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All New (not)
Why is this constantly advertised as an all new series when it has been on before?
Ken 8:00pm Wed 4 Oct
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Doc martin
This show is amazing. Martin Clunes is the greatest. Please keep this show going.
Sazza 8:31pm Wed 11 Jan
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Past it's sell by date
OK when it was first aired but time to get rid of it from our screens or put it on at 11pm or the early hours.
The Critic 7:39am Sat 7 Jan
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MMR Vaccine and Autism
Writers and Producers need to make sure there information is up to date. Dr Andrew Wakefield's study which went into the Lancet and withdrawn when Murdock decided to say that Dr Wakefield committed fraud and that he had claimed there was a link between MMR vaccine and Autism. He actually said there could be a link and it needed to be looked at further. In 2004 the CDC in the US did the same study and found Dr Wakefield studies were correct. Dr Wakefield and all of his colleagues have been completely exonerated. He is NOT fraudulent You need to watch VAXXED THE MOVIE and get your facts right.
Deborah 11:07am Wed 16 Nov
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When oh when will the next series be on tv. I have watched all the episodes and this is the best programme on tv
Dorothy 6:37pm Sat 23 Apr
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i fancy caroline catz and lucy punch
stuart 11:02am Mon 7 Jan
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Its on again
I personally think its naff but my other half loves it. He's watching it now! Its like marmite -you either love it or hate it.
doubletake 4:39pm Sun 26 Aug
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Nova Scotia Canada
There are lot of us here who love Doc Martin, he is different, but that is what makes the show, keep going Doc, and I am visiting in July Port Isaac where they film the show, wonderful scenery going by the tv camera shots
Rosie 12:44pm Wed 14 Mar
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Breath of fresh air
Every character is a gem...plus...No swearing,No violence,No sex. Easy viewing and a very amusing programme.
Den-One 4:39pm Fri 4 Nov
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my thought
I think doc Martin is great, I have seen every episode upto date and I love it I really think it's good :D
Scott 8:19pm Thu 3 Nov
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boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 5:33pm Mon 31 Oct
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reality 1
Why would they complain? ...it's all true.
Pasty Pete 8:57pm Wed 26 Oct
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Doc' Martin
I'm a little surprised that Cornish people have not complained more about this show:- an idiot for a policeman/no respect for a Dr /village full of village idiots and when a sick man was stuck on a roof (series 5 episode 6),they appear not to have a Fire brigade to call on !.
reality 1 4:20pm Tue 18 Oct
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Shame on the writers - the situations relating to the village bobby are just stupid. The humour is far too overplayed and is ruining the programme's credibility. Otherwise, really enjoyable as always.
Dave T 10:06pm Mon 17 Oct
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Brilliant series again, keep them coming.
Music fan 12:10pm Thu 13 Oct
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Past its Best
Really disappointed with current series. Program appears to be going through motions and scripts are adhering to a tick box of items they have to include each week. Introduction of Louise Jameson and now Julie Graham has done program no favours. (Rember awful programs such as Bonekickers and Survivors which were fortunately canned.)
Tarrant 2:06pm Tue 11 Oct
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Had its day
Seems to me its the new Last of the Summer Wine, a place for aged actors to supplement their.pension. P.S. What do they need a rubber baby for?
Moron Poster 9:20am Tue 11 Oct
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moron posters
I really despair of this country, people seem to love putting down good things and lauding filth and badness. Doc Martin is superb, that is has sold to so many countries is testament to its greatness
colfair 1:06pm Mon 10 Oct
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Great Humour
Love the programme! Great acting, setting and storyline. Refreshingly funny and clever!
scruff 8:25pm Mon 3 Oct
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Doc Martin
A brillent series and well acted except what went wrong with the names towards the end was this on purpose or was the editor/continuity asleep?
teddychimes 9:36am Tue 27 Sep
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Good clean comedy
At last!
constant battle 5:30am Mon 26 Sep
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My favourite drama on tv, saw it being filmed in Port Isaac, Martin Clunes chatted with passers by for ages, great guy. "Martin thats not our baby" Brilliant !!!! Always reminds me of our holidays in Cornwall.
Music fan 11:05am Thu 22 Sep
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Light hearted and funny!
I love this programme, we can all identify with the doc! Great, can't wait!
Poodleperson 6:56pm Thu 8 Sep
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Kathrine Parkinson is so polished
as the new receptionist.
Agatha 8:16pm Wed 4 May
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Zero The Hero
Cluney's face would not be out of place on Loose Women.
Notta Nolan 4:27pm Fri 15 Apr
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Doc Martin
Got to have it!!Looking so forward to the 2011 season. Im hooked.
PalmSpringsGirl 8:58pm Tue 12 Apr
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TENDERHEARTED 11:39pm Mon 21 Mar
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I agree with the comment left by "Viewer #8,276,327" below. Johnny Depp would be great in this; particularly as the dog.
Fido 10:20pm Mon 21 Feb
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Doc Martin
My favorite show, bar none. Wonderful acting, wonderful love story. Anybody see the other "Doc Martin" -- the film about the Jellymaker? It shows what Clunes/Braithwaite originally set out to do before it was rejected for TV and iTV asked for changes. The result of that is what we see today.
Chicago Kathy 8:21pm Mon 21 Feb
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Mad Mandy
Johnny Depp perhaps?
Clartin Moons 4:51pm Sat 22 Jan
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Who, in their right mind, would allow Reggie Perrin to oporate on them? (or is he supposed to be a shrink?)
Mad Mandy 4:48pm Sat 22 Jan
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The best a show can be
The best comedy/drama on tv today. I just hope there is another series/Xmas Special in the pipeline. We all want him to say to Louise what we would say but he can't...brilliant acting and script.
Edasboy 5:10pm Thu 20 Jan
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He's got lips like
two tyres
edna 11:25am Wed 12 Jan
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martin clunes
martin clunes martin clunes yin ting ting ling martin clunes
gayrens 2:48pm Tue 11 Jan
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Is Johnny Depp in this?
Is Johnny Depp in this then too. Know he was on the fast show.
Sandra 4:19pm Fri 7 Jan
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Viewer #8,276,327
doc martin is played by martin clunes....
lolwut? 4:04pm Wed 5 Jan
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In on the act
I only just realised that Doc Martin is played by Reggie Perrin... what an amazing actor, a bit like Johnny Depp
Viewer #8,276,327 5:41pm Thu 28 Oct
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Good Show
It's so nice to watch a program that is not full of smut and vileness. good one martin.
CIB1710 9:11am Thu 28 Oct
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I love this programme & will be gutted when it finishes in a week's time.
debscuckoo 7:18pm Thu 19 Aug
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Wedding band
who sang the song at the wedding in episode 2, series 1?
Pipnorm1 7:29pm Sat 3 Apr
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Please, no more Clunes
Journeyman actor going through the motions. Pathetic home grown drivel. Clunes, wake up and smell the coffee - you're inches away from Eastenders, which you'd probably love, ponce...
Sandy Cossroads 8:09pm Fri 19 Feb
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that music
it does my head in! you know what i mean. the 'lighthearted' type of cello plucking sound. Like when Henry from neighbours used to get up to mischief. Also used a lot in things like Ballykissangel. Very annoying at the best of times but talk about over used!
Mad mick 5:35pm Fri 29 Jan
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Doc Martin
We watch it in Canada too. Best show of the year. Martin Clunes is outstanding.
Mertz 8:52pm Sun 18 Oct
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Doc Martin
Great Show, One of the best "Comedy-Drama" Series Ever, I love it Because it's basicly, "Quality Entertainment", I give "Doc Martin", A Good, 8.9/10. P.S., When is, Series 4 Coming Out On DVD.
TommyLad. 10:10pm Sun 27 Sep
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doc martin is best show on tv
best show on tv
ann 1:29am Mon 14 Sep
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doc martin
hurry back to friday nights,
lindabird 10:27pm Fri 28 Aug
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Highlight Of The Week
I hope ITV make more
Gert Frobe 11:09pm Thu 20 Aug
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Just watched the last episode - great - but who was it dedicated to?
Merry Widow 10:30pm Fri 31 Jul
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Come on my little muppets...
Vamos666: "Your a bit of a dumpling you aren't you?"... In English, we'd say "YOU'RE a bit of a dumpling, aren't you?". Yip Natty, stop doing drugs. I think this series is good.
The Spellenator 7:46pm Fri 12 Jun
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& sonatti
kin luff dis prog. Well deragged.
Yip Natty 10:17pm Fri 10 Apr
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