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I don't think so because he is trying to look like a woman!
Once more 5:58pm Tue 26 Apr
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Eddie Izzard
Is he modelling himself on Clare Balding?!
Jody 11:22pm Mon 25 Apr
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dianne "appearance fee" abbott
fed up of seeing her on tv. perhaps she should focus on her job instead of cashing in on it. Still laugh about her son ringing up LBC saying he went private school. yet she stated state school was fine for everyone.. say one thing.. do another.. who votes in these folk ?!?!
daily male 11:57am Sun 11 Oct
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Paul Merton
Has he lost the plot? Used to be a main player but now all he does is nod his head with little input. Ian Hislop is as sharp as ever. It would be a great idea if Angus Deayton were to make an appearance once more.
bemused 7:38am Sat 17 May
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On Friday 16th May there was a comment when writing about teachers having lunch with pupils which read 'to practice'. Oh dear.
fjw2sb 9:49pm Fri 16 May
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CAN WE ALL USE ALL OUR NAMES LIKE SURNAMES NOW?? It was Victoria Coren, and that was bad enough.
cpochin 7:27pm Wed 6 Nov
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This used to be one of my favourite shows
Now I turn over. Merton should get over himself and Hislop has sold out to the liberal establishment.
Auld Curmudgeon 7:48pm Fri 1 Nov
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Too noisy!
Why does the audience reaction have to be at such a high volume on this programme? The laughing is so annoyingly loud that I cant watch it any more!!!
Switched off 10:30pm Fri 18 Oct
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Hobson's choice
Such a shame that this is the only satirical programme to grace the airways of late. Little wonder politics is so dull.
Sisyphus 8:21pm Fri 10 May
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RE: Bring Him Back
The reason Angus Deayton hasn't returned to the show is because Paul Merton and Ian Hislop dislike him. Even before the scandal, this was known to be the case. I do think they missed a trick not getting Reginald D Hunter on this week considering he has been one of the main talking points of the week.
TDIX 5:01pm Fri 3 May
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Bring Him Back
With all these guest presenters, why does Angus Deayton never make a guest appearance. Its like he never existed.
avid quizzer 11:27pm Sun 21 Apr
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The best
Deayton was indisputably the best presenter. It is ironic that Granny Beeb sacked him for behaviour widely ridiculed in others on the show.
cpochin 8:51am Sat 20 Apr
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Brian Blessed
Absolutely magnificent.
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Very Good
I enjoy watching this program and tends to watch them on repeats as well
simpsoap01 11:24am Sun 13 Jan
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Miss Personality - Not
Rachel Johnson - Who was responsible for her being on? The concept of the show completely passed her by.
doubletake 11:30pm Mon 26 Nov
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This show hasn't been funny since Angus Deayton's days.
Angelcynn 5:10pm Fri 2 Nov
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Thank you for censoring my comment. Are you like Wikipedia, and do not allow opinions unless bland, and meaningless?
cpochin 10:47pm Wed 31 Oct
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I thought Claire Balding's jokes near the mark as it was apparent so did the audience. Paul Merton was as disinterested as usual and the overall tone was dour especially with the references to the Jimmy Saville investigation and the deportation of the hooked imbecile. Where is the humour that made HIGNFY a classic?
doubletake 10:37am Sat 13 Oct
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Worse ever
This must be one of the worst ever - totally unfunny. Crap presenter who continually looking down at her notes. Paul Merton looking disinterested as usual and Ken Livingstone again! Ian Hislop is the only one to keep the show going. However it was so dour with the Saville thing and that hooked imbecile thing - lighten up its a comedy panel show. Claire Baldings jokes were just sick at times reflected in the feeble response from the audience.
doubletake 11:23pm Fri 12 Oct
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Great but...
Paul Merton hooray. Ian Hislop Hooray. Claire Balding, hurraah!! Ken Livingstone? Again? Must be getting a bit desperate 4 guests!
hippo 2:37pm Fri 12 Oct
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going downhill
not half as good as it used to be. Paul Merton gives the impression that he really doesn't want to be there. He takes little part and feigns ludicrous expressions.
doubletake 12:22am Mon 18 Jun
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Look forward to watching this all week & miss it when it's not on!
MykaMac 8:45am Fri 20 Apr
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the best satirical programme on TV at teh moment.
talent spotter ilford doesn't know what talent is 11:51pm Thu 10 Nov
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not funny - it's crap now
talent spotter ilford 9:02pm Fri 10 Jun
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funnyest friday show
excellent show with bill and the guys on top form this week.
budmouthboy 9:26pm Fri 27 May
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Paul & Ian - you make it worth it
Have liked the previous series with Jon Bishop, Chris Addison, Miranda Hart, Damien Lewis, Martin Clunes hosting mong others. But as per usual I love the consistent two P & I.
Drsu 7:34pm Mon 14 Mar
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One of the best, Charlotte Church is brilliant
Maxzippa 7:41pm Christmas Eve
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The Correct View 11:51pm Tue 21 Dec
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Like a good wine.
Thinking man's satire, top drawer.
TOPWAK 9:04pm Thu 2 Dec
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new host
How about Frankie Boyle? This rotation stuff is too random. He would scare a few grannies in the audience too.
haunted parts 7:58pm Thu 18 Nov
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Prefer Iand and Paul over Rusell brand
Keep on being an excellent show and the best example of the traditional British humour. Some people like rusell brand's stupid humour though, stupideness at its best.
The best British humour 6:43pm Thu 18 Nov
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I have news for you BBC...
way too many series, the same old rubbish every week using the weeks headlines to appear to be current & full of variety. stagnant guff!
I think Not 1:15pm Thu 18 Nov
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El Gordo
When is Gordon Brown hosting an episode? He never goes to parliament these days so has a lot of time on his hands, and plenty of gags about 'boom and bust'
laugh a minute 8:34pm Thu 28 Oct
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Love the show!
Great show, watch it on Dave! Im happy to hear 'bout the new series! How is it that Paul usually wins?
ElevenYearOldFan! 4:06pm Thu 14 Oct
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very good go for it ian
kev doog 8:33pm Mon 9 Aug
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haha bi****
a flunk
ur mo 1:52pm Mon 19 Jul
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Missing Deayton
angus went because his story became bigger than the show. some guests are good - alexander armstrong for example - but the tendency for popular celebs is making it all a bit sad, and ian seems to look pained by it all.
pand 8:34pm Wed 9 Jun
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Fat Fighters
I hope Merton & Hislop tear the chubby champagne socialist to pieces. I want to see him storming out after hearing a few home truths about what his party has done to our economy.
Don't hold back! 6:26pm Thu 3 Jun
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Going downhill
Last week Bruce Forsyth who struggled to read the auto-cue and now the fat flatulent fraud Prescott! Surely the BBC can do better.
Magno 2:55pm Thu 3 Jun
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Very Funny
I love the show.
Tracey Applegate 5:45pm Tue 1 Jun
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if ever a man was in love with himself its bruce forsyth, he thinks everybody loves him, ive got news for him???????????
cliff 10:56pm Fri 28 May
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No more Brucie please
Brucie on HIGNFY. What a disaster. It's supposed to be a topical news quiz not another platform for Bruce to prance about in front of the screen like he's the best thing since sliced bread. Toe curlingly awful. You only had to look at the expression on Ians face to see what he thought of it all.Never again please.
World cup Willie 9:19pm Fri 28 May
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bring out your dead
They all seem a bit old. It was better when they had Angus Deayton presenting. -He used to sneer at the lame fools when they failed to be funny.
Ano 7:53pm Thu 27 May
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Mixed feelings
I do like this show and mostly find it quite humourous to watch except for when they start to talk about politics which I don't understand. However, I can't help but think that the jokes are somewhat premeditated and obvious. Like I saw Paul merton on Parkinson one nite and he wasn't funny at all. Stac
Big bang 7:29pm Wed 26 May
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Radio 4 NewsQuiz
NewsQuiz on Radio 4 is much better and more insightful. It also doesn't seem to be totally scripted like HIGNFY. Even the HIGNFY ad-libs seem to be fake these days.
Boooo! 6:20pm Thu 20 May
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have I got even funnier news for you
Why not try the 'News Quiz' on R4 more incisive jokes than HIGNFY - perhaps you can't do without pictures!
obo 8:54pm Wed 19 May
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Please not Clarkson
He's obnoxious. Won't watch it based on him being host.
Tweedle-dum 8:29pm Mon 26 Apr
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Davina Threlfall
How much girlie makeup was David Threlfall wearing? And how much henna hair dye? At least we got our money's worth - she uttered about 11 words. Shameless.
Critter 10:30pm Sat 17 Apr
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well said Terry
well said Terry
GL 12:10am Tue 13 Apr
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Victoria Coren
Seriously hot.
Terry Dactool 11:34am Fri 9 Apr
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