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Carlos,agree with you
One hundred percentage,also eggs get longer to answer
Mary 10:14am Sat 29 Apr
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Barrys in hospital. He fell over his ego. That, or lisas ate him.
Rosie rivets. 3:25pm Thu 27 Apr
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Where is Barry ?
Barry has not been on the Panel for seven successive days and Lisa has been on all of them. Is something wrong with Barry ?
Observant 9:02am Wed 26 Apr
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The Black Tulip
does The Black Tulip,( othrwise known as Lisa) have to sing? Perhaps Vino could give us a song - like Goodbye forever
Bogart 10:14pm Mon 24 Apr
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I can't say I watch this show religiously but it's only due to it always seeeming like the eggheads get easier questions then the challengers!
Carlos 7:04pm Mon 24 Apr
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annoying .
Pats annoying. Blustering and rambling, until he gives his answer.
eunice. 11:59am Thu 20 Apr
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Agree totally with Mermaid I have said this many times about both the comments made.
Lucylocket 6:21pm Thu 6 Apr
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Lisas singing
Stop that annoying woman "singing" and find somebody to help her dressing in a better style.And substitute Jeremy who says so many silly things.
Mermaid 6:13pm Thu 6 Apr
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When the answer is say 'four', Dave will say 'four...please...Jeremy'. Very annoying.
Neo 8:22pm Thu 30 Mar
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Music and awful
Agree with Madgejo - Jeremy is now rambling too much, and Pat, music is spoiling nearly every show these days.
Neo 8:16pm Thu 30 Mar
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Jeremy Vine Awful
Fed up of Jeremy Vine's inane rambling on Egghead. He has turned it into The Jeremy Vine Show. And why can he not talk like a human being instead of that stupid robotic phrasing he uses. Spoiled a good quiz.
madgejo 1:08pm Wed 22 Mar
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Pat 6:26pm Thu 16 Mar
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So annoying
Another person who deserves a good hiding is Lisa Thiel. A constant smug show off who is about as irrelevant as you can get. Would love to throw a bucket of ice cold water over her.
robrich 6:42pm Thu 9 Mar
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Watched the eggs tonight
The eggs got far too long to answer a question this quizzes so biased,tonight did it for me won't Watch it again,sorry it should be Called bigheads
Mary 6:27pm Wed 8 Mar
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Watched tonight and if that wasent a fix I don't no what is that last question was not hard and I'm sure one of them new the answer Fix fix fix
big t 6:54pm Wed 15 Feb
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Cannot believe that this programme is allowed to be aired. Question master and eggheads are ready for the plug to be pulled. Love to see eggs up against the Chasers. How about it?
Lucylocket 6:19pm Wed 15 Feb
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I will now give up.....
checking if they air new episodes. A long time, now a disappointed fan of the show.
Crack the eggs 6:35pm Wed 1 Feb
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It's a mystery
I wonder which episode they have in store for us today. I can hardly contain my excitement.
Crack the eggs 5:11pm Fri 27 Jan
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Bring back Dermot
Jeremy is not the most suitable presenter. Most of his comments are boring and useless, only he must find them amusing. Do you remember the puzzled looks CJ used to give JV for his silly comments or as JV sees it, a jokey type comment.
Crack the eggs 9:05pm Thu 26 Jan
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"I wouldn't call it being treated" funny!
Crack the eggs 8:43pm Thu 26 Jan
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Another repeat.....
Old episodes mixed with new episodes. I have stopped watching. What a farce.
Crack the eggs 8:38pm Thu 26 Jan
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old news
Why are we being treated to old egghead series AGAIN!!!!!
Fed up 6:24pm Thu 26 Jan
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Seen it
You recently announced that new episodes were going to be broadcast but you are yet again showing repeats -WHY.
Rather Annoyed 5:07pm Wed 25 Jan
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Yet again the eggheads get
A dead easy question and win the game,this quiz is becoming so Predictable and boring it isn't Worth watching
Mary 6:35pm Tue 24 Jan
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Some good news about repeats
Much as repeats are annoying, the best thing about them is that they are Lisa Thiel free; no singing and no showing off.
robrich 6:22pm Mon 23 Jan
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Chris the conman
This guy does not merit the title of eggheads. Get him off please!!! He is actually a rather Neanderthal silly man with a penchant for getting the answers wrong, then qualifying his stupidity with inane comments!
Doris 6:07pm Tue 17 Jan
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Nothing new, then
Looked in to see how the new kids were faring. Same old ... and --- Jeremy Vine. May look back in a year's time.
Vurain Purai 8:30pm Sun 15 Jan
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New eggheads
its getting very boring having the two new eggheads on every night we haven't seen Chris at all this week.
Maggie 11:08pm Sat 10 Dec
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Smiley faces
What a dour bunch,hardly so much as a smile from any of them.pat kevin chris need to goBarry smiles cos he knows hes the cleverest person in the world.
bigblue 9:51pm Sun 13 Nov
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Big head Barry
it's sickening the way Vine smarts up to Barry the most obnoxious egghead and the content he shows to the rest of the eggheads
Blondy 6:34pm Wed 9 Nov
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Dippy daphne
Why are you showing a show which must be old because it features this dreadful smug old bag?
Renny 6:15pm Tue 8 Nov
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If I hear Jeremy say who will beat you
I will throw something at the tv The eggheads are so smug
Mary 6:34pm Mon 7 Nov
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Please tell me Daphne's not back?????
I thought she retired yonks ago or is tonight's programme yet another ancient repeat?
Florrie 6:09pm Mon 7 Nov
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Lisa is a constant show off and gets more and more patronizing with every show. Irritating mare.
robrich 6:41pm Thu 3 Nov
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Beth and Steve
How on earth can you call Beth and Steve eggheads. They had the luck of the luck to be on the show. A simple question about Troodos mountains - and Beth says she never heard of them. Please take them off - bring back Dermot Murnhagan and the old format.
DavidJ 10:06pm Thu 27 Oct
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I like eggheads
But fed up with Jeremy Vine and his silly comments,time for a change of question master
Mary 11:38am Thu 27 Oct
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only fair.
I hear what you are saying but the new eggs seem to be on every show. Steve is trying too hard by giving a long explanation of his answer and getting it wrong. Hes trying to be dry and humorous but its not working. I think that deep down the producers know its not working. A bit like the vixen on the chase. People switch off.
gizmokatz 10:57am Tue 18 Oct
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Ridiculous nicknames
Will Jeremy please give up. He introduces ridiculous names like 'The Rocket', The Brain, The Locomotive, and the worst - Tremendous Knowledge Dave. Every time JV says that poor old Dave loses. Also,why does the show have a Script Advisor? (Jane Myers) - What script? Same words EVERY NIGHT. ' Are your three brains..' ''Who will beat you? (answer: quite a lot of people)
Evsie 8:04pm Thu 13 Oct
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Jeremy vine
Is so biased he actually spoils the Show
Liz 3:51pm Thu 13 Oct
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New eggs
I enjoyed the "Make me an egghead " show better than actually watching them now that they ARE Eggheads! However,I am willing to give them a chance!
FeatherHG 11:38am Fri 7 Oct
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Can't believe Jeremy Vine didn't know Alexander Armstrong had a record out, he was on lots of BBC programmes and is a colleague. Insulting our intelligence - can't see why he said it.
Chrissy 9:37am Thu 6 Oct
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Too many
Eggheads has been totally spoilt by putting two more eggheads on the show,they haven't got the knowledge and seem to be guessing the answers,we've seen them three nights in a row and they don't have the charismatic appeal it was much better before.
Maggie 12:08pm Sat 1 Oct
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Less please
Good programme, but Jeremy's meaningless waffle is annoying and Pat tends to ramble on.
Neo 8:05pm Tue 27 Sep
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Some of the questions on eggheads are so long that I've forgotten what the question was in the first place and why does Jeremy vine say in the final these are all general knowledge questions,most of them are not to the ordinary every day people.
Maggie 3:30pm Sat 27 Aug
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Anne ..
She waffled on and on and flippin on! Vine, time to hand over to someone less biased & patronising ...
the hoff 7:28pm Fri 19 Aug
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Vine is soooo biased
Fed up with this predictable quiz
Mary 6:32pm Wed 3 Aug
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Ask the Eggs
Why does Jeremy ask the Eggs if the challenger is right when he knows it is the incorrect answer. I think it is patronizing.
Lucylocket 6:19pm Tue 26 Jul
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Questions easier for the eggs
Won't watch this biased quiz any More
Liz 11:16am Fri 22 Jul
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Once again eggheads get easier questions
Fed up with this quiz programme Balanced for eggheads to win so biased,question master so biased Toward eggheads,I like quizes but not this one
Mary 6:35pm Tue 19 Jul
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Although still in the opening credits, CJ has not appeared in the last six episodes. Have all his featured episodes now been shown, as he has left the programme ?
Observant 12:24pm Fri 15 Jul
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