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Are all those previous abusive comments getting printed. Thought there was a system in place to stop such comments
ANON 11:05am Sun 19 Feb
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Don't you mean asphyxiate that.
bluey. 1:00pm Mon 13 Feb
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Billy bones.
I can soon fix that.
Barry George. 12:46pm Mon 13 Feb
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I've never heard a Scottish accent like hers, more like munchkin with a face to match.
great and powerful Oz 8:38pm Sat 11 Feb
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rice krispies.
Unfortunately she breathes.
Billy bones. 6:51pm Thu 9 Feb
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What is that Lorraine Kelly does?
Rice Krispies 6:35pm Thu 9 Feb
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Yummy, nadia swineflus colostomy curry for tea.
bog monster . 3:47pm Thu 9 Feb
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N and G
They are the sort of women who go out once a month with their work colleagues, usually in Wetherspoons and talk a load of crap.
moggy. 4:16pm Wed 8 Feb
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get real
My comment was deleted about getting.....deleted! The person is nuts. Could it be Geri (without the pacemakers) trying to set the pace??
get real 3:41pm Wed 8 Feb
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It's obvious who's removed the comms. There's 2 positive comms on this page. Nettie and geri,
moggy. 3:30pm Wed 8 Feb
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It's not me (moggy ,) I've held back with my comms , mine keep being deleted when I post with the name moggy. So I use other names as well.
moggy. 3:13pm Wed 8 Feb
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Looks like comments are getting deleted .... It is now obvious who it is .... Now for the Treasure Hunt
HAHAHA 2:59pm Wed 8 Feb
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almost a. . . . . .
Wog on the bog.
golly gosh. 2:52pm Wed 8 Feb
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A full-up colostomy bag is more appetising than Nadia Swinefever's curry. You are not Egon Ronay so turn it in.
Kirk Smith 1:42pm Wed 8 Feb
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Nadia's "curry in a hurry"
Hurry to where - the bog?
Miss Ribble 4:32pm Tue 7 Feb
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Lorraine Utan
Jimmi Chinn 8:20pm Mon 6 Feb
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Inspirational, are you kidding me? Is she an inspirational woman in history. No she's inflicted her horrible clothing catalogue on us. The clothes are that bad that she doesn't even wear them herself.
moggy. 3:16pm Mon 6 Feb
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Agreed, a lot of the nasty comments here really are beyond the pale. Lorraine is a lovely lady and one of the best presenters ever and so is Nadia Sawalha, love her recipes, as well.
Nettie 2:27pm Mon 6 Feb
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Love your comments. Nearly peed myself again!
get real 11:59am Sat 4 Feb
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Whatever hapened to
gizmokatz and TopWalk.....miss the humour!
get real 11:25am Thu 2 Feb
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A national treasure.
How can anyone not love Lorraine? She is, and always has been, a ray of sunshine on breakfast television, warm, kind, funny and intelligent. I cannot believe the vitriol in most of the disgusting comments on here aimed at this delightful and inspirational human being.
Geri 11:21am Thu 2 Feb
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No no! I loved my little look alike when I was small.
get real 11:02pm Wed 1 Feb
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get real. .
Ok . Theres 1 exception though. Danny Sebastian.
moggy. 10:29pm Wed 1 Feb
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Mary?? Ps banter is good but keep it nice.
get real 10:01pm Wed 1 Feb
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Get Real
Nope , not me .. had a few of mine removed also
HAHAHA 5:57pm Wed 1 Feb
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get real.
It's not shadow. I'm actually shadow /ex jezebel 69. (C4 racing ). Anyway, i was mulling over what you said about caustic comments and I've decided I'm only commenting on shows. I was hurt when someone thought that I was Kim /faz.
moggy. 12:50pm Wed 1 Feb
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Could it be
Shadow or HAHA or even Mary.......
get real 11:06am Wed 1 Feb
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get real.
I blew a fuse to start with. Yours and mine and others deleted. The culprit is trying to get a reaction. You know who have been a bit quiet lately.
moggy. 10:50pm Tue 31 Jan
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What the heck
Comment removed. Red alert troll at work!! Am I bothered??
get real 9:47pm Tue 31 Jan
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Well said.
Colt Hawker 2:37pm Tue 31 Jan
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Mutton dressed as lamb.
You can bet your life the ghastly woman did not buy that dress she wore to the National Television Awards from JD Williams.
Miss Ribble 10:55pm Sat 28 Jan
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The correct use of a chainsaw.
Whoever cuts this "woman"hair must hate her as much as the good people commenting on here.
Rye Spangle 10:33am Thu 19 Jan
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Choop Bozzle.
They won't print the "S"word. So next best is cee rap.
shadow 1 6:31pm Wed 18 Jan
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Shadow 1
Lorraine should wear a brown top underneath - to match the colour of what she is utterly full of.
Choop Bozzle 6:17pm Wed 18 Jan
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She's wearing that yellow cardigan AGAIN. Still, it matches her teeth.
shadow 1 9:20am Tue 17 Jan
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Reality 101
Intelligent, interesting, witty, sincere - all words which in no way describe Lorraine Kelly.
Choop Bozzle 8:00pm Mon 16 Jan
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pregnant man.
You are not a pregnant man. You are a woman who dresses like a man. You still have your "lady bits ".
shadow 1 2:23pm Thu 12 Jan
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miss ribble
Make that a wheely bin.
custard the dragon. 1:03pm Sun 8 Jan
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I'd rather eat a bucket of sick than anything cooked by Nadia Sawalha.
Miss Ribble 12:42pm Sun 8 Jan
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Yes. Unfortunately.
Leon Nash 4:52pm Wed 4 Jan
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Oh dear...
Jimmi Chin 5:57pm Tue 3 Jan
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The Dog is still around
HAHAHA 3:05pm Tue 3 Jan
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Go away
Her fitness DVDs are crap as well.
farts 11:05pm Mon 2 Jan
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I used to laugh at Lorraine pretending to like Nadia Sawalha's cooking when it was obvious she wanted to spit it out in the bin and rinse the taste out of her mouth.
Miss Ribble 6:13pm Mon 2 Jan
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I don't watch but thought I might over Christmas as the other side had stupid cartoon films on constantly. I think they could possibly have been preferable afterall. This person is unbelievable. Talks too fast in a dense accent and hangs on evrrybody's last word while gestulating with her hands. People do this who have faux intelligance and interest when they are reaaly bored and not very clever in the brains department.
get real 4:08pm Fri 30 Dec
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Well I didn't get my Christmas wish ..... The Hobbit is still alive and kicking
HAHAHA 9:47am Fri 30 Dec
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Someone get rid of the trash
HAHAHA 3:20pm Wed 21 Dec
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Is this show still on,it is so boring
Mary 9:12am Tue 20 Dec
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In the bin, please.
Tacky describes Lorraine perfectly, as does smug, patronising, fake, careerist, vacuous etc, etc...
Miss Ribble 10:38am Thu 15 Dec
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Lorraine lags behind
Those cheap, tacky, garish dresses Lorraine is being paid by JD Williams to pretend to like would also be good for lagging your pipes this winter, you certainly wouldn't be seen dead in them.
Joey Pants 1:49pm Wed 7 Dec
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