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Pure ageism
The alledged joke by GL implying in 15 years most of the Brexiteers will be dead was greeted by cheers from the audience. Pure Ageism, disgusting.
dumptheEU 7:38pm Sat 17 Dec
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What had Kirsty done to herself?
bemused 11:14pm Mon 26 May
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Presented by the unfunny one of French and Saunders....yawn!
bemused 11:07pm Tue 8 Apr
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Dud Episode
Normally love HIGNFY but Grace Dent is such a self-adoring dullard she really spoils it for the brighter sparks on the team.
Nina Myskow 11:54pm Mon 11 Nov
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Well weird
What odd panellists!!
cpochin 12:04pm Tue 14 May
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Merton is as funny as famine.
LERVISH 12:50pm Mon 13 May
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a compere talks to much
tabby 10:47pm Thu 14 Feb
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Does anybody happen to know where I can find subtitle for this episode? Thanks!
Lico 9:29pm Sat 18 Feb
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As you can 'contact benedict?
debby 8:09pm Sat 18 Feb
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yawn yawn yawn
yawnee 9:14pm Thu 21 Apr
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trust jo brand to bring this programme down to her level ?? the gutter
bertrem 10:49pm Sat 13 Nov
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Foreign Language
John Bishop also appeared to struggle to read the autocue. Don't Scousers go to school these days?
Tunbridge 1:28pm Sat 30 Oct
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john bishop?? if only he could speak english??????????????????
dixon 11:22pm Fri 29 Oct
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Why is everyone talking about Jeremy Clarkson
Why is everyone talking about Jeremy Clarkson on HIGNFY. Go to top gear you noobs. Great show btw.
James 6:00pm Sat 23 Oct
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Bring back Angus
and the tub of lard.
Surly T 8:29pm Sat 16 Oct
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Jeremy Clarkson
What does that gay chap, who has a big moustache like that bloke, whose mother Davina McCall doesn't look old enough to be, gonna think of Jeremy Clarkson' behaviour do you reckon?
left field 9:01pm Sat 11 Sep
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This is a topical show, so it would be useful to know when a particular episode was first shown. I can not find this information anywhere.
RonW 5:16pm Sat 21 Aug
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I watched every episode and I wish it wasn't quite so formulaic.
Colin T. Proudfoot 2:52pm Sat 14 Aug
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John Prescott this week? Well I was going to watch but that's put me right off.
Fiddlesticks 8:47pm Sat 5 Jun
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bruce forsyth nice to see my big head????
tartey 7:15am Sun 30 May
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My husband likes clarkson. Being gay is not required. I'd consider Hislop, if he had more hair. Oh, and I think the show's great.
The Electro Kangaroo 4:43pm Sat 24 Apr
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Great show..
Ian Hislop is turning into a bit of a self righteous old git, but Merton still has it. Great watch
Trigger fish 2:18am Sun 18 Apr
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i dont understand this ultra intelligent ting`n`ting
mohamed the pervert. 12:04am Sun 6 Dec
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Great show
I have no feelings on Jeremy Clarkson, but I think Merton and Hislop are brilliant. ANd Moggies Dad - we may all be adults, but I get up early for work every morning and am often in bed by 10 so this is definitely on late enough for me!
daisydora 3:34pm Sat 10 Oct
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Re: jeremy clarkson
I like Jeremy Clarkson, and yes I'm Gay. But as i understand, there a some women who like him too, so it's not Gay men who like Jeremy.
Kevin 8:10pm Sat 18 Jul
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why so early?
As the title says really, I love the show but why is it on so early in the evening? We're all adults and can stay up quite late!!
moggies dad 9:19pm Fri 24 Apr
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jeremy clarkson
I don't like jeremy clarkson either and it's just beause i'm not gay, i just thinks a jerk. I can't understand why only gay men like him, but that's up to them.
Bob 4:32pm Sat 20 Dec
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9 year old jacob
you sound like a grumpy old man. yes, you are the only one. you'll get over it
30 year old clarkey 1:41am Sat 29 Nov
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jeremy clarkson
i hate him i hate him i hate him. what an annoying man. but everyone else seem to like him......am i the only one??? i usually like the show but getting him come on....gees, whos idea was that!!?
9 year old Jacob 9:35pm Sat 7 Jun
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where is it?
loaded first 10 seconds and then died!! well done the BBC!!
angry of surbiton 9:15pm Sat 7 Jun
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This made my day. Comedy at its best. The guy's a nutter
Still laughing 10:30pm Sat 10 May
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Bill Bailey
Just watched tonight program! Excellent,Bill Bailey is great he should host more shows
Anon 2 9:56pm Sat 10 May
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going downhill defo
Never as good as it once was. I know Angus cant come back, but maybe that should have been a clue for it end
happyface 5:41pm Sat 10 May
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Re: vamos666
Thats a wee bit harsh? dont you think? ...... or maybe you dont.
Not-Vamos666 5:29pm Sat 26 Apr
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Re: Joyti
Peter Cook is a Legend, Hislop & Merton are 2nd rate, end of the Pier entertainers. You, are an idiot.
vamos666 12:41am Sat 19 Apr
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abosolutely fantastic, hilarious, witty...all in all everything you need from a satirical 'gameshow'. plus hislop and merton are legends!!
Joyti 8:42pm Sat 27 Oct
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