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best comic
the beano is out of print, corrie seems to have taken over that role, how long before it goes the same way, so weak?
clentman 9:36am Tue 21 Feb
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Baby scene
Well done to toyah for cleaning up and hiding the mop and bucket ! I know it's not a medical drama but sooooooo unbelievable last night.
Bubsie 8:25am Tue 21 Feb
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I thought episode tonight was great..cried with Michelle...laughed at sisterly banter between Leanne and Toyah. At long last how it used to be...except for Bethany story
bella 10:19pm Mon 20 Feb
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it's not supposed to be hollyoaks
I think they should put all the under 30s on a bus, and have it blown up. Bring back the oldies, with their sense of humour.
catbail 10:02pm Mon 20 Feb
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Monday Night - One Word
EJ 9:43pm Mon 20 Feb
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Bad acting
Tonight's apalling baby birth in a lift shows the best actor as an infant - screaming. The actors are terrible as are the awful stories.
Maureen 8:53pm Mon 20 Feb
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In My Day.
In my day the children played Hop Scotch in the street not 'Tonsil Tennis' in beauty salons. Btw Bethany looks 35.
Minnie Caldwell. 5:21pm Sun 19 Feb
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I would have thought that at the age of 16, she was over the hill for a child grooming storyline .
shabba 3:14pm Sun 19 Feb
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From being on the verge of suicide a few weeks ago, hasn't taken Michelle long to recover. Who writes this magical fairytale, hans Christian andersen?
thumbellina. 1:06pm Sun 19 Feb
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Why does he not get anything done about his nose. Also he needs a sense of humour transplant. Mind you, the scriptwriters need replacing and we need some good northern humour back. The present stories are full of gloom and despondency. Get rid of all the Barlows, Sally and that buffoon of a husband, Kevin, and Dev. Bring back Emily
Marina 10:14am Sun 19 Feb
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job done.
The only way to fix corrie and emmerdale is to send a diseased riddled rat with a phial of anthrax onto the sets. Job done.
the pied piper. 9:41am Sat 18 Feb
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Agree with you 100 pc one word describes Corrie at the moment disgusting,more sex and criminality than anything else,I am no longer a regular viewer The latest new actors are crap Especially Rosie.The gay content Is a turn off for me
Mary 9:36am Sat 18 Feb
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Thought it was bad enough in Emmerdale having someone form every type of criminality and sexual deviance living in one small community but we are heading to having same in one small street with Corrie. Unbelievable
frances 9:04am Sat 18 Feb
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Get rid of the Barlows
And the awful Rosie,not enjoying corrie at the moment
Mary 8:15am Sat 18 Feb
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Phelan and Andy
Since this story has began Andy has constantly told Phelan anything he wants to know....
Kristian 9:01pm Thu 16 Feb
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This is what Coronation Street is becoming.
Caz 6:34pm Thu 16 Feb
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Told Billy that Adam was in the Rovers looking for his dad! I thought his dad was Mike Baldwin ??
Confused 10:50pm Wed 15 Feb
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What has happened to "Aunty" Beth ? I don't think she has appeared this year.
Curious 9:02pm Wed 15 Feb
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On and on it goes.....
Kristian 7:48pm Wed 15 Feb
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Great to see Mary back last night. Best part of whole episode! Please give Mary and Craig good story lines. Exit please for simpering Kate(can't act) and Rosie. Gutted my once favourite programme has sunk so low.
Rebecca 8:25pm Tue 14 Feb
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Rosie webster
what has happened to her face she looks aggid like a witch
obnod 11:59am Tue 14 Feb
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Totally agree. This is not the Corrie we know (and used to love) and well before the watershed too. If thats the best the scriptwriters can do I think its time to call it a day
A.P. 10:35am Tue 14 Feb
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Meant to say Virgin not Irwin terrible typing , perhaps I could get a job as a scriptwriter on corrie?!
Rochelle 9:26am Tue 14 Feb
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here we go again.
Four minutes in and there we have todd and Billy kissing in the street. Then cut to sinead and Daniel, and Adam and Rosie all in a state of undress. Are the writers sex obsessed. They need to see a doctor, I'm sure there's tablets to calm them down.
moggy. 10:35pm Mon 13 Feb
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With Sally, constantly using Irvin as a mockery? What sort of message is that sending out! Can Someone please step I. And save this soap?
Rochelle 8:13pm Mon 13 Feb
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Constantly calling him a 'virgin' is pretty unbecoming of Corrie. Won't be watching this vitriol again.
Sally 10:28am Mon 13 Feb
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Rosies got the look of a rabbit caught in the headlights thats been sniffing glue.
bugs bunny. 10:13am Mon 13 Feb
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Somehow, I think that it's an insult to am dram to compare it with corrie... the acting is absolutely diabolical, and the plots even more so.
Mark 9:36am Mon 13 Feb
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Who's writing this stuff?
A child? For children? Its been reduced even more to the level of amateur dramatics with the arrival back of Rosie. Shouldnt she have matured a bit in the intervening years eepecially if shes been modelling in America? This and all other storylines are ridiculous, unbelievable, predictable, BORING! Most unbelievable is the amount of people who live in each of the small, two-up, two-down, terraced houses eg the Barlow's and Eileen's! Less fantasy, more reality please!
Realitycheck 7:36am Mon 13 Feb
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Rosie thinks she is the cat's whisker, should go to specsavers, heard she had a face lift, but when presented with the bill it dropped.
deadeye 2:24pm Sun 12 Feb
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Could be worse...
They could've brought Maddeh back with Sophie... *shudder*
Mark 1:03pm Sun 12 Feb
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The Barlow's
So not impressed by the new Barlow's, I can't see what point they serve. It's all about them but I find them all to be dull and boring. I've lost interest in the show now and especially so when the lifeless Barlow's are attempting to act!
Avid corrie fan 12:33pm Sun 12 Feb
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Well done the "Meerkats"
The show has no substance, the storylines are thin and acting is abysmal - surely it cannot continue for much longer in this form. The "Meerkats" do a better job.
EJ 12:08am Sun 12 Feb
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Can do without Rosie's facial expressions. Hope writers read these comments and do something about the dire story lines they are churning out at present. Even the actors must be cringing, but there, I suppose the money must be good, or they would walk away.
Rosie9 8:32pm Sat 11 Feb
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Mary and Craig.
Only 2 good characters, Mary and Craig. But alas, they will always be the bridesmaid, never the bride.
the pinky ponk. 6:44pm Sat 11 Feb
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I hope Corrie sees how unpopular Rosie is
And sacks her as well as the Barlows there is not a decent actor among them,won't be watching it again it is crap at the moment,writers should be getting their back sides kicked,as for the new actors in the soap,none of them can act,fed up with this soap,to think what it used too be,shame to see it in the trash heap
Mary 6:10pm Sat 11 Feb
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final nail.
That lad seb will be the nail in phelans coffin. It's been done before with oliver twist and bill sykes. Go get him bullseye, or should that be Eccles.
moggy. 12:44pm Sat 11 Feb
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Lost in it all
Can no longer watch this after 30+ years. Lost in the mess of it all. The Barlows, The Platts and who's related to who, Leanne and Steve's baby and Nick. My brain can't be bothered with trying to remember the mess and its boring and ridiculous.
Maisy 9:32am Sat 11 Feb
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corrie comments
This soap is about characters of a street, not young stupid adolescents. All The older actors who made the programme with some slight humour occasionaly have gone!.
clentman 9:28am Sat 11 Feb
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crap show getting worse
who wants to watch this show anymore? the writers' are crap and some of the actors should be put in the scrapyard it's all pifgfle
deadeye 9:15am Sat 11 Feb
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Rosie/Sinead/Adam/Chesney/Nick, not an ounce of talent or charisma between them. Ridiculously boring.
Pewa 8:23am Sat 11 Feb
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Rosie o Rosie.
At least with a blow up doll you can deflate it. She's like a fart in a colander, she doesn't know what hole to get out of.
mildew. 5:00am Sat 11 Feb
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Rosie's pathetic acting is the last straw
Won't be watching corrie anymore
Liz W 12:11am Sat 11 Feb
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Will someone
Please tell me how bad it is going to get before someone in power who has an element of dignity does something about it
Thomas 9:50pm Fri 10 Feb
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Commented that Corrie had reached the Pits.......And that was BEFORE Friday nights appalling episodes..!!
Indis pear 9:46pm Fri 10 Feb
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Daniel and sinead, the bland leading the bland.
moggy. 9:33pm Fri 10 Feb
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What were ITV thinking of ??
Please I can't stand it any longer !!!! I've always loved Corrie for its humour but not for much longer xx ITV GET RID OF ROSIE ??????
Evie 9:03pm Fri 10 Feb
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Stop watching corrie
Carrie is abso terrible. In real life if anyone performed as bad as Rosie and Sophie are actors in there jobs the person would be looking for a new job.
Raunchy Rooney rosie 8:43pm Fri 10 Feb
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Stop watching corrie
Carrie is abso terrible. In real life if anyone performed as bad as Rosie and Sophie are actors in there jobs the person would be looking for a new job.
Raunchy Rooney rosie 8:20pm Fri 10 Feb
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What is happening?
I always loved this program because it was a complete antithesis of eastenders and reflected the northern sense of humour.it was, for me complete escapism for 30 mins. Now it's a mess and utterly depressing. It s drawing on all the pond life that is possible to meet.
Dis appointed 8:08pm Fri 10 Feb
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