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What is this sudden fixation with Christine Bleakley - or should I say Lampard?? She's everywhere!!!!
Molly May 9:02am Fri 21 Apr
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Like Susanna.....
...can't stand Ben!!!!
GloryDaize 8:24am Thu 20 Apr
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Ignorant Piers.
I had to turn This GMB off this morning, because Pier Morgan was causing me stress with his overbearing bullying tactics,while interviewing Jeremy Corbyn. I will not be watching the programme again, until he has gone for good. I am not a Labour supporter, so that is not the reason for my complaint. Maz65
Maz65 8:54am Tue 18 Apr
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Piers turns me off!
Sorry, GMTV but I cannot watch Piers yet again interviewing a guest then refusing to listen to them or let them speak! I have had to turn him off! Shame because I love everything else about the morning show. I'll turn back over when the lovely Christine presents the Lorraine show. Please, please get rid of pompous Piers.
Susan 8:29am Tue 18 Apr
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good morning tv
bring back piers bring back normality to the show he is proffessional.As for kate garraway annoying and loud.
karly 7:36am Mon 17 Apr
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Bring Piers back
Eamonn is a very nice but incredibly dull replacement for Piers. Hopefully his absence will only be for a short time
George 8:06am Wed 12 Apr
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Prev comm
What you say about the programme maybe so but PM is not fit for purpose. Ask the relatives of the troops and the relatives of their lost schoolgirl Millie. Short memories eh!
georgie 12:39pm Mon 10 Apr
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Bring Piers back
Everybody has an opinion about Piers Morgan but GMB is supposed to be a news programme not an Ant & Dec entertainment one. Piers is not afraid to asks questions that everyone wants to know - the others ask such stupid and inane questions but Piers gets straight to the point. Susannah is little miss goody two-shoes - Ben is so smug - Kate is so annoyingly loud and talks over everybody. Please bring back Piers - at least he is knowledgeable about world affairs and knows everybody.
Nanna Mary 9:17am Mon 10 Apr
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She shouts!!!
Can they stop Kate Garraway shouting? She really is far too excitable!
T42 8:12am Fri 17 Mar
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Hopefully Lorraine Kelly's absence from will be extended for a little while longer.
Qua Diddley Qua Qua 2:37pm Mon 13 Mar
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Richard Arnold
Looks like Leslie Crowther in those specs!
Zebedee 7:02am Wed 8 Mar
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Dont like Helen Skelton at all.
Greer 8:54am Fri 24 Feb
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The best and the worst
Piers and Suzanne great team.Suzanne best presenter on TV. Kate Garroway is the worst ! Too loud and has too much to say. All girl team this week has been awful as always when Suzanne is away!Moved to BBC yet again. GMB bosses need to review their morning presenters when Suzanne and Piers are away.
Netty 7:53am Thu 16 Feb
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Channel Choice
I stopped watching anything on ITV daytime a few years ago. Now watch BBC 1 morning news Much more professional. What with- Loose Women etc I would not give it airtime.
irritated 10:54am Tue 7 Feb
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Please Please Morgan go
Get rid of this man once and for all, for all our sakes
Smudge 7:30am Tue 7 Feb
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Don't bring him back!
Don't bring P Morgan back. So nice to have the news reported and not have to listen to his arrogant opinion.
LOU 6:35am Tue 7 Feb
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Piers Morgan
A 6:14pm Wed 25 Jan
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piers take a long walk
I no longer watch the show now because of this payed troll. Thats all he is, no honesty,pure hypocrisy and comments designed to attract controversy. A male version of katie hopkins. perhaps not,perhaps its drag. both ugly
turned off 1:19pm Wed 25 Jan
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Piers Morgan
I cannot watch this programme anymore. I have never seen anyone so annoying. Well done Ewan. Sky & bbc for me. Poor Richard Arnold he now gets no air time at all !!
Manny 3:43pm Tue 24 Jan
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Cant stand Ben.
Yazoo 7:21am Mon 19 Dec
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More Ben and less Piers
Love it when Ben is on the sofa. He works well with fellow presenters and is genuinely a great guy. Less Piers and more Ben please.
Auds 10:17pm Sun 18 Dec
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The brown baubles look like ONIONS!!
Em1 7:29am Wed 7 Dec
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Dreadful trees!!
Why so many Christmas trees in the studio and what ghastly decorations on them. Drab and dull! When were turquoise, beige and orange ever considered festive colours? Horrible!!!
Ivy 6:53am Tue 6 Dec
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Kate Garroway at 90
The experiment to see how people reacted to a 90 yr old was ridiculous. No way did KG resemble an old woman and certainly not one of 90!
Mona 2:10am Sun 4 Dec
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Why is piers still on
I cannot believe after so many negative things going on world, you have not got rid of the arrogant and annoying Piers Morgan.. I tried to watch your show this morning after boycotting it since he started presenting on GMTV as I can't stand his aggressive domineering tones every morning. I watched 5 minutes of him, dominating all your female presenters, and making it all about him.. so no... I switched back to the BBC who pay more respect to their female presenters and viewing audience ears.. boycotting until he is gone..
Taz 10:49pm Wed 23 Nov
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The best
Piers and Suzanne are great, very entertaining. I watch it on +1 to make sure I don't miss much of the programme. They have livened up a dull programme and they give me a lol most mornings. A more relaxed watch. Kate and Ben are as good. DONT CHANGE IT!
GMB fan 10:02pm Tue 15 Nov
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Cant stand
....this 'two-female-presenter' craze at the moment. Really weird!!!!!
Tutu 8:16am Tue 25 Oct
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Desperate measures needed
I agree with my mate Filippo that they should bring the great Andrew Castle back to get more people watching.
Shower Of P. 3:28pm Sun 23 Oct
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Where is piers Morgan
Why is Pirers Morgan not on GMB every day he is the only reason I watch it. He is the best presenter of all time, he is FAB !
Lalo 7:09am Thu 13 Oct
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Morning TV Saviour
Bring back the charismatic, talented and all around lovely Andrew Castle to save GMB.
Filippo 1:07pm Sun 9 Oct
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Cant stand....
Ben Sheppard. So terribly conceited!!
Mo 7:30am Fri 30 Sep
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Female Presenter Disrespecting Presendent Obama
On Thursday morning she I/V'd German woman re' the death of her son by an illegal immigrant. The presenter commented, "where Obama found himself", making ref' to the White House. Can I remind this disrespectful person, he was elected by on of the biggest margin in recent US history. How cheeky, this dam B***h.
Geno 7:43am Thu 1 Sep
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Katy Price
I dont know why this woman is given so much airtime. All she is ever does is plug her show and books...and tell everyone how wonderful she is!
Claudy 8:34am Thu 18 Aug
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Bring back Piers
This show is no longer worth watching. Piers is honest, straight to the point and not shy in saying what he thinks. Without him it's so boring
Rozlin 7:03am Thu 18 Aug
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All female presenters
How very peculiar. Whose clever idea is this? Hate the programme anyway!!!!
SC 7:14am Wed 17 Aug
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Cannot stand Kate Garroway
Big headed. Ignorant female
Liz 1:05pm Wed 10 Aug
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The missing lknk
It has been a joy to curly watch since piers is away. The presenters can actually get to complete interviews without fear of been spoken over. Send him on permanent holiday.
Dee 9:19am Wed 10 Aug
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What a peculiat thing!
Three women presenters! Dont like it!
Viv 7:05am Wed 10 Aug
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Piers Morgan please get r
Sensationalist tabloid idiot! Please bring back Ben full time - have turned over to BBC to hear the interviewee's comments instead of the self centred PM!!!
Angry viewer! 9:08pm Wed 20 Jul
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What is not to believe!
An identical twin 11:28am Wed 20 Jul
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Identical twins talking in unison!!
Dont believe it!! Clearly publicity stunt. One clearly waits to get gist of what other is saying and guesses most of the context. I reckon I could do the same. Unworthy news item!!!!!!
Notatwin 8:38am Tue 19 Jul
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previous comment
I changed over to BBC Breakfast a few years ago. There are too many presenters on Good Morning Britain . Give me BBC anytime. Especially in the mornings
unbelievable 1:05pm Wed 6 Jul
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Loving BBC Breakfast
Kate Garroway is the only GMB presenter I can almost tolerate. The others are unbearable to watch. Thank you ITV for introducing me to BBC Breakfast....informative, grown up with a touch of humour.
Lulu 8844 11:22am Wed 6 Jul
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Cannot stand.....
......Ben Sheppard in any way, shape or form!!!!
Lois 7:43am Thu 30 Jun
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Love Piers!
Piers Morgan is fab. Tells is like it is and the chemistry between him and Susannah Reid is very entertaining as she is ready with a retort for him every time!
Sheepy 10:09am Thu 16 Jun
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Piers Moron
should go now. He appeared smug and concerned about point scoring about guns than reflecting on the terrible suffering in Orlando. This is not the time but I do know that no legistration would hinder these evil monsters in their atrocities.
once more 7:40pm Wed 15 Jun
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We too are boycotting GMB until ITV can find a way to put Piers Morgan on the compost heap of history.
Porky 7:07am Wed 15 Jun
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Piers makes the show
Love piers he's witty fun and brings life to the show ????????
Sarah 11:42am Thu 2 Jun
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Sean Fletcher
He has an unfortunate face which makes him look as if he is smirking while reading serious news items!
Florrie 8:09am Thu 26 May
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GMB please get rid of the disgusting Piers Morgan,me like many other thousands of people cant watch your show anymore.
upset 7:23am Wed 18 May
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