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Wasn't expecting Deb to force the car off the road into the lake. :O
Kenshin 7:33 pm Sat 27 Jul

Still waiting to see season 4. Best crime show on t'telly.
Discerning 9:08 pm Mon 22 Jul
season 7
does anyone know if there is a date for season 7 on fx?
roz2525 1:14 pm Wed 31 Oct
Dexter - Derect Download free | Direct Download all seasons for free...! Better Quality, Smaller Sizes (.mkv format), Faster Speed No annoying adds, No registration
buddhi 1:19 pm Tue 9 Oct
Dexter Returns
Dexter season 6 will be returning to FX on the 30th March 2012 at 10pm. Adverts look amazing. Can't wait!
DebraMorgan 3:00 pm Tue 20 Mar
Need Dexter
Started watching Dexter in the USA when it was launched, continued to watch it when I moved to the UK, then when we moved to Spain, there it was! However, its been some time since the last series mid 2011. Its now the 1st of Jan 2012...New Years Day and we are getting Dexter withdrawal symptoms, we can get FX but we don't watch it unless Dex is come on guys give us Dexter back sooooon!!!!!
Styrene45 11:14 am New Years Day
give us Dexter back
Could ITV please give us Dexter back, I don't have FX and see no reason why after Sky has shown the next series ITV cannot get it for us after that.
maha 12:57 am New Years Eve
why is dexter not on ITV?? becaus i dont have FX, does any one know somewhere else to watch??
only-N17 5:46 pm Sat 3 Sep
Season 5
Dexter will return in the UK to FXHD and FX on Friday 17TH June 2011 where there will be interesting themes and there's more than guilt eating away at our killtastic friend Dexter
Craig 11:56 pm Thu 21 Apr
Shear Panic
Hi Guys, We paniced when we couldn't find our all time Fav US show! Found series four at Blockbuster, and almost over dozed! My barber is in the process of downloading, won't ask from where, series five,so far only nine of the twelve episodes. Now I hear there may be sixth series. Oh My!
GeJayGe 9:01 am Wed 26 Jan
this programme is the best... im now half way through the 5th series and im majorly hooked!!! no one can say its bad!
sairy18 8:11 pm Sun 23 Jan
Dexter rocks
loving Dexter even named my son Dexter den started to watch d show..fiance threw out d name n i loved it!
addie 12:46 am Thu 6 Jan
Dexter on Freeview
Series 4 on FX, Freeview...
Jenko 5:38 pm Tue 14 Sep
waiting for season 4
Dexter! - every town should have 1!! i have the dexter seasons 1 - 3 and all 4 books. as the tv stations like to fill out time with such mindless krud as football, celebrity gossip (yawn - who care's)i bought them on dvd! no point waiting for someone in the tv business to suddenly gain any intelligent sense of humour - it will never happen - so my question is. . .when is season 4 out in the UK??
schelle 11:35 am Thu 9 Sep
Dexter is a good show to watch. I like this show very much. Its really great show with different and unique storyline.
aromingx7 8:46 pm Thu 12 Aug
Dexter Rocks!
Seen every single episode via 'alternative' means!!!! Kicks nearly everything out of the water in terms of quality.
Chome4 8:47 pm Sun 11 Jul
the best
dexter is my favourite tv program of all time.i have loved every episode
well hard 7:09 am Mon 5 Jul
it is way anyone can have the all series!!!!
krissds 11:06 pm Tue 15 Jun
bring back dexter on itv
its not funny showing us the first of 3rd show on sky 3 and then making us sign up to sky to see the rest ,some of live on a tight budget so come on itv pull your finger out and bring back one of the best tv programmes you have ever put on, we want dexter back .
kim from tewkesbury 8:55 pm Fri 30 Apr
Where is it!!!!!!!
I have been waiting impatiently for the next Dexter series. When will it be back on ITV???!!!"
lollyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 2:50 pm Thu 22 Apr
Error - Dexter not back on free TV!!
Sorry - to disappoint you all. Dexter was on Sky 3 as part of a Sky promotion - free weekend pass. Looks like ITV couldn't afford this very successful show! This looks like a one off and we have to pay Sky to watch the rest or get the DVD! :(
TVSwot 8:02 pm Mon 19 Apr
Dexter back on Freeview 18 April 10
Hi - By chance noticed Dexter had started 18th April 2010 on Sky 3. No fanfare. Haven't seen it yet but hope it is up to its excellent series 1 and 2.
TVswot 5:26 pm Mon 19 Apr
Sick of Programmes disappearing
I am furious with the lack of consideration for viewers. I was watching Brothers & Sisters it disappeared and went over to 4+ with no explanation. Dexter hasn't come back yet. Why is this? Why not get rid of the likes of the constant cookery progs stupid talentless people trying for their moment of quickly disappearing fame, vacuous presents like Holly Wiloughby with the personality of a cold rice pudding. The constant football played by men with the IQ of a fly and can't string two sentences together. No lovely light comedy like there used to be. Constant swearing which is totally unnecessary. Kids who think it funny to scoop us food with a fork like Americans (this also applies to soap operas) and don't have any table manners and think its cute to backchat their parents and adults alike. I long for the days of Porridge, Ever Decreasing Circles, et al. Stop bowing to the mindless few who are unable to think for themselves and probably have never heard of QI and afraid they might learn something.
Hopeless of Surrey 12:44 pm Fri 5 Mar
Dexter Series 3 Please?
When can we expect to see series 3 please?
RG 7:45 pm Tue 16 Feb
dexter come back to us
when can we see dexter series 3 can`t wait much longer
tanny 6:52 pm Mon 25 Jan
itv season 3??
It's 9th jan 2010, so where's season 3?? has itv not acquired the third one? i'm getting heartily sick and tired of itv and its cost cutting. how about ditching the pointless itv3 and itv4 if they're short of money? first they axe 'wire in the blood' and now they've dropped 'dexter'. itv suck so much.
andrew 2:39 pm Sat 9 Jan
i love DEXTER when will you be bringin it back on freeview channel please make it quick i cant wait ne longer
kaleda begum 4:58 am Mon 16 Nov
have I mssed it?!
has seson 4 already aired in the uk?!
maxi 2:43 pm Tue 20 Oct
im currently watching season 4 and it is awesome!!! just read a comment about there being a book .. im so gonna get it!! for all you other dexter addicts watch season four on new episodes come on ther every monday just after it premiers in america on the sunday.. Hope ive helped.. DEXTER IS FAB!!! "P
UKgal:D 1:30 am Tue 20 Oct
Top Stuff
Bring on series 4, this is good TV.
Jethro 1:29 pm Sun 26 Jul
Can't believe series is over already
How excited for tonights episode.
Matt 4:22 pm Fri 10 Jul
not as good as series 1 & 2, dexters antics seem to be playing 2nd to another story line
6ft under fan 10:10 pm Sun 7 Jun
we need dexter on normal TV pleaseee=]]
beynon 9:20 pm Mon 27 Apr
how long can we wait?
how long before series 3 comes to normal tv?? i havnt got freeview, sky or anything...heeeeeeeelppppppppppppppppppppp im going insane knowing im missing dexter!!!!! lolxxxx
sharna 10:39 pm Sun 26 Apr
i'm addicted!
season 3 is amazing! already seen it and it is the best yet!
jesus 2:28 pm Mon 20 Apr
Cant Get Enough
He was on Jonathan ross & says he's signd to do upto season 5 =D Shame its on Fx and i onli have freeview so its a trip 2 my folks 2 watch it. I think series 3 is suppose tb aired nd of april. =D
LouLou89x 6:48 pm Sun 5 Apr
i can't believe it's over
thanks itv, for bringing us this amazing show!!! if it was possible, this one was better than the first series - doakes, lyla, the whole fbi manhunt thing, dexter at risk of being caught. loved the ride. season 3 same time, next year?
god 10:25 pm Thu 26 Mar
keep watching
dexter as series three is even better than series two. you will be thrilled.
thelokknow 6:59 pm Sat 14 Mar
Married to his sister? He's a yank not from Margate.
Jamie 9:23 pm Thu 12 Mar
TV LICENCE IS A CON. 1:12 pm Tue 3 Mar
what do you mean he married his sister?? anyway this programs got potential which is rare bcos tv is sooo unbelievably crap thesedays...
reyf 6:54 pm Thu 22 Jan
Sexy Dex, You can come n kill me anytime honey..
Amazon Woman 12:31 am Thu 15 Jan
He Married his sister!
lol wtf nah rly ya rly 11:38 pm Sun 11 Jan
Season 4
I heard a rumour of 4th book and series, but will not confirm either way as I wouldn't want to spoil it on all still watching season 1 - Dexter sticker on my fridge - YUM !
save the planet -eat humans 11:24 pm Fri 9 Jan
Dexter Series 3
When will series 3 of Dexter be aired in the UK. Its got to be quite soon hasn't it???
D 9:59 am Mon 5 Jan
Best TV of 2008
He’s our favourite baddie we hate to love. This show’s got fans waiting with baited breath for the third series. It’s still a cult programme and viewers still love it.
TVGuide 1:45 am Sat 20 Dec
I've seen Dexter season 3
You can stream Dexter season 3 off the internet so you can watch every episode that has already aired in the states
Dexter 8:28 am Mon 8 Dec
Will series 3 be FX /next year?
When will series 3 be aired on FX?. Series 1 was aired via ITV1, have they lost the rights to series 2 & 3?.
jerr 2:34 am Mon 10 Nov
when will dexter be aired on normal tele/freeview?
when will dexter be aired on normal tele/freeview? does anybody have the answer to this? really missing dext! lol!
kirsti 8:59 pm Sun 19 Oct
Series 3 for UK?
Anyone know when series 3 might air in the UK? Complete addict here!
mat1234 11:20 pm Sun 21 Sep


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