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Coronation Street Comments
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Absolute Ribbish
How much longer are we to endure this boringly unbelievable story line with Pathelan and his sad and pathetic wife Eileen. Talk about dragging it out, my God it is getting beyond a joke. I don’t know anyone who is gripped by this plot End it for Gods sake!!!!
Bytor2112 9:07pm Wed 17 Jan
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Tired and boring
Pat phelan and his victims getting boring and coro is really dragging this story out what i will see Pat will murder Eileen and get away with it as he does
Cobblers 8:57pm Wed 17 Jan
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Lap dancing ridiculous!!!!! So what was the point of her previous story line. Sends out a very bad message to young folk who might be being abused
zena 8:37pm Wed 17 Jan
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Phelan and Eileen
Ones a criminal mastermind the other is thick as two short planks
Wee val 6:06pm Wed 17 Jan
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Time for a change
Give us happy viewing .Far too much depressing scenes now to watch.
M.D 6:40pm Tue 16 Jan
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Not a very attractive bunch of characters - any of them!!
Babs 6:01pm Tue 16 Jan
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Craigs got OCD , Overeating Cake Disorder.
Babs 2:19pm Tue 16 Jan
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Bethany and Craig.
Bethany's a spiteful little cow if I was Craig I'd show her the door. "perhaps she likes the attention of men".
Ernie 11:20am Tue 16 Jan
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Confused,aren't we all!!!
Yes Sean did turn dark brown in part two,same colour all the other actors seem to be of late.
Bagpuss 11:15am Tue 16 Jan
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Prev comm.
No, that was Simon Barlow.
Pippa. 9:37pm Mon 15 Jan
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Previous comment
Was it my imagination? Or did he turn a dark brown colour in part two?
Confused 9:03pm Mon 15 Jan
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A small glimmer
Did shaun brighten corrie tonight on this blue Monday with a little glimmer of humour?
Me 8:43pm Mon 15 Jan
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Nightmare continues
I switch on hoping the corrie nightmare crap is over.....nope. It continues with dumb Eileen and dumber Bethany!!
Sj 8:02pm Mon 15 Jan
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If obese Craig was my boyfriend, I'd take up lap dancing too!
Sian 7:43pm Mon 15 Jan
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Some soaps go from strength to strength - and then there's Coronation Street
Breda 7:36pm Mon 15 Jan
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Agree with mar
It's not Corrie anymore, l watch hoping for improvement but i won't hold my breath, l feel sorry for the actors having to act this drival
Trish 6:56pm Mon 15 Jan
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Simons a right horror. He looks evil. Pity he wasn't phelans next victim.
Maxine 6:45pm Mon 15 Jan
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Corrie violence
I have watched Coronation Street since Ken Barlow was a youth and have always enjoyed it's portrayal of family life and northern humour, however the past twelve months we have been subjected to almost continuos violence.I think the soap that we knew and loved has gone and this programme should now be shown after the watershed. programme should be see
Mar 3:34pm Mon 15 Jan
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Fed up
I hate being made a fool of. And I feel that is what Corrie is doing to all loyal viewers. Who on earth is allowing this show to sink deeper and deeper. I feel sorry for any of the the actors who feel forced to promote these dire storylines.
Lee 12:54pm Sun 14 Jan
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Meaningful scrips.
Don't insult kids.
Bon 11:05am Sun 14 Jan
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It is a silly story after everything the character has been through.... but it's to be expected now the soap has over recent times lost credibility
STILL Unimpressed..... 8:56pm Sat 13 Jan
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She clearly wasn't that bothered about her last ordeal as she is surrounding herself with men again
Wee val 7:44pm Sat 13 Jan
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Fully agree with previous comments. Lap dancing is the last thing she'd be doing or she wasn't as upset over her grooming as portrayed
zena 5:06pm Sat 13 Jan
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Bethany lap dancing storyline completely ridiculous. I've lost sympathy for this character.
katie 3:16pm Sat 13 Jan
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Bimbo and gingernut.
Who gives a flying F .
Geelo4. 9:09pm Fri 12 Jan
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Surely if she had been sexually exploited by all these dodgy older men the last thing on her mind would be lap dancing
Caz 9:02pm Fri 12 Jan
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SO depressing
We are fed up with the depressing & Rediculous story lines in Corrie . There used to be some laughs at least !
Bunny 8:48pm Fri 12 Jan
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Previous comment
Exactly. Time to all it a day I think. I have watched since day one and it upsets me to see how low the producers/scriptwriters will go to try and get to young audiences, what about the once loyal fans
Sad 47 8:07pm Fri 12 Jan
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Wheres rita, norris, ken? All ghe decent actors?
Sj 7:35pm Fri 12 Jan
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A mircale
Eileens IQ has increased from 0 to 1 amazing give all the characters better education they need it
Smart 11:35am Fri 12 Jan
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What on earth was going on at the vigil? Awful music, none of his family there, absolutely unbelievable
Jojo 11:06am Thu 11 Jan
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Chesney also needs a nose job, new hair colour and a personality transplant.
Jaxxon 11:01am Thu 11 Jan
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Chesney really needs a face lift.... to get it up off the floor !!!!! what a miserable face.
Dan 10:29am Thu 11 Jan
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Before Phelan is caught, could he please add Kirk, Sinead, Chesney, Gail, Gemma and Michelle to his list of victims? He will be missed, he can actually act!
Pewa 9:32am Thu 11 Jan
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I didn't like the phelan story at first. But I've changed my mind. Carla and the kidney, racism story. Not bothered about them.
Jenn. 10:34pm Wed 10 Jan
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Meaningful Scripts
Has a kid written this garbage?
EJ 9:34pm Wed 10 Jan
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Real life
So much hatred and depression - makes real life look really great doesn't it!
Nova 7:53pm Wed 10 Jan
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Gothic horror
Macabre deaths and unlikely scenarios with caricature actors -sounds Shakespearean to me!
Brad 7:36pm Wed 10 Jan
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The writers don't read these reviews. They are too busy in the Manchester gay bars.
Professor yaffle 7:22pm Wed 10 Jan
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Crap reviews
Well if i were a writer i would want to find out what people really thought about my stuff so id make it my business to be like anyone else and read these reviews. Are you telling me writers dont watch soaps other than their own. They are part of the general public too!!!
Me 6:11pm Wed 10 Jan
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Lots of posts say ,do the writers read these comments. No they don't and it says on this page that only TV Guide readers read them. You need to contact the programme direct through the ITV website.
Sandra S 4:47pm Tue 9 Jan
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Too much
Why oh why do we have to have so many lesbians and homosexual men in these soaps Anthony Cotton Is the pits.He should have gone years ago.
stringers 3:20pm Tue 9 Jan
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Oh dear
It really is atrocious. How many people actually think thus stuff is good. I watch in hope that the writers read these comments. Sadly it would appear not. Corrie is dead and will take something dpecial to revive it to the point it ever wins snother award!!
Sj 9:03am Tue 9 Jan
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Gay agenda?? Certainly not! ??
Lynsey 8:51pm Mon 8 Jan
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The sad thing about corrie now is that there are really no characters that you can care about.that was part of its charm and interest.more like eastenders fast, furious but no likability.
Bagpuss 8:45pm Mon 8 Jan
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So very hard
Good actors (except Sinead!) but honestly, what they have to do with the appalling storylines must be so VERY difficult.
Brett 8:44pm Mon 8 Jan
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It's not easily noticed tha many on corrie are not white because most of the other actors especially the younger female ones now seem to spend their free time in the tanning salon!!!
Bagpuss 3:23pm Mon 8 Jan
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Wait until you see what's in store for David platt. That's another cutting edge story most of us want nothing to do with.
Shauna 8:02pm Sun 7 Jan
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I am furious at the 'racist' storyline involving Alya. I don't even notice that Alya or Luke, etc are not white - we live happily together as people of all races, and don't give it a second thought. But now Corrie is trying, as usual, to be 'cutting edge', but all they are doing is dredging up issues which most of us want nothing to do with.
catbail 7:42pm Sun 7 Jan
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Not possible
I have to agree with a previous comment, Phelan was an age getting up to his feet, then he caught Luke, and drove at him head on !!!!! that surely is realistically impossible ?
music fan 12:56pm Sun 7 Jan
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