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And she is always putting her first husband and childrens father down. I think he had a lucky escape but sad for the kids at the time.
get real 10:15pm Sat 21 Jan
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Coleen Nolan
A woman of that age, chain smoking, saying f*****g all the time and appearing on CBB. What a shining role model she is to her 15 yr old daughter!!
Fishface 7:14pm Sat 21 Jan
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Same top again nadia? I've got something to go with it, a nice boa.. . . . . . . . . . Constrictor!
moggy. 2:35pm Fri 20 Jan
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It's because people will talk about her. Making her more deluded and self important than usual.
moggy. 1:15pm Thu 19 Jan
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Why is nadia wearing the same clothes as yesterday ?
Jess 12:51pm Thu 19 Jan
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milo and shadow.
I had 2 beautiful kids in later life. Ones 2 the others 9 months. They are my gorgeous border collies milo and shadow. More lively than a bag of monkeys, but I love them. As for more human children, no thanks. Been there, done that.
shadow 1 1:10pm Wed 18 Jan
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I hope linda Nolan didn't have the same plastic surgeon as sherrie hewson. She will look like a wind tunnel.
moggy. 7:24pm Tue 17 Jan
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Why is the very boring Sherrie back
On loose women,she is so boring,all she wants to talk about is her ex husband,no wonder he got someone else,he must have had perment ear ache
Mary 3:23pm Tue 17 Jan
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Cannot say I am sorry loose woman Coleen
Is having a hard time in the BB House,she has a mouth like the Mersey tunnel when talking about others
MW 3:58pm Mon 16 Jan
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Colleen - and now Linda - Nolan
Totally shameless and attention seeking. Its pretty obvious ITV are paying for the FACELIFT!!!!
FaceOff 7:38pm Wed 11 Jan
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Big Momma
Collen ( mrs Blobby) getting her deserts
HAHAHA 4:18pm Wed 11 Jan
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So Colleen is feeling bullied on big brother
She should know being a bully herself,getting a taste of her own.medicine and she doesn't like it
Mary 2:33pm Wed 11 Jan
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Why does sam dress her son like a child of the 1940 s? He looks a right idiot.
Ross. 1:37pm Tue 10 Jan
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How can baby Paul make Andrea feel broody. She's had a hysterectomy. Another example of how stupid this woman is.
Billie 1:29pm Tue 10 Jan
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andreas dress.
She looks like a cheap hooker.
moggy. 1:08pm Tue 10 Jan
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Where did Andrea Maclean get the dress she was wearing today 10/01/2017
Annie mo 12:52pm Tue 10 Jan
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sam faiers.
I see that sam faiers is on today. The only woman on earth ever to have had a baby. Or so we are led to believe.
shadow 1 12:05pm Tue 10 Jan
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Coleen Nolan disgusts me the way she talks about her ex and
Her husband and her ex
Liz 4:44pm Thu 5 Jan
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If my son spoke about me on tv
I would never speak to him again,what a disgusting family
Mary 1:13pm Thu 5 Jan
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Loose Women
aka The Colleen Nolan Show!!!!!!!!!!! Is this REALLY meant to be entertainment?
Lady M 1:10pm Thu 5 Jan
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Loose women
Honestly are we expected to watch this trash,if they had a brain between them it might be better
Liz 10:04pm Fri 23 Dec
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Andrea is one moan
It takes more than three months to fully recover from a history to your she should be thankful she is back to work,stop moaning
Mary 3:22pm Fri 23 Dec
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I agree with jenny
Get rid of this woman,
Mary 12:39pm Fri 23 Dec
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Katie Price
WHY is she still on this programne?
Jenny 11:20am Thu 22 Dec
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Mother of five!
Katie Price should have her children taken away behaving as she does in oublic. Who does she think she is pontificating on Loose Loose Women? As if anyones interested in anything shes got to say.
Zeffie 8:01am Thu 22 Dec
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How on earth is this trivia still going. Used to watch back in the day unfortunately. It is well past its sell by date surely.
get real 11:24pm Wed 21 Dec
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Katei Price Christmas party booking
Once a trollope, always a trollope!!!! I dont want this trashy woman on our screens at lunchtime.
Kim 8:10pm Wed 21 Dec
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Can no longer watch this trashy programme
The women are a bit too up themselves,bring back jsp
Mary 2:12pm Wed 21 Dec
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Jezebel 169
Agree 100/points Coleen has a nasty tongue,plus being ignorant, Worst loose woman
Mary 2:26pm Tue 20 Dec
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It's the gay mafia. They are in and on everything.
get real 3:14pm Fri 16 Dec
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Show getting so boring
They all love themselves so much,they bore me I have to watch something else
Liz 12:06pm Fri 9 Dec
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Andrea looks a mess today,usually
She is very smartly dressed,today she looks like a Goth
Mary 12:56pm Fri 2 Dec
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Linda's new grandaughter
Is absolutely beautiful,she looks like a three month old,beautiful skin,congratulations
Mary 6:46pm Wed 23 Nov
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Andrea get rid of the grandad specs
They are awful and do nothing for you
Liz 1:27pm Mon 21 Nov
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No! Its not loose women. Its loose women and a man. How can an ex-man know what women think.
disgusted. 12:38pm Wed 16 Nov
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Coleen seems to get fatter every week
She needs to go on a diner and stick to it
Slim Jim 12:36pm Mon 14 Nov
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About pantos
I think they are now out dated and not very funny,children have grown out of these stupid things,and about time to
Anne 9:25pm Fri 11 Nov
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This is the worst panel show on tv
The women are so childish and boring
Mary 12:50pm Fri 11 Nov
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Bored already
Andrea get a life your not the only one to have had a hysterectomy,we are bored listening to you already
Mary 12:39pm Mon 7 Nov
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Im also dreading andreas return. She will have us believe shes the only person in the world to have had a hysterectomy.
jezebel69 11:29pm Fri 4 Nov
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Andrea (I love myself )
Returning next week,prepare for boredom return
Mary 4:02pm Fri 4 Nov
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Agree with your comment,Stacy,s Teeth very unattractive
Mary 3:57pm Fri 4 Nov
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miss guided
Clearly ITV is the home for them
HAHAHA 10:55am Sun 30 Oct
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Super day
Please please please do not let Coleen Nolan be the main presenter on Loose Women. She is obviously not experienced enough to take the lead role constantly getting it wrong and making it so obvious she is relying on the autocue. Get her off the panel and have Janet Street Porter on more often, at least we could listen to someone with common sense. Also Katie Price should go.
Super day 9:40am Sat 29 Oct
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Is self serving and self absorbed, in the end, after all her anti establishment postering over the years. Add that shapeless bag she wore to meet the Queen......sums her up!
once more 1:21pm Fri 28 Oct
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Janet Street-Porter CBE
Hypocrite and ghastly woman! Who's next - Linda Robson??
Dingbat 8:12am Fri 28 Oct
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boring same guests.
With a population of over 65 million people, why are the same few guests are on this show continuely? Peter andres on AGAIN tomorrow. Although i nearly sent out a missing person alert. He hadnt been on the show for at least a fortnight.
gizmokatz. 1:51pm Thu 27 Oct
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I dont think theres a place that accepts skanks.
miss guided. 5:04pm Tue 25 Oct
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If this is what women talk about , or find entertaining .... Should be committed
HAHAHA 4:25pm Tue 25 Oct
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my bloods boiling!!!!!
Im really angry!!! Why dont they let paul daniels jnr on the show to give his side of the story and while they are at it ched evans as well. One sided interviews as usual. Then also on the show proffessional tart ulrika.
gizmokatz. 1:27pm Tue 25 Oct
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