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no viewers.
There are no viewers left. Everyone is sick of the violence, nutty Emma and the gay brigade .
joanna j 4:16pm Sun 21 May
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the programme has now reached the very bottom dregs of the barrel what is there left to comment on
elaine 3:04pm Sun 21 May
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where have they gone last one Wednesday.
puzzled 12:30am Sun 21 May
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when are you going to grow a pair!
tim 7:20pm Wed 17 May
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prev comm .
What a brilliant comment. You should write the script. Hope that the writers use your idea and pay you well.
sylvie. 6:55pm Sun 14 May
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Did Emma also murder Moira's daughter
I don't think she took an overdose, I think someone climbed through the window when she was asleep and injected her, then left the silver paper so it would look like she overdosed...again I think it was Emma who murdered her!!
Berkshire 2:39pm Sun 14 May
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don't listen
writer's don't care .what the viewers think they keep writing trash and the only way to stop them is switch off.watch some thing else
ex viewer 12:24am Sun 14 May
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Dark and nasty
Have the writers of this grim soap heard of humour? The reason coronation is so successful is that it combines humour and pathos very well. This soap is constantly grim and violent. Does it not occur to the writers this influences vulnerable people?
Mrs R 7:52am Sat 13 May
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Printed Comments
I only seem to get comments printed when I am complaining that my comments aren't being printed.
Hot Metal. 6:50pm Fri 12 May
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You had a comment printed yesterday , so what are you moaning about.
????? 10:34am Fri 12 May
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Change of nick name
And still having comments rejected yet many which are quite unpleasant get printed. Very confused by this
elaine 9:19am Fri 12 May
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bad to worse
do the writers ever explain why they write such garbage.watched emmerdale first time in weeks to see if there was any improvement.no such luck.they owe the viewers an explanation.can't believe they get away with what they do
puzzled 8:52am Fri 12 May
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Dumb down TV
Written by muppets for muppets.
mash 7:35pm Thu 11 May
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emmerdale 123
Fully, fully agree with you. If she has been brought in for a little light entertainment (which is very much needed) it's failed decidedly.
elaine 9:21am Thu 11 May
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Go go go
Steve the parrot really and the nut job whos in emmerdale is annoying
Emmerdale123 7:52pm Wed 10 May
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Perhaps Finn and kasim could return and beat the teen hooligans with a bunch of pansies. Finn, kasim, Robert, Aaron, Lawrence and the one out of brookside.
sylvie. 8:20am Wed 10 May
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violence on Emmerdale
Sorry but you've lost another long time viewer. The violence is now OTT, storylines depressing and repetitive. Goodbye Emmerdale!
Suki 8:24pm Tue 9 May
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And me, it's Dove.
bluebird. 10:39am Sat 6 May
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I have a favourite soap
And it certainly is not Emmerdale
Mary 10:33am Sat 6 May
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we all know its ridiculous don't know why the writers don't .they should put them all in the same prison and start a new soap.what can they call it?
kiwi 9:03am Sat 6 May
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Oh dear oh dear
It goes from bad to worse. Is everyone in this village a villain and not only that but able to get away with it. It really is ridiculous.
elaine 8:35pm Thu 4 May
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Well I was called "Inspector Clueso" where I used to work Thanx
reuben 9:34am Wed 3 May
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Mmmm. . . . . Reuben ( or may I call you sherlock) , you could be right about the 11 year old being a troll trying to stir things. Funny that they haven't tried to defend themselves .
sylvie. 7:34am Wed 3 May
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they say that the watershed could be gone by 2020. after watching emmerdale I think it's gone already.
worried 12:52am Tue 2 May
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So moira shoots someone in the barn. He doesn't shout out in pain. Was he a mute?
jakki. 8:30pm Mon 1 May
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11 year old
fully agree with you Reuben. I cannot believe this storyline was allowed before the watershed. As for public awareness, what a load of tosh, it's purely about rating grabbing.
elaine 2:23pm Mon 1 May
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Nick Name
I did!
meme 11:08am Mon 1 May
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change your nickname that might help
no reason 1:54am Mon 1 May
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Is that annoying Lydia based on that other annoying character, scatty receptionist Valerie from Doctors. God forbid if Mrs tembe turns up!
Carla 1:19am Mon 1 May
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Valid comment
Still having valid comments refused, am really annoyed now.
frances 3:32pm Sun 30 Apr
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11 year old??
But are you? Really? Or some troll trying to stir things up. No right minded parent would expose a child to such content. There are more responsible ways of keeping our children safe. Yes the clue is in children......let them be children!
reuben 9:11pm Sat 29 Apr
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Mine As Well.
I don't know why I still try.
Finn Barton 8:51pm Sat 29 Apr
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Yet again
my comments being rejected. Who the heck decides which are printed. Do they actually read them. An answer to this question would be nice. Bet this doesn't get printed.
frances 2:04pm Fri 28 Apr
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I've lost all sympathy for rhona now that she has let her son Leo live in the volatile situation.
jazmine 8:16am Fri 28 Apr
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you are so right.make her stronger and bring in the helpers for her.time to show there is help for women in that situation
tired of it 10:02pm Thu 27 Apr
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Emmerdale Rhona
Why does A TV Soap like Emmerdale not have Rhona show strength after what happened - why show her as weak, this does not encourage other people in the situation to be strong. It would have been refreshing that it was dealt with in a positive way not drag it on for months, and it is a stronger message to send out to people
WM 2:50pm Thu 27 Apr
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11 year old.
Is your mom also going to let you watch the bethany grooming storyline on corrie. You should be out with your mates enjoying your childhood . Not stuck inside wrapped up in cotton wool watching soaps.
concerned. 12:24pm Thu 27 Apr
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stop pierce
sorry 11 year old still don't think it's suitable viewing for young children
baffled 5:04am Thu 27 Apr
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on and on.
Public sympathy for rhona will soon fade the longer this goes on.
josey 10:09pm Wed 26 Apr
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Flippin well knew we couldn't have an end to this story it has to be milked to the very last drop. Looks like another six months of tedium
ellie oops 7:14pm Wed 26 Apr
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Great rhona and pierce storyline
I'm 11 and me and my mum watch it together and she thinks it's ok to let me watch wat pierce did because it teaches me and other kids about how not to get into those situations. Soaps do it so people can keep themselves safe and notice the characteristics in people who do that like pierce does. Emmerdale is great!!!
Stop pierce Harris!!!! 5:54pm Wed 26 Apr
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Here we go again
My last four comments have been refused again. I don't use foul language, abuse other commenters. Do have strong views about present programme content. Bet this won't get printed either
frances 8:54am Wed 26 Apr
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why is this program allowed to be shown so early in the evening .have the censors turned a blind eye .can't believe they get away with it.
baffled 7:34am Wed 26 Apr
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Sorry that you or any person has experienced such horror. If rhona drops the charges, what else is there left for him to do before she finally escapes her nightmare.
mika 7:50pm Tue 25 Apr
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I know what's going to happen . He will blame her he will threaten and discredit her she will blame herself she will feel ashamed and she will drop the charges . He will manipulate & control her until she can't make a decision even what to eat . Been there
Kitty 7:41pm Tue 25 Apr
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Emma and Lydia
Please please put us all out of our misery and expose Emma. And get rid of Lydia before we all go crazy otherwise it's a great soap.Sorry forgot about Pierce what a bully.
Bird lady 5:07pm Tue 25 Apr
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Cmon there has to be closure with Emma. Cain & Harriett? Aye right!! Too silly. Sadly the Rhona & Pierce storyline still goes on in this decade!
Kirsty 7:59am Tue 25 Apr
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they have finally got there gutter tv .down the drain it goes.can't get any worse now
lost viewer 11:58pm Mon 24 Apr
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You are so right. Parents across the land having to explain what happened. Not even a warning before the show started.
joanna j 7:52pm Mon 24 Apr
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He attacks her and she shouts " Please don't want this" while they both on the floor. Absolutely disgusting while children are still not in bed yet. Fgs what is going on with the soaps nowadays??
reuben 7:33pm Mon 24 Apr
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