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Harry Selfgridge
You can't leave Now you can fight this tell them what it Means to you go to the Bank make them Deal that they Can't Refuse So Bring all your Family Back what will Roger think Think about Him
LauraMitchell844@ Gmail. Com 10:18pm Fri 11 Mar

Winter months!
Love this Drama. The acting superb throughout the whole cast. Well written and it catches the essence of the actual period of that time. Watching Mr. Selfridge gives me a lift through the cold miserable winter. Please continue for us all...
shas 7:21pm Sun 31 Jan
last season good....now not so much
pete 6:53pm Fri 29 May
I had really looked forward to the new series, but I am sorry to say that I was really disappointed. I found it boring, and the storyline virtually non-existent. I shall not watch again.
Ex-Selfridge Viewer 11:40am Mon 26 Jan
The writing and the acting nosedived into bland soap opera fodder.
Maxs 5:58am Fri 13 Jun
great show!
this is real quality tv series! love everything about it. SO SO GOOD!
ROSIE 12:49am Wed 28 May
Poor Harry
I do hope lord locksley get his due desert or I will go insane waiting for the next series. TOTALLY HOOKED ON SELFRIDGE.
Patty13 10:10am Wed 19 Mar
Weekly Reapeats???
With the last series of Mr Selfridge there were weekly repeats every Sunday afternoon. Has this now stopped???
Stanzi 12:57pm Tue 4 Mar
Love this programme and it's characters. It's interesting and easy to watch. Keeps you wondering what some of the characters are up to.
Pebbles 12:27am Wed 19 Feb
Wonderful cast
Series like these should be more on TV. I love it. People who do not like it don't need to watch but don't stop the series for us who love watching it please.
Jalli49 2:53am Wed 18 Sep
Dull, dull, dull
Destroy 12:26pm Wed 21 Aug
Yes, More of this type of drama
Love all the actors, have not enjoyed a very good drama series in a long time. More please.
frootfel1 7:59pm Thu 2 May
Love Masterpiece
And I love Mr Selfridge - the cast is great, Piven is a great pick to play a arrogant American. Yay for season 2!
GameofThronesLover 9:05pm Fri 19 Apr
I've watched one episode. Found it paralysingly boring. Didn't like Paradise much, either. Bring back The Wire.
Ms. Lawrence 12:46am Fri 12 Apr
its brilliant.
absolutley love mr sellfridge, cant wait for the next series.
maureen 12:27pm Wed 3 Apr
Presentation better than theme
The visual and audio are stunning, worthy of merits and awards. Too many scenes, however, are not suitable for general family viewing, reducing its audience potential for public television Sundays.
Arrow 9:19pm Mon 1 Apr
Expected more
Not sure if I'll give 2nd episode a go or not.
mrgus 6:22pm Mon 1 Apr
Mr. Selfridge
Acting abilities and writing go all the way from A to B. Ho hum.
chickiedoc. 5:53pm Mon 1 Apr
Really miss it
Think the casting is brill. Plots are well thought out. Very enjoyable more program's like this please.
Shelly 11:28am Mon 25 Mar
not on!
Love me Selfridge.....why not on this week.....hate that, was looking forward to it all day!
madellq 9:13pm Sun 17 Mar
mr selfridge
hes really boring in real life as well as in this. bin it
that alien from roswell 11:57pm Mon 11 Mar
Nothing Special
I personally found it a bit ineventful and boring.
avid quizzer 10:56am Mon 11 Mar
Mr selfridge
Please please let there be more!
Shopaholic 10:05pm Sun 10 Mar
2nd series?
Watched last episode thtat has left me wanting more.... Please tell me there is a 2nd series planned,
Big fan 10:05pm Sun 10 Mar
When will the next series be??
This has to be one of my fave shows ever. No nasty bits, orswear scenes - perfect!!
slmitchell90 7:00pm Sun 10 Mar
Love it!
Great drama, keeps me tuned in without fail. Roll on series 2
CB 2:38pm Sun 10 Mar
Mr Selfridge
I think Mr Selfridge drama is excellent. It is the best series I have seen for a long time and the acting is superb. I hope the series returns.
Joanie 6:02pm Fri 8 Mar
If you have ever worked at Selfridges you immediately connect. Excellent Cast and realistic story lines Thank you Mr Selfridge
Dolly 10:18pm Sun 3 Mar
Best Actor
Jeremy Piven acts this part brilliantly. Being in business I can relate to it. Well done !
raggles 8:06pm Sun 3 Mar
Typical ITV pandering dross to the imbecilic, uneducated viewers
DROSS 2:10pm Sun 3 Mar
he is sinister or what! Hope he gets found out and Harry beats him up - oops sorry!
avid quizzer 12:29pm Mon 25 Feb
Excellent Mr selfriidge is brilliant
Great series - cant wait for next episode. Great to watch a show without violence. I luv it, Very disappointed at not being able to see a repeat later in the week. Gutted I can't watch missed episodes or catch up. Would love to see it on BBC TV+ CHANNELS
jennie n 10:17pm Sun 24 Feb
Excellent series: Mr. Selfridge
Had reservations after recording episode 1 totally missed episode 2 then have really got into it! Can't wait for the next episode, so many story lines - fab
Summertime 11:53pm Sat 23 Feb
Jeremy Pivens
The worst actor I have ever seen. The story line is great and the rest of the staff are super.
Geogie 1:14pm Tue 19 Feb
Have watched every episode and loved every minute. Well cast, well acted and very entertaining. I hope there will be a new season.
Margaret 6:35pm Mon 18 Feb
Fantastic Series
Really enjoying Mr Selfridge, the cast are all really well cast. Mr Selfridge is great and look forward to seeing it every week! One of the best series on the television
Sacha 11:45pm Sun 17 Feb
love it
missed sundays but theres no repeat only on i player have to watch repeats of everything else you need to put it on later in the week for people who miss it
gutted 12:54pm Mon 11 Feb
love this programme and katherine kelly doing a great job. hope there will be a 2nd series
matt 12:12am Tue 5 Feb
Really love it
In my opinion much better than the Paradise who previous commenters compete it too. The characters are much more rounded and have lads of interesting side stories going on. Can't wait to see the next episode.
Takethe5th 5:39pm Wed 30 Jan
Slow Burner
I am actually warming to this despite my earlier reservations. A good episode and am really looking forward to next one.
bemused 11:17pm Sun 20 Jan
the paradise a much better period drama
I have watched both episodes of Mr Selfridge and I have to say it is really dull. The shop lacks in colour and the casting is awful, Unlike BBC's The Paradise where their set is filled with colour and warmth. The characters were much more interesting in the Paradise. Although saying that I will continue watching Mr Selfridge as I am waiting on the return of the paradise.
stephanie x 2:13pm Sun 20 Jan
It's not paradise
Good to fall asleep to.
Alfsmum 9:15pm Sat 19 Jan
great luv it,its good to watch something thats not violent.
lally 3:56pm Fri 18 Jan
I watched both episodes to give this a chance but found it incredibly dull. Poor dialogue, wrong castings, thin plot, stereotypical characters, clunky and poor dialogue. There is no intrigue, no suspense. Not a patch on The Paradise.
Amy 2:11pm Wed 16 Jan
I personally thought Katherine Kelly doing posh was like she is reading a cue board, not realistic at all.
bemused 6:35pm Tue 15 Jan
Piven is son of 'Go Compare actor'
It felt one long commercical with Piven waving his arms about like the 'Go Compare' actor and his Californian bright teeth like a toothpaste advert N.B He is Producer of the production!!
doraformthedumo 3:43pm Tue 15 Jan
So awful its good : Must be an expensive joke : What nut did the casting of this soap
Cassandra 4:23pm Mon 14 Jan
Mr selfridge
I really feel they have chosen the wrong actor for Mr selfridge. You instantly really warm to the owner of the Paradise. But I just don't warm to Mr selfridge. He doesn't seem nice and I really feel the show won't hold the audience because he's the wrong man for the job. Sorry!
Caspar 7:36pm Fri 11 Jan
Mr Selfridge Shines
Just watched the first episode of Mr Selfridge. It was fantastic and Selfridge was so brilliantly portrayed by Jeremy Piven. He was chstismatic snd believable. And Katherine Kelly is such a superb actress as the complete opposite to Becky in Corrie. Knew shed be fantastic and that she certainly is in ambudance!!! All the characters are well acted and i particularly like the shop assistant with the red gloves and Miss Love. Cant wait for next episode it was so brillisnt and very watchanle so much so watched it twice!!
suxi q 1:04am Fri 11 Jan
Loved it. Like Downton Abbey when it was good in season 1. Where's the repeat?
Tom 9:00pm Mon 7 Jan

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