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Coronation Street Comments
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fiz's friend.
Let's hope that Kim isn't going to be seans new boyfriend.
mel. 8:56pm Sun 25 Jun
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It's becoming boring ! Every 5minutes some one is locking lips. It's not a soap any more. Too much cheating /affairs. Won't watch now. Don't care .??
Fan 11:45pm Sat 24 Jun
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Same old same all
Here we go again. Can two acquaintances of opposite sex never have a drink together in Coronation street without having sex.
Lizzie 7:22am Sat 24 Jun
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Fiz's friend
Please, please, please not another GAY!! They're taking over the street. Enough is enough
frances 3:31pm Fri 23 Jun
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know all.
I don't like summer. She's a female version of know it all, little big man, Simon Barlow.
SEA HAG. 3:40pm Tue 20 Jun
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Summer's Grandma
Best character in the soap
Sally 3:30pm Tue 20 Jun
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Sack the writers,they write a lot of crap
Mary 10:26am Tue 20 Jun
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Really enjoyed tonight's episodes - lots going on and very tense.
Rhoda 9:00pm Mon 19 Jun
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Billy is so fake
The Billy story is so ridiculous his totally fake smiles and the adoption story
jennyjones 8:34pm Mon 19 Jun
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Good Ep
Mary is such a good actress and makes the most of any scene she's in. Good ep this evening.
Lister 8:01pm Mon 19 Jun
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Oh please no,not another pe teen joining the corrie cast,we have enough young characters already our beloved corrie is sinking fast.
Bagpuss 8:22pm Fri 16 Jun
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having joined the cast as a rather chubby, gormless son of a loud mouth he has matured into a very likeable young man. Please writers don't spoil his character with some awful story lines. I bet this young man is as nice in real life,
frances 1:45pm Fri 16 Jun
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Ken Barlow
Anyone could look as good only we have to work hard to pay the mortgage. Nice if you can get the same job as a somewhat boring character in a soap for over 50 years.......
georgie 5:02pm Tue 13 Jun
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Hope I look like Eva if I reach 85.
mel. 4:16pm Tue 13 Jun
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Ken Barlow
Whatever I think of Bill Roache and his acting I hope if I make it to 85yrs I look half as good as him.
elaine 8:55am Tue 13 Jun
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The Slippery Slope
Further and further down hill the show goes with every episode - soon it will hit the buffers!
EJ 10:01pm Mon 12 Jun
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The Barmy Barlows are hogging the show - which is now a melodrama, not a soap.
Jed 6:39pm Mon 12 Jun
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Agree 100 percent
Mary 4:24pm Mon 12 Jun
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This soap has badly written stories & even worse bad actors.
Sammy 12:07pm Mon 12 Jun
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ken Barlow.
Claire king (erica )has been contemplating taking her own life. Any room for ken Barlow?
nemo . 10:52am Mon 12 Jun
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Fully agree but they don't print half of mine.
elaine 11:00pm Sun 11 Jun
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Our comments are important - we happy few, we Band of Brothers represent the 7 million viewers who don't know how to critique. Stay strong and keep commenting!!
Rob 6:33pm Sun 11 Jun
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Prev comm
Jenny Jenny might have tinnitis. No laughing matter honest!
georgie 6:07pm Sun 11 Jun
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Background music???
Thank goodness it was not only me that had never heard any background music in corrie,I wondered if I maybe was losing the plot having never heard any.thats one thing it does not suffer from.wierd plots &some bad actors of late yes but not loud background music.
Bagpuss 10:17am Sun 11 Jun
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jenny jenny.
Are you sure it's not your neighbours music blaring through the walls, because your TV is on too loud ?
cranky jo. 9:04am Sun 11 Jun
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Jenny jenney
What background music?
Confused 10:25pm Sat 10 Jun
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End of the Line?
Watched Corrie for years but now having a rethink. The characters are weak, (years ago you actually cared about the characters), the story lines are unbelievable and confused, too many young actors (presumably designed to attract a younger audience - unsuccessfully) and a notable lack of humour to provide a contrast to the more dramatic moments. Too often the plots echo those of Emmerdale Please get back to Corries trademarks of mixed grit and humour.
pwol 3:08pm Sat 10 Jun
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What was the point of the scene with Denise giving advice on the broken down van ????
Confused 10:20pm Fri 9 Jun
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Corrie will soon have more gay men
Than straight men,no wonder they did so badly at the awards, When will the writers realise this
Mary 3:17pm Fri 9 Jun
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Oh how the Street has changed
Writers please end the Bethany storyline and the airhead Rosie needs to be sent back to London.
Dia-mond 7:04pm Thu 8 Jun
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Corrie didn't do well at the awards
Times have certainly changed, Writers take note
Mary 1:29pm Thu 8 Jun
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Gonna have stop watching Corrie. The background music in most scenes is far too loud and incredibly distracting.
Jenny Jenny 10:21pm Wed 7 Jun
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Stirring coffee with a knife
What kind of script writing is this ? Beam me aboard Scotty !
EJ 9:44pm Mon 5 Jun
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Daniel /Billy
Daniel and Billy are a real life couple. Please writers, don't make their personal life into a plot.
Daniel o donnell 8:57am Sun 4 Jun
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Lucky Anna.
babs. 9:48pm Fri 2 Jun
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30 minutes of total misery and all in one tiny little street. Not one happy family anywhere. Not even poor Kevin could get his leg over, sorry I will rephrase that, Poor Kevin couldn't end the evening snuggled up with Anna
elaine 9:43pm Fri 2 Jun
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Friday night in
Well, I was having a happy Friday night in untiI watched Corrie - now seriously depressed
Jez 9:41pm Fri 2 Jun
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Badly done
I think Bethany' story is very badly written & badly acted.
Lisa 9:21pm Fri 2 Jun
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It does happen
Yes the sight of the three men going into Bethany's room was very disturbing,but if it does something to make girls realise That when dodgy looking men give gifts out like sweets there will be a price to pay at the end.most will understand this but some don't seem to care until it is too late.good on corrie for highlighting the fact that this goes on.
Bagpuss 7:39pm Fri 2 Jun
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Bethany grooming
fed up of bethany storyline, her stupidity annoys me. hope they dont drag it on for much longer.
Prophet mohammad 6:11pm Fri 2 Jun
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I agree with previous comment. Very disturbing.
katie 1:01pm Fri 2 Jun
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The sight of three men going into bethanys room made me feel sick and upset. This is going on in front of our noses . Parents need to look for signs .
mel. 11:49am Fri 2 Jun
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I hope the story line of Bethany's manipulation saves girls from falling into the same trap
JoJo 5:44pm Thu 1 Jun
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I can't understand how nick didn't fall backwards and drown. Damn him!
dogtanian. 11:22am Thu 1 Jun
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At last
some great acting (yes I said great acting) from the team of rescuers saving Nick. Beyond that total crap
ellie oops 10:51am Thu 1 Jun
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poor Denise.
I don't think that ken's aware that you can't get the "little blue pill"in "miracle " strength. Poor Denise. She will be disappointed.
joanna j 10:50am Thu 1 Jun
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Oh dear I had everything crossed that the awful Nick was going to disapear forever but it was not to be we have to put up with his awful acting for a while longer it seems.
Bagpuss 10:45pm Wed 31 May
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At least we are at least seeing the return of some humour mixed with the drama.i have watched Corrie nearly from the start and admit it has lost its way for quite a long time but have to admit over the last two weeks have seen an improvement in trying to tackle difficult storylines,so give them a chance of more improvement.soaps have to keep up with the times so think they are heading in the right direction.it does warn at the start that some scenes may upset some so if you are easily upset switch off but don't moan after viewing when you have been warned beforehand.
Bagpuss 10:19pm Wed 31 May
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I get what you're all saying. Depressing storylines, teenage abuse, after watershed yadda yadda. We are all entitled to opinions but in my eyes, this is the best corrie as been in ages. As a person who has suffered with suicidal thoughts, the story with Daniel going off the rails is a perfect example of somebody losing their mind. I get though that the Nick story is REALLY dramatic, and I'm really fed up with the Bethany plot, (and the writers are dragging that out for Christmas...) but tonight's episode was intense for me.
MartinSherlocklover 9:44pm Wed 31 May
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Happy days
Nicks drowning Daniels cutting his wrists Shonas half dead and a dead magpie and that's the first 9 mins
Tammycat 9:15pm Wed 31 May
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