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Ah Lorraine...
Like a Breath of fresh Air!
Anita Gofradump 8:11am Wed 29 Jul

No more Fiona
Why choose Fiona Philips? She is absolutely dreadful. Clueless. Her voice is SO irritating.
Gee 9:23am Tue 28 Jul
Fiona must go
Please please replace Fiona Philips,I have to switch over when Fiona is on, she talks over everyone. Her voice grates on me.
Libby 8:44am Tue 28 Jul
Gives me the reason to turn over and watch something interesting , instead of drivel
HAHAHA 12:53pm Sat 25 Jul
I Love that Lorraine!
Mrs. Blanche Chode 8:13am Thu 23 Jul
Lorraine get er off
Please get rid of Lorraine Kelly she is so boring and puts me off watching the show.
M 1:49pm Wed 22 Jul
Agree with previous comment
watched her once,once was enough she was a disgrace get her off.
mary 10:38am Wed 22 Jul
Fiona Philips
She is the WORST presenter ever! She has absolutely no personality or apeal. She says stupid naiive things and looks like a little girl. Presume she's only there because she's married to.Martin Frizzel!!!!
Jo M 10:14am Wed 22 Jul
Replacing Lorraine with Fiona today was awful, poor Fiona is not a bit appealing I know Lorraine is not very popular but really Fiona?????????
Jan 9:23am Mon 20 Jul
Like a Summer's Eve.
Dixie Normus 8:24am Mon 13 Jul
Please, please, get rid of Lorraine Kelly, we are so sick of her. She must be the most annoying person on tv. Enough.
Denise 6:19pm Thu 9 Jul
I cannot stand to listen
to this woman why has she not been sacked
Wem 9:25am Thu 25 Jun
I'm loving Lorraine!
Frequently brightens my Morning!
Hugh Jarce 8:59am Mon 8 Jun
Agree with browser
It's not the fact her accent is Scottish it's because she sounds more like a fishwife.....
once more 9:19pm Thu 4 Jun
I am not a fan of Lorraine Kelly, But take offence to the comment regarding her accent. She is from Scotland therefore she has a Scottish accent!!!!
A.SCOT 6:59pm Wed 3 Jun
Cannot watch this woman
her voice gets on my nerves,think she needs speech therapy to get rid of that awful accent
browser 8:07am Wed 3 Jun
With all her millions
you would think she could afford a decent hairdresser,what a mess her hair is,worst dressed presenter on TV
Mary 9:31am Tue 19 May
What a prat
I cannot believe the pretentious woman in the striped blouse. She can't walk properly she certainly isn't sexy like she thinks she is. Get her off. Can't she take a hint?
Gerry3999 7:54pm Sun 17 May
How is she still on TV
I cannot abide this insincere bleating Women...hasn't she had enough because I know I have!
Elac 2:59pm Fri 15 May
WHY does Lorraine always wave her arms about when speaking, doesnt she notice that the people she is talking too dont so much. Good on you Lorraine for not wanting that awful evil Katie Hopkins on your show.
Jan 9:23am Thu 30 Apr
cbbc fodder
its like special needs tv for children
foxtrot 8:56am Fri 24 Apr
Lorraine Kelly depresses me
I seen an add with her in it and wondered did anyone else feel the same as me so I googled it it's like finding an online support group for survivors of Lorraine Kelly no really really really it is!
sidten 11:40pm Sat 4 Apr
I agree with your comment re-Lorraine's behaviour, but take offence to the 'boring accent'
A.SCOT 2:19pm Fri 3 Apr
This woman is the biggest bore on ITV
every interview is the same,waving hands and her boring accent.
mary 11:39am Fri 3 Apr
Break Girl
Lorraine's hair needs a visit to a good hairdressers,she is not the best turned out presenter
browser 9:43am Thu 2 Apr
Anyone else find this mind numbing?
Every interview is the same... She doesn't ever add something interesting to the conversation. I get the feeling she has no idea who these people are. Yawn.
Soph G 8:59am Fri 13 Mar
Her Hair..
So Shiny and Bouncy.
Breck Girl 6:04am Fri 13 Mar
OMG someone tell her about her hands. They never stop waving about soooo irritating!
Diva26 8:43am Tue 10 Mar
Could ask themselves if there is anything or anyone they actually like on the TV.
once more 3:18pm Thu 5 Mar
Does this woman who speaks with her hands dislike ANYTHING, she is so irratating, at least she doesnt appear with her cleavage in full view now, thats a bonus
Jan 9:16am Thu 5 Mar
ooo's a do aah's over clothes she wouldn't be seen dead in,time she did something about that awfull hairstyle,can only watch her for a few minuets she is awfull,pleeeez get rid and viewers numbers will soar
Mary 9:32am Tue 3 Mar
reason shes still on is that ther was a big barny at d xmas do. garra wanted to take over, lara didnt want to do weather any more. jon stapletin said he was d best as he'd won an award. so they brought in the one from d beeb. Lorr sed she'd sue'em so they had to keep her on. Lara n garra still havin a barny b4 n after the show. doc hilary still plasters make up on
a former 9:22pm Thu 26 Feb
loraine will keep the job after havin won a barny dow the local with laura who complained bout why she always had to do the weather
gate karraway 7:09pm Thu 26 Feb
we would like to advise viewers that lorraine has had no formal training her teacher told her not to get a job in tv. suprised?
mr househusband kelly 6:37pm Thu 26 Feb
Wont be watching that, what with those two complete waste of time and Lorraine waving her arms about ALL the time, no, not watching,
Jan 9:25am Tue 24 Feb
Loving Gabi
She is a refreshing change from really really really Lorraine!
Libby 9:19am Thu 19 Feb
Always makes my morning a sunny one!
Pert Manley 9:29am Fri 6 Feb
Will someone tell Lorraine
To get a decent hair style,sorry Lorraine but your hair is really a mess,and please stop waving your hands about.
Occasional viewer 9:24am Wed 28 Jan
Tape it
I have to tape it..... Then when she starts annoying me fast forward. Sadly she can get some good folks to interview.....but they are wasted on her. Time she retired!
GJ 8:31pm Wed 14 Jan
please dont renew her contract for 2015.
new bbc.news viewer 9:15am Thu 11 Dec
Breast Feeding is best
My family cannot breast fed because we are all dairy free people. Why don't they ever mention people like us
Gillie 8:44am Thu 11 Dec
No Challenge
I Have yet to see LK Interview Anyone Without AGREEING with Whatever they say? Good or Bad she Never Disagrees with them? Mary i Agree with You about #Michael he was simply on LK to Promote/Sell Another Book by Linda.
minique 5:05pm Wed 10 Dec
There is something wrong with your site
Every comment is being printed twice please fix it
liz 11:45am Tue 25 Nov
It was in answer to you who said her accent was "posh" which it is not.....I should know. Anything else??
ria b 10:30am Thu 13 Nov
Hand waving
Doesnt Biggins know when talking to Lorraine that you cant speak without waving your damn arms continually, she is unbelievable
Jan 9:22am Thu 13 Nov
Do they permit comments from one person again and again that has nothing nice to say and disallow complimentary ones........the mind boggles!
ria b 8:46pm Tue 11 Nov
What a state Lorraine was this morning
Worst dressed presenter on STV,fashion catalogue might have picked someone better to advertise their clothes
Mary 2:09pm Tue 11 Nov
diva26 8:50am Wed 5 Nov
As boring as ever
Lorraine should watch herself! I am sure even she would be bored !
Kate 9:16am Wed 22 Oct
So annoying
PLEASE stop waving your arms around and saying great to everyone and everything!
Diva26 9:09am Tue 14 Oct

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