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This is so good and I love the rapport between the two detectives and the wpc adds to it. Gently's perception and John's pessimistic and sceptic nature and his amazing put downs make me chuckle. Brilliant!
bemused 10:18 am Fri 14 Feb

Custody Suite
In last nights episode the term Custody Suite was used but I am sure that this was not introduced until the 1980s, but I am certain that it was not in use in 1969.
Joe Soap 8:10 pm Fri 7 Feb
the lost child episode
whats the song at the start
Swaz 11:20 pm Mon 18 Nov
Gently and the Innocents
Song from first scene ?
Robo 4:18 am Tue 22 Oct
Another season of Inspector George Gently, FANTASTIC
So excited to see what talented & sexy Martin Shaw has in store for 2013 season.
Joycie B 3:45 am Tue 18 Jun
Inspector George gently "fFantastic" !
Suspenseful , great writing, superb acting! Loved episode with Martin Shaw & Kevin Whatly in the cathedral, what a cliffhanger
Joycie B 1:40 am Sun 26 May
Brilliant Detective Mystery
Love Inspector George Gently, Martin Shaw is fantastic and so sexy. Great writing, thanks BBC for good programing.
Joycie 4:16 am Tue 14 May
All that England sends us
From Gentley, Downton Abbey,The Midwives, Upstairs Downstairs,Midsummer Murders etc. Fantastic all of them. England please keep sending them to us.
Patsy 4:34 pm Sun 28 Apr
Handsome , Sexy & Talented
My favorite show. I love the story line and I'm crazy about Martin Shaw. Whoever said that Italian me are the sexiest men alive are bonkers! Give me a Brit any day! Of course you are hearing this from an American Anglophile.
Joycie B. 3:40 am Tue 16 Apr
I need more Georgr Gently and Bacckus please bring them back!!!
Smith 7:00 pm Tue 19 Mar
Loving this Series So Much
I really thought Bacchus had turned on his Boss and joined the dark side when he lead statham and lawson to his ex's address, but in truth, he was stalling them. Bless your heart Bacchus.
MrsW 1:21 am Wed 26 Sep
best cop series for years!
Bring back Bacchus! He gives a gritty edge to the series
R0ger 9:39 pm Tue 25 Sep
george gently
donot let last nights story be the last! it is too good to end it all now!
sailor 7:29 pm Tue 18 Sep
What a great end to the series - so looking forward to another and I hope both Gently and Bacchus survive.
Jes 11:21 am Tue 18 Sep
1960s cars
Does anyone know what make is the blue car that Sergeant Bacchus drives?
Leja 7:13 am Tue 18 Sep
1960s car
I think it´s a Ford Corsair
MrQ 9:43 pm Mon 17 Sep
1960s cars
Does anyone know what make is the blue car that Sergeant Bacchus drives?
Leja 9:08 pm Mon 17 Sep
The singer & the song
Ellen was played by Ebony Buckle, who is a actress and a talented musician (look her up on IMDB or Google) who undoubtedly did all her own singing. The first song she sang in the pub was "Matty Groves" which was originally made famous by Fairport Convention. I can't remember the name of the second song (the one which was more directly relevant to the plot) but it is an old folk standard which actually goes by a number of different names.
ejstubbs 4:59 pm Mon 17 Sep
Cliff hanger
or what! I do know that Martin Shaw is up here in the North East filming the next series as we speak.
doubletake 10:54 pm Sun 16 Sep
Gently in The Cathederal
What!!!! Does Bacchus die?? Is Gently cleared??? Is there a follow up series???? We need closure.
RobP 10:20 pm Sun 16 Sep
Continuity errors....
Tonight... The prison has CCTV and modern light switches for a suspended illuminated ceiling.
Dorkingdiva 8:45 pm Sun 16 Sep
Well done BBC
Thoroughly enjoyable Sunday night viewing. The song was,"Who knows where the time goes" by the late great Sandy Denny.
Fifties Kid 2:27 pm Mon 10 Sep
it was sad that the troubled abandoned son was killed - but the storyline was accurate for the times. As for the flowers of course they were left in such circumstances even then!
doubletake 8:36 am Mon 10 Sep
No flowers would have been left at that time, that's a modern foible
Yoginda 9:33 pm Sun 9 Sep
UPVC Double Glazing was all the rage back then...
Fiddlesticks 9:26 pm Sun 9 Sep
The name of the song
Does anyone know the name of the song the young violinist sang?
Brenda M 10:29 am Thu 6 Sep
Continuity Error
Anyone notice that the car winched out of the river didn't have a prop shaft?
Davey2 9:56 am Mon 3 Sep
Right winged Bias from the BBC
Why is the BBC so polictical on this show. I used to like Gently Gently but the bias is really getting to me. I would rather watch Claire Sweeney then this rubbish.
bobbymoore 8:57 am Mon 3 Sep
Left winged Bias from the BBC
Why is the BBC so polictical on this show. I used to like George George but the bias is really getting to me. I would rather watch the Sweeney then this rubbish.
ikinmoore 8:31 am Mon 3 Sep
Does anyone know the name of the female singer as I suspect the actress with the violin was miming.
doubletake 10:40 pm Sun 2 Sep
martin shaw is brilliant!
our sal. 10:35 pm Sun 2 Sep
@ Tricia
You do realise George Gently is a MODERN production that happens to be SET in the sixties? And that by showing the attitudes that existed then, we can reflect upon how attitudes change over time?
Jebus H Corbett 5:48 pm Sun 2 Sep
Prev comm
You can't bury your head in your hands - its part of history to tell it as it was and learn from it.
doubletake 6:32 pm Wed 29 Aug
A Racist program worth forgetting
The Olympics were fantastic and race relations have never been better so why drag out a really appalling racist programme from the 60s, lets move on!!
Tricia 5:36 pm Wed 29 Aug
Brilliant writing, brilliant acting, brilliant story...did I say it was brilliant!! More please....
Rosie100 12:49 pm Mon 27 Aug
Another good series
Gripping take on the 60's drama. Enjoy the rapport between the duo. "Lean on Me" at the end was icing on the cake. Sorry the prev comment missed out!
doubletake 11:49 am Mon 27 Aug
Subtitles gone off-again!
once more a decent program and the subtitles disappeared half an hour into watching it. Usless if you're deaf.
Nan 9:06 pm Sun 26 Aug
worth watching
Glad seen this episode again - good reflection of the 60's and despite earlier comment yes everyone around you did smoke - I know cos I was the odd one out. I enjoy the fact based no nonscence content rather than the hyped up dramatic modern detective series.
doubletake 10:34 pm Tue 19 Jun
inspecter george gently?
where is sergent harry hardley then?
i once new a bloke who new the bloke downt pub. 7:19 pm Mon 5 Sep
house of the rising sun
yeahhhhhh thanks it was marianne faithfull....she was great indeed...have many of her tracks but forgot that one lol thanks for posting
breezer 3:08 pm Mon 5 Sep
house of the rising sun
yeahhhhhh thanks it was marianne faithfull....she was great indeed...have many of her tracks but forgot that one lol thanks for posting
breezer 1:15 pm Mon 5 Sep
The House of the Rising Sun
Think it was probably 1964 version by Marianne Faithfull
uleila tv 10:47 am Mon 5 Sep
gently does it for me
captured the pop show exactly. Will tony Blackburn sue? House of rising sun terrific
smithy 10:39 am Mon 5 Sep
Please tell me that Phillip Morris don't contribute to the making of this series. Barely a single scene without a fag! I was there in the 60's, and there really wasn't that much smoking!
Hate smoking 9:38 am Mon 5 Sep
house of the rising sun
yes i would also like to know who sung this on this episode ..i cannot find out anywere if anyone finds out please post
breezer 1:24 am Mon 5 Sep
Very Annoying
Why do we have to have the dreadful so-called 'music' in the background all the time, so loud and annoying and quite unnecessary.
watermelon 9:46 pm Sun 4 Sep
House of the rising sun
Who sung this on the program ? Amazing !!
Jrsb 9:45 pm Sun 4 Sep
love it :)
i really love this show! its amazing :D
. 7:55 pm Sun 4 Sep
Natalie Garner
First time I have seen this fantastic young actress, she has a great future
ballyboo 12:26 pm Tue 26 Jul
A Fantastic Programme BUT It is once more A repeat!!!!
brockle 6:29 pm Sun 24 Jul


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