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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is Comments
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Its no good moaning about the voice overs because they are all old repeats, thats 90% of the show with the odd new one thrown in for good luck. We all know these shows are cheap tat, made for next to nothing.
GRIME REAPER. 4:18pm Thu 23 Feb
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Annoying Voice Over
This programme is now getting to the point of being "unwatchable" for my wife and myself. The voice-over "artist" is totally over-powering, inane and puerile . Is the programme for adults, or have they bowlder him from CBBC's ? The BBC made a major error in getting rid of Tim Wonnacott, haven't a clue why they did it, put pandering to the PC Brigade has reduced the BBC to the point of stupidity.
Augenblick 11:57am Sun 15 Jan
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What do tI he have to speak to us like 5 year olds??? Spoilt by the silly commentary
Dottie 5:38pm Fri 13 Jan
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Most annoying voice over
Cannot watch this programme any more due to the most annoying voice over ever! Change the presenter. PLEASE!!
Gill Mmmm 5:31pm Wed 11 Jan
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The narrator on this show is beyond childish in his tone.... Is this a CBeeebies show or a show for adults?
stetoye 12:46pm Mon 9 Jan
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David Harper thinks it's cleaver to cheat and up opponents costs at auction if he has to win that way he has no confidence in his own ability hardly in the spirit of things not nice
Nana 5:41pm Tue 3 Jan
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Infantile voiceover!
The dreadful and infantile voiceover/narration from this idiot, is absolutely insufferable! Everyone I speak to hates Stephen Taylor Woodrow's awfully hammy narration and has stopped watching the programme as a direct result. I realise none of these complaints make any difference to the arrogant BBC, but why they employ this man who resembles the worst kind of children's entertainer in his voiceovers, is a complete mystery to me and everyone I know. Utterly unwatchable! :(
Irked former viewer 6:07pm Mon 2 Jan
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The painting Kate purchased for 90 £ was rightly refused by a gallery. A Poor sea scene, normally not worth 50£. Then she drove all the way to Wales to a bloke who offered 260£. Farcical
paul 7:16pm Tue 22 Nov
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Complaints for Years
There have been complaints over this stupid little man that does the voice over on this programme - but nothing is done to take him off and have a normal decent narrator. Why does the BBC get rid of excellent people like Tim Wonnacot but continue to insult our intelligence with this stupid moron. Obviously viewing figures and the public's intelligence are not of interest to the BBC.
ex Viewer 3:28pm Fri 13 May
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The art of narration
I didn't realise how good Tim W. is until I heard this. As others have said, it's as if this narrator think's we're all deciding whether to look through the round window or the square window. More BBC dumbing down.
ChrisJG 4:53pm Wed 27 Apr
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Can't watch again.
I usually enjoy antiques based programmes, but the ghastly commentary which is incessant in this show is so annoying I will not risk it again.
Esjayen 11:22pm Mon 18 Apr
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Why the voiceover??
My wife watches this everyday. I dont mind but the voiceover man needs throttling. He is SO irritating. All he does is state the obvious in his annoying sing-song voice with a recap every two minutes as if we are a bunch of three year olds.
Gurj Singh 4:56pm Mon 30 Nov
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Kate Bliss
changes her outfit several times during the programme and they are all by a certain designer........umm
once more 1:00pm Fri 14 Aug
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Narrator spoils the show
What a ridiculous voiceover. He sounds like he should be on a children's programme. It spoils Put Your Money - grrrrr! Get rid of him, please.
Ando 5:20pm Thu 13 Aug
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Please ease get rid of Stephen Woodrow and the nicknames, I no longer watch this programme because of the inane chatter rising up and down all the time. He is appalling
Wifflesnoop 5:18pm Mon 3 Aug
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Annoying Commentator
I am so pleased to see that I am not alone in finding the man that does the voice over really aggravating! I have to fast forward the programme while he speaking. Get rid!!!
carol87 6:53pm Fri 31 Jul
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danny sebastion.
Idiot. Where is he from London or up north? He cant make up his mind. As for the squeeky voice do us all a favour and get rid. He makes me switch channel.
waffen john 5:11pm Fri 31 Jul
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Danny aka Del Boy
looks like he belongs on another show.
once more 4:50pm Wed 29 Jul
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I agree
The nicknames are awful and I watch it on fast forward, what I found interesting was that I noticed that the end bit with the suitcase reveals are all filmed at the same time for 5 days as I noticed they wear the same clothes - then I noticed they chop up the different auctions and car boots over the 5 days too. I realise they need to be careful when making these but it surprised me once I noticed.
big al 12:39pm Thu 19 Mar
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voice over
stopped watching this man drives me insane
mad mal 5:27pm Thu 5 Mar
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Don't think we can watch the programme anymore due to the childish voice over , pathetic antics the poor experts are forced to do & silly music.
Florence 7:06pm Mon 2 Mar
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Another First Timer
My wife and I are interested in antiques and enjoy "Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is" but the programme is spoilt by the inane commentary. This was my sole purpose in looking at this site - to see if anyone else shared my opinion. I wasn't disappointed! I agree with all of the comments and recommend he is replaced ASAP
gammock 3:40am Thu 26 Feb
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how on earth
that bliss woman has the nerve to ask the prices she does for the items she sells is beyond belief
mossie 5:40pm Fri 20 Feb
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Something must be done
This moron must be stopped. His childish dribble and pathetic puns destroy what would be a terrific programme. His nauseating narration makes me seasick and drains my serotonin. I suggest that we all chip together to have this pompous buffoon sent on a holiday to Dignitas.
weary old fart 4:46pm Mon 16 Feb
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Get some new ideas
Horrible smug commentator! Why not used cars? About as interesting!
MykaMac 8:48am Wed 12 Nov
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Oh please!!!!!!
Why, why, why do we have to listen to the idiot doing voice over? Does the BBC want people to stop watching? He's unbelievably annoying.
Rockchick 4:58pm Mon 10 Nov
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Would love to see a customer walking into one of the so called "experts" and offering them 50 per cent less than the asking price. They whole lot of them makes me cringe!
Carbootboy 5:04pm Wed 22 Oct
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Dumb and Dumber
Given up on these awful programmes with the constant repetition of catchphrases and prattling 'experts' haggling over a few quid with people trying to make a living
Disillusioned 5:21pm Thu 25 Sep
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Kate Bateman
Nice enough but terrible hair. Appropriate to comment as she is presenting.
ria b 6:05pm Thu 18 Sep
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Appalling Voice Over
cannot watch the show because of the appalling voice over...Thank goodness we have Tim commentating on Antiques Road Trip - Excellent programme.
Antique Lover 10:27am Wed 5 Mar
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Stephen who?
Can't watch this programme anymore - commentator is part of the company that produces it so nothing changes - what a waste of money
Val 9:08am Sun 23 Feb
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Who selects the so called "experts"
Mark Stacey ..what a sour spiteful wretch this man is,such a nasty person..why on earth is the creature on TV?
The Robster 8:08am Fri 21 Feb
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I pay money to listen to this garbage
. He can't need the money and I don't need him
John of Ashdown 4:38pm Tue 4 Feb
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paul hayes
Paul hayes is not fit to be in this program.The purpose is to make a nice profit to give to a chosen charity, paul on the other hand is trying is best to make less money as possible, its pathetic to watch him.I despair for the poor charity.get him out of the show please.
chesto 9:57pm Sat 2 Nov
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Jonty Hearnden/Paul Hayes
Jonty - Much too Greedy, its a game! Paul - Pleasure to watch, your fairness and integrity is to be congratulated.
Trish 4:46pm Fri 1 Nov
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Couldn't agree more
I like the programme a lot. It's a lot of fun and yes, some of the deals may be contrived but I still enjoy it. However I have to agree with the najority - it's all spoiled for me by the inane commentary. Grrrrr!
Old Fogey 1:59pm Tue 29 Oct
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my god
the money kate bliss was asking for her items was outrageous more fool her clients paying her at least eric knowles asked fair prices
mossie 11:27am Mon 21 Oct
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same old dross.....
Voice over man is awful. Nicknames awful. Fake ..
scooby 4:48pm Wed 9 Oct
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Me, too
Like everyone else, I can't stand to listen to the voice-over. One episode was all I could take.
Ugly American 8:54pm Thu 29 Aug
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celebrity dealers
they are not stop turning these antiques experts into some sort of celebrities and let them get on with making money even if they do rip of their contacts and stop that idiot doing the voice over please.
mossie 10:20am Thu 30 May
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put your money were your outhis.
they drive 100 miles to make a 8.00 profit you must think all viewers are idiots .
biscuits 5:06pm Wed 22 May
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Worst voice over
How much longer do viewers have to put up with such idiotic comments in a very silly voice. It is absolutely a huge turn off when trying to watch what would be a very good programme but spoilt by the voice over.
AnnieM 6:24pm Thu 14 Mar
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get rid of that voiceover idiot and we will all get back to watching it..
rmiles 5:15pm Fri 8 Mar
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Going mad!
Stephen Taylor Woodrow needs to realise this isn't a kids' programme. Childish alliteration and pathetic nicknames that serve only to titillate himself. Pathetic element in an otherwise enjoyable programme.
BlueJolz 4:53pm Wed 6 Mar
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Brian S
This is not Children's Hour! The voiceover is dreadful and not at all funny. Getrid of him, please!!!!!
antiqueman 3:18pm Wed 6 Mar
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Like the premise but not the VOICE
I've watched most of these series but this is the worst and most annoying by far. The commentary is inane and vacuous. Why are the 'experts' given stupid names? Why does the voice over use such a peculiar style of commentary, we're not 4 years old! Why is everything repeated so many times - oh, for selling to foreign markets with advert breaks of course! Please tone down both the script and the commentary or I'll have to follow my partner and stop watching - reluctantly but there's only so much dumbing down I can take.
Used to like this show 10:51pm Mon 4 Mar
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What is the point
Put your money where your mouth is was flawed from the start, as the winner isn't based on who haggled best or found the best items, its based on who has a better connection of friends to sell their items too. Not good.
StewartLowe 4:54pm Fri 1 Mar
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Inane voice over fellow is unnecessary and unworthy of the quality of the rest of the show. Love the chance to tour of out of the way car boot sales and small towns of England. Personalities of contestants are really fun. I hope we get some newer episodes here in the Bay Area (San Francisco, California, USA)
San Francisco Sue 12:23am Thu 28 Feb
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What a load of tosh
Cannot watch this anymore, I feel like throwing the television through the window
LAMMO 4:06pm Tue 26 Feb
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Commentary awful and childish
Good programme but would you get rid of the dreadful inane comments
JR 5:22pm Mon 25 Feb
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