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Is this girl on medication? One minute she's swaggering about like she owns the village next she's a whimpering little mouse. Writers make your minds up!!
Von James 9:32pm Fri 23 Feb
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No. Another pregnancy. Looks a bit Corrie to me
Sj 7:21pm Fri 23 Feb
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david's shop
why are there never any customers in David's shop. Is it because of his ' meet me in MacDonalds' haircut
lejardin 5:19pm Fri 23 Feb
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So glad Aaron and Robert back on.Good episode best for a while, it made me giggle! Should have been called Emmerdale Pride tho! !!
Mum of four. 12:15am Fri 23 Feb
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Take away?
Emmerdale must be one of the busiest North Yorkshire villages to not have a chippy, pizza, or chicken shop! Oh, but they do have an olive bar! What?
Bunbury 8:15pm Thu 22 Feb
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Why have script writers taken the fun out of Emmerdale? The acid attack on Ross was badly thought out ,in view of present climate.AT the moment we have Arron who must spend the whole show crying his eyes out, we now have Tracy involved in a story in prositution in the past, this before watershed. Annie and Mr Wilkes must be turning in their graves.
High 22nd Febuary 8.00pm 8:10pm Thu 22 Feb
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how much longer....
do we have to suffer that damn sugden. what on earth do the writers see in him? they are obsessed.
paolo 7:22pm Thu 22 Feb
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What did they have in Wales a 4.4 earthquake maybe it needs a 7.5 in emmerdale wipe the whole village out .
Kiwi 6:52am Wed 21 Feb
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WOW, she is stressed and blackmailed,up at the crack of dawn in the so called shop and yet she looks about ready to step onto the awards carpet!!!
KayJay 10:59pm Tue 20 Feb
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Boring, boring
Sick and tired of the violence, sick and tired of gay characters, sick and tired of the Dingles, particularly Debbie; the programme is overdue another plane crash
Jojo 6:34pm Tue 20 Feb
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Are you still watching the episodes from 1975. Haven't you got catch up yet.
Sceptic. 1:21pm Tue 20 Feb
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Why? Are you not getting enough?? It's like sone kind of voyeurism!
don'tbelieveallyouread 12:15pm Tue 20 Feb
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Not enough
Gayness in Emmerdale it needs more Gay characters and relationships.
Barry 9:59am Tue 20 Feb
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No No
Liv and Gabby, Bob and Brenda & Laural, Arron and Robert, all of it so repetitive and boring. Now another scenario of gay teenagers, next one to turn will be Cain falling for Graham.
Jan-Ban 7:43am Sat 17 Feb
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You are so right .I say it's time to pull the plug .the writers keep putting out utter crap.
Over it 11:07pm Thu 15 Feb
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Love it/hate it!!
Love Emmerdale most of the time but Gabby and Liv? !! Bit much with such young teenagers.. Hope Robert and Aaron back on tho. But please get rid of creepy Lachlan! !
Mum of four. 7:37pm Thu 15 Feb
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sick,twisted brainless writers what the hell are they playing at haven't we got enough gay senarios going on fgs absolutely sick of it so much after tonights teenage kiss that's it for me goodnight Emmerdale after 20 odd years of watching and writers do us all a favour and take up another profession
firefox69 7:53pm Wed 14 Feb
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Teenagers Kissing!!!!!!
This is really bad taste teenagers kissing!!!! Too many gay scenes spoiling Emmerdale such a turn off and not acceptable viewing at this time.
Disgusted 7:30pm Wed 14 Feb
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Oh no
please tell me we are not having young teenagers being GAY now. It's getting out of hand.
zena 7:24pm Wed 14 Feb
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The writers are now creating more gay scenes wigh the child actors..... utter garbage
Sj 7:22pm Wed 14 Feb
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had enough
Can't take anymore of this homosexual orientated garbage.Iv'e had enough.!!!!!!
stringers 2:31pm Wed 14 Feb
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A new outfit,
everyday for Faye, can someone please tell me where she gets her money from, she never seems to work. She turned up in Emmerdale broke and homeless with nothing other than what she stood up in.
Jan-Ban 11:18am Sun 11 Feb
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Von James
You have put into words my thoughts exactly. In fact the whole story line is a disgrace and I don't how much RESEARCH!!! they have done into the subject
zena 9:11am Sun 11 Feb
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Acid attack
If Ross makes a dramatic recovery after the attack when the paint bubbled off the car. Then it will be insulting to all the poor people who have suffered this horror.
Von James 10:06pm Sat 10 Feb
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SONG ID? in tonight's epi
Hi can anybody help me out, song id that is played at the beginning of the kid's party..around 12 min mark? cheers
afrokid 12:43am Sat 10 Feb
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How's maiming someone for life entertainment.
Disgusted again. 9:07pm Fri 9 Feb
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Acid attack
Only depicting real life
Dboy 6:14pm Fri 9 Feb
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Move over Cain, Graham is in a different league . He is so superior to the ageing Dingle.
KayJay. 9:51am Fri 9 Feb
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Icouldn,t believe that the script writers could sink so low as to use an acid attack as entertainment. It was horrible and completely irisponsible and I won’t be watching again.
polly 7:18am Fri 9 Feb
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Acid attack
I can't find the words to express disgust at the acid attack storyline and also at family viewing time
zena 8:40pm Thu 8 Feb
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Out of order
Emmerdale tonight was not good viewing for a family soap.
Smiffy 8:27pm Thu 8 Feb
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Unacceptable on our screen
An acid attack as entertainment? At seven o’clock? Appalling, irresponsible, disgusting decision. You should be ashamed.
Anon 8:10pm Thu 8 Feb
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Absolutely appalled at the acid attack storyline! I have watched ennerdale for years and never miss it but I will never watch it again!
Rizza 7:54pm Thu 8 Feb
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Utterly appalled that Emmerdale thought it was a good idea to have a story involving throwing acid in someone’s face. Complete madness. What are they thinking?
Anon 7:39pm Thu 8 Feb
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I thought she would have more sense than to get taken in by Charity. By the way, who owns Edna's house?
Boz 7:51pm Mon 5 Feb
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Jimmy King
He weighs about 13 stone, has worked in heavy haulage all his life yet he couldn't change a wheel with a puncture? Where do these stupid writers get their ideas?
KayJay 7:11pm Fri 2 Feb
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david's shop
how does he survive? there are never any customers in his shop
lejardin 9:58am Fri 2 Feb
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Here we go yet again
More same,sex kissing scenes how lovely, how original same in your face pc nonsense these twisted writers are boring us to death with this continued claptrap give it up and get another career it's dreadful.
Farrah 10:36pm Tue 30 Jan
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I think he's here for a long time, funny, and really likeable. One of the best of the new cast!!
Kay Jay 9:29pm Mon 29 Jan
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Best character in Emmerdale. Such a sweet face and so adorable x
Peaches 10:50pm Sat 27 Jan
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No wonder Bob had a moment of madness with laurel all Brenda does is bloody winge and whine I've got a headache watching her
K9 9:37pm Fri 26 Jan
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Crocodile tears
Brenda, go chop an onion. You'll make a better job of crying.
Numb 7:18pm Fri 26 Jan
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No more Awards
Enjoy your Award as it’ll be the last. The writing and innuendos are cringeworthy. I loved this show but will not be watching in future
Warrior 7:17pm Fri 26 Jan
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Who voted, not me.
Who voted for this crap, along with this morning to win an NTA award. It certainly wasn't anyone on these pages.
Merv 3:45pm Wed 24 Jan
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Please, not another death, there will only be Dingles left in a while.
Boz 9:05pm Tue 23 Jan
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Perfect hair
Seems Joe had time to go to the hairdressers in between Sam luring him into a trap and Ross pulling him out!!!!
Tina 7:27pm Tue 23 Jan
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Why would the Dingle tribe get so upset when they get treated the same as they have always treated others?
KayJay 11:28pm Mon 22 Jan
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Bit better
The last few episodes have been a bit better. Because there have been no homosexual scenes?
stringers 2:43pm Mon 22 Jan
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Ha, Ha
having their dump of a home knocked down was the best bit of Emmerdale all week. The reason I say this, is because the Dingles are the most hypocritical thiefs and liars and I love seeing someone treating them the same.
Jan-Ban 2:31pm Sat 20 Jan
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Time for this to end!
This show is badly written, badly acted, and badly reviewed! What went wrong? I think it is time for this kind of Emmerdale to end, it is not an American daytime soap, it is North Yorkshire!
Amos 7:19pm Fri 19 Jan
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