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kate Oates
Good news she is going but shame she didn't go before casting the new girl Emma in the salon, oops.
mo 7:43am Thu 26 Apr
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Considering he's been in rehab Billy looks surprisingly tanned
Wee val 5:28am Thu 26 Apr
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I would have thought that it would have taken more than a few weeks for Billy to have beaten his addiction considering how bad he was
The real septic 10:15pm Wed 25 Apr
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Why is that child being given such adult lines. She sounds as though she is reading off a script.
Irritated 8:07pm Wed 25 Apr
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great news
oates out, bring back some humour to the street
clentman 8:03pm Wed 25 Apr
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Shortlived hope i think. You are right. Look how awful Emmerdsle is. Not a normal balaced person to be had there
Sj 7:31pm Wed 25 Apr
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A year from now this page will feature the same comments moaning about how boring the show is, who wants mundane, I don't.
Elsie tanner. 9:52am Wed 25 Apr
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Brilliant news.......thank you thank you.....now maybe Corrie will be worth watching again!
Benedict 8:34am Wed 25 Apr
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Now tried seven times to get a comment printed bet this won't make it either
zena 8:03am Wed 25 Apr
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Kate Oates
There is a God!
Jeb 6:10am Wed 25 Apr
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Previous comment
Don't hold your breath as the comments about Emerald are not great!!
Annoyed 8:04pm Tue 24 Apr
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Thank god
At last, perhaps we can now have an entertaining Corrie as it used to be, without all these heavy dark story lines.
Dovetail 3:07pm Tue 24 Apr
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Kate Oates is going.BRILLIANT.Let's get some decent storylines again.
stringers 12:15pm Tue 24 Apr
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Bancroft fans.
Iain mccleoud from emmerdale is taking over. Kate oates is going to produce bancroft. I feel sorry for all the bancroft fans.
The real septic 9:45am Tue 24 Apr
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Kate Oates has gone at long last. Now they need to have a producer who does not inflict their own radical beliefs on a TV soap. Lets go back to a reality. Every day life is very entertaining if you have the talent to spot it. Kate Oates didn't.
Zeeble 8:48am Tue 24 Apr
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Kate Oates
Looks like she's going ?? According to digital spy anyway
Feramonge 6:36am Tue 24 Apr
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Kate Oakes
I'e been watching Corrie St. for well over 40 years and the show is getting worse and worse. Kate Oakes should be terminated. We need a petition going. Bring back the good storylines for goodness sake.
Toddy 9:50pm Mon 23 Apr
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Que Sera Sera
What will be, will be.
EJ 8:49pm Mon 23 Apr
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Please no more Summer and the new girl in the Salon!!! Really!!!
Unbelievable 7:39pm Mon 23 Apr
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Dear Lord
Another dimwit woman joins Corrie - looks foolish and behaves stupidly - overacts like a cartoon character - dear Lord what have we done to deserve her?
Breda 7:00pm Mon 23 Apr
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I expect she knew someone in the right place at the right time,certainly wasn't for experience.
Bagpuss 2:41pm Sun 22 Apr
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Kate Oates
How did she get this job???
Jeb 1:59pm Sun 22 Apr
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Noisy kissing,
by Rana and Katie, is stomach churning, can they tone it down, what is it with these soaps they are sooo depressing.
Jan-Ban 10:43am Sun 22 Apr
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I have emailed itv/corrie several times(I know I must get out more!!!)as to how corrie is going down hill with this producer but there is a poor man paid to email back with excuses for the woman and storylines so no joy there.how about you starting a petition I would definitely sign and many others I suspect.worth a try.(now will this get printed I wonder?)
Bagpuss 10:14am Sun 22 Apr
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Kate Oakes
I can't say I disagree with the comments regards to some of these characters and the preaching storylines we we are now subjected to every episode of the now dreadful Corrie. The answer is to get rid of the root cause, which is of course Kate Oakes. All that is left is to either, stop watching and this with hit the rating or to send a petition to the bosses of itv, asking for her removal.... or to direct her to this page.....
Yawning 9:59pm Sat 21 Apr
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New hairstylist is going to sleep with David. I knew she was stupid, but not that stupid.
The real septic 7:41pm Sat 21 Apr
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Pointless People.
Why do we have to have yet another pointless person join Coronation Street? Being clumsy is now considered being funny.
Perrier. 7:25pm Sat 21 Apr
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When she was 'born' on Corrie my grandson was nearly 2. He's 5 now so time must go very quickly in weatherfield. Also the picture she drew on Friday!!!! Best enrol her in art school. That was fabulous
Feramonge 2:37pm Sat 21 Apr
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To get rid of the Hairdressers completely, it serves no purpose. Along with Seb. Summer. Fay etc etc. And who made Gary 'Sheriff'
Ap1947 9:05am Sat 21 Apr
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The new trainee hairdresser is there to tick a box so she won't be going anywhere soon.
Bagpuss 8:27am Sat 21 Apr
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I no it’s not real
please don’t let Eileen take that woman in .after calling her all the names under the sun ,Why would you. At least have a little self respect
Sad 11:04pm Fri 20 Apr
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I can't see the point of her either. I also hope they soon get rid of the trainee hairdresser as well!
RosM 9:10pm Fri 20 Apr
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The new hairstylist is as thick as fog.
Marco 8:29pm Fri 20 Apr
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Does anyone else think she is a pointless character?
Steph 7:39pm Fri 20 Apr
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Oh pleeease
Tell me Pat is not lurking in broad daylight. Has he developed the art if invisibilit?!!
Sj 6:45pm Fri 20 Apr
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Wheres phelan getting his money from? When Eileen gave her tv interview why wasn't a picture of phelan put on the screen . At least someone would have spotted him.
The real septic 6:37pm Fri 20 Apr
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Totally agree Here here ????
Feramonge 4:54pm Fri 20 Apr
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It was my comment re Kate and Rana. The lesbian side of it was not mentioned by me. I object to any scenes like this on the 7.30 episodes! have also been concerned about the way characters are always dragging each other upstairs at evert opportunity,married or not! Totally unrealistic!
RosM 4:14pm Fri 20 Apr
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Kate and Rana
People on here saying about not liking the lesbian scenes being shown before the watershed.. no one complains when its a heterosexual couple! Showing a lesbian couple is no different than showing a straight couple. Get a grip!!
Sonia 3:41pm Fri 20 Apr
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They do don't they?!!!
Vivien 9:31pm Thu 19 Apr
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Totally agree with all of that.
Bagpuss 9:30pm Thu 19 Apr
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I was gutted when she escaped being kidnapped! Whilst they are at it,I would like to see Kate,Sinead,Michelle,Fizz ,Summer and Alex banished to a remote desert island.
Ros 6:11pm Thu 19 Apr
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More zzzz
Michelle.....yawn... who cares
Sj 1:14pm Thu 19 Apr
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Ranas parents look Jamaican.
Sue. 9:49pm Wed 18 Apr
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Bring back Mary Whitehouse
She would never have allowed all this disgusting content.
EJ 8:37pm Wed 18 Apr
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Kate and Rana
What's the point?
Jeb 8:32pm Wed 18 Apr
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Phelan......The second coming
Started watching Corrie again when I thought Phelan was dead.but no he's been resurrected. So won't be watching until he is gone. The Phelan storyline has so many holes it's a fishing net.
Esmeralda 8:06pm Wed 18 Apr
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Ken barlow
False news earlier on that bill roach had died. These past fifty years of stiff acting i think they were right
Angie 7:46pm Wed 18 Apr
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Yawn... rana.... who cares
Sj 7:30pm Wed 18 Apr
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We've always loved Corrie- funny, slightly realistic , well rounded characters. Now? Awful- badly written - thin story lines - issue after issue - all about issues and not the characters. Very sad to lose a special soap.
Viewer 7:07pm Wed 18 Apr
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