrible.
Barbie girl 12:00am Mon 13 Jul
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Of many of my previous requests for reasons why my comments are not being printed. If I am taking time out to leave comments the least this site can do is print them. At least an explanation would do
unbelievable 1:19pm Sun 12 Jul
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was that all about
once more 9:52pm Sat 11 Jul
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Dropping like a stone
It's getting worse every episode. It used to be very good, but now they seem to insist on making the emergency staff look insane and very bad at their job. Is it time it was stopped transmission before we all get scared og hospitals?
SantaChuff 9:52pm Sat 11 Jul
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Being asked out on a date by a tall dark handsome man who she was making eyes at when he was making a delivery. I think not!! It is almost laughable.
REALLY!!! 1:43pm Sun 14 Jun
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Does anyone else think this woman is obnoxious, for some reason I cant stand her, and when she framed Connie that was the last straw
Jan 9:16pm Sat 6 Jun
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The person who plays Robyn is so out of place in this show. She would be more suited to childrens tv. I cannot take her seriously with her bouncy walk and silly hairstyles I cannot take her character seriously
unbelievable 12:33pm Sun 10 May
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She is Anita Harris.
Taylor 9:34am Sun 5 Apr
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/who was she
who was female star used to appear with Lionel Blair
jody 10:33pm Sat 4 Apr
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bad acting
the person who plays connie is such a bad actress ihave to put subtitles on to understand her closed mouth and her mumbling I used to enjoy casualty but not anymore Get rid of connie
billabong 11:29am Wed 11 Mar
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Is even more ridiculous in reality. You are prewarned and you are on your toes and everything is shipshape which is farcical.....
once more 8:32am Mon 9 Feb
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Are we seriously meant to believe that such stupid, irresponsible behaviour would take place during a hospital inspection? This scriptwriting insults both the intelligence of the viewer and the NHS
Voxuna 6:35pm Sun 8 Feb
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All docs carry bleeps and must be accessable at al times. As if one would leave an emergency deptl
once more 11:59am Sun 8 Feb
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