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cbbc fodder
its like special needs tv for children
foxtrot 8:56am Fri 24 Apr

Lorraine Kelly depresses me
I seen an add with her in it and wondered did anyone else feel the same as me so I googled it it's like finding an online support group for survivors of Lorraine Kelly no really really really it is!
sidten 11:40pm Sat 4 Apr
I agree with your comment re-Lorraine's behaviour, but take offence to the 'boring accent'
A.SCOT 2:19pm Fri 3 Apr
This woman is the biggest bore on ITV
every interview is the same,waving hands and her boring accent.
mary 11:39am Fri 3 Apr
Break Girl
Lorraine's hair needs a visit to a good hairdressers,she is not the best turned out presenter
browser 9:43am Thu 2 Apr
Anyone else find this mind numbing?
Every interview is the same... She doesn't ever add something interesting to the conversation. I get the feeling she has no idea who these people are. Yawn.
Soph G 8:59am Fri 13 Mar
Her Hair..
So Shiny and Bouncy.
Breck Girl 6:04am Fri 13 Mar
OMG someone tell her about her hands. They never stop waving about soooo irritating!
Diva26 8:43am Tue 10 Mar
Could ask themselves if there is anything or anyone they actually like on the TV.
once more 3:18pm Thu 5 Mar
Does this woman who speaks with her hands dislike ANYTHING, she is so irratating, at least she doesnt appear with her cleavage in full view now, thats a bonus
Jan 9:16am Thu 5 Mar
ooo's a do aah's over clothes she wouldn't be seen dead in,time she did something about that awfull hairstyle,can only watch her for a few minuets she is awfull,pleeeez get rid and viewers numbers will soar
Mary 9:32am Tue 3 Mar
reason shes still on is that ther was a big barny at d xmas do. garra wanted to take over, lara didnt want to do weather any more. jon stapletin said he was d best as he'd won an award. so they brought in the one from d beeb. Lorr sed she'd sue'em so they had to keep her on. Lara n garra still havin a barny b4 n after the show. doc hilary still plasters make up on
a former 9:22pm Thu 26 Feb
loraine will keep the job after havin won a barny dow the local with laura who complained bout why she always had to do the weather
gate karraway 7:09pm Thu 26 Feb
we would like to advise viewers that lorraine has had no formal training her teacher told her not to get a job in tv. suprised?
mr househusband kelly 6:37pm Thu 26 Feb
Wont be watching that, what with those two complete waste of time and Lorraine waving her arms about ALL the time, no, not watching,
Jan 9:25am Tue 24 Feb
Loving Gabi
She is a refreshing change from really really really Lorraine!
Libby 9:19am Thu 19 Feb
Always makes my morning a sunny one!
Pert Manley 9:29am Fri 6 Feb
Will someone tell Lorraine
To get a decent hair style,sorry Lorraine but your hair is really a mess,and please stop waving your hands about.
Occasional viewer 9:24am Wed 28 Jan
Tape it
I have to tape it..... Then when she starts annoying me fast forward. Sadly she can get some good folks to interview.....but they are wasted on her. Time she retired!
GJ 8:31pm Wed 14 Jan
please dont renew her contract for 2015.
new bbc.news viewer 9:15am Thu 11 Dec
Breast Feeding is best
My family cannot breast fed because we are all dairy free people. Why don't they ever mention people like us
Gillie 8:44am Thu 11 Dec
No Challenge
I Have yet to see LK Interview Anyone Without AGREEING with Whatever they say? Good or Bad she Never Disagrees with them? Mary i Agree with You about #Michael he was simply on LK to Promote/Sell Another Book by Linda.
minique 5:05pm Wed 10 Dec
There is something wrong with your site
Every comment is being printed twice please fix it
liz 11:45am Tue 25 Nov
It was in answer to you who said her accent was "posh" which it is not.....I should know. Anything else??
ria b 10:30am Thu 13 Nov
Hand waving
Doesnt Biggins know when talking to Lorraine that you cant speak without waving your damn arms continually, she is unbelievable
Jan 9:22am Thu 13 Nov
Do they permit comments from one person again and again that has nothing nice to say and disallow complimentary ones........the mind boggles!
ria b 8:46pm Tue 11 Nov
What a state Lorraine was this morning
Worst dressed presenter on STV,fashion catalogue might have picked someone better to advertise their clothes
Mary 2:09pm Tue 11 Nov
diva26 8:50am Wed 5 Nov
As boring as ever
Lorraine should watch herself! I am sure even she would be bored !
Kate 9:16am Wed 22 Oct
So annoying
PLEASE stop waving your arms around and saying great to everyone and everything!
Diva26 9:09am Tue 14 Oct
Thirty years too long,most boring presenter on ITV.
Mary 6:35pm Thu 2 Oct
The Hot Squad
10 years ago GMTV had a great line up of babes on the sofa. Lorraine, Kate, Penny. Many a pleasant morning spent thinking how lucky some guys are.
Scampster 4:17pm Mon 29 Sep
Lorraine - 30 Years!!!!
.....and boy, does it seem like it!!!!!!!
Splodz 8:37am Mon 29 Sep
I love her, but PLEASE tell her to stop waving her arms about ALL the time also she sounds so false that she LOVES everything, its not natural to LOVE everything
jamjarjan1 9:19am Fri 26 Sep
So Annoying
Lorraine Kelly puts me off watching this programme, she irritates with her condescending platitudes. I like to watch when she is off and there is another presenter otherwise i turn over to BBC1. Please get her off.
Mags 7:55pm Wed 24 Sep
about posh accent. Problem is Lorraine's is more fishwife!
ria b 6:14pm Thu 18 Sep
There is nothing wrong with a posh Glasgow accent!!!
Taylor 4:48pm Thu 18 Sep
But I can no longer stand her posh Glasgow accent,her voice bores me to tears.
Mary 3:26pm Thu 18 Sep
take her off
please,please,please.take her off the t.v.she is past her sell by date.talks to guests like 10 year olds.no more please.
gratefull !! 9:31am Thu 18 Sep
ooh I like that
PLEASE someone tell me has anyone ever heard Lorraine say I DONT like that, doesnt she get on your nerves, she cant like everything its not natural
jamjarjan 9:15am Thu 18 Sep
Note LK has deigned to return after her protracted absence!!!
Jay 8:27pm Tue 2 Sep
Sorry guys
I cannot stand Kate Garraway,what Ever she has had done to her face Has been no improvement.
MW 9:05am Wed 27 Aug
Get an A List Body
.. That you will never have! See them walk into the best hotels in California and have expensive beauty treatments that you can't afford! We also sent Racheal Hunter and ITV on holiday! Such a waste of money... :(
Kitty 9:52am Mon 18 Aug
I agree one hundred percent with
Daisy 1946 Lorrain should not Comment on the McCanns as they are not entirely in the clear,there will always be some suspicion around them until their daughters body or hopefully she is found
Fifer 4:51pm Wed 6 Aug
Always enjoyable
Never miss it!
Dixie Normus 8:06am Tue 5 Aug
Doesnt she realise she doesnt have to mimic Lorraine, with OHH I love it, yummy, its lovely, etc etc
jamjarjan1 8:58am Wed 30 Jul
Sack Lorraine Kelly
Lorraine Kelly, has been on a mission to make the McCanns the victims of a heinous crime, since the first time she interviewed them. I was appalled at her lack of empathy for Madeleine, who was put in a situation by her parents, that caused her to disappear. However she has now stooped as low as she can possibly stoop, because she has made libellous comments against Goncalo Amaral and stated them as fact. Kelly has abused her position as a journalist and she should be taken to task for her appalling behaviour
Daisy1946 8:53pm Mon 14 Jul
Goodbye LK
I could ignore this silly woman, and even try to believe she suffered from naive niceness, until her Sunday comments on the McCanns. Now she deserves to be pilloried. She always adhered to the British establishment's promotion of this guilty pair, but what she has printed is libellous against the one honourable man in the whole shabby affair. Hang your head in shame Lorraine Kelly and say and write nothing more.
JaBarn 7:48pm Mon 14 Jul
Lorraine irresponsible reporting
You need to educate yourself on McCann case before making libelous statements about wonderful detective who seemed to care about the demise of sweet Madeleine. Be responsible and question the parents not the detective
Eurogirly 7:31pm Mon 14 Jul
LK is clueless and does no real research before spouting her mouth off. The Sun article about her support for the McCanns shows us this with her pathetic claim that the child heard an interview on the BBC Radio with Mr Amaral. Such bull, LK knows nothing and should be sacked as we speak.
Fishgilz 10:35am Sun 13 Jul

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