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Deaths of Roxy and Ronnie going
On far too long,it is really boring now move on
Mary 2:44pm Sat 21 Jan
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IHEUS 2:43pm Sat 21 Jan
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Denise could be the best mom in the world but if she keeps the child doesnt mean she will love him, it could turn to resent . Plus having Phil as the father, it will have a damaged life. She could also have decided to go ahead with the pregnancy because she didn't want a termination. Contraception fails sometimes .
oldbutnotpastit 3:01pm Thu 19 Jan
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In real life not all babies ,children get adopted into a loving family, all families have their problems so it dosent mean it will be going to a better one. & you should be grateful for what you've got a child is a gift that you chose to bring into this world.
Lisa 2:08pm Thu 19 Jan
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don't blame Denise.
47 years old with a new child. My worst nightmare. This happens in real life. The child would be better off with a loving family, not that awful square full of mixed up degenerates.
moggy. 12:24pm Thu 19 Jan
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Denise's story about giving up her baby makes no sense, saying she's doing it for the child ,that would make sense if she was on her own with no support ,but she has her family for support,many women manage with no support at all. & after the way she treated libby for aborting her baby very double standard.
Marie 12:13pm Thu 19 Jan
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thick,"F I C K "
Londoners are "F I C K ".
John bull. 2:16pm Wed 18 Jan
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Scottish Night
What an absolute joke!! A few scottish flags a piece of tartan cloth and the Proclaimers playing in the background!! What was all that about?? As Burn Night is not until the 25th of Jan.The whole episode was meaningless.
A.SCOT 1:53pm Wed 18 Jan
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The seventeen year old boy
Michelle was with must be blind, Not liking the new michelle,she Looks too young to play a middle aged character
MW 10:54am Mon 16 Jan
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A. P
A pupil at the school where Michelle worked. 17 is underage in America.
moggy. 11:25pm Sat 14 Jan
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Is the seventeen year o!d boy ?
A.P 10:33pm Sat 14 Jan
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With a seventeen year old boy,she is old enough to be his granny
Mary 9:14am Sat 14 Jan
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Pre comm
She woukd not be if they used Susan Tully the original Michelle.
get real 11:27pm Fri 13 Jan
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age difference
Michelle and Sharon are supposed to be the same age but the actress playing Michelle looks old enough to be Sharons mum
glen 8:05pm Fri 13 Jan
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Worst episode of EE
Cannot be bothered with this soap anymore,last nights episode was dire,
Ann 11:37am Fri 13 Jan
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viewer99/bored /fed up.
Apparently the writers asked the original Michelle, Susan tully for her blessing to bring Michelle back. Bet she wished she hadn't bothered. As for Pauline fowler and nana beale, all they ever did was scowl and moan.
moggy. 10:15am Fri 13 Jan
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New Michele is So Boring
The actress who plays Michele (I think her name is Jenna) is totally awful. Shrieky voice, irritating, gives nothing good to the programme. Why has she been put in Eastenders. Get her off. I't putting me off watching Eastenders.
Viewer99 1:15am Fri 13 Jan
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Send Michelle on the next plane home
Please put a prompt stop to this storyline - she's awful! She looks nothing like the original Michelle. Her story is boring and it is really hard to care about the character. Finding it so hard to watch.....
Bored 9:42pm Thu 12 Jan
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Get out of the past
So fed up to the back teeth of michelle , martin , ian and co CONSTANTLY going on about " pauline" ever 3 sentences. If not pauline ita nan. I mean seriously uts so dull and boring who really mentions there dead relatives constanly... sent michelle back to usa asap
Fedup 8:36pm Thu 12 Jan
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Who wrote that
What was that most boring episode not happy with the language used this show is a joke
Nicky 8:03pm Thu 12 Jan
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Eastenders Michelle
Get rid of Michelle the most boring person on show she can't act totally spoiling the show
Aj 8:01pm Thu 12 Jan
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Tonight's EE
So boring I turned to something More interesting,it better improve or I will stop watching
Mary 7:56pm Thu 12 Jan
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Thursday' Episode
Who wrote this Thursday' episode What a load of garbage. I'm done with Eastenders
Tom67 7:56pm Thu 12 Jan
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The scripts are so predictable on all the soaps now. ie: The first thing you would do if you went into a public toilet to confide in someone, would be to check the cubicle's are empty- happens every time??
Unbelievable 10:54pm Tue 10 Jan
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custard head.
Will Denise give birth to a tin of ambrosia custard?
roobarb 7:56pm Tue 10 Jan
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Is back, cannot look at the screen when either he or Phil are on. Time for some new faces.
Lets Hope 2:07pm Sat 7 Jan
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EE very dissapointing
Will give it a miss this year,totally Boring,sad the girls had to die,not much glam women left, Plus the bald eagle is back
Mary 1:24pm Sat 7 Jan
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prev comm
Glad the cut price barbies have gone. Even better when Phil follows. Sick of seeing old custard face.
roobarb 4:01pm Fri 6 Jan
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Ronnie and Roxy
Am I the only person to rejoice that this dreary couple are out of eastenders for good?
Discerning viewer 2:04pm Fri 6 Jan
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Love it all ??
The acting has been the best they way the grab u into the story.i have been a crying wreck since new year everytime its on
Rim 7:05pm Thu 5 Jan
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Did barbies hair go green when mixed with chlorine
worzel 12:14pm Wed 4 Jan
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Never watched
Tuned in to find out what all the drama is about...........almost entire episode of Jack sitting on the sofa.
get real 10:24pm Mon 2 Jan
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Ronnie lives Tonight
Peter 6:28pm Mon 2 Jan
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Ronnie and Roxy
The worst episode ever. Totally unbelievable. So disappointing and depressing, what on earth is wrong with the writers. Every single story line depressing and not believable. So disappointed I have watched from the beginning NO MORE terrible
Daisy 10:50am Mon 2 Jan
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Ronnie aan Roxy
Worst episode ever. Far too dramatic. Please hier Some new writers to make the oud times relive
Crowded 8:12pm New Years Day
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EE worst soap
Writers need a kick up the backside
Liz 12:17pm New Years Eve
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bullys demise.
The demise of a bully. A long time coming. Most of Walford will be clapping their hands. He's not that nice in real life.
jar jar binks 9:49am New Years Eve
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phil the alky.
Phils bought it all on himself. Hes a lowlife,selfish alky who shouldnt be treated and should be left to rot.Strain on the N.H.S. The years of misery hes caused his family. The sooner hes gone the better and take those cheap imitation barbies roxy and ronnie with him.
philhater. 2:50pm Thu 29 Dec
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Very good tv show
I loving the moment with phill and his family must be hard for them at the moment great acting
Rhian williams 2:15pm Thu 29 Dec
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Grant and phil couldnt knock the skin off a rice pudding. Wouldnt last 5 mins if the krays were still around. Bald eejits.
moggy. 5:16pm Wed 28 Dec
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By watching any soap you might lose vital information stored in your brain to make way for this mindless drivel.
exsoapfanwhosgotalife. 4:12pm Wed 28 Dec
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Best soap
Compared to the other soaps like emmerdale & coronation st ,EastEnders is the best soap , can't stand coronation st the actors are talentless, & as for emmerdale it goes from bad to worse the storylines like Kerry's & Emma's are ridiculous. The script writing in EastEnders is far better than any other soap.
Kay 1:36pm Wed 28 Dec
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Why should phil have a new liver. Id rather feed one to a cat. It would appreciate it more.
moggy. 10:01am Wed 28 Dec
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Christmas episode
ive been a fan of eastenders for around 20 years and this show is going down the drain big time at its current rate i think it wont last another 5 years. Wheres the fights, fueds, explosions, murders, Hardman Phil mitchell, why is Jay an Ben not being made into the new grant and phil fighters etc hardmen of the east end, what happen to the R&R.
losing interest 2:47am Wed 28 Dec
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Eastenders is
Trash,whoever is hiring the actors needs to be sacked,not a good actor among them
Liz 11:44am Thu 22 Dec
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Why have we to listen to young people having sex and taking fotos of private parts what is happening, who is writing the script, I won't be watching it anymore
Lucy 8:26pm Mon 19 Dec
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More like laa laa the teletubby.
moggy. 3:57pm Mon 19 Dec
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Custard face.
roobarb. 2:19pm Mon 19 Dec
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Agree about Lee,his acting is not the best
To have been a soldier he is a wimp and a thief,not one of the best actors either
Mary 3:37pm Thu 1 Dec
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Sean o' conner
Needs sacking tonights episode was boring as usual he is so lazy that he can't be bothered to write decent storylines.
Faz 12:04am Wed 30 Nov
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