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And why
Not the same rights afforded the immigrants too
once more 6:29am Mon 8 Jun
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SUE 11:59am Sun 7 Jun
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Picking on UKIP again what a suprise! I thought they where supposed to be impartial?
SMEAR CAMPAIGN 12:51pm Mon 26 Jan
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The art of being a politician is to not tell the truth.
Zest 12:29pm Wed 25 Apr
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New signature music
Not good, the old theme let you know that the programme was coming.
Stevis 12:03pm Tue 10 Jan
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Johnny Ball
More Johnny Ball on TV please, missed his clear unbiased, enthusiastic, fact based scientific teachings!!
burn-e 1:01pm Wed 2 Mar
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How wonderful to hear Pete tell it how it really is with so many useless training companies. Get bact to proper appenticships where they learn on the job. Some common sense at last, but will anyone listen
jwal 12:53pm Wed 26 Jan
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Daily Porridge
Andrew Neil makes me Squeal !
Maggie T. 11:37am Mon 17 Jan
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Housing Benifits
I',ve been unemployed agef 57 for 18 months & can't find work my rent in London is only £80 a week & still they have cut £5.00 off my rent a week so I'll have to find somewhere else & move away.
Zestman 12:55pm Wed 27 Oct
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The Scots are here agin
Expenses prima donna Campbell is on yet again, presumably to get his free lunch now his expenses are being checked.
al from warks 7:59pm Thu 22 Jul
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Daily politics
I found my TV had chosen bbc2 and as I had wet hands I stuck with it. Enjoyed the show and will return to view further programmes on purpose
Sammie 1:02pm Wed 23 Jun
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The Asian girl
Is gorgeous. Move over Andrew Neil, you've got some real competition there!
Professor Gillmot 12:40am Tue 5 Jan
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Because you didn't call 2009 "Twenty-Nine".
Mason Coroner of the Seventh Division 4:45pm Sat 2 Jan
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Anita Anand
Can give me a lesson on politics any day ;)
Marcus Brentford 4:31pm Sat 2 Jan
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2010 or Twenty-Ten?
That is the question...
Twenty-Nine 4:29pm Sat 2 Jan
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PM of the decade
Josef Fritzl. Then he'll have two Decade awards! :D
Mason Coroner of the Seventh Division 2:10am Wed 30 Dec
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Prime Minister of the Decade
Who's been your favourite prime minister of the noughties? My vote goes to Brian Freedman.
Tony Galapogos 1:58am Wed 30 Dec
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Hold on
If campfires spread AIDS, then what do bonfires spread?
Suzy 1:02am Tue 29 Dec
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I do love a good pack of Malteasers when I'm sitting around the Christmas fire.
Crusty Croc 12:44am Sun 27 Dec
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Christmas time
Everyone have a good Christmas? I found a collection of Andrew Neil bobble heads in my stocking...
The Yogi of Kettering 11:32pm Boxing Day
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I agree, we all want a bit of Andrew Neil on our kebabs. I wouldn't mind a bit of Rage sauce though to be honest with you..
Kanujan of Newfoundland 1:59am Christmas Eve
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Andrew Neil
I want Andrew Neil on my kebab ;)
Justin 12:34pm Wed 16 Dec
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I want politics on my kebab.
Bobby Jay 12:33pm Wed 16 Dec
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if only
If only PM Questions gave some answwers.This PM ignores all questions apart from those of his planted supporters.
jaded elector 6:54am Wed 16 Dec
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I much prefer your mother ;]
Mulesey 12:19am Wed 16 Dec
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We much prefer the subject of Indian take aways.
TV Guide Staff 12:18am Wed 16 Dec
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Can't we get back to the anti-global recreational party related politics at hand?!
Anita Treet 12:17am Wed 16 Dec
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Savvy??!!? :@:@:
Where's me rum??!
Captian Jack Sparrow 12:14am Wed 16 Dec
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You lot are well brain damaged..
Mulesey 12:12am Wed 16 Dec
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My fat bum isn't ready
too many take aways..
Patrick 12:11am Wed 16 Dec
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Guess who's ready? ;)
SpongeBob 12:10am Wed 16 Dec
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We run TV Guide. We say no racism. Indian takeaways are the light. Beat THAT. Ha.
TV Guide Staff 12:09am Wed 16 Dec
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Indian take-aways...
are islamic ways to brainwash us. Turn to chinese takeaways for salvation.
Readymadetakeaways 12:06am Wed 16 Dec
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Um.. did you call?
Mulesey 12:05am Wed 16 Dec
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No waaaaaiiiiii this is soooooooooo mulesey!!!!!! ::DD:D
checkesee 12:04am Wed 16 Dec
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They were just on the Songs of Praise one I think, they may be elsewhere. I'm here though.
Tony 3:33pm Sat 12 Dec
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I got your e-mail. Anyone here?
Justin 3:32pm Sat 12 Dec
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Andrew Neil
They must've killed him Justin.
Stereotypical 2:26pm Fri 11 Dec
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Come on you fools
Discuss Rage Against The Machine for Christmas Number One (refering to the fools currently on the show by the way). If we get the message out to the politics fans over the country, there's no way we can lose.
Stereotypical 12:23pm Fri 11 Dec
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Where's Andrew Neil? I want Andrew Neil!!!! :'(
Justin 12:17pm Fri 11 Dec
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Anita Anand you little gay.
andy 12:14pm Fri 11 Dec
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Who is the muslim cow presenting it?
Justin 12:13pm Fri 11 Dec
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Another suggestion
And then we'll get rid of Jo and replace her with Tess Daly.
The Guru of Durham 12:05pm Fri 11 Dec
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No no no Mr Norris
We all know it has to be Vernon Kay. Enough discussing politics, let's have more Politics Quizzes on the show! There can be a segment called "Vernon's Government Quiz of the Day". I'll bet my head that the show'll have a huge boost in viewing figures.
Mr Poppins E Redditch 12:04pm Fri 11 Dec
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Garry Glitter
Although we all like a bit of Gary Glitter, I wouldn't put it pass him to kidnap poor Jo. I wouldn't mind Derek Acorah presenting it y'know? Spice it up a little.
Mr Norris W Essex 12:01pm Fri 11 Dec
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Glary gitter ? :O
Is the person commit pedophillia in the happening of?????? D:
Vered of Israel 11:59am Fri 11 Dec
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Presenter replacement?
Let's admit it, we're all getting a bit sick of Andrew Neil. Any ideas for a replacement? I'm thinking along the lines of Gary Glitter, seeing as it is Christmas coming up.
The Yogi of Kettering 11:57am Fri 11 Dec
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@ Exceeder
Dear Lord no :P David Cameron = not my cup of tea.
Mason Coroner of the Seventh Division 10:55am Thu 10 Dec
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Yay, morning Coroner!
Well we've been trying. Only Tony and me have been active so far. Don't know about Suzy, ST and the Gurus. You up for a chat about David Cameron? :P
Mason's Exceeder 10:54am Thu 10 Dec
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Morning all!
Everyone been doing their bit for the forum I hope? ^_^
Mason Coroner of the Seventh Division 10:52am Thu 10 Dec
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