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Not A Fan
Of same sex relationship domination in everything we see now but this story needed to be told. There are lots of vulnerable victims in relationships governed by power rather than love and they need to be supported. This was incredibly sad?
georgie 10:27pm Tue 11 Apr
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same sex
do we have to put up with this same sex trash, I,ve had enough, where is the off switch
oscar 8:33pm Tue 11 Apr
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Agenda led
Uncomfortable viewing with yet more same-sex couples hogging the show. Give us a break - most of these relationships aren't remotely believable anyway and feel more like agenda tick-boxing. Too much camp pursed lips.
Dorella 9:30pm Tue 28 Mar
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Gay relationship
Shows how many are abused, emotionally at the very least, by their other half. Hope those suffering in silence pick up the phone as no one deserves that.
georgie 10:44pm Tue 14 Mar
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piease change the record
dom and issac getting monotonous find a different direction please
stephen g 8:48pm Tue 14 Mar
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Hooray for the Swede
Wonderful acting as CEO of Holby, a complete hoot where necessary but then breaks your heart with his emotive insight into a staff member's situation. Adore Guy Henry. Long may he reign. No more disappearing acts please. Better even than Mr Meyer. And I am so into Bernie.
Emma B 1:25am Wed 8 Mar
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Please change the script. No,longer entertaining, each week the majority of the story centres around Dominic and Issac and I'm afraid it is extremely boring, tedious and annoying.
Help 9:00pm Tue 21 Feb
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Homosexual story line
Sorry, I used to like this programme but have switched off because there is simply too much ' gay ' creep each week. Makes me squirm. Don't mind some but soo.. much! No thank you. Switched off for good
BHC 10:07pm Tue 31 Jan
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holby city
My favourite person is jac Naylor and matteo Rossini. What's yours?
Candy Cane 7:08pm Tue 17 Jan
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Sasha levy Navy jacket
Where did he get from or stockists please.Apart from its my prime tv slot of the week! Yes really is ask the wife.
Phill 9:01pm Tue 6 Sep
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sound quality
Holby last night had such awful sound quality that speech was impossible to understand despite watching the recording again. What is happening to TV sound these days, even with extra sound bars and speakers?
Gemini lady 4:35pm Wed 3 Aug
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I think she is a great character
Me 12:00am Wed 27 Jul
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What will happen
What is going to happen between Ollie jasmine and zosia?
Me 10:52pm Tue 19 Jul
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Prev comm
They do at the one where I work. Oops sorry that's the staff. Only joking.........
once more 10:26pm Tue 19 Jul
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I love the programme but the situation between Serena and Jason has no credibility , Jason is allowed to wond er into all aspects of the hospital interfering with everyone completely unchecked this is ridiculous , what hospital would allow this to happen allowing someone with mental problems t o go about randomly ?
Phil 8:45pm Tue 19 Jul
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Summer trailer
When will it be available to watch
. 12:47pm Tue 14 Jun
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Coming up
Won't be the same without Arthur the person who played his character was brilliant! What is going to happen in the next episode.
Me 10:26am Thu 9 Jun
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Dr digby
Cried my eyes out... So sad watching the staff at the end
Geza 2:04pm Wed 8 Jun
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Totally unrealistic episode
Every twist and 'twas totally predictable
Realist 1:57pm Wed 8 Jun
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I thought his death was portrayed as a but of a fairy tale to ge honest. Imaginary scenes and an audience witnessing his last bresth. It does not happen that way in my humble experience.
once more 9:20am Wed 8 Jun
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Tonight's episode
So sad, I cried through the ending.
Mw 10:55pm Tue 7 Jun
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Well done
Holy tonight was brilliant. Have criticised in the past, but the way you showed Arthur's death was sensitive and beautiful. Not often I praise BBC, but we'll done tonight
Deb 9:17pm Tue 7 Jun
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holby city
Cant wait
eloise 8:04am Tue 31 May
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And did Ollie's twin sister, also a doctor, shuffle off this mortal coil. As I said....no luck!
once more 12:59pm Thu 26 May
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What is it about these medical shows. More doctors dying than patients. Arthur, Nick Jordan, Ethan in Casualty and Ollie has no luck...lost his chinese doctor girlfriend and now his present one has has some disorder. I am sure there have been a few more too.
once more 8:43am Thu 26 May
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encourage Sen cell donationss
You have a great opportunity to promot this. As Dr Diby is suffering of terminal cancer.this also will encourage people who have had cancer ,to tap into research, this is a new world for people who have no where to go .
Jo 7:33pm Wed 25 May
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Mo's hair
Why does Mo have her hair long on one side? She walks with her head on one side as if her neck is deformed! She looks ridiculous!
Carioca 9:10pm Tue 19 Apr
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for goodness sake
are you really desperate for actors and actresses, is there no other storyine but Arthur and Morven the worst actors in the business I am sorry but I now have to stop watching this had enough of these two characters and their stupid storyline
ian1875 10:10pm Thu 24 Mar
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Holby on Tuesday
What is happening in Tuesday's episode when the former flame of dr valentines turns up? Is it the end for zosia?
Me 9:31pm Sun 13 Mar
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I Agree
Sacha Levy is an absolute joke, between his silly walk, poor taste in shirts and his odd facial expressions-as for his 'success' with the ladies, that is another joke.
unbelievable 2:24pm Wed 3 Feb
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Addict of holby
The sooner that dopey faced Levy character goes the better. It puts a very bad face on our proffesional doctors.Stop turning our wonderful programme into a silly soap.
Holby for ever 11:09am Wed 3 Feb
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Sacha Xmas shirt
Where did Sacha get his Father Xmas shirt from please.
Robglo 10:47pm Tue 12 Jan
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love the Holby, please could you let me know where Sasha Levy gets his shirt from in particular the father Christmas please?
Hayward 9:34pm Mon 28 Dec
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Hard to believe that any hospital would employ such an Oaf as Sacha with his loud shirts and silly walk and behaviour.
unbelievable 5:18pm Tue 10 Nov
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Poor quality in recent months
Once an unmissable weekly highlight, now a poor relic with poor storylines and second rate actors/actresses .
Rev 4:04pm Tue 10 Nov
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sack the medical advisors!
Evidentally the heart surgeon can do a bit of gynaecology, a bowel resection and a bit of neuro surgery....have Holby no multi disciplinary teams!!!
Appy Girl 11:03pm Sat 7 Nov
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Tonight's episode
Tonight's episode is all false does not happen in real life. Turning over worse ever episode
Kermit 8:29pm Tue 6 Oct
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now complete crap
Words fail me.
Was Holby City Lover 7:27pm Wed 19 Aug
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loud hailer
when you get the characters apparently doing and saying what they want as though there is no script and a patient hand cuffing himself to a wheel clampers vehicle after using a loud hailer from his bed etc you wonder can things get any worse on bbc and where the hell they are coming from!
major dude 9:05am Wed 10 Jun
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Wheel Clamping!!
Do they have legal advisers. This was outlawed years ago. See the SIA website
Robocop/Council enforcer 9:04pm Tue 9 Jun
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A sick show
Years ago holby was one of the best program's on tv it now has hit rock bottom . Tonight is the pits . Now turning off
Tammycat 8:19pm Tue 9 Jun
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eff off Effangas!
Now we're having to deal with the whole extended family of this annoying bunch!! I now have to record each episode so that I can fast forward past each time an Effanga shows up, I guess, given the fact that they've gone and added yet another one, in the form of "Mo's new found father, then this actually means it is time to give the whole thing up. At least Connie's back on Casualty!
Zigazig Ha 8:42pm Wed 20 May
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HC needs CPR!
Not sure what the official viewing figures are, but HC has surely bled enough quality that it may now be at end stages. Followed it religiously for years, but I can't take much more of Mo and her even mo' annoying sister, Guy and his po faced daughter, even the beloved Mr Hope is giving flat performances. As a Scot, the Scots characters are terrible, at least Johnny has gone, But please take De Luca and self with you.
Zigazig Ha 8:24pm Wed 20 May
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gross misconduct
Anyone looking up someoñes medical records without being directly involved with their care as a patient!
once more 8:45pm Tue 21 Apr
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The very lovely Jac
On maternity leave, whos baby is she having, or is it Emma.
Jan 9:00pm Tue 14 Apr
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Reality bites
Whatever it lacks in reality, it's brilliant acting and storyline - not sure I want reality anyway.
Grega 9:44pm Wed 18 Mar
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Last Night
I find it hard to believe that a nurse/doctor would offload their child on a Senior Heart Surgeon whilst he was on duty and 'apparently' very busy!!
annoyed 1:35pm Wed 11 Mar
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Good show
Guy Self still resembles an egotistical cowboy - possibly intentional? More Jac please - has presence and charisma. Generally a good show though.
Bella 7:52pm Tue 10 Mar
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Mary claire
Is Marie claire carter leaving?
Me 9:28pm Sun 8 Mar
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brilliant episode 3/2/15
if anyone was in any doubts about organ donation this would dispel them. Wonderfully done
maggiemagpie 4:07pm Thu 5 Feb
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