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once more
"middle sged woman"? Sagged-in-the-middle woman more like.
Jimmy Eight-Times 7:29pm Wed 1 Jun

Fiona Philips!!!!!!!
No!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cant stand her!!!!!
Mo 8:52am Wed 1 Jun
Inane Kelly
Ghastly woman - false and patronising moron.
Joe Ego 11:01pm Fri 27 May
Sickly smile
Doesn't anyone read these reviews? No-one likes her so please take her off the air and stop it now, please. Dreadful smile, accent and personality!
Shep wilson 8:50am Fri 27 May
Prev comm
once more 5:46pm Wed 25 May
Past sell by date
Isn't it time Lorraine went
Exec 5:36pm Wed 25 May
That's better
Instant bowel relief
HAHAHA 4:19pm Fri 20 May
Wow its so so so so so so bad
She is so fake. The other presenters look half crazed. This tv show is a shower of s***
Tom 1:55pm Fri 20 May
One comment to basically say she should act her age does not constitute constant moaning about her.
once more 10:49pm Thu 19 May
Once More
Well stop moaning about Lorraine then!
confused 9:27pm Thu 19 May
don't be. Why should we turn over when we want someone else to take up this prime slot. There are lots of female presenters who could do a much better job or male (no sexism intended).
once more 7:03pm Thu 19 May
I too switched off ages ago couldnt stand any more. Wonder if they read their reviews?
Ex Viewer 10:18am Thu 19 May
If you don't like Lorraine. Switch over. I did years ago. Simple!!
confused 7:30pm Tue 17 May
Noo noo....tine to grow up or get off. Afterall you are a middle sged woman now.
once more 2:55pm Tue 17 May
And the wray, and amount of times, she says 'Sure'!! Not noticed? Have a listen!!!
Nolikey 1:16pm Tue 17 May
The stupid, skittish, KITTENISH, clipped way this 50-something woman speaks!!! And referring to MarK Heyes as ANGEL this morning!!! Who does she think she is??
Nolikey 8:46am Tue 17 May
The accent, the 'Hmmm hmmms', 'Noo noo noo' and calling people 'Love'. What a very silly, annoying woman! Time for a change?
GH 11:49am Mon 16 May
Time to go
Lorraine Kelly lets others do the work for her whilst she reaps the benefits. All she does is that stupid giggle and a few ums and aa,s. Also why does she still time off at school holiday eg the 6/7 weeks in summer.
Wool not pulled over my eyes 6:15pm Fri 6 May
Previous Comment
So What????
A.P. 1:31pm Thu 5 May
Can you only appear on Lorraine if youre Scottish?
Today - John Barrowman, Phyllis Logan, Mark (fashion), Ross King and Lorraine herself. Is it obligatory?
Bridie 9:15am Thu 5 May
Sickly smile
I have to agree with all that has been said. The same dreadful false smile, and annoying voice. Time she took early retirement and gave us all a break.
Shep wilson 8:58am Sun 1 May
RICH HALLS 4:41pm Thu 21 Apr
I hadn't seen your review when I wrote mine.....but we're certainly both on the same wavelength!!!!!
Bex 1:02am Wed 20 Apr
What with the incredibly annoying accent, the 'Nooo nooo nooos' and yesterday, when referring to Madonna - 'The pointy boobies' I think many of us have had enough of this very silly, simpering woman. Time to get rid???!!
Bex 12:56am Wed 20 Apr
Can only watch Lorraine with the sound turned down
Her accent is awful,worst presenter on STV
Mary 9:17am Fri 15 Apr
Agree with BH,but Amanda
She is worse than Lorraine and has very little talent and not the best looking
liz 7:59pm Wed 13 Apr
She's back!
With ghastly exaggerated accent and babyspeak - boobies (who on earth says THAT) and all the 'Oh no no no nos'. Do ge rid!!!
BH 8:51am Wed 13 Apr
Thank goodness!!
Got rid of that dreadful presenter, Fiona Philips, in favour of Amanda Holden. A breathe of fresh air!!! She would, in fact, be better than Lorraine. AMANDA has a nice ring to it!!!!!
Chloe 8:35am Mon 4 Apr
I changed channel to BBC Breakfast a few years ago, and have no regrets. Very professional and interesting guests. (nothing wrong with Lorraine's accent by the way)
A.SCOT 9:50am Fri 1 Apr
Fiona Phillips
i can't stand this woman first thing in the morning! She is the most unnatural presenter I have ever see she makes mistakes constantly and she lacks personality and intelligence her opinions and views non existent get her off please!!!!!
kayster 9:11am Fri 1 Apr
Lorraine jelly
Dreadful smile and dreadful accent and dreadful personality. Please someone stop it! Now!
Shep wilson 6:12pm Wed 30 Mar
oh thats great
oh thats great , yes, hm, great ,good, i know basically all she says
benzy 9:07am Thu 17 Mar
Lorraine kelly
She is so pretentious and shallow. Everyone she has on her show is her favourite or her best. Surely other people find her sickly. Shove her off and get someone decent in, but NOT holly willoughby who is equally as trash.
Namaste 9:26am Tue 15 Mar
All she does is wave her arms about CONTINUALLY and giggle like a school girl, its so obvious she is married to someone in TV please she needs to retire, she is so false.
Jan 9:09am Mon 7 Mar
lorraine kelly
So shallow and pretentious, time for a change itv, get her and that fiona kicked to the kerb
sparkie01 9:21am Wed 2 Mar
She is not my choice but it is lovely to watch when Mark brings his fashions on, she doesnt keep gushing ooh I like that, ooh I like that, she actually says what she feels. Does anyone actually read these comments, I think not because Lorraine will keep waving her arms about constantly, cant speak without doing it. so annoying.
Jan 9:26am Tue 16 Feb
Not Fiona Philips please!!
Why does she get wheeled in when Lorraine goes on a break when she was kicked of breakfast telly years ago??
Col 12:26pm Mon 15 Feb
Stop waving hands at every interview so annoying
Diva26 8:49am Thu 4 Feb
Lorraine kelly
So annoying with her childish way of speaking and obviously not interested shows when she gives a one second smile,especially when talking to daily chef. So false
Bored viewer 12:47pm Thu 28 Jan
PLEASE Lorraine DONT always talk with your hands, you were talking to a couple today and they never moved their hands, then theres you looking like some kind of morse code, its ridiculous, I have to look away its sooo annoying and unnecessary
Jan 8:51am Thu 28 Jan
I always know...
My Day will start right with Lorraine and a Kettle of Tea!
Patty O'Porch 8:02am Wed 27 Jan
ITV Morning
I gave up watching anything on ITV in the mornings a few years ago. BBC Breakfast is more interesting and professional
Taylor 7:03pm Tue 26 Jan
Lorraine is an irritant
She cannot interview to save her life the only time she ever disagrees with people are younger reality stars who arent really able to defend themselves give her someone famous and she grovels at their feet she agrees with everything and when shes stumped which is often! she waves her hands in the air and gives that annoying chuckle every 2 mins kate garraway would be brill i cannot watch it anymore she drives me mad
Ren 6:13pm Tue 26 Jan
A ray of Sunshine...
Couldn't be brighter!
Audry Meadows! 6:10am Fri 8 Jan
She helps me empty my bowels in the mornings
HAHAHA 1:22pm New Years Eve
mmm mmm
Love Lorraine in the A.M.
Jack Mehoeffer 6:59am Wed 9 Dec
Well said! There are few presenters now who do speak intelligible English from all regions of the UK.So either watch or don't.
A.SCOT 10:46am Sat 5 Dec
Switch the channel
Stupid, annoying, patronising BINT.
The Toastman 3:01pm Fri 4 Dec
Why is she more Scottish now?
Thicker accent than when she started on TV but why? Has she forgotten how to speak intelligible English? And if I hear her say "that's greeeaaat, fantastic, I like that,wow" and any other false emotional outbursts I'll throw something at the TV!
Pablo 8:45am Fri 4 Dec
Warm hearted
This Programme always makes me get on with my day!
Anita Gofradump 8:19am Fri 20 Nov

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