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How many more gay story lines? What's next for this soap, Liza and Zac having sex change operations. The dead parrot coming to life , now he's wearing a dinner jacket, and able to give his owner away at her wedding to Sam. The whole thing is an insult to the viewers.
redanwhite 9:42am Wed 18 Oct
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Another gay day in the villafe
I haven't got anything against gay people but I have never seen so many in 1 soap what is going on with this sort the storylines again so boring and beyond the joke please get rid of Lydia
Emmerdaleking 7:38pm Tue 17 Oct
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Yet again
Another GAY day I Gaymerdlale. GAY! GAY! GAY! Please please NO MORE. What about the few of us hetrosexuals left can we have a look in please
zena 6:35pm Tue 17 Oct
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Oh no not again
Jesus not another gay senario for goodness sake emmerdale writers give the public a break and cut this crap out "what part of we are sick of it" don't they understand ? Get a life and stop shoving this down our throats
Chester 4:29pm Tue 17 Oct
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And off we go again!
They seem to have this bee in their bonnet about sex storylines be they gay or straight. Give it a rest Emmerdale.
katie 11:30am Tue 17 Oct
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Can the writers get any lower with Charity. Now having her play Gay "as if". It's now time to change the programme name to Gaymerdale. Fed up with constant gay, gay, gay stories
elaine 8:06am Tue 17 Oct
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Yet more gay lesbian crap
What is the problem with the writers on emmerdale can no one be normal in this village i said i would stop watching after the long drawn out emma saga which was a joke' now there are introducing the lesbian stories ' give us a break ' time to switch channels coast is more entertaining .
Ih 6:29pm Mon 16 Oct
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Really funny character who brings some laughter to the show
KayJay 1:03pm Mon 16 Oct
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Give me strenght
This soap is now farcical. The long drawn out Emma saga has now turned into a who dunnit. Hopefully It is the writers and they get 20 years, time to call it a day!
Befuddled. 8:34pm Fri 13 Oct
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homosexul-lesbian possessed writers
what is the problem with the writers turning every one homosexual or lesbian , it will be marlon and paddy next this program is really homosexual and lesbian orientated now its utter garbage
Crytic 6:40pm Fri 13 Oct
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why finn
when that awful pete is still there?
paolo 6:14pm Fri 13 Oct
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Time to tidy up...
Once a great series with really good actors and actresess and terrific script writing Now all in need of an urgent overhaul before the ratings fall.
JGP 6:26pm Wed 11 Oct
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It wouldn't be a great surprise "yawn!! for this years xmas special that someone "dies" something nice and cheerful and original from the writers of emmerdale to look forward to this year I'm taking bets if not perhaps aliens landing in the village? I await with baited breath.
Cooperman 5:41pm Tue 10 Oct
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Did anyone understand anything Pete said ( mumbled) last night? Couldn't understand a word It could be important! Ha Ha
Susie Q 7:23am Tue 10 Oct
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Another who's the daddy storyline...:-(
Lily 7:16am Tue 10 Oct
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boring now.
Vanessa and charity the next gay couple. What is the writers obsession with gay characters.
Min. 10:29pm Mon 9 Oct
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one down three to go
they are- pollard, sugden and barton p.
spotty dog 7:55pm Mon 9 Oct
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a tediously long drawn out story and we don't even get to see Emma get caught. What a cop out
elaine 11:43am Mon 9 Oct
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Beyond the pale
Ridiculous Emma storyline and way too long and drawn out...Sigh
Lily 8:13am Mon 9 Oct
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sit com
Best sit com since fools and horses. Really look forward to a good belly laugh each day. Someone said it's meant to be serious I laughed at them too
zena 8:21am Sat 7 Oct
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But I cannot find any words to describe this utter utter garbage.
Jan-Ban 6:55am Sat 7 Oct
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Hip hip horay the witch is dead
Happy now 10:17pm Fri 6 Oct
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Soz. Can someone explain that last scene with the dead emma and ross?
Sj 6:44pm Fri 6 Oct
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Who's baby
They will have to have DNA to prove that its Cains baby. How predictable is that.
Rosie9 6:34pm Fri 6 Oct
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have tried for the last three days to get a comment printed, have used different names. haven't used bad language, been abusive but can't get it printed. WHY?????
me 8:22am Fri 6 Oct
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Emma looked immaculate considering she'd been in a blazing barn and then in the woods all night.
katie 9:23pm Thu 5 Oct
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Please please no more....
Scot 6:15pm Thu 5 Oct
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well done rosie9
kevp 8:41pm Wed 4 Oct
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O pleeeease. Not again. Emma breaks into hospital, steals nurses uniform, steals baby. Hair all nice and shiny after a night in the car, make up perfect. Do you think we are stupid? Obviously you do.
Susie Q 6:34pm Wed 4 Oct
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Poor Adam
Told you.
Rosie9 6:29pm Wed 4 Oct
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There would be no point in hidng in a wood at night as you would not be seen anyway in the pitch black darkness.
reuben 12:05pm Wed 4 Oct
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Poor Adam
Adam will probably get blamed fir the shooting. Emma gets away again.
Rosie9 11:28am Wed 4 Oct
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Hmmm utter garbage
The writers have clearly eaten too many chips.
Carrie 11:04am Wed 4 Oct
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What can you say
Hit rock bottom can't get any worse.two woman in the cellar.sick of same sex coming out of emmerdale.give us a break.please
Given up 6:30am Wed 4 Oct
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i normally have something to say, but the episode tonight....? somebody help!
spotty dog 6:45pm Tue 3 Oct
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Feeble Moira
Not in Moira's personality to be so scared as in tonights episode. Please keep the continuity correct.
Smiffy 6:29pm Mon 2 Oct
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Writers have dragged out and drained every last drop out of this story till no one cares anymore and now they are hoping for a BIG!! finish well as I've already said NO ONE CARES ANYMORE!!!!!
elaine 8:23am Sat 30 Sep
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Emma Barton
For gods sake get rid this storyline is really irritating, extremely boring and unbelievable this has dragged through the thick mud for long enough now take her back down the bridge and push her off and the writers too please
Cooperman 7:27pm Thu 28 Sep
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How many dozens of times do the script writers use eavesdropping / overhearing for their plots to progress - amateurish and boring.. Ned.
Ned 6:33pm Thu 28 Sep
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Same old crap
Why do the writers do it .do they only have half a brain between them.they should be made to sit in a locked room and read all the complaints about the crap they are writing if that doesn't make them see sense sack the lot off them.they realy are the world's worst
Given up 12:42am Thu 28 Sep
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I thoroughly agree with Elaines comment.I have had enough of this homosexual garbage.I also wrote to them and got back a load of lies saying how the ratings have gone up.
stringers 2:29pm Tue 26 Sep
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cannot warm to this character. They are making her far too old for her age very gobby and generally an unpleasant person
frances 5:08pm Sat 23 Sep
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Could have had a credible story about taking responsibility for becoming a father. That would have been more interesting. His plotting against the Whites is ludicrous and boring.
Sal 8:44am Sat 23 Sep
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Cannot stand it anymore, boring boring stories, get rid of old woman Liv, and Sugden and half the cast, PLEASE.!!
Jan-Ban 7:21am Sat 23 Sep
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Tanning booth
Are the clueless writers going to copy the friends episode.
Muzac 6:37pm Fri 22 Sep
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Is anyone reading this
I wrote to ITV to complain about among other things Emma and the ENDLESS saga. All I got back was that their viewing figures were up. Why do we bother?
Deryl 6:06pm Fri 22 Sep
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Emmerdale has turned into utter crap..change the he bloody (so called) writers. Turning off till you do..
Pips 2:43pm Fri 22 Sep
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Gave up on emmerdale ages ago
reading the comments it seems no better,quite sad really
Mary 2:15pm Fri 22 Sep
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New chracters
Fed up of the whole lot of characters especially, Robert, Aaron, Liv, Charity get rid of them and bring in some new blood for pieties sake, stopped watching East Enders because of the boring story lines could be time to do the same with Emmerdale.
Olly 12:18pm Fri 22 Sep
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Tonight's episode was stomach churning, you you depict the gay people as conniving wicked souls who will do any thing to get their own way. This must be the writers real life stories, shame on you.
Rosie9 9:17am Fri 22 Sep
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