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Whats going on between Bob and Laurel?
katie 12:16pm Tue 12 Dec
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zena 8:20pm Mon 11 Dec
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Head Teacher
Agree on the comments ridiculous and whats next her and Marlon getting together! total tripe. As for April what an irritating precocious child
grace 1 10:13pm Sun 10 Dec
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Can’t understand why the actor who plays Jacob is still there. He is one of the worst actors I have ever seen. You need to get rid of him
Granny K 7:12pm Sun 10 Dec
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Rhona Story
Absolutely ridicules, the idea of a head teacher getting involved with getting a TA for one little boy, is unbelievable.
jan-ban 9:56am Sun 10 Dec
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Thought exactly the same about the teacher also why is she suddenly in the small village when the school is miles away. As for Leo poor little soul hasn't the faintest idea of what's going on and he's such a cutie
elaine 9:52am Sat 9 Dec
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No way!
Who ever heard of a headteacher going to the local cafe and pub! She is also indiscreet, put her in special measures!!
Boz 9:32pm Fri 8 Dec
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Leo's TA
God this storyline in pointless and boring. Rhona ranting on and on about Leo and his TA. Who cares. Paddy and Marlin as pointless as usual. Get a new scriptwriter.
Malinda 11:12pm Thu 7 Dec
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April's weird. Her eyes are like two p#ss holes in the snow.
Jimbo 9:57pm Thu 7 Dec
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I too cannot take to April. She's meant to be cute. I think not!
katie 9:40pm Thu 7 Dec
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Not funny, pathetic, making a mockery out of the Christmas story.
Boz 8:13pm Thu 7 Dec
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I know you shouldn't say nasty things about kids but am I alone in finding April revolting?
Deryl 7:51pm Thu 7 Dec
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Stop keeping on about the dog!!!
It’s ridiculous, I love dogs as much as the next person, but the stupid story line is getting on my nerves. Grown men acting like idiots!! For gods sake
Chigg 7:08pm Tue 5 Dec
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Best dressed village people
How many villages do you go to and see almost everyone dressed in designer clothes the women with perfect hair and make up and not one who actually go to work but all have there own business in the same village ridiculous !
lulu21 6:25pm Tue 5 Dec
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Who wants to see dog muck when eating their dinner ?
Polly 8:00pm Mon 4 Dec
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Well, it didn't take a clairvoyant to work out who was bank rolling the golf course did it.
Boz 8:35pm Sat 2 Dec
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How on earth did Debbie ever get an actiing job she needs a speech therapist ,you can barely understand what she says , and her and Tom ridiculous load of old tosh
lulu21 11:00pm Thu 30 Nov
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Sorry but pantomime is more realistic than this load of tosh
elaine 3:40pm Thu 30 Nov
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Didn’t anybody notice two hefty young men stomping around upstairs, or did they think they had giant rats, unbelievable at its best. More like a Christmas pantomime.
rosie9 11:19am Thu 30 Nov
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Wooden !!
Tom & Debbie are like two planks of wood and the storyline is unbelievabley borin!
Pat48 8:10pm Wed 29 Nov
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Seb, sounds like an infection!
Why give a baby a lovely name like Sebastian then call it Seb? Next they'll be calling Charity, Char!
Boz 7:37pm Wed 29 Nov
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Psst Lachlan is in the attic.
Sherlock 7:12pm Tue 28 Nov
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the lovely four legged actor was the most natural actor on this down the pan show.
Jan-Ban 10:31am Mon 27 Nov
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Did anyone look dafter in a fur coat than Jimmy. Even he wouldn't buy that.
Boz 5:03pm Sat 25 Nov
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charity's acting
Charity or the person who plays her needs to get some acting lessons.Her acting makes me cringe
chappo 1:45pm Sat 25 Nov
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Oh No,
another gobby teen added to the already childish cast.
Jan-Ban 10:40am Sat 25 Nov
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So right both of you but we really can't let the writers know that us the viewers do have brains even if they think we are all dim wits
sasha 9:27pm Fri 24 Nov
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Lachlan peeping
Not only can he see from the attic to the ground floor and the bedrooms in between, but the holes are in ceilings that are thinner than plasterboard and can bear his weight because there are no rafters or floor on his side. And of course no one has noticed the holes or debris on the floors. Really stupid
Peewee 11:43am Fri 24 Nov
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Dolls house
How can Lachlan see all the bedrooms in such a large house through the holes in the floor of a small attic and seems to be able to see down to the ground floor????
Tina 8:38pm Thu 23 Nov
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I know Sarah is ill ,but why is her character so un-likeable
Kayjay 8:21pm Thu 23 Nov
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I do believe the White clan are all leaving very soon. Not before time.
elaine 8:18pm Thu 23 Nov
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I'm asking really nicely, I'll beg if you like but PLEASE exterminate the ENTIRE White clan
Deryl 7:16pm Thu 23 Nov
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Flatter by the week
Emmerdale going down like a tyre with a slow puncture. Shame.
MBegg 7:24pm Wed 22 Nov
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Sally b
fully agree with you but we (hetrosexuals) are already in the minority if many TV programmes are to go by
elaine 6:07pm Wed 22 Nov
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Flamin brookside.
It all started years ago with the lesbian kiss on brookside. Then the floodgates opened. Heterosexual couples will soon be in the minority
Sally b. 4:36pm Wed 22 Nov
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still going
Is this homosexual filled garbage still going.
stringers 3:25pm Wed 22 Nov
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current big house story
unbelievable squit, im finished with it after 35 years
morr 7:08pm Tue 21 Nov
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What a load of c##p.
Current storyline so boring. Children and babies are not the be all and end all, though many more episodes like this will be the end of me watching.
Gmac 1:50pm Mon 20 Nov
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At last a watchable episode after week upon week since last year of unbelievable drival the writers finally used their brains and presented the viewers with a good episode please let it continue don't fall back.
Ch47 6:08pm Sun 19 Nov
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I agree. Ditch all the who's gay straight or indifferent storylines who cares anyway. Lets have proper drama and acting like Fridays episode.
katie 12:46pm Sun 19 Nov
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At Last.
Did they get different writers in for Fridays episode? My was it good to actually see some good acting/writing on Friday. The going back in time section with Faith and Cain showed that they can act really well if given the right script. Faith was given a chance to properly act for a change. A real light in Emmerdales dark corridor
Wyfold Lane. 11:16am Sun 19 Nov
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Kane and Faith
Fabulous acting on Friday, really watchable, more storylines like this please.
Boz 5:36pm Sat 18 Nov
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what about Gerry and Aaron ? They would make a fantastic couple and Gerry would cheer Aaron up. Make it so writers.
Tarquin 11:19am Thu 16 Nov
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perhaps swiss air could fly him to the swiss euthanisia clinic
mogul 7:54pm Wed 15 Nov
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As if you would take a new born into the pub. Pathetic.
Boz 8:05pm Tue 14 Nov
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It's cause your being nasty hahahahahaaa
Babs 7:09pm Mon 13 Nov
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Sick of
writing comments that never get shown, WHY NOT???
Jan-Ban 9:19am Mon 13 Nov
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Hard to understand
Aaron and Liv speak so quickly too, I can't understand a word they say.
Boz 12:50pm Sun 12 Nov
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Robert/Lawrence looked so wonderful together. Such a shame it never worked out.
Tarquin 10:14am Sat 11 Nov
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Robert / Lawrence storyline is absolutely disgusting.
Tallulahhogbrown 10:01pm Thu 9 Nov
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