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To make my Hubby Happy...
We watch Lorraine most Mornings, THANKS LORRAINE
Mrs. Florida Evans 8:12 am Fri 21 Mar

Difficult to understand her accent
Sorry but it's very difficult to understand her I rather watch CBeebies.
Sorry!!!! 7:32 am Thu 20 Mar
fawning all the time
not natural presenter any more ....been very lucky or pushy
pebs 10:43 pm Sat 8 Mar
Kate GO AWAY - not Garraway
shocking 4:03 pm Thu 13 Feb
Does Lorraine NOT like anything, all she says is oh I like that, oh thats nice, she cant like everything its not natural, boring boring boring.
Jan 9:22 am Wed 5 Feb
It will be a miracle when one of the lady chefs ties hair back when cooking, so far Alex Hollywood has not touched her hair during today's slot!
Jay 9:03 am Mon 3 Feb
There is really no need for her to wave her arms about continually, tie them behind her back, very infuriating
jamjarjan1 9:22 am Wed 29 Jan
Had to watch
This morning as David Emanuel was on , he is fantastic, his choice of clothes perfect. Turning over after the cookery slot.
Poppy 9:01 am Wed 29 Jan
I find her really, really, really annoying! Please get rid of her soon so I can enjoy the show! I have had to turn off tv this morning as she is so so so irritating!
Heatherbell 7:57 am Wed 29 Jan
lorraine's accent
So sorry to complain, but i find your accent and speed of talking very difficult to comprehend, thus taking the enjoyment out of the show.
Amy 11:44 am Fri 17 Jan
arm waving
I love Lorraine but for goodness sake tie her hands up she is the worst person for waving her arms when speaking, doesnt she notice that lots of the people she speaks too actually have their hands on their lap, she drives me mad.
Jan 9:22 am Wed 18 Dec
Lorraine time to go!!
Annoying accent!! Turn over when she's on watch Eamon on Sky.. All she says is "Great" & "brilliant"
Dave R 11:34 pm Tue 17 Dec
I'm so happy....
Abner bought me a new T.V. Now I can watch Lorraine in HD!
Gladys Kravitz 8:27 am Tue 5 Nov
I know people comment on how Lorraine loves everything, I can take but the continual waving of hands it really winds me up, why do it every time she opens her mouth
misery 9:21 am Mon 28 Oct
I always have a right good time watching Lorraine!
Mona Cankles 7:03 am Thu 24 Oct
I watched this morning when Anna Friel was on and she sat with her hands on her lap, and Loraine was waving hers continually looks like she is signalling a plane to land, its very over done, tie her hands together
jamjarjan 9:26 am Mon 14 Oct
I Luvva Luvva Luvva Lorraine!
Nigel Dauphine III 8:24 am Fri 11 Oct
Lorraine is Super Keen!
Lovey 8:08 am Thu 8 Aug
Lorraine Repulses Me!
Sack her you fools!!!
CommonSense 8:10 pm Sun 21 Jul
Get a Life Trolls
I Love Lorraine!
Midge 9:03 am Mon 3 Jun
one of my favourites...
How many favourites can one person have? Every single interview Lorraine introduces everyone as 'one of my favourites'... impossible. It makes me sick and her so pretentious. Is she a product of ITV or is she really that fake and irritating?...
blueblobby 10:45 am Fri 24 May
Prison reforms
It's about the prisoners not being allowed tv its not right
Beany 8:54 am Tue 30 Apr
Awful woman
I try every week to watch, but. Cannot cope with her irritating way of interviewing, never listening to people, repeating really really really! And lately screwing her nose up, grow up!! Love it when John and Helen are on very professional!
Irritated 7:49 am Tue 19 Mar
Remote control = poor viewing figures!
I do everyday
bbc cover up 8:45 pm Tue 15 Jan
If you don't like Lorraine...
Change the Channel.
Yellowsnow 8:01 am Wed 19 Dec
Brian Connonley
Too much.To devote a lot of Daybreak and then the lorraine show was so boring.Surely he was intelligent enough to realise what the show was about.Also anybody who is on anti depressants know you have to wean yourself off them.What a bore.
Smailes 9:25 am Fri 23 Nov
Lorraine Kelly is so smug
Why is Lorraine Kelly so smug, she is annoying and patronising and needs to be sacked sooner rather than later
Dazzler 8:15 pm Mon 19 Nov
Serious time for new talent
Garraway is horrid
sell by date 12:42 am Fri 28 Sep
Not watchable
Utter bloody garbage, Lorraine is a crusty old relic and Kate Garraway makes me ill. Bring in Helen Fospero and i would watch. Until then it is Sky News for me
daybroke AGAIN 4:13 am Fri 14 Sep
Get this crusty old relic off TV NOW, And include Kate Garraway too, Invest in some new talent, not these crusty old bints who make me puke
lovejoy 2:46 pm Tue 4 Sep
I have a question...
Did Jackie Brambles live in Los Angeles? It is not like she mentions it every time she is onTV
Square Eyes 10:17 pm Tue 7 Aug
Grow Up Lorraine
Its about time they dropped Lorraine and got someone more uptodate. She,s always come across as a fishwife with that irritating accent - she is a woman of a certain not the giggling teenager she portrays.
doubletake 8:32 pm Wed 11 Jul
lorriane fawning over bananarama
Lorraine Kelly, how utterly embarrassing watching her fawn over Bananarama Today. SYCOPHANCY TO THE NTH DEGREE. Puke inducing
wheelchair mick 3:50 pm Tue 10 Jul
some new presenter please
horrid woman who is really past her sell by date. she has had her time,
had enuff 2:57 am Wed 13 Jun
AS boring and stagnant as ever. Lorraine is decrepit and so is this show
cornwallace 1:07 am Thu 19 Apr
Helen Fospero
She was excellent and streets ahead of both Lorraine and Sawalha. Give her the job full time!
Braindead Britain 4:07 pm Tue 20 Mar
no thanks
Why do we have to watch this lump? Helen Fospero was a treat last Week, Now we have Sawalha who is unwatchable.
ITV in serious decline since 1992 9:36 pm Tue 13 Mar
About time....
Helen Fospero is HOT!!!!!! Sack Lorraine and employ Helen full time!!!
Wannabe Mr Fospero 1:42 pm Wed 15 Feb
Need a Change
They need to sack Lorraine and get someone else in that is not as boring and a waste of space.
Yanto 9:13 am Wed 4 Jan
itv = comatose viewing
Sycophant who panders to everyone on her show. Sickly and excruciating to watch. And how rough does Lorraine look these Days? Much like Sian Williams, Lorraine has aged about 20 years in the last 5 and now actually repulses me (especially in HD) Why is Nicola Roberts on to promote her new song yet she will not perform it in the studio? Maybe because she cannot sing and requires Antares Autotune in HARDWARE form to even perform live.
BBC 4 Me 5:27 am Tue 27 Dec
Lorraine is bad enough but today they really ruined it with Alex Jones, that welsh girl from the one show and SCD. Can they not understand that us viewers do not want to see Alex Jones anymore...that's why we voted her off SCD!
Kellys Eye 12:42 pm Wed 14 Dec
This show is well past is sell by date. I took a look at it earlier this week to see if things had inproved. They have' fact it has got worse. Lorraine had Will Young on!!!! He is pants, she is pants, the whole show is pants! Take it off.
Marsha from London 11:26 am Fri 18 Nov
she overated and over pay she needs to retire
poor 9:47 pm Wed 9 Nov
Warm Up again
Lorraine Kelly provides intellectual warm up for Jeremy Kyle. Ms Kelly, her audience, and many of her guests are likely to be Kyle watchers;many are likely to be prospective guests.
KenDavie 3:35 am Tue 8 Nov
like watching paint dry
Time to move on Lorraine. No one likes you (apart from Internet Youtube perverts anyway) and just because you have been doing this job 20 years does not mean you should be there! ITV are you listening?
east coast boy 2:00 pm Wed 2 Nov
End it pleeeease!!
I am so glad I am not the only one who hates this show! Lorraine is a chunky, rapidly aging sycophant to whatever C-list celebrity she happens to get on her show. An embarrassment even for ITV.
Crumbs 8:35 am Wed 5 Oct
End it pleeeease!!
I am so glad I am not the only one who hates this show! Lorraine is a chunky, rapidly aging sycophant to whatever C-list celebrity she happens to get on her show. An embarrassment even for ITV.
Crumbs 3:40 pm Tue 4 Oct
Does ITV Listen?
Wow, these comments are harsh but so true. She talks over her guests, giggles awkwardly through the show and gets way too excited about banal stuff. ITV has not listened to it's viewers for the past year. Somehow they've silenced the media about how bad Daybreak is, yet the viewing figures don't lie. ITV learn to LISTEN!!!!!
Hal 8:55 am Tue 13 Sep
Is it the same everyday?
Indeed it is the same rubbish everyday, 2 minutess reviewing about 3 newspaper headlines.competition.some actor promoting their show.competition.advert break.competition.some pointless fashion headlines.a meal in the kitchen.competition.advert break.another celeb/actor promoting something.competition.a few viewers tweets/opinions. end titles.
They have not got a clue! 3:58 pm Thu 25 Aug
dont want to watch it when carol vorderman presents. Don't let her get on loose women either!
lindy 7:25 pm Tue 23 Aug


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