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In another cellar, I hope!
Tenmoko 11:20am Sat 18 Nov
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Where is she?
Pewa 10:44am Sat 18 Nov
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The lump ii.
Copycat storyline of David from emmerdale. Give us something new.
Min. 9:59am Sat 18 Nov
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Corriegaytion street
A total ball ache
petra 8:54pm Fri 17 Nov
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The lump
Oh yuck,far too much information over the breakfast table,I see another depressing storyline coming up in time for Christmas.what is it with corrie of late to throw all this get yourself checked for anything nasty that is preached to viewers continuously now.
Bagpuss 7:45pm Fri 17 Nov
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like everyone is saying the stories are silly and unbelievable specially phelan how can anyone keep believing his excuses ,coro is not the same poor writers .
floss 9:20am Thu 16 Nov
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What's going on?
The gay scenes are even worse than the Phelan story. What on earth is going on?? Cool it.
Nick 10:39pm Wed 15 Nov
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More gay scenes. Its gone mad
Sj 7:59pm Wed 15 Nov
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wasn't it good without him?
mogul 7:51pm Wed 15 Nov
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The Young Girl and the Vicar
Enough Said !
EJ 9:29pm Tue 14 Nov
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Give the writing to grown ups
Please bring Corrie out of the playground,the teenage antics (the fight)boring. And sort out the living arrangements ,iv lost track of who's living with who
Sad 6:48pm Tue 14 Nov
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I was totally bored with the episodes on Monday night. Billy is the most uninteresting person and the sight of him continually crying put me right off.
charlotte. 2:57pm Tue 14 Nov
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Summer and liv from emmerdale look and act very similar. Both miserable, pouty teens, with gay guardians.
Mel 12:33pm Tue 14 Nov
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What !!!!!
Well Summer really is in safe hands, walking in on two men in bed, ones an arsonist and con man, the other a robbing thug of a vicar, I hope social services are watching LOL. It's gone beyond laughable.
music fan 8:16am Tue 14 Nov
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Kind of twisted mind writes this garbage? Did we really need to see Michelle drag Robert back into the bedroom , the fight scene was a joke. And the vicars story !!! Enough said !
Unbelievable 9:11pm Mon 13 Nov
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They must have confiscated his hair dye.
Mel 8:06pm Mon 13 Nov
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Robert looks very tanned and healthy considering he's been in prison?!!
Katie 7:55pm Mon 13 Nov
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Really. Todd and vicar in bed scene. Necesssry?
Sj 7:36pm Mon 13 Nov
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Oh dear.
Mary used to be one of the lighter characters, now they have turned her into a bunny boiler for some reason. We have too many of them already.
music fan 11:44am Mon 13 Nov
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2 previous comments
Ive gone off Mary, and Craig, keep checking the times getting annoying. Amy and Simon are horrible kids, devs kids are going the same way.
Min. 2:50pm Sun 12 Nov
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If I needed
a solicitor, and my first view was of Rosie they would definitely not get my business.Why do all the factory workers need to work in the street where they live.Also why is summer such a depressive child, and why are all soap kids horrible brats.
Jan-Ban 11:45am Sun 12 Nov
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Agree with expat
Never used to miss Corrie,now Cannot be bothered with it,have even gone off Mary,one of the best actors in the soap
Mary 9:57am Sun 12 Nov
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if ur looking for guidance as far as parents go ur not going to find it on Corrie....non of them should have kids they are all a bunch of cookoos
expat 10:14pm Sat 11 Nov
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Previous comment
I have watched from day one, so sad to see a once loved soap reduced to reduced to this trash.
Sad 10:02pm Sat 11 Nov
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A long-time fan, I’m afraid that I’m not enjoying the show anymore. It’s so negative and dark - what a shame.
Jane 9:32pm Sat 11 Nov
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It's the no big deal part of his comment that people are objecting to.
Professor yaffle. 12:25pm Fri 10 Nov
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Unfortunately for Fred he commented on something that we all know does go on far too frequently in this do what you like even though it's against the law world.bit unfair for such backlash at a what you don't want to hear comment though.
Bagpuss 12:17pm Fri 10 Nov
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Who is Fred?
Son of Cain 8:48am Fri 10 Nov
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Where's fred?
Freds been quiet. Is it because he's busy luring vulnerable, underage girls with alcohol and cigarettes .
Outspoken 6:02pm Thu 9 Nov
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Very dark
Do not recognise Corrie as a soap It has turned very dark and quite Frankly not worth watching,Mary Story ridiculous,no longer worth watching.
Mary 3:48pm Thu 9 Nov
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Well said to the previous comment!
katie 12:33pm Thu 9 Nov
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Message to Fred:
Clearly you are not a father, or an uncle, or a friend of anyone who has young teenagers. Perhaps you were having sex at 15 then... And if so - I have to wonder what your life turned out like, without proper parental guidance and discipline.
Tee 12:30pm Thu 9 Nov
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When are the ex-factory employees going to get out and look for new jobs instead of loafing about all day and drinking in the Rovers?
EJ 9:52pm Wed 8 Nov
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What a masochistic bunch we are, keeping on watching such tripe!
Rosa 6:53pm Wed 8 Nov
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Fed up with warnings of content to offend before Corrie. Sadly loosing interest in the programme. New scripts required!
Magpie 12:40pm Wed 8 Nov
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katie 11:30am Tue 7 Nov
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Terrible acting
Think they should be done by the trade description act.
Bon 10:28am Tue 7 Nov
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Even when he's happy he looks miserable.
Dan 9:33am Tue 7 Nov
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Bored bored
Most boring tonight slowly going of this soap been watching the olders ones from the 80s seem to enjoy them more
Coroman 11:14pm Mon 6 Nov
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For pity's sake find some new scriptwriters! enough said.
Erica 9:08pm Mon 6 Nov
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Why hasn't his aunt issis mentioned anything abt her sister dying or Joseph
Lacoste 2310 8:51pm Mon 6 Nov
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Anna and Tim
casually talking about Seb and Fayes sexual relationship, why is this being portrayed as acceptable.
Jan-Ban 12:47pm Mon 6 Nov
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Previous comment sounds very homophobic!!!not very nice.
Bagpuss 4:56pm Sun 5 Nov
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So glad Todd has finally gone.Now get rid of the vicar and Anthony Cotton
stringers 4:08pm Sun 5 Nov
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Sally you are so right about the Faye storyline but it seems Corrie has concern about any form of decency these days it's purely rating grabbing
zena 10:19am Sun 5 Nov
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???? 9:48am Sun 5 Nov
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Be responsible
Fayes a very immature 15 year old. The age of consent is 16 for a reason to protect children. Corrie should be more responsible in portraying this.
Sally b. 1:06am Sun 5 Nov
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No big deal
Surely most 15yos are having sex these days. Faye having a sexual relationship at 15 is no big deal.
Fred 10:32pm Sat 4 Nov
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Why hasn't seb been arrested for having sex with faye.
Min. 8:53pm Sat 4 Nov
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The acting and storylines on Friday was dreadful. Been watching since day one and never thought this once loved soap (not a drama) would reach this level. Are we really meant to believe that the parents of a fifteen year old girl are accepting that she is in a sexual relationship??? Surely that is illegal!!
Ex fan 6:30pm Sat 4 Nov
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