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stop pierce
sorry 11 year old still don't think it's suitable viewing for young children
baffled 5:04am Thu 27 Apr
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on and on.
Public sympathy for rhona will soon fade the longer this goes on.
josey 10:09pm Wed 26 Apr
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Flippin well knew we couldn't have an end to this story it has to be milked to the very last drop. Looks like another six months of tedium
ellie oops 7:14pm Wed 26 Apr
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Great rhona and pierce storyline
I'm 11 and me and my mum watch it together and she thinks it's ok to let me watch wat pierce did because it teaches me and other kids about how not to get into those situations. Soaps do it so people can keep themselves safe and notice the characteristics in people who do that like pierce does. Emmerdale is great!!!
Stop pierce Harris!!!! 5:54pm Wed 26 Apr
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Here we go again
My last four comments have been refused again. I don't use foul language, abuse other commenters. Do have strong views about present programme content. Bet this won't get printed either
frances 8:54am Wed 26 Apr
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why is this program allowed to be shown so early in the evening .have the censors turned a blind eye .can't believe they get away with it.
baffled 7:34am Wed 26 Apr
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Sorry that you or any person has experienced such horror. If rhona drops the charges, what else is there left for him to do before she finally escapes her nightmare.
mika 7:50pm Tue 25 Apr
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I know what's going to happen . He will blame her he will threaten and discredit her she will blame herself she will feel ashamed and she will drop the charges . He will manipulate & control her until she can't make a decision even what to eat . Been there
Kitty 7:41pm Tue 25 Apr
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Emma and Lydia
Please please put us all out of our misery and expose Emma. And get rid of Lydia before we all go crazy otherwise it's a great soap.Sorry forgot about Pierce what a bully.
Bird lady 5:07pm Tue 25 Apr
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Cmon there has to be closure with Emma. Cain & Harriett? Aye right!! Too silly. Sadly the Rhona & Pierce storyline still goes on in this decade!
Kirsty 7:59am Tue 25 Apr
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they have finally got there gutter tv .down the drain it goes.can't get any worse now
lost viewer 11:58pm Mon 24 Apr
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You are so right. Parents across the land having to explain what happened. Not even a warning before the show started.
joanna j 7:52pm Mon 24 Apr
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He attacks her and she shouts " Please don't want this" while they both on the floor. Absolutely disgusting while children are still not in bed yet. Fgs what is going on with the soaps nowadays??
reuben 7:33pm Mon 24 Apr
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Emma seems to have got away with murder
This soap is like knitting full of holes,giving up watching this soap,writers need to be sacked,it Is no longer interesting
Liz 11:12am Mon 24 Apr
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Proper fit fit fit !
ahugedannymillerfan 11:28pm Fri 21 Apr
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Why is it every time I see his face, the word Brazilian pops into my mind.
mash 7:27pm Fri 21 Apr
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Script writers
I do believe the idiots round the story table at the beginning of each episode really are the genuine script writers.
frances 8:16pm Thu 20 Apr
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the whole program is ridiculous.the writers lost their way a long time ago.hopefully they will be replaced before it's too late.a good program gone wrong
lost interest 10:19am Thu 20 Apr
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Harriet and Cain
Sorry but I'm not buying into this. People who've never interacted before being put together. They are so unsuited it's ridiculous
Aitch 8:15pm Wed 19 Apr
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going to church for a couple of weeks and now she's quoting the bible chapter and verse.
ellie oops 7:39pm Wed 19 Apr
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Why bother
to write a comment when they keep being refused. Could understand it if they use foul language or abusive.
farnces 2:45pm Wed 19 Apr
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Story lines
Love Emmerdale but please could we have closure to some of the story lines? And maybe some happy ones for a change?
Bird lady 9:21pm Tue 18 Apr
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Wonderful but heartbreaking. Congratulations to both John Middleton and Charlotte Bellamy
Dorothy 1:37am Fri 14 Apr
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trying to make him look nice doesnt wash with me, hes a revolting character
sally 5:57pm Thu 13 Apr
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robert rebecca
would have liked them as a couple but hes a slimeball and shes a doormat, like the actors playing them though
chris 12:42pm Thu 13 Apr
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Agree about hospital care in soaps. All seem to get a room to themselves and not on a general ward.
unicorn v. 6:33pm Tue 11 Apr
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Pre watershed?
Husband the emmerdale fan so hard for me to avoid. Cannot believe the sexual content at the time of night. I would not let children see this. Old-fashioned I guess. Also as a nurse always amused about soap characters hospital care. So realistic..not
Oliveoyl 5:20pm Tue 11 Apr
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a grown woman sleeping with two blokes within days of each other, now acting like an innocent victim, really fed up with these irresponsible characters
chris 7:57pm Mon 10 Apr
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had enough
Had enough of this garbage.Danny Miller should change his name to Tiny Tears.Get rid of him and his weird sidekick.
Stringers 3:20pm Mon 10 Apr
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a self pitying thug, not a nice guy at all
linda 3:16pm Sun 9 Apr
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As a critical viewer of Emmerdale at the moment I must say your comment is spot on. We do all deal with the Ashley situation differently and criticism of this scene would not be fair
frances 11:09am Sun 9 Apr
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Very sad scene. We all behave differently as the first stages of mourning are disbelief and unacceptance even though expected. Some of us do practical things to cope as others will sob their heart out. Lauren, the actress, has put in a worthy peformance throughout imo.
reuben 6:33pm Sat 8 Apr
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What a disappointing end to Ashley dying he opened his eyes and said laurel name only for her to go on about pillows.very disappointing
Tigger 6:02pm Sat 8 Apr
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unwatchable characters
chas and liv are away for now the show would be better without them permanantly
carla 11:38am Sat 8 Apr
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is there anyone out there who as anything nice to say about emerdale .I haven't watched for a few months but still reads reviews checking if thing's have improved .guess they haven't
still waiting 7:44am Sat 8 Apr
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Cry baby Aaron is back.
Ho!, what a gay program!!
weaknees 7:42am Sat 8 Apr
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OO you are awful. But I like you.
ellie oops 9:31am Fri 7 Apr
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Maybe he should man up......oops!
georgie 9:24am Fri 7 Apr
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Aron stop crying
Im getting bit tired and bored of seeing aron upset all the time
Emmerdale123 12:01am Fri 7 Apr
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Please could someone tell the writers or Emmerdale (and Corrie)that we here in Yorkshire do drink a CUP OF TEA and not a BREW. You never hear anyone asked if they would like a cup of tea only offered a brew. WHY?
frances 7:14pm Thu 6 Apr
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Rhona and Pierce
Didn't Tess, Pierce's first wife, drop some hints to Paddy when she first left him about his controlling behaviour? And why has Laurel not called in the Macmillan nurses? Its too late now but they would have eased the strain for the family. PLEASE PRINT THIS AS THEY ARE WONDERFUL CARING PEOPLE AND DESERVE ALL THE PUBLICITY THEY CAN GET.
Dorothy 8:37am Thu 6 Apr
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It's sad but Ashley has to go, as a law abiding citizen he no loner fits into this low life village. Now Harriet the vicar (and ex cop) is turning to the dark side so at least the whole village will be singing from the same hymn sheet.
Frances 8:57am Tue 4 Apr
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bad news
ihave always loved emmerdale ,why as the episodes got to be bad news ? the story lines are beyond believe ..please lighten up xxx
jayne eyre 11:13am Sun 2 Apr
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Agree with the comment about the book being written and published in less than a month. yet another ludicrous storyline.
katie 2:18pm Sat 1 Apr
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Me thinks
the present story lines are being written by the idiots sat round the table of the programme sponsors at the beginning of each episode.
frances 1:17am Sat 1 Apr
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back track
remember when cain was the lovable rogue of the village only other crim was Eric .he got rid of his wife .well now cain blends in with the rest of the village more criminals than law abiding citizens.shame it's lost its way.
hopeful 12:17am Sat 1 Apr
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World record
A so called book written by the barely literate (dressed as a 1950s secretary) in less than three weeks, accepted by a publisher, proof read, type set, printed and on the shelves in less than a month. I know this is soap land but it's RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!
frances 9:25am Fri 31 Mar
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Unbelievable. The only man in the village with a shred of decency and they are doing this to him.
Marina 9:22am Fri 31 Mar
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Really doesn't stand a chance in that hospital cause the doctors don't seem to know how to turn on the oxygen mask... steaming up gives it away a bit
Martin 8:33pm Thu 30 Mar
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Fully agree with your comment
frances 12:05pm Thu 30 Mar
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