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Really good last night with Paddy and Marlon and chas with her cleavage. The meatball and sausage innuendo was straight from 'allo' 'allo but still very funny.
Kayjay 4:39pm Fri 20 Jan
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Emmer-gay-dale there are 3 couples who are gay nothing agaist them but story lines is boring aron is always upset are angry and fin say no more hes doing my head in
Villagepup 12:34pm Fri 20 Jan
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Finns becoming the dales equivalent of Mary from corrie. The only difference is that people like Mary. If kasim had been a really ugly person, would Finn had stayed by his hospital bed. Don't think so. He's so transparent. Finn knew that kasim was probably gay all along .
moggy. 11:24am Fri 20 Jan
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New name for emmerdale
Gaymerdale,this soap is disgusting
MW 10:52am Fri 20 Jan
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Enough to drive anybody barmy. Couldn't nutty Emma shove him off the bridge and put him and us out of his/our misery.
ellie oops 10:45pm Thu 19 Jan
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Stopped watching
The present writers should be sacked. Boring, repetitive storylines - constant sexual referencing - annoying and irritating characters. Time for another plane crash on the village perhaps before Emmerdale implodes.
Dingley Belle 7:36pm Thu 19 Jan
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Finn could now be charged with stalking, can't he take a hint, and leave the poor boy alone.
Rosie9 7:29pm Thu 19 Jan
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When is Emma going to get her co-up pence, I think this story line has out lived it's time.I always enjoyed this soap,but I feel like switchING off
vally 7:19pm Thu 19 Jan
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sometimes 00000000
I don't think they even care themselves. Got to watch what I say. The comment deleter was out in force accompanied by officer PC brigade. (Corrie page)
sometimes 222222 6:39pm Thu 19 Jan
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Who cares.
Finn/Kasim, who cares.
sometimes 00000000 5:33pm Thu 19 Jan
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With kerry as her right hand woman. Girl power. They could take over the world.
moggy. 10:25am Thu 19 Jan
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Nicola the alley cat
It may be a stupid storyline but Nicola will be fantastic as a snarling arrogant boss. Her character was always best when in charge she has been wasted lately. They only need some miraculous way of getting her back to good health and it's a perfect package.
Kayjay 10:06am Thu 19 Jan
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How on earth could laurel afford a private care home for Ashley on her wages. Plus , even as bad Ashley is with his dementia, in the eyes of social services he still has the right to say no to the care home. My aunty was a lot worse than Ashley and it was only when she picked up and threw a fishtank full of water at her son that she was admitted . It's not that easy to get care .
moggy. 8:16pm Wed 18 Jan
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Fed up
How much longer have we got to put up wth winging winey pathetic Finn and his love life that goes round and round and round with the same story
Tammycat 7:34pm Wed 18 Jan
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I am so so sick of the gay storylines..I'm a gay woman myself but it's boring and unbelievable..I'm waiting for when it's the only straight in the village..don't have to wait too long if it carries on....booooring!!!!!
Saskia 7:31pm Wed 18 Jan
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Gets worse
OMG are we really supposed to believe the Nicola nonsense. As for Nathan never lived in village but arranges to meet his next client in Davids RIDICULOUS!!!!!
frances 7:31pm Wed 18 Jan
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Gay storylines now very boring
There are normal people in normal relationships - why the overdose of same sex couples? Getting really boring and unbelievable.
Lor 7:30pm Wed 18 Jan
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With a bit of luck the child catcher from chitty chitty bang bang has got them.
moggy. 4:48pm Wed 18 Jan
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Missing children
Where are all the children in this village of the damned
Kayjay 4:42pm Wed 18 Jan
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No one can be vetting the comms, i send some in the early hours, there can't be anyone in the office then who reads them. Plus some comms are very offensive, yet they get through. Try sending comms under different names . I do. If it's an OK comm I use name shadow 1. If it's controversial i use others. If it's rejected I then, i am 2222222
shadow 1 4:30pm Wed 18 Jan
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I would like to know WHO decides which comment to print. I have written several which never see the light of day. AND PRINT THAT, IF YOU DARE
MARINA 4:00pm Wed 18 Jan
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How many gay people actually watch the show? Not many . Some of them are selfish, pursuing straight men and breaking up families purely for their own gratification . This is the beauty of these pages, if i had put this on social media, people would know who i am. I can speak my mind on here.
not PC. 11:55am Wed 18 Jan
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blocked comments
Well wonder if this will get through. Halfway decent episode last night until gay down throat kissing. Revolting. This may not be PC but I don't want to watch men kissing men and same with women kissing women.
frances 9:33am Wed 18 Jan
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groundhog day !!
So obvious that kasim will find out about Finns pretend romance with Nathan, then he will get dumped again. Aaaarrrggghhh . . . . . . . Groundhog day! !!!!!!!
moggy. 7:33pm Tue 17 Jan
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Queers suck!
chunk. 4:27pm Tue 17 Jan
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Cant take much more of this homosexual orientated crap.
Stringers 2:15pm Tue 17 Jan
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Better Writers Needed.
Please can we move on from Finn's love life , it is boring full stop. Writers write something that we would all be interested in.
000000000000 1:19pm Tue 17 Jan
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Total tripe
Script writers I think not .. worse farce I have ever seen
Sunset 8:47am Tue 17 Jan
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not bovvered .
Why has ashleys story been put on the back burner? As for the gay characters, no one wants them there. Finn will always be looking for love and it will always end in heartbreak, no one's bothered.
past caring. 3:35am Tue 17 Jan
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no more emmerdale till the whites sell and move on.emma is thrown in jail.her son and his boyfriend move to the big city.plus kerry gets her life back on track guess I won't be watching again can't see the writers doing that
hopeful 10:55pm Mon 16 Jan
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Childish comments
I think they are allowed because viewers are sick and tired of having gay men forced down our throats. Are there any hetrosexuals left in the village
frances 10:26pm Mon 16 Jan
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Hope David's got lots of K. Y jelly in his shop.
wise man. 8:04pm Mon 16 Jan
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Why are these disgusting childish comments allowed.
disappointed 6:52pm Mon 16 Jan
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gay villagers
Are they partial to coq in the van?
chunk. 6:02pm Mon 16 Jan
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Other clothes they like are brown hats!!
Citizen 4:36pm Mon 16 Jan
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"Shirtless "don't you mean "shirtlifters "
moggy. 3:26pm Mon 16 Jan
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And now they have male strippers ........... !!!!!! Next the male characters will be somehow shirtless .......
Zaphod 2:37pm Mon 16 Jan
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You are so right I have tried to get a more serious comment printed for three days now but it's impossible. It is not offensive to other reviewers purely about the programme. Bet this is rejected too
frances 1:44pm Mon 16 Jan
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I know a lot of my comms are published, mainly humorous or sarky, but i find that if I want to say something serious about the show they are always rejected. There must be 100 s of people trying to comment, but sometimes no comments appear on the page for hours.
moggy. 10:28am Mon 16 Jan
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WHY are comments published on 4th January still on your message board while we who are commenting on 15th or 16th January cannot get our comments published?
Marina 9:54am Mon 16 Jan
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what a Gay Day!
Amos would say there's nothing so Queer as folks Mr Wilks
Double A 10:19pm Sun 15 Jan
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Robert /Aaron, Lawrence /Ronnie, and Finn /kasim, qualified sausage jockeys.
chunk. 6:10pm Sun 15 Jan
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Double A
What about Annie sugden, she could bake them all some fairy cakes. "I'm free ".
moggy. 2:42pm Sun 15 Jan
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why can't I get a comment printed. I am not abusive to other reviewers only comment on programme. Ridiculous
frances 2:20pm Sun 15 Jan
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Fed up
I'm so tired of Chrissie, Rebecca, Lawrence & Lochlan; dreadful actors and dreadful storylines; time to stop watching me thinks
JoJO 1:17pm Sun 15 Jan
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What a gay day!
I wonder what amos Brierley would have thought about the Gaypack pub
Double A 12:33pm Sun 15 Jan
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Gay 6 leaves gay 4 cos of mom's meddling. 6 says he's going back to 7, hes not. Then there's a pretend gay 8 who 4 goes out with to make 6 jealous.
moggy. 10:39am Sun 15 Jan
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gay club
as a ex pat now living in nz we are about 6 weeks behind uk with emmerdale. this week we had gay 1 and 2 talking weddings .gay 5 is moving in with gay 3 .and mom of gay 4 going to find gay 6 for him .please don't tell me gay 7 appears looking for his missing gay 6 in the next few weeks
kiwi 6:03am Sun 15 Jan
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cheesy puffs.
6 cheesy puffs in David's shop. Sorry that should be 6 puffs. . . . . . In the village.
moggy. 10:35pm Sat 14 Jan
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mine not published 8:34pm Sat 14 Jan
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