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Stop waving hands at every interview so annoying
Diva26 8:49am Thu 4 Feb

Lorraine kelly
So annoying with her childish way of speaking and obviously not interested shows when she gives a one second smile,especially when talking to daily chef. So false
Bored viewer 12:47pm Thu 28 Jan
PLEASE Lorraine DONT always talk with your hands, you were talking to a couple today and they never moved their hands, then theres you looking like some kind of morse code, its ridiculous, I have to look away its sooo annoying and unnecessary
Jan 8:51am Thu 28 Jan
I always know...
My Day will start right with Lorraine and a Kettle of Tea!
Patty O'Porch 8:02am Wed 27 Jan
ITV Morning
I gave up watching anything on ITV in the mornings a few years ago. BBC Breakfast is more interesting and professional
Taylor 7:03pm Tue 26 Jan
Lorraine is an irritant
She cannot interview to save her life the only time she ever disagrees with people are younger reality stars who arent really able to defend themselves give her someone famous and she grovels at their feet she agrees with everything and when shes stumped which is often! she waves her hands in the air and gives that annoying chuckle every 2 mins kate garraway would be brill i cannot watch it anymore she drives me mad
Ren 6:13pm Tue 26 Jan
A ray of Sunshine...
Couldn't be brighter!
Audry Meadows! 6:10am Fri 8 Jan
She helps me empty my bowels in the mornings
HAHAHA 1:22pm New Years Eve
mmm mmm
Love Lorraine in the A.M.
Jack Mehoeffer 6:59am Wed 9 Dec
Well said! There are few presenters now who do speak intelligible English from all regions of the UK.So either watch or don't.
A.SCOT 10:46am Sat 5 Dec
Switch the channel
Stupid, annoying, patronising BINT.
The Toastman 3:01pm Fri 4 Dec
Why is she more Scottish now?
Thicker accent than when she started on TV but why? Has she forgotten how to speak intelligible English? And if I hear her say "that's greeeaaat, fantastic, I like that,wow" and any other false emotional outbursts I'll throw something at the TV!
Pablo 8:45am Fri 4 Dec
Warm hearted
This Programme always makes me get on with my day!
Anita Gofradump 8:19am Fri 20 Nov
Lorraine Kelly
Kick her off she is a pain
ME 8:32pm Thu 12 Nov
The woman continues to annoy me intensely!!
CP 9:21am Wed 11 Nov
Gabby the good
What a pleasure to watch Gabby, who doesnt "oh I like that" everytime a new model walks out and she doesnt find the need to keep waving her arms about all the time whilst speaking, Lets keep Gabby, sorry Lorraine you get on my nerves.
jAN 8:49am Tue 27 Oct
Lorraine and my Tea is for Me.
Rita bukadey 7:11am Tue 6 Oct
Please take her off the air, she is the biggest sycophant & phoney interviewer on ALL tv...it's quite sickening, sorry but I can't watch her nor can ANY members of my large mixed ages family.
pollysanna 8:08pm Sun 27 Sep
You know?
Lorraine is always fun and kicky!
Craven Moorehead 6:04am Mon 21 Sep
get her off !!
thick accent - sycophantic - narcissistic - insincere. So in love with herself - and lousy interviewer. Please relieve us of Lorraine.
miseryguts 1:00pm Wed 16 Sep
Why is this woman allowed
to insult some of her guests,she is so artificial get her off
em 11:36am Fri 11 Sep
would someone tell her to do something with her hair it is a mess,tuned in for 5mins had to change channel she gets worse
MW 9:26am Tue 1 Sep
Oh Dear Oh Deary Deary Me
That's it , time to enjoy other channels.Wicked witch of the north is back
HAHAHA 8:35am Tue 1 Sep
I smell a winner!
Lorraine makes Me Smile all over!
Lewis Toole 1:50am Tue 1 Sep
What a waste of time
this show is Dire get ride of it and give us something better
Mary 9:31am Fri 28 Aug
Good Morning!
Lorraine always makes My Day a sunny one!
Harry Chode 7:06am Fri 28 Aug
It it the Lorraine show or someone else
Why call a show the Lorraine show when Lorraine doesn't present it, it's Gabby Roselin so it should be the Gabby show, Lorraine's never there, she's like your teammate at work who's never there always on the sick and does jack all, it's getting beyond a joke axe the bloody thing please.
Jimbo 9:22am Wed 26 Aug
OOHH I like that
It was a pleasure to watch Gabby Logan this morning, she gave honest opinions on everything, NOT I like that on everything, great keep her.
Jan 9:20am Fri 14 Aug
Anyone is better than her . Don't care who it is , still switching channels is easy
HAHAHA 12:02pm Thu 6 Aug
What a joke
When Daybreak started it was lauded as more 'News focused', that was a lie, Now on Lorraine in the last 2 weeks we have had Fiona Phillips & Jenni Falconer presenting, 2 original GMTV presenters lol. What next, Bring back Andrew Castle and Penny Smith? Get Clare Nasir & Andrea Maclean to do the weather? And to think ITV are wondering why viewing figures have plummeted!
old boy network 4:49pm Wed 5 Aug
Ah Lorraine...
Like a Breath of fresh Air!
Anita Gofradump 8:11am Wed 29 Jul
No more Fiona
Why choose Fiona Philips? She is absolutely dreadful. Clueless. Her voice is SO irritating.
Gee 9:23am Tue 28 Jul
Fiona must go
Please please replace Fiona Philips,I have to switch over when Fiona is on, she talks over everyone. Her voice grates on me.
Libby 8:44am Tue 28 Jul
Gives me the reason to turn over and watch something interesting , instead of drivel
HAHAHA 12:53pm Sat 25 Jul
I Love that Lorraine!
Mrs. Blanche Chode 8:13am Thu 23 Jul
Lorraine get er off
Please get rid of Lorraine Kelly she is so boring and puts me off watching the show.
M 1:49pm Wed 22 Jul
Agree with previous comment
watched her once,once was enough she was a disgrace get her off.
mary 10:38am Wed 22 Jul
Fiona Philips
She is the WORST presenter ever! She has absolutely no personality or apeal. She says stupid naiive things and looks like a little girl. Presume she's only there because she's married to.Martin Frizzel!!!!
Jo M 10:14am Wed 22 Jul
Replacing Lorraine with Fiona today was awful, poor Fiona is not a bit appealing I know Lorraine is not very popular but really Fiona?????????
Jan 9:23am Mon 20 Jul
Like a Summer's Eve.
Dixie Normus 8:24am Mon 13 Jul
Please, please, get rid of Lorraine Kelly, we are so sick of her. She must be the most annoying person on tv. Enough.
Denise 6:19pm Thu 9 Jul
I cannot stand to listen
to this woman why has she not been sacked
Wem 9:25am Thu 25 Jun
I'm loving Lorraine!
Frequently brightens my Morning!
Hugh Jarce 8:59am Mon 8 Jun
Agree with browser
It's not the fact her accent is Scottish it's because she sounds more like a fishwife.....
once more 9:19pm Thu 4 Jun
I am not a fan of Lorraine Kelly, But take offence to the comment regarding her accent. She is from Scotland therefore she has a Scottish accent!!!!
A.SCOT 6:59pm Wed 3 Jun
Cannot watch this woman
her voice gets on my nerves,think she needs speech therapy to get rid of that awful accent
browser 8:07am Wed 3 Jun
With all her millions
you would think she could afford a decent hairdresser,what a mess her hair is,worst dressed presenter on TV
Mary 9:31am Tue 19 May
What a prat
I cannot believe the pretentious woman in the striped blouse. She can't walk properly she certainly isn't sexy like she thinks she is. Get her off. Can't she take a hint?
Gerry3999 7:54pm Sun 17 May
How is she still on TV
I cannot abide this insincere bleating Women...hasn't she had enough because I know I have!
Elac 2:59pm Fri 15 May
WHY does Lorraine always wave her arms about when speaking, doesnt she notice that the people she is talking too dont so much. Good on you Lorraine for not wanting that awful evil Katie Hopkins on your show.
Jan 9:23am Thu 30 Apr

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