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Why does ITV persist with Lorraine not only is she crap and never in work .... The other presenters are far better- the woman is lazy and useless
Sturl 9:52am Tue 23 Aug

Dont watch
If people dont watch the programme when shes back then they may get the message.ratings will fall and there may be a replacement
Post again 9:43am Wed 10 Aug
YAY at last
Lisa Snowdon, what a breath of fresh air, I hope she stays, she is grown up and natural, so different to Lorraine and Fiona
Jan 9:18am Tue 9 Aug
Someone please tell me, this is the third wonderful week she has not been on, has she left.
Jan 9:09am Mon 8 Aug
Low rain or high pain
Dreadful woman with terrible personality and such a false accent and demeanour. Please it get rid now! Sickly smile annoys me too!
Sam snead 7:22pm Thu 4 Aug
School hols
As previous comment I dont see why she takes them either. It must be something she has stipulated Inher contract or she'll go. Exit stage right (asap) I say. Also why does she have that picture of herself on the wall? Smug individual who does nowt.
no fan 8:41am Thu 4 Aug
At least Fiona is a genuine person not like Kelly who hides behind a front like a sea wall so no one can take her precious job.she has no personality at all.also takes too many school holidays-why ??
Not a fan any longer 9:08pm Fri 29 Jul
Please put gabby back on while Lorraine is off, Fiona is not good, she does not even well turned out this morning
Morning 9:11am Tue 26 Jul
No improvement
Fiona flipping Phillips, for goodness sake, its gone from bad to worse, then some one tells me Lorraine is only on holiday, not been axed, could my day get any worse.
Jan 8:37am Tue 26 Jul
From bad to worse.
You get rid of one bore and then bring Fiona in, PLEASE NO, Gabby could fill in but why not bring a NEW up and coming person, give some one else a chance.
Jan 8:41am Mon 25 Jul
Has she or hasnt she
Has Lorraine been given the chop?? I read that she had, but they might have been trying to cheer me up.
Jan 8:00pm Sat 23 Jul
Prev comment
Your comment was fine until you got onto the ageism bit. Hope you make it to a certai n age because the alternative is naff.
once more 7:29pm Thu 21 Jul
NOT lovely Gaby!!
Its time this programme got a complete shake-up and moved away from the dreadful Lorraine herself and old has-been stand-ins Gaby Roslin and even worse Fiona Philips!!!!! In the words of the song....Theres gotta be something betta than this....
Sadie 8:14am Thu 21 Jul
Lorraine has a vast square head ,no?
kimmi 9:21am Wed 20 Jul
Hooray NO Lorraine.
Lovely Gabby, no false-ness no childish giggling, no ohhh I like that, and best of all n o arm waving, PLEASE Lorraine where ever you are, stay there. I have enjoyed the last 2 days without you. Gabby is so natural.
Jan 9:08am Wed 20 Jul
I have to wonder does anyone
Really watch this drivel,she is an insult to Glaswegians
Liz 2:37pm Sat 16 Jul
Please tie her hands together,and do something about her hair,it is a mess
Mary 9:27am Fri 15 Jul
Life is not.....
..sugary sweet as thiis over-enthusiastic, over the top, child-womanl would have you believe
Marg 8:40am Fri 15 Jul
High pain helly
Silly and generally dreadful. I detest this woman who is in all honesty talentless. She should do us all a favour and retire.
Dave the rave 8:17pm Thu 14 Jul
Prev comm
I did not see it but you have to wonder whst a professional Dr Hilary thought.......
once more 1:21pm Thu 14 Jul
Everything is presented in such a simpering baby faced pathetic style with her hands waving about . Doctor Hillary was on describing a new toe separator and she immediately said oh to help your tootsies eh Please get rid of this utterly dreadful woman
Din 9:16am Thu 14 Jul
I hate Lorraine
I switched on today thinking Ellen was presenting the show, but no we have Lorraine waving her arms about and keeps on that childish giggle, she is so false. Love Love Love Ellen.
Jan 9:17am Tue 12 Jul
Lorraine Kelly
The 56 year old teenager!
Bex 8:58am Fri 8 Jul
I too am a Scot and cannot stand to listen to Lorraine or watch her prancing around on the catalogue adverts.
AP67 9:53am Thu 7 Jul
Glaswegan accent
The trouble is she overdoes it a bit like Lulu. Either that or she is more fishwife.
once more 5:37pm Wed 6 Jul
Mary's comment
It says something if Lorraine's voice even makes a Scot's flesh crawl!!!
Jez 7:06am Wed 6 Jul
Please stop it!
Flicked through channels and saw and heard this dreadful woman again today. False, sickly and generally horrible. Enough said.
Pat the lad 5:54pm Mon 4 Jul
....Amanda Holden to Lorraine and definitely to Fiona Philips!!
Mo 9:16am Mon 4 Jul
As a Scot Lorraine makes my
Flesh creep so does the way she talkes like a glesga keel ie
Mary 6:09pm Sun 3 Jul
Sure, sure, indeed, indeed,
Very, very, noooo, noooo, noooo, MY LOVE, MY ANGEL. Do we really have to put up with this??????
Daisy May 8:39am Fri 1 Jul
Joe Ego
Agree with your comment
Liz 10:48am Tue 28 Jun
once more
"middle sged woman"? Sagged-in-the-middle woman more like.
Jimmy Eight-Times 7:29pm Wed 1 Jun
Fiona Philips!!!!!!!
No!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cant stand her!!!!!
Mo 8:52am Wed 1 Jun
Inane Kelly
Ghastly woman - false and patronising moron.
Joe Ego 11:01pm Fri 27 May
Sickly smile
Doesn't anyone read these reviews? No-one likes her so please take her off the air and stop it now, please. Dreadful smile, accent and personality!
Shep wilson 8:50am Fri 27 May
Prev comm
once more 5:46pm Wed 25 May
Past sell by date
Isn't it time Lorraine went
Exec 5:36pm Wed 25 May
That's better
Instant bowel relief
HAHAHA 4:19pm Fri 20 May
Wow its so so so so so so bad
She is so fake. The other presenters look half crazed. This tv show is a shower of s***
Tom 1:55pm Fri 20 May
One comment to basically say she should act her age does not constitute constant moaning about her.
once more 10:49pm Thu 19 May
Once More
Well stop moaning about Lorraine then!
confused 9:27pm Thu 19 May
don't be. Why should we turn over when we want someone else to take up this prime slot. There are lots of female presenters who could do a much better job or male (no sexism intended).
once more 7:03pm Thu 19 May
I too switched off ages ago couldnt stand any more. Wonder if they read their reviews?
Ex Viewer 10:18am Thu 19 May
If you don't like Lorraine. Switch over. I did years ago. Simple!!
confused 7:30pm Tue 17 May
Noo noo....tine to grow up or get off. Afterall you are a middle sged woman now.
once more 2:55pm Tue 17 May
And the wray, and amount of times, she says 'Sure'!! Not noticed? Have a listen!!!
Nolikey 1:16pm Tue 17 May
The stupid, skittish, KITTENISH, clipped way this 50-something woman speaks!!! And referring to MarK Heyes as ANGEL this morning!!! Who does she think she is??
Nolikey 8:46am Tue 17 May
The accent, the 'Hmmm hmmms', 'Noo noo noo' and calling people 'Love'. What a very silly, annoying woman! Time for a change?
GH 11:49am Mon 16 May
Time to go
Lorraine Kelly lets others do the work for her whilst she reaps the benefits. All she does is that stupid giggle and a few ums and aa,s. Also why does she still time off at school holiday eg the 6/7 weeks in summer.
Wool not pulled over my eyes 6:15pm Fri 6 May
Previous Comment
So What????
A.P. 1:31pm Thu 5 May

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