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Money for Nothing Comments
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made out of a petrol can looks like.......a petrol can! The wooden table looks like........a wooden table with red paint splodged over it! The chair looks ..........covered in some old curtain. Certainly money for nothing!.
georgie 4:26pm Fri 21 Jul
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I saw you coming
Harry Enfield was there first
Cynic 4:02pm Fri 21 Jul
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all inclusive?
There's 138 miles from the tip to Wolverhampton, plus the cost of the van rental. Is this included in the cost? Why didn't they use the Walsall tip, its only down the road.
observant . 3:55pm Sat 1 Jul
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£150 For painting two chairs. Are you having a giraffe? Legalised robbery.
bluebird. 2:52pm Tue 23 May
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Complete and utter Crap
Pathetic show with bearded morons posing as craftsmen egged on by stereotypical Chelsea horror supplying them with garbage - which is eventually sold on to idiots with more money than sense.
Far Corfe 1:41pm Sun 21 May
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1950's Dolls House
I find it incrediable that someone would take to the tip a complete 1950's dolls house complete with retro furniture - and a family piece to boot. Some of the stuff is wonderful and some isn't. I enjoy watching it.
anniegetyourgun 9:26pm Thu 11 May
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same again,Oh, purleeze !
Anthony upholsters,Again! smithers of Stamford buys it. Again! A pattern forming here.
sofa. so bad. 4:39pm Mon 1 May
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There are other words!
Like the programme but if I hear 'amazing' once more I shall scream.
Neo 4:42pm Sun 30 Apr
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free plug.
More like money for old rope. Funny it's always the same people that buy the stuff. Perhaps it's to give their business a free plug. The profits should be given to charity.
sofa so good. 8:31pm Thu 27 Apr
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Brilliant show.
It's a fun concept and OK you might not buy the stuff yourself, but I have watched every show and find it fascinatins.
Milouthedog 7:42pm Thu 27 Apr
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Crap for crap
Watched a show - what is this crap program about. Oh its for arty farty by the arty farty. The presenter is so arty farty. Could not operate a simple sewing machine yet she is supposed to be some 'Expert' Yeah expert in conning folk with more money than sense to see thro the crap she gets made
Chips for Free 4:07pm Mon 17 Apr
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Some of the pieces are absolutely fabulous and I would like to buy some of the more expensive unsold pieces. I do some renovations myself ..... for myself and family and friends, not commercially so this programme is great for giving ideas on what could be done. Thank you .
Chilled out baby 7:38pm Sat 15 Apr
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Interesting programme involving members of the public and designers/crafts people who do clever things with objects destined for the 'tip'.
CreativeJan 6:18pm Fri 14 Apr
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Unbelievable Tat
Are the public supposed to believe this? Absolute crap, no one actually buys this stuff, made up to make the program interesting, lets face it no one would watch if it was No money for nothing
Tish 4:16pm Fri 14 Apr
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BBC scraping the barrel
This is a terrible programme made on the cheap. Whilst some may say what they do is art, personally I think it's tat. Who would pay these prices? This is why people think the arts are a joke, whilst real artists spend a lot of time honing their craft to produce something beautiful and thought provoking. Wont be watching again
Glazed Barry 4:32pm Wed 12 Apr
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Lost its charm
Programme no longer believable or creditable. Are we to believe people pay high prices for such ugly stuff even if quite well crafted? And thumbs down to anyone who does not give their profit (BBC cash by the way) to charity
Oliveoyl 4:49pm Tue 11 Apr
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Arty Farty
What a crap show, it show how gullible some rich folk are, cause its been worked on by 2 arty farty guys to convert some old wood worth 10 quid into a desk and a stool with a different leg to the other three and then sold to some stupid guy for £699.
the real world man 4:41pm Tue 11 Apr
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The shop owner said she would add a mirror to the dressing table to dress it up. Sarah had discarded the original which was in good nick......funny that!
georgie 12:29pm Mon 10 Apr
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What 3 people 1 coffee ta
Cant believe it took 3 people to mend and repaint a old coffee table no wonder it cost £165 to repair when 1 man could have done this or a monkey
Bea Parratt 7:55am Mon 10 Apr
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Liking the new series but Sarah please note - the plural of octopus is octopuses not octopi.
Neo 7:39pm Fri 7 Apr
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The two lads Josh and Olli are clueless they be lost without all the technology even their mitre saw is computer controlled. They hadn't a clue how to cut the oak into planks and the sideboard was atrocious they used very little of the oak and what they use they did nothing to.
Tonyf 10:10pm Thu 30 Mar
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Money for a lot...
How is it money for nothing when Sarah spends hundreds of pounds for some 'hipster craftsman' to convert a piece of old furniture into some crappy piece of furniture? Has noone noticed she may get the old piece of furniture from a skip in Altrincham but then she takes it to Bristol or South London or West Sussex to be worked on? No mention of transport costs here... Clearly not for the average person to be able to simply clean up a piece of old furniture and sell it for a decent amount of money.
Sazzle 4:07pm Thu 30 Mar
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Where are these mugs?
How I'd love to find all these people who have more money than sense that will pay a fortune for these cobbled together items. It would be cheaper to build a new piece of furniture from scratch and it would look better too. This show is for the rich and stupid not the ordinary folk.
Pixikins 11:54am Tue 28 Mar
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Where is Sarah?
Like Jay, but where is Sarah? Is she ok? Does any one know?
IseeTV 6:41pm Thu 23 Mar
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Why do we never see on a later programme the things unsold at time of programme When sold going back to the people Sarah got them from and showing us the profit made hand over
maggie 4:36pm Sun 12 Feb
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love it
Love the voice over, love Sara, some designs are crap and noting to do with real world, but still a great idea too use brain before throwing usable stuff away!
Eden 1:53am Sun 8 Jan
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Cannot believe that angle iron and rotten wood sideboard sold for over £500 , there must be some very stupid people down South , or is it a case of the King is in the all together .
Stevey B 4:20pm Mon 2 Jan
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I get fed up with the amount of times she says "cool". Sounds so silly and false.
The Critic 11:52am Fri 30 Dec
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Brilliant concept
There's nothing else like this on tv.
Harry 3:18pm Thu 22 Dec
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No way!
That ridiculous dining chair painted all black with one blue leg could be yours for an amazing price...wait for it......£75!!! Taste is personal In know but you don't have to be stupid too. ......
get real 10:11pm Fri 18 Nov
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I'm enjoying this programme. I love some of the items and hate others, but taste is personal. I don't mind voice over either ... Not as irritating as some I could mention.
Avid re-cycler 3:52pm Fri 18 Nov
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i love it
I really love this as its so relaxing - good for stress - we need more like this xxx
catnip 7:06pm Thu 17 Nov
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It's set up
The whole thing is staged and her friends do well out if it too. Ludicrous charges to turn tat into more tat to sell on which no one in their right mind would want......except heh to be on the telly!
get real 5:01pm Mon 14 Nov
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Is it a con
When she goes to see the person who donated the goods, with photos, it's always someone who has a posh house-something fishy!
mojowic 4:28pm Mon 14 Nov
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Who are these idiots?
Some of the transformations are hideous and who are these numpties that pay a fortune for this trash? Totally unrealistic; I can't even watch it because it makes me so angry.
TinkyTonk 10:52am Wed 26 Oct
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Awesome show
Love this show, fantastic ideas from the artisans can't understand the haters here. To manufacture one off items takes a lot of time. They are not being made in China in high numbers. Great show, great presenter great artists!!
Dave Chester 7:56pm Wed 20 Jul
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Broadcasting Boring Crap
HAHAHA 4:16pm Fri 20 May
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Cash for Trash
I guess that's what the new owners of these re-crafted items seem prepared to spend. I do my own recycling/re-purposing, but would deem it downright cheek to ask even a fifth of the prices Sarah claims to get for them.
Tigger 4:39pm Thu 19 May
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Not selling
a lot of the stuff this series. No wonder with the ridiculous prices asked.
once more 9:19pm Thu 12 May
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Keeping her friends busy
The same small group of artisans are given wads of money to turn unwanted stuff into stuff for people with,apparently,more money than sense.There's never a mention of how long these transformations take,either.Some of the items are good,but others,well,desperation to prove a point,springs to mind.
Lizzie 3:15pm Thu 12 May
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Stupid concept
What is the point of this Show?It would only make Sense IFA All proceeds weint to charity
Hub 4:33pm Fri 6 May
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Oh pleeze
The "depressing" brown chair has turned into a depressing green one!
once more 4:22pm Tue 3 May
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do they have some silly voice over the guy does my head in with stupid jokes etc
mossie 8:33am Tue 3 May
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Shiver me timbers
says the voice over. Quite right too. Turning trash into more trash......
once more 3:56pm Mon 2 May
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I watch the programme, sometimes, but it annoys me so much. It's so unrealistic and pointless. It's like getting my cat to walk paint all over a canvas and sell it £1000.
Monica 3:11pm Sat 23 Apr
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Don't believe it!
Everything is fabricated, I know one of the businesses featured, the programme is ridiculous!
Sven 8:08am Wed 20 Apr
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Money for nothing
and your chics for free
knopler 10:31am Sun 3 Jan
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Money for hoarders
I think t would be a good idea If Sarah went into a Hoarders house and renovated items there
fairy elephant 12:46pm Thu 24 Sep
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The presenter claims to have sold wooden spoons and chopping boards to a Glasgow shop for a very high price. Take a look at the shop,(Rowdie Roddy's) it seems to only sell kids clothes & kids room decoration.
Manky Franky 3:58pm Mon 21 Sep
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Good ideas
enjoy the ideas they have although some are ridiculously costly. I agree with' once more' comments below.
Mak 4:27pm Fri 18 Sep
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