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Coronation Street Comments
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What a good tan Clayton has considering he's been in prison at this time !
Lulu 6:57pm Wed 23 Aug
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I still think it odd that if Andy has been missing all that time no one in his family has been looking for him surely he must have some relatives
tilly 11:09am Tue 22 Aug
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with prev comment. He does it well that is why he is despised so much. As it says.....the proof is in the pudding!
reuben 10:30am Tue 22 Aug
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I dislike the character Phelan and his violence unnecessary but must say Connor McIntyre has played him so well
elaine 8:13am Tue 22 Aug
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Is corrie aimed at kids anyway? No. I started watching it when I was 12, and even then I didn't know what was going on half the time. I could watch stuff like the pub burning down, or Tina's death and not flinch. Toddlers won't even know what's going on anyway!
SW 6:48am Tue 22 Aug
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Patrick Phelan
Well, I actually like the Phelan character. Certainly more gritty than the rest of the washed out tribe.
EJ 8:20pm Mon 21 Aug
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oap. (over acting phelan)
get rid
kipper 7:48pm Mon 21 Aug
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Pat Phelan
I am aghast at the dreadful violent and sadistic story of kidnap violence and loathing in the latest story line. Really the writers are now trawling the depths of depravity
Scottie 7:04pm Mon 21 Aug
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I understand why there is a watershed but we really cannot be expected to be allowed only too view programmes that will not possibly upset any children that be watching after all life is not all sunshine and roses and it will not harm if perhaps little Johnny finds this out sooner rather than later.
Bagpuss 4:09pm Mon 21 Aug
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Oh BP there's no consideration about children anymore. The watershed is a joke. All soaps are now sex, violence, SERIOUS crime and homosexuality it's unbelievable how it is allowed
elaine 1:26pm Mon 21 Aug
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Phelan Andy storyline
End the Phelan / Andy story-line now. Awful! How is this entertainment?! This has gone too far. This will give children nightmares.
BP 9:27am Mon 21 Aug
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Worst actress on corrie
Mary 10:55am Sun 20 Aug
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So sorry this character has been given a reprieve and back in the programme. She really is one of the most revolting characters ever
elaine 3:26pm Sat 19 Aug
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Sickening, phelan keeping Andy captive. End this storyline now.
jemma 1:35pm Sat 19 Aug
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Do the scriptwriters have any experience of the real world - it seems not.
EJ 8:26pm Fri 18 Aug
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The comments have gone from every page . I'm re -posting my earlier comment today, Gemma should cover up her blubber belly.
sid. 6:43pm Thu 17 Aug
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Someone who must be a fan of the dreadful, revolting unable to act but can shout Gemma must have removed them
frances 6:00pm Thu 17 Aug
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Where have all the comments upwards of the 10th August gone from all page's?
observant . 11:17am Thu 17 Aug
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Steve trying to get it together with Leanne on sofa was corrie at its best again,hilarious,had to rewind & watch again to enjoy 4 times.michelle overreacting as usual a right turn off.
Bagpuss 8:09am Thu 10 Aug
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Chat app
Re previous comment....much too busy fast forwarding the ridiculous story lines to chat live
Ricky 9:51pm Wed 9 Aug
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Chat app
On the TVguide android app you can live chat during the show
nadder 4:04pm Tue 8 Aug
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Can it get more rediculous
Steve marrying Leeanne. It's getting really stupid now. Probably not going to watch anymore. The writers think we are stupid.
Bored 12:29pm Tue 8 Aug
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How old is this girl, she is like an old woman, all very depressing, I don`t wonder her granddad was happy to give her to the for ever kissing couple.
Jan-Ban 10:25am Tue 8 Aug
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The only thing that Michelle is good at is overacting and she is going to drag the abduction thing out for many a week I fear.all getting very boring and annoying.
Bagpuss 8:55pm Mon 7 Aug
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I'm a Canadian viewer - we are 2 weeks behind your episodes. The return of Toyah has been such a let-down. There is zero chemistry with Peter, and I am hoping they break up (sooner the better). I can't see them making great landlords of the Rovers. Erica and Liz would have been a great team; Erica could have bought out Steve's share; and maybe the actress wouldn't have decided to leave Corrie if she had a better part.
Lee 12:52pm Sun 6 Aug
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prev comm .
Actors won't rebel. Why bite the hand that feeds them.
Jay Jay 11:05am Sun 6 Aug
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Actors and advertisers rise up in rebellion and try to save this programme
Ricky 8:12pm Sat 5 Aug
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Oh dear someone upset about a gay kissing post they have removed it. Must be a gay person. Sorry but I fully agreed with the comment watching two men kissing is unpleasant
chloe 8:28am Sat 5 Aug
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Why does nearly every episode have Todd & the vicar kissing ? We never ever see the Lesbians kissing in fact the Lesbians are never in the show
Wee Val 6:48pm Thu 3 Aug
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Sorry but this character has not fitted into this soap. The word CHAV fits perfectly and every line she utters is through a mouth full of food YUK!!!!!!
elaine 1:16pm Thu 3 Aug
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We are bombarded with health warnings all the time now, we watch Coronation street for a bit of escapism, not any more, if it's not gay men kissing constantly, loud mouth chavs, or illness then writers do not seem interested.
music fan 11:45am Thu 3 Aug
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Absolutely ridiculous storyline. I've seen some drivel in my time but this takes the biscuit.
Carolyn 7:52pm Wed 2 Aug
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Get rid she is so annoying we are thinking of not watching Corrie anymore because she brings the street down to chav level Grrrrrr
Knighty 7:41pm Wed 2 Aug
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Rita and dementia
Why do you have to do another dementia story, had enough with Emmerdale doing it. Why do you copy story and don't the writers realise this is frightening to older people like myself, we look at coronation St to forget our worries not to be depressed and be conditioned to expect dementia
Cliffie 4:56pm Wed 2 Aug
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Coronation st
another soap that now focuses on sensationalism and all the negative aspects of society. I have not watched it for months - it makes me depressed!
excorriefan 5:03pm Tue 1 Aug
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baby oliver.
Has baby oliver had a head transplant since last week?
observant . 7:49pm Mon 31 Jul
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Add sinead and Eileen to the league of misery guts.
mel. 4:34pm Mon 31 Jul
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Gemma is very difficult to watch, and to be honest is not even funny anymore, and the prize for most miserable faces go to Chesney and Toyah.
music fan 3:28pm Mon 31 Jul
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Possibly worst soap actress ever.
Pewa 11:33am Mon 31 Jul
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12 going on 40, another obnoxious kid. Toya and her moaning and crying, the factory owner asking his workers to work harder and he will give them £100. Who writes this crap, all of it is absolutely farcical.
Jan-Ban 12:28pm Sun 30 Jul
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On and on
Oh Toya's face and her monthly cycle is driving me nuts and every other word from her is either IVF or a moan,enough now.
Bagpuss 12:20pm Thu 27 Jul
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On and on
Oh Toya's face and her monthly cycle is driving me nuts and every other word from her is either IVF or a moan,enough now.
Bagpuss 9:53am Thu 27 Jul
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That seems to be writers aim, bring in the mundane characters and ridiculous plots, I fast forward so much of it now each episode is down to 5 minutes
Charlotte 10:21pm Wed 26 Jul
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And so
The script writers strategy is to take one of the better characters ie Liz out of the pub and replace her with two of the many boring people in the street, another home goal in its rapid downward spiral!
Alastair 10:17pm Wed 26 Jul
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What dull uninspired storylines with farcical plots.
Breda 7:42pm Wed 26 Jul
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My favourite soap
It's a lot better now Kate Oates has taken over, every cloud ey...
Beth 6:53pm Wed 26 Jul
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Most annoying character ever. Also she is one of the worst actresses on the box. Always eating with her mouth full and over acting. Get rid of her. I fast forward when she is on.
Critic 9:07pm Mon 24 Jul
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The actress plays the same haunted character in everything she does. Obviously thought she had gone onto better things......shame the bubble's burst! .
georgie 9:02pm Mon 24 Jul
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Get rid
Toyah and Simon bring nothing to corrie except irritation too we viewers.all we get is IVF stuff from one and misery from the other even better if they took boring Leanne plus offspring with them.
Bagpuss 8:07pm Mon 24 Jul
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Agree totally. Poor Tony Warren must be spinning in his grave. His wonderful idea now nothing more than farce
elaine 9:26am Sun 23 Jul
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