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Benefit cap
I think the benefit cap is right £40 spent on cigarettes and beer in stead of heating he has his priorities wrong benefit is for rent,bills and food. If they want cigarettes and beer go and get a job it's wrong that they can buy things like that with benefit money, it's about time they got voucher to make sure the money is being spent properly rather than paying there rent, it's a disgrace that this is allowed to happen from our tax money.
Eric 10:11pm Wed 5 Apr
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Woman looking after daughters kids
Why shouldn't she have to pay out of the kids money for rent they need a roof over their head
Cpcs360steve 9:35pm Wed 5 Apr
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Chris Grayling mp
bare faced liar
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Housing Corporation and mal administration
I was told in 1991 to buy a part of a shared ownership through a housing association which has changed it names many times and now it is called AmicusHorizon Ltd. Back in 1991 they had a negative equity problem with these properties and they went about selling the terrible leases misrepresenting them. When this was put to the Ombudsman he found evidence of mal administration, however the Housing corportation told me that their guidelines had not been breached ! And I found many other interesting things, lucky for me I kept the documentation which they gave me and now I give copies back to them every time I pay the rent. It is insulting that the law seems to protect those who don't have integrity.
livepeanuts 12:15am Tue 26 Oct
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Small print is responsible
for more misery than enough.
ban small print 7:00pm Mon 25 Oct
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The Great Housing Rip Off
Slumlords, scum of the earth. They have proved a second time around that they are no good as landlords. More council housing needed please.
Ripped Off No More 6:29pm Mon 25 Oct
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Pension charges
At least Dick Turpin had the grace to wear a mask.
Victim 3:06pm Mon 4 Oct
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Pension charges
At long last a programme dedicated to the affect pension charges have on a UK investors retirement fund.
fleecing 1:37pm Mon 4 Oct
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Licence fee!
So this is where my fee is going! Not on decent, entertaining, original programming ( not repeats, cheap reality shows, stupid low grade family shows the One Show with that welsh woman) but on paying the top dogs of the BBC. Shameful!
Devonshire Lass 9:03pm Mon 20 Sep
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The truth but not the whole truth
Is it true the BBC pointed out to Panorama they may wish to not delve in to how much their own employees get paid? Great journalism from the BBC!!
Franzium 7:46pm Mon 20 Sep
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Medicines regulator
Read a book on the Internet called The One Minute Cure to wipe out millions from the UK Health Bill.
proaim2 9:36pm Mon 6 Sep
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does whatever it likes? why do they behave like terrorists too?
? 7:03pm Mon 16 Aug
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Unwanted dogs
A dog license is needed,when the goverment takes more interest in licenses for TV than for dogs it is a sad state of affairs.If you don't buy a TV license you are found out and prosecuted,if they used the same tactics for dog owners things would be alot better.The money raised could be used to track down these people with illegal dogs,after all a TV isn't a dangerous thing but a dog can be.Thankyou BBC for doing this programme.
Annie 6:30pm Sun 8 Aug
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Dog owners and Dogs
Staffies are only cute if YOU want them to be. Most of the time they would prefer to do what staffies like doing best - that is kill, hunt, fight, etc. This attracts People who want more of this.
Natural Barbie 10:04am Sat 7 Aug
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How Can I Help?
I'm a behaviouralist and I know that I can help these poor misunderstood staffies/unwanted throw away dogs if I could just get someone to listen to me. Even in the write up for tomorrow nights Panomara it says "Investigations reveal that many of the animals are aggressive" ... BULL!!! This is immediately giving the viewing public the impression that these dogs are bad dogs. They are just dogs who have been misunderstood and messed up through human error - this can be easily rectified. The problem that isn't so easily rectified is stopping the ignorant humans that breed or mistreat these animals and use them as money making machines.
Jo the Dog Listener . com 8:37pm Sun 1 Aug
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staffies are NOT yobdogs
staffie are NOT aggressive status dogs.. many of them are loving,. funny loyal pets. Its disgraceful to see how many are simply thrown away,then destroyed by dog wardens and vets, despite being completely innocent and completely friendly. many people are silly enough to believe everything they believe in the tabloids. My advice is to actually meet some of the many homeless staffies looking for loving homes. and you will realise how silly, vulnerable and above all affectionate these little dogs are. and they are meant to be a SMALL breed.
lucywillow 2:41pm Tue 27 Jul
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The Cuts: Can You Fight Back?
Yes! Strike, bring the Tories Government down!!
Pro Labour 3:43pm Mon 10 May
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Re:we want more
Friend, vote Labour & we'll see you & your extended family are looked after.
Pro Labour 8:38pm Tue 20 Apr
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ying tong
Cheif Inspector Willyhobble 11:06pm Mon 19 Apr
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Proud Mum
I dont blame others and do my best! BNP=Nazism and not a solution. Proud of Britain and never give up. I love thy neighbour and loathe the bn as they are a useless bunch of racists .
Yorkshire lassy 8:28pm Mon 19 Apr
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Agree with Ashamed
Me too a proud mum, would have voted BNP but the recession has saved the parties dealing with crucial issue. My son cant get a job for all the damn pols and Lord mandy tells him to go Poland. I am not racist just fed up but take caution Nick Clegg, as you were pleading to be heard teh BNP will come good one day and listen to me, a proud parent
Proud Mum 8:15pm Mon 19 Apr
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we want more
I am an immigrant and living off benefits,THIS IS NOT ENOUGH. I can hardly afford the petrol in my mercedez car
mohamed the pervert. 8:10pm Mon 19 Apr
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Last one out switch the light off. My Beloved Britain a place where I want to leave. Politicians pamper to minority groups and are making me racisit. Why, because my son has just applied for an apprenticeship in Barnsley. The ad says, "We will give priority to BME and female groups. He has worked hard but I fear because he is white, male and british he stands no chance. Please do not suggest I am racist I just want a fair chance for my son since I have been off fighting our UK war as a soldier and for what so we can becme full. I am fast starting to hate the UK for all it stands for, nowt for my son but everything for newcomers because the politicians are institiontionally politically correct my white male son is excluded
A proud dad 8:07pm Mon 19 Apr
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Is Britain Full?
Vote BNP
The BNP Are Right! 4:39pm Mon 19 Apr
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What was this like?
Rubbishman 7:39pm Sat 17 Apr
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No. But still, what're you/i/us/them/anyone going to do about it? I tell you what - we're going to sit back and hope that somebody else sorts this mess out. And that's not going to happen for a while. Maybe not ever.
Sgt. Detritus 4:26am Thu 11 Mar
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how can we
These programmes are truly disturbing but how are we as individuals able to stop this wanton destruction
Kernow P 8:39pm Mon 22 Feb
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With every one of these examples of mankind's destruction I am more convinced that the root cause of every problem is that there are too many people in the world. Can you think of a single advantage to our current population?
Tog 7:38pm Mon 22 Feb
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like this reporter
style is cool and direct
jaypay 9:35pm Sun 21 Feb
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How's about that then
Hello I've got some puppies in my car.
Brown 8:03pm Mon 8 Feb
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There's no better investigative journalism programme
As per usual, a sensitive issue has been dealt with in an engaging, educational, and balanced way...excellent.
Truthseeker 9:12pm Mon 18 Jan
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A Country Headed by Thieves and Liars
I do not forget easily and shall certainly not forgive our corrupt MP's. We, 'the people' would be in court for they have done. One rule for 'us' a totally different one for them.
Nelly the Elephant 7:45pm Mon 7 Dec
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"Always", "Useless"
always always always always useless useless useless useless
Microsoft Paperclip 8:43am Mon 7 Dec
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People only have themselves to blame for debt. What idiot goes to a loan shark when they know they can't pay back. And they blame the loan shark for giving them a bad life!!!
... 9:00pm Mon 16 Nov
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dis prog 2daze wuz abt da loinshux wot teryorize dem peeps wot corzed da credy crunch. Fairy nuff sez i.
Klein 8:54pm Mon 16 Nov
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Repeat repeat repeat
I saw this programme in the early hours of this morning and they're repeating it again this evening. What is going on? The main channels repeat programmes so often nowadays, one could die of boredom watching more than 30 minutes in 24 hours. It's pathetic and cheapskate and we should all be objecting.
Hi 11:14pm Thu 5 Nov
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Freed to Offend Again
Our lieing government hiding the number of serious crimes committed so the figures don't look so bad ... Guy Faulkes had the right idea
Grumpy Oldman 12:56am Fri 30 Oct
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How come they let you out of the asylum?
True Blue 2:15pm Sun 25 Oct
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Why so racist, Britain?
The culture of violence we have in this country is sickening. You look at these people and the mind boggles. How can they possibly think what they are doing is acceptable? They think it's cool to victimise people based on some irrelavent difference and yet they don't realise just how sad and pathetic they are. It's all bravado. Have you noticed how the rarely behave this way without a crowd of equally moronic, gormless layabouts to applaud them? Seeing this sort of behaviour makes me deeply ashamed of this country. These idiots are claiming British pride when all they are doing is making a mockery of it. They claim that "pakis" come over here and take our jobs and yet at the same time argue that they come over here and abuse the benefit system. So which is it Mr Racist? For one thing, if every non caucasian-British person were to leave this country, the economy would be worse than it already is. The NHS would collapse as most medical proffesionals are of a different cultural origin. As for the benefit system. Well, these same violent morons who are hostile towards "foreigners" often brag about being on the welfare system. It's young single mothers and young men who won't get jobs who are crippling this countries finances. How pathetic, childish and petty it is to discriminate against someone because their skin has a different pigmentation to theirs because that is what racism essentially is. You may as well discriminate against someone because they're eyes are green and yours are blue.
Hannah 1:22am Fri 23 Oct
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Hate on the doorstep
If it weren't "race", it would be something else... surely it's the sickness of HATE that has flooded society? The "it's different so I'll thump it" mentality. Stupid, sheep-like bullies who never grow up. Whatever happened to Vive la Difference? Too foreign for us?
Presleythedog 9:02pm Mon 19 Oct
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Racism (19th Oct)
Although I know there are people with these ignorant attitudes in England I still found this deeply upsetting. I would genuinely and honestly FAR prefer to live in a racially & culturally diverse community and, having travelled & enjoyed the warm welcome, acceptance & hospitality of other cultures, feel deeply ashamed that anyone could be treated so dispicably.
LOVE ALL PEOPLE 8:54pm Mon 19 Oct
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More PC politicking
Yet again the BBC see fit to waste license payers money on creating a furore out of nothing ,as part of their pro immigration leftist propaganda.
Brian 9:59pm Sun 18 Oct
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Panaroma are really clutching at straws. All the allegations are either falsified or elaborated for example yes you do have to pay for uniforms but I Have worked for companies who also charge for your uniform. All Ryanair charges are not hidden- they are clearly shown in the booking process and even on the home page there is a link on the top that says fees which you can check before booking. Safety is on top of Ryanair concerns remember the bird strike at Rome airport and the plane crash landed on the runway- the cabin crew were praised for the quick response in getting everyone out. Ryanair is like a bus - do you complain on TV when you bus never turns up, when it does its full, dirty and smelly NO. Ryanair provides a great service at amazing prices.
MAPtravel 12:54pm Mon 12 Oct
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POOOOOOOOOO 8:32pm Mon 7 Sep
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Our tiny village finally on national television! Wait, yeah that sounds about right, the sewers flood here every few weeks and there are holes in the road which are collapsing into themselves, and no one is doing anything about it.
Kilbarchan 8:27pm Mon 7 Sep
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twhere is technology when you need it?
with all the technology in the world, we still cannot treat or filter sewer, pollution that pours into the seas. Cruise ships, ferries flush crude filth into the seas are the worst offenders. Evertything should be treated and disposed using our latest technology.
aksjdkjf 11:26am Mon 7 Sep
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Jayney Wayney
Good grief - is that what Vodkat does to you?
Mrs Cuthburtson 12:20am Tue 11 Aug
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Old Cluric chap
me think me drink good one night stylee lotsa fun no prob yold git.
Jayney Wayney 10:11pm Mon 10 Aug
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Smugglers' Tales
Shoot all drug dealers - no exceptions.
True Blue 5:37pm Mon 3 Aug
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Used to be good, now it's just boring....
Ted 8:27pm Sun 26 Jul
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