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Franks leather jacket
Wooden actor who sleeps in his jacket. It's getting as stupid as Hollyoaks. Long drawn out boring subjects . It's needs a train crash with paddy,Marlon,Dan,Nicola Jimmy,frank David Tracy and Emma on board. Sack the writers
Paddywack 6:36pm Mon 21 Aug
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loathe this character send him to live with his equally loathsome mother and sister offscreen
sal 9:14pm Wed 9 Aug
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total tripe
Emmerdales writing it homo sexually orientated garbage, the humour is false and story lines easily predictable , a terrible program
colin critic 7:39pm Tue 8 Aug
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has got away with it yet again, how much longer can this go on for, surely these script writers must realise this story line has been done to death. No pun intended, have they no imagination??.
Jan-Ban 4:10pm Sat 5 Aug
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The Lydia and Sam romance is a joke. Both as thick as a brick and twice as ugly .
eeyore. 2:42pm Sat 5 Aug
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Yes this story line is more than it's sell by date. At first it was exciting but after so many months (or is it years) I am no longer care what happens all I want is for it TO FINISH PLEASE!!!!!!
chloe 4:30pm Fri 4 Aug
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I am so sick of this storyline dragging on and being milked for all its worth. I was an avid fan of emmerdale but am now so bored with the Emma storyline have decided to stop watching and do something better with my time!!!
Jb 8:40pm Thu 3 Aug
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Emma Story Line
I think this story has gone on far to long and should be brought to a conclusion - now becoming boring
Sparhark 8:19pm Thu 3 Aug
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script writer
I am now seriously convinced the idiots round the table at the beginning of each episode REALLY are the script writers
elaine 8:17pm Thu 3 Aug
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White Apocalypse
I have asked politely on several occasions. PLEASE exterminate the ENTIRE White family followed by Emma Barton PLEEEEEEEASE.
Deryl 8:01pm Tue 1 Aug
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over the top
Far to much preoccupation with sex in this soap.
katie 1:09pm Mon 31 Jul
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they no longer care what is shown it seems to have gone by the wayside.violance .sex.what difference does it make its shown on the news every day for all to see.
liz 3:18am Sat 29 Jul
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watershed 9pm
7pm what do we have sex, sex and more sex being openly discussed. 8pm and again more sex, sex sex how do they get away with it. bet this won't get printed
elaine 9:29pm Thu 27 Jul
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Nell's acting
send her back to drama school to learn how to act.
emmerrfan 5:57pm Wed 26 Jul
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The circus
It's definitely turning into,a circus ,Priya with her grease paint make up.and Kerry turning up to her birthday party dressed as coco the clown.
KayJay 2:33pm Tue 25 Jul
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Total hypocrite, Pete and Prya BOTH did wrong, so why is it all Pete's fault, will have to stop watching, it is so boring and predictable.
Jan-Ban 9:43am Sat 22 Jul
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How on earth did you find the worst actress to play this part - Holly was bad enough....have stopped watching.
KB 9:42am Sat 22 Jul
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Terrible acting
Fed up 11:47pm Fri 21 Jul
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Whiny, whispering, crying can't stand the character
frances 7:27pm Fri 21 Jul
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Thanks but no thanks.
Ok, that's it, totally boring pantomime characters. Farcical scripts, long drawn out uninteresting dialog. Gave up Cori couple of years back, now I give up on Emmerdale, 'thanks for all the fish, and goodbye'.
Jodie 2:16pm Thu 20 Jul
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Your one short sentence says it all
elaine 8:48am Thu 20 Jul
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What is the point of this character??
Sylvee 6:21pm Wed 19 Jul
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Sexual comments .violence
What as happened to this programme I cringe at some of the language used at 7.0pm.sex violence inuendo's scraping the bottom of the barrel.sort it or I may have to watch Hollyhokes omg.
Christine 3:52pm Wed 19 Jul
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fully agree and as for the dreadful Faith she really is a pantomime Dame of the worst order
frances 10:11pm Tue 18 Jul
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Hour long episode
What has happened to the storylines of emmerdale. Where has this once believable programme gone. It's now a pantomime.
Suzi 7:42pm Tue 18 Jul
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Andy Sugdens topless torso has gone only to be replaced by Both Pete and Ross . All that muscle and he couldn't get his overall from out of the car bonnet! Wimp.
KayjJay 8:50am Tue 18 Jul
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YIPPEE! has Danny Miller left for good? I hope so.Fed up with his miserable face,tears and snot.
Stringers 1:19pm Sat 15 Jul
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For goodness sake .someone buy Arron a box of tissues sick of seeing him wiping his nose and tears on he's sleeve
Tammycat 8:33pm Thu 13 Jul
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Barton brothers
These three stooges have no money ,have lost the taxi firm, and are on the point of eviction yet they are in the wool pack all day it seems.
KayJay 8:14pm Thu 13 Jul
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I agree but when you see the writers round the table at the beginning of each episode what do you expect. It is those idiots who write the scripts isn't it???? Ha Ha
elaine 8:57am Thu 13 Jul
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hang in there hear her contract expires soon problem is the writers will replace her with another nutter.they havent got the brains to think outside of their square they seem to think that's what viewers want.
hoping 8:29am Thu 13 Jul
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How much longer do we have to put with twisted Emma, this pathetic story has gone on way to long.
Vicky 12:03pm Wed 12 Jul
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The village
What a wonderful place to live. Not one decent family in the place. The violence is unnecessary especially at 7pm. It'll be the foul language next
elaine 7:57pm Tue 11 Jul
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If Rob dumps him I'll have him he's bloomin gorgeous !!!!
Daz 7:38pm Tue 11 Jul
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holier than thou hypocrite and total bore, hope rob dumps him
sal 1:44pm Tue 11 Jul
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Faith dingles wardrobe
This woman first appeared half dead sleeping rough in zags barn. Suddenly she is the queen of the village labouring for Moira and has more clothes than a Hollywood star. Reality writing check needed!
KayJay 9:33pm Mon 10 Jul
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ex soap fan
good idea another plane crash would do or a sump hole taking the whole village but please make those writers redundant or they might take another program to rock bottom
ex pat 7:52am Sat 8 Jul
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Previous comment
I have not watched it since the plane crash!!
A.P 10:21pm Fri 7 Jul
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Rock bottom
It's there! All characters and storylines are unbelievable and uninteresting. Another plane crash please with no survivors.
Ex soap fan 8:11pm Fri 7 Jul
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Dragging on too long
The whole Emma Barton storyline has dragged on for far too long now. It's putting me off watching as it's boring and irritating now.
Ellie40 11:42pm Wed 5 Jul
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Emma disgrace
As a loyal viewer of Emmerdale, I can honestly say that after last nights performance of nothing short of child abuse, has left me doubting whether to continue watching. I was very upset and confused as to how a 7.00pm soap can air such a vicious and traumatic storyline.
Dalijoha 11:09am Wed 5 Jul
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I totally agree with all previous comments regarding the Emma storyline. It's gone on so long we forget the things she's guilty of. Please put an end to this tedious dross, before you lose anymore loyal fans.
Rosie9 9:25am Wed 5 Jul
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emma story line ee
is there anyone with the authority to have emmerdale taken off the air I keep thinking they have hit rock bottom but no its now child abuse what next .I hate to think
gob smacked 12:17am Wed 5 Jul
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Oh for glory sake how much longer is this going on. It really is beyond a joke, No correction IT IS A JOKE!!!!!
elaine 10:10pm Tue 4 Jul
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Pethetic emma storyline
Get rid of this village idiot mental emma ' gone too far now .
Ih 7:54pm Tue 4 Jul
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Emerdale, Crime
Again we have Emma destroying all evidence of her murders! This is a insult to viewers intelligence. The sooner this show is off the air the better!
reikiworld 7:44pm Tue 4 Jul
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child abuse stupid
emma story going from stupid now its poor little child being twisted and manipulated by an adult be peeing bed soon its abuse need to stop it now its going to far
teddy 50 7:44pm Tue 4 Jul
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Jeff Hordly will never be an actor
Like Ashley,he hasn't got the talent
Mary 11:53am Tue 4 Jul
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Fed up
The Emma storyline seems to be getting drawn out for so long you forget what she's done. Sick of her manipulating everyone. Would like to see an end to it.
Grace 4:37pm Mon 3 Jul
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don't buy skittles.
I hope that David doesnt start selling those black and white packets of skittles . Some of the proceeds go to the gay community, at least they do in tesco. What about us straight people?
straight and proud. 11:06pm Sat 1 Jul
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