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Flog It
F*** It would be more to the point
HAHAHA 12:56pm Tue 27 Jun
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BBC1 11.45 -12.
Only on for 15 minutes. Pity that it's not on for this long every episode .
KING TADPOLE. 11:21am Mon 26 Jun
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He reminds me of one of those hippy type teachers from the 70s. Who the kids would walk all over.
fleabag63 7:36pm Thu 15 Jun
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The most annoying thing is when he says he could not sell an item someone has. Paul, the clue is in the name of the show. Maybe you are in the wrong one!
reuben 6:24pm Thu 15 Jun
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Mother Hen.
Afraid that P.Martin is like a old lady with his very dated approach, he's repeating the same sayings over and over. Most likely a very nice person but not up to being a good presenter, perhaps children programmes would be better?.
CHAMBER GREEN 3:46pm Thu 15 Jun
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I think a lot of men find Paul Martin very contrived and boring, he has a very condescending manner that gets on peoples nerves. Its very hard to watch or listen too, his hi-de-hi type approach.
Colonel Blimp. 1:15pm Mon 5 Jun
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This programme gets more like a kids show everytime I see it, I expect at anytime Paul Martin to say{he's behind you} has he whispers another silly comment. Also that cringe making phrase WHATS IT WORTH ???????.
CAPYBARA. 1:24pm Fri 2 Jun
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Why do most so- called experts and presenters have no idea about valuing antiques, but they are alright at auctioneering Paul Martin is a good example of this????.
HIGHLANDER. 7:34pm Mon 29 May
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Corded suits seem to be Paul Martins thing , but not valuing antiques??. He seems more along the line of childrens entertainer than antiques expert?. Still it takes all sorts and he seems harmless enough.
ZIPPY.. 8:12pm Sun 28 May
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I love it like today when someone pays very little and tries to make a huge unreasonable profit and guess what.......it 's unsold! Greed knows no bounds.
reuben 6:08pm Sun 21 May
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I Go To Auctions Lot And When I Here Their Auction Valuation I Think Your Having Joke 2011 Valuation was put on Jewellery I Done my home work the same sale room had sold one £300 The est 200-300 anita put 50-80 this happing a lot
BIG BROTHER 9:59pm Tue 25 Apr
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Flog it
Why does Paul Martin wear the most weird clothes today he was in green looked like the frog out of the Muppets he is a clown in his dress sence
Tiggy 4:54pm Thu 30 Mar
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Do you really think it's students or teens? I don't believe this site to be their thing in the scheme of things.
get real 10:10pm Mon 20 Feb
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Get real
Yes the comments were sickening. I'm surprised the page wasn't closed down before. But poor Lorraine has received so many undeserved nasty comments I think they were a bunch of students "having a laugh" I also think they started on this page regarding Paul's trousers (pathetic)
Daffodil 5:13pm Mon 20 Feb
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have been suspended on Lorraine page The pervs need to be very afraid......
get real 3:51pm Mon 20 Feb
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Go on you know you fancy him!
get real 11:11pm Sun 19 Feb
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Why ask..
Why are you selling it?,asks Paul (endlessly).To keep you in a job,mate,obviously!
Lizzie 6:48pm Wed 1 Feb
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Loved the Flog It programme from Morecambe today, November 25th, and the tribute to the wonderful late Eric. I was very surprised that Paul Martin had never heard of the Tiller Girls.
JMW Lincs. 5:20pm Fri 25 Nov
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The whole point of flog it is to flog articles not to go on a travel show if I wanted that I would watch one please get to grip with the original idea of the show and give Paul a show about interesting places.
Baldrick 7:16pm Tue 18 Oct
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paul Martin - cheat Chari
Hope Martin is proud of himself encouraging people to cheat charity shops when they know items have been mis-priced - well done Mr Martin Eg - Silver candle sticks worth £240 sold for £5
honest collector 5:41pm Thu 29 Sep
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Sack Paul Martin....pleas
Who put the GIT in Flog It?
ARENA 2:04pm Wed 21 Sep
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the show is like watching paint dry, paul martin treats people like they are morons. it is almost as bad as bargain hunt, but not quite,i think paul martin should be in pantomime, or a butlins bluecoat . the show needs scrapping , or new presenters and format.
psh 7:15pm Mon 19 Sep
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What's going on with the constant repeats on Flog It on BBC every day especially on the weekends sometimes? Scrap the weekends as its way too long for 7 days a week but I don't mind watching the new episodes & have a certain time on it unless now what ever happened to the show recently with the constant repeats still on its been stale now
Manwell 11:38pm Sat 27 Aug
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Am I going deaf?
Why does Paul Martin drop his voice to a whisper, he isn't in a library and is very annoying
Welsh Pat 5:01pm Fri 24 Jun
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Past his flog it date
The whispering, fake enthusiasm, familiarity, repetition and nervous laughter really are annoying. Quite like format but time the BBC rang the changes on presenters.
Re-cycler 5:43pm Wed 8 Jun
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Reason Why Keep watching
Christina Trevanion ????????
Patrick Dondeyne 6:55pm Wed 18 May
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Prev comm
Agree. They hardly keave much time for actual antiques. However if you notice all these type of shows have the interval in the middle. Perhaps it's more to do with bigging up the presenter's part..........but what do I know!
once more 7:57pm Wed 6 Apr
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It's got boring
If I wanted a history lesson I would watch one. Let's have more sales and also less repeats do you think we have short memories
Mjk 5:17pm Tue 5 Apr
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Why does Paul Martin always lean into the sellers faces to explain what's happening? I'm sure they can follow the proceedings?
Kady 5:19pm Tue 22 Mar
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Getting boring
I thought the show is called Flog it why do we have a history lesson which takes up half the show
Mck 5:09pm Wed 16 Mar
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expet valuation
spent 6 and a half hours waiting in a queue to get a valuation from an "expert" for a piece of Georgian silver. The valuation I was given was less than the scrap value! I then asked Mark Stacey who valued it at four times as much and apologised that the valuers (who he said were actually auctioneers) had had a long day!!!!
mrs brown 10:41pm Sat 30 Jan
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Paul typically valued a item for £80 and it achieved £1400. The BBC should employ proper experts. THEY also have interesting personalities
evergreen B 8:05pm Sat 31 Oct
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Antiques ????
The Clarice Moorcroft Show ( Flog It) please can we have something a bit more interesting rather than flogging the above to death.
Old & Bored 5:41pm Thu 15 Oct
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A 'pretend Cornishman' and the Glasgow guppy......aaarrrrgggghhh!!!
Paul Martin repeatedly refers to his alleged Cornish roots, and makes a poor attempt at a Cornish accent, whilst the Glasgow guppy laughs repeatedly at her own infantile jokes. A real shame , as this spoils an orherwise decent progamme.
Dee 4:56pm Tue 22 Sep
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We love Paul
Our lovely mam, who we sadly lost in January, loved Paul (as all the family do) and never missed a programme. She loved his commentary and historical knowledge as well as his quirky style in clothes, especially his velvet jackets! Everytime I see him I am transported back in time remembering mam's ongoing commentary about Paul's performance. Please don't knock him - give him a break as he made mam's day on a regular basis and I'm sure many others. Love you Paul and miss mam more each day xx
Caz 6:31pm Wed 19 Aug
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Is there a symbolic reason why scarves are worn by these men sometimes on the show. They look ridiculous.
Luke 9:26pm Fri 14 Aug
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cant Paul afford a few better clothes always wearing the same daggy shirts
ozzie girl 2:06am Sun 19 Jul
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Dear Elsie
I don't think Paul Martin would give your Faberge eggs a second glance...You should get out more
splitnails 5:14pm Wed 10 Jun
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Leave Paul alone!
Why oh why do so many people hate Paul Martin? I think he's witty, urbane, gorgeous and very televisual. Not that I fancy him myself, very happy in my spinsterhood I'll have you know but I wouldn't say no to him giving my faberge eggs a good old professional once over...
Elsie Moore 5:49pm Sat 6 Jun
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that grinning Anita
Could someone please please please tell Anita Manning that pretending to laugh at the most inane and stupid remarks does not make her funny. So stop laughing, mugging, grinning and gurning. YOU ARE NOT FUNNY!
Happyface 5:39pm Sat 6 Jun
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Fed up
Is this show all about Paul Martin. I use to find flog it very intersting but now it is all about Mr Martin.more information about the items and less about the personality
Titch 6:50pm Tue 2 Jun
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Why the **** does paul martin keep ****** whispering...annoying.
splitnails 5:14pm Fri 29 May
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I have been watching this show for a long time and find it so amusing that Paul Martin never gets a valuation even close, most don't meet the reserve - hilarious
Griffo 4:48pm Fri 8 May
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st columb hurling,cornwall
I need a copy of this please thank you s Hawkey
snippy 4:52pm Sun 1 Mar
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Dress code
Does Paul Martin only own one pair of jeans. As a presenter one would think he would dress a bit more presentably for this ashow.
Gofer 5:44pm Fri 6 Feb
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Don't ever go to a recording!!
I recently went to a Flog it! recording. Be warned - the web site tells you will have a long wait but that means several hours. I couldn't get anything to eat, drink or go to the loo as I was on my own and would have lost my place in the queue. After 5 hours I was still well over an hour from seeing an expert so I gave up and went home.
Pollie 12:56pm Mon 24 Nov
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An ugly doll goes for £1,400. It must have been wearing the Emperor's new clothes!
ria b 6:04pm Thu 16 Oct
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Eastbourne episode 64
What was the name of the artist visited during this episode? very interesting work, does he have a website?
martinik 3:01pm Sun 12 Oct
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my nan thinks Paul is a bit boring
my nan met him and said he's like the lad at school who had no mates and talked a lot
nina nunee 10:45pm Wed 3 Sep
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MONK 7:42pm Wed 3 Sep
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