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Pat Phelan story line
How much more can 1 man get away with, really !! This story line is becoming very tediously boring, to the point that I have stopped watching Corrie, real shame too.
Australian devil 10:34pm Sat 21 Jan
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Enough Corrie....ditch Phelan now...
...at first he was a 'wide-boy' - a crafty, devious piece of work...now he's a violent thug, a double murderer....enough of his likes!!!!
scunnert 9:25pm Sat 21 Jan
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There is no need for phelan story line. It's gone to far now put an end to this story line no wonder the world is getting bad
Jammy 5:44pm Sat 21 Jan
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This story line now is out of order people are turning of, should be called night mare on coronation.street. fed up with this character it's ridiculous
Clarky 3:50pm Sat 21 Jan
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Well said Rosie
Once Phelan is gone Corrie will get better
Mary 2:38pm Sat 21 Jan
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used to be corrie fan
"Mentally challenged "was called something else before ""PC BRIGADE "got involved . They won't silence me, I will still use the old terminology .
moggy. 12:48pm Sat 21 Jan
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Why do we comment on this page. The writers cannot read any of our remarks, if they did surely they would act on them.
Rosie9 12:27pm Sat 21 Jan
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Pat phelen
Boring now gone on way to long he needs to get caught now
Nessa 12:13pm Sat 21 Jan
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Lasy writers
The writers need more imagination. Some of the stories are so unbelievable that the audience have to be mentally challenged to enjoy.
Used to be Corrie Fan 11:41am Sat 21 Jan
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Looks dreadful with that beard Anna must cringe when she has to kiss him smarten him up for goodness sake
misty 10:58am Sat 21 Jan
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Can it get any worse?
Watching Corrie now days is no longer a joyful experience! So cringing to watch now. Poor predictable storylines.
KemB 10:46am Sat 21 Jan
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Phelan needs to go
This is the worse story line I have watch this soap all my life and now can't stand to watch it makes me feel so mad it's going on for to long boring boring!!!!
Hello 11:00pm Fri 20 Jan
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About the actor who plays Pat Filan
Could you please sack the guy, who plays Pat Filan. As an actor he's horrible. Sue Cleaver is a good actress, and always brings a good sense of humour to coronation street.
jennywren 9:48pm Fri 20 Jan
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The wrong trousers
I see Liz had Sonny Bono's trousers on tonight from his appearance with Cher on Top of the Pops in 1966.
Aging hippy 9:26pm Fri 20 Jan
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Crazy story line
my cat could write better story lines .. for god's sakes is he going to murder the whole street now ? how stupid get rid of this silly story line now
Aradia 9:21pm Fri 20 Jan
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Unbelievable !
I didn't think it could get any worse.... I was so wrong. Tonight's two episodes beyond belief...how much longer can they spin it out?
Frank 9:20pm Fri 20 Jan
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Phalanx story
Totally totally stupid, surely he can't keep getting away with murder. This story has gone on long enough cane bear to watch it anymore.
Fedup 9:17pm Fri 20 Jan
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Finished with Corrie
I'm done with corrie after watching it my whole life. The Phelan plot's gone beyond ridiculous now
ex corrie fan 9:04pm Fri 20 Jan
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had enough of phelian
this has gotten so stupid i give up with corrie
bear 9:01pm Fri 20 Jan
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Phelan and the flats money
On and on it goes. The man's unstoppable
Caz 8:58pm Fri 20 Jan
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Corrie loosing a plot
I completely agree with some of comments about Phelan story. Seems story writer treating us all corrie as stupid by pulling this completely unrealistic story for so long
Corrie fan 8:51pm Fri 20 Jan
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My husband and I hate the philanthropic story. We are going to stop watching this programme after 30 years of viewing.
Von 8:44pm Fri 20 Jan
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Ta-ra Corrie
Phelan's storyline. Need I say more?
Disgusted 8:43pm Fri 20 Jan
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never again! !!!
BYE BYE corrie. I will NEVER, EVER watch again. Absolutely sickened by tonight's violence! !!!!
moggy. 8:41pm Fri 20 Jan
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Sick Of Phelan Plot
The Pat Phelan storyline has gotten so hard to stomach, as of 20/01/17 i will no longer watch Corrie.
boredcorriefan 8:35pm Fri 20 Jan
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Completely agree with previous comments about Phelan story line. In fact the whole program is becoming as depressing as Eastenders. Bring in some new script writers Corrie always had a good balance of drama and humour not anymore, completely agree with other time to turn off
Corrie supporter 8:33pm Fri 20 Jan
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Phelan and Eileen's wedding???
So Elaine got dressed up for the wedding and left the house with Todd, but where was Phelan? He was in the street, speaking to Andy's girlfriend, in Andy's flat! Did he get the time wrong or did the scritwriters forget about the wedding! Better co-ordination from the script writers is needed here. I for one am really bored with Phelan, who always seems to be in the right place at the right time. and so predictable. Don't insult your fans!
prevcorriefan 8:16pm Fri 20 Jan
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Tragic story line!
The story line of phelans so called murder attempt and then bullying Andy to burn down the garage is ridiculous and cringy! Never mind the still both story line, devastating as it would be in real life, its not something I want to see after a long day! Get your act together!
Anna 8:09pm Fri 20 Jan
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Sometimes 00000000 10:37am Fri 20 Jan
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Agree with previous comments about Chesney. He has not turned into a good adult actor. The writers also seem to have difficulty finding anything interesting for his limited ability to cope with. I think he is a very nice young man outside Corrie but it's time for his contract to be axed
frances 9:25am Fri 20 Jan
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Chesney is a younger version of ken Barlow. More life in a plank of wood. Compared to Chesney, roy croppers a party animal.
moggy. 7:13am Fri 20 Jan
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Whatever happened to the "actor" who plays Chesney? He was a brilliant child actor but he's now awful, no emotion, no expression and talent
JoJo 6:47am Fri 20 Jan
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What is wrong with the script writers. Phelan story line goes on and on and and on,IT HAS GOT SO BORING .My favourite soap,but may switch off.
vally 7:24pm Thu 19 Jan
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leave alone.
Leave comments alone! You might not like them. Others do!
22222222222 11:51am Thu 19 Jan
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Think a cull is called for on the street so many poor actors especially Nick, Kirk, Sinead, Steve, Ken, Tracey etc, etc. Why aren't the people responsible for this programme see how bad they are?
Pewa 9:34am Thu 19 Jan
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Phalan boring and stupid
Please end this storyline it's getting boring and is ridiculous. Corrie seems to have lost it's soul. More of Rita and Norris with Marys lovely quips to make us smile.
Fitz 4:40am Thu 19 Jan
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Mixed Simon.
I always imagined a scenario, Where Simon needed some kind of medical intervention, a blood transfusion, or kidney donation, only to find out that Peter and Simons DNA were totally different and Simons mother had ben given the wrong baby or something across those lines.
Sometimes 00000000 5:23pm Wed 18 Jan
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Why is Simon Barlow mixed race?
custard the dragon. 3:14pm Wed 18 Jan
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prev comm
Hey! !!!! I'm 22222222222 L O L.
22222222222 3:03pm Wed 18 Jan
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I agree that it would help them to get a grip! Phelan is a great character and I have enjoyed hating him! It is a shame that this particular story line is so unbelievable and tedious.
FeatherHG 9:29pm Tue 17 Jan
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FeatherH G
Programme makers should be made to read these pages to see where they are going wrong. Surely they must question why less and less people are watching. Most of the time now i read what's about to happen in the TV guide and I will only watch if interested. The phelan story is a no no for me. Dragging on.
moggy. 8:22pm Tue 17 Jan
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This section is for readers of TV Guide only and it does say that programme makers dont see it. If you want to complain you need to write directly to the Corrie website .I have done this before and had replies to my questions and comments
FeatherHG 8:08pm Tue 17 Jan
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Did Mary return or did I dream it - or are Mary and Norris secretly hiding out in the Norris love nest?
Jenty 7:48pm Tue 17 Jan
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Missing comments
What's the point in having a review page if they don't post the comments. I've said no different to several other viewers regarding story with phelan. They don't get published. They clearly don't care about the viewer at all
Paula 7:39pm Tue 17 Jan
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move on!
For Heavens sake how much longer will Phelan get away with evil. Get him behind bars - this is going on toooooo long!
felix 5:50pm Tue 17 Jan
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Hope corrie writers read this page
And get rid of Phelan before he puts us all off watching Corrie
Mary 10:50am Tue 17 Jan
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boring Chesney.
I hope that sinead gets with Daniel. Chesney is another ex child star past his sell by date. Even boring ken barlows better than Chesney.
custard the dragon. 3:53am Tue 17 Jan
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am not watching corrie again until Phelan story line ends , so fed up of it now.
Lottie 11:44pm Mon 16 Jan
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scriptwriters please read these reviews and realise you have pushed Phelan story line out of all credibility. It's now plain stupid and putting viewers off watching
frances 10:32pm Mon 16 Jan
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Fed up now with this storyline. When will it end? Really put me off watching.
Miss M 10:04pm Mon 16 Jan
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