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Bring back Lee
Lee Boardman's commentary was part of the fun of Road Wars -it was real 'switch off' TV. Not the same since we got Claire Goose doing the voiceover. We've switched over to Traffic Cops for our chav tv fix now I'm afraid ...
BadKat1974 9:09 pm Tue 13 Aug

love road wars
well I did till Claire goose took over from the sexy lee boardman (jez quigley from corrie)wont be watching road wars no more, she spoils it..bring back street wars plz:(
jackie 5:01 pm Fri 12 Jul
Mancunian accent
The narrator really adds to the show - everyone who is complaining, what would you like to hear? Dominic Littlewood? or perhaps a generic BBC accent? I get sick of hearing 'cockneys' on this sort of show so the (I presume) Mancunian accent makes it more interesting
Tom Day 11:16 am Tue 29 Jan
Give a moronic thug a uniform and a bit of power and they will always abuse it. Always.
Plod 5:41 pm Fri 14 Dec
Who votes for this sort of show?
All these types of shows are so obviously fake that the only people who can possibly think they are any good are the uniformed muppets who fake it in the first place.
Robert Peel 5:38 pm Fri 14 Dec
what about the dog?
Tonights episode showed a uninsured Asian male with his wife & 3 kids, she was dragging around a terrified staffy on a lead. Was anyone concerned about the dog?
kb 12:43 am Wed 12 Dec
Narrator is rubbish
I love Road Wars and watch many police programmes.... and I'm female! I cannot abide the narrator of Road Wars. He speaks like a real "numpty" - an uneducated one! I wish the producers/director would please find a narrator who will appeal to a wide-range audience!!!
Me 1:13 pm Tue 26 Jun
Love it!
Love RW, bring a full boxset out on DVD! I'd defo buy.
RW fan :P 4:19 pm Mon 25 Jun
devon & cornwell road wars
I much prefer these as the officers seem to have more of a sense of humour - and they are better looking!
devon/cornwall Jill 12:11 am Sat 23 Jun
Good show
Love it! I like the TVP ones better though the D&C ones are good too. Rosie and Daz are legends!!:)
whocares?! 8:55 pm Sun 17 Jun
Luv Lee Boardman
Luv Lee Boardman narrating roadwars he makes the show entertaining plus he has a v sexy voice .
Huni 8:05 pm Tue 1 May
Most Annoying Narrator,
Please learn to speak English properly, You do NOT sound funny/clever/cool trying to speak like a villian \!!!!
norah 10:33 pm Fri 27 Apr
Annoying Narrator
Lee Boardman must be THE most annoying TV programme narrator ever. His grasp of the English language is dubious to say the least, and he thinks he is being clever. the man's an idiot!
P V 11:56 pm Wed 7 Dec
Lee Boardman
I find Lee Boardman's voice really irritating, but enjoy immitating his ghastly accent. Can't concentrate on the programme because of his awful accent, but his ridiculous comments. Get him off the programme and find someone who can speak properly.
Tess 10:08 pm Wed 23 Nov
speak english!
im not interested enough to find out who the narrator is but he should be arrested for talking non stop s**t
..... 10:48 pm Wed 6 Jul
good programme spoilt by boardman
totally spoilt by the stupid utterances of a mancunian trying to imitate cockney backslang. glad he's got the gabardine mack!!
alf garnet sound alike 9:00 pm Tue 28 Jun
Watching Road Wars gives a great insight into a Police Officer's life and brings it across that they are only human beings who do a fantastic job and still keep their sense of humour.
Janner 9:08 am Fri 24 Jun
This is one of the best programmes on TV today !
Ally McCulloch 7:43 pm Mon 30 May
please bring the series out on dvd !!!!!!
me ! 5:37 pm Sat 28 May
good lads
Fantastic narrator, shame he was given the push. whilst some disagree, his slang and slur gave the programme a funny edge. Wish people would leave the coppers alone, and think theyre a bit arrogant due to dealing with societies dregs day in and day out.
SpotOn 9:17 pm Thu 5 May
Excellent police officers
The officers are extremely experienced and devoted to their job.
Cyn 2:31 pm Wed 27 Apr
If you like police shows you will like this
jamesmax01 11:36 pm Tue 26 Apr
road wars
Bex to let you know road wars is not a good show how can yuo watch it? its not the best show on tv
nixon 4:41 pm Tue 8 Mar
bring back road wars in reading
BEX 4:37 pm Tue 8 Mar
(Y)- Thumbs Up
Alexx 7:05 pm Tue 1 Mar
macho rubbish 1/10 (for the narration)
crackers 10:04 pm Tue 22 Feb
Road Wars narrator
Lee Boardman ought to be sacked. His diction is appalling - there are no Ts, Hs or "ing" in his vocabulary. I have stopped watching Road Wars because of his appalling diction.
Shirl 3:40 pm Tue 8 Feb
this valve later got released without charge!
pc martin york(yorkie) SHOULD CHANGE HIS NAME TO PC CONN D CENDING.also i'm glad that lee (mad fer it) boardman has been given the push,i was getting tired of hearing 'this valve was taken back to the nick but was later released without charge' in a voice that sounded like liam gallagher.
arnie sidebottom 12:18 am Sat 22 Jan
yorkieand dixie
yokie is so hot. if you are loking for a picture of simon go on the wedsite called ROAD WARS. i really love yorkie and now i am wacthing it now it rocks.
becky 10:56 pm Wed 5 Jan
The best bit is watching the guilty drivers trying to make up excuses to get out of the tickets.
dave 8:15 pm Wed 5 Jan
New Series - New Narrator
After the endless re-runs of Thames Valley, I caught one of the new series from Devon/Cornwall area. It was narrated by Claire Goose in a more serious kind of way. No mention of 'knobhead drivers' or passing jovial comments now.
P C Plod 12:24 am Mon 6 Dec
its on till quite late.
love the show and the theme tune. however leeboardman slurring like a very drunk danny dyer with strong mancunian accent kind of really ruins it for me. plus most of the fuzz it features are very smarmy and antagonistic.
great prog thoe. 11:18 pm Sat 4 Dec
Thames Valley
did they really have to change from TVP to devon and cornwall? Chris, Simon, Daz, Rosie, Charlie, Ruffy and the others were great! Chris, you will always be a complete legend!!!
RWCP 8:17 pm Thu 2 Dec
the narrata is a geezer, no wot i mean like?
achmed 6:37 am Sat 27 Nov
The narrator needs to learn to speak English,his hideous accent and slovenly way of talking spoil the programme for me.If the policemen can speak normally,WHY CAN'T HE !!!
Bramble 3:44 pm Fri 26 Nov
Don't get drunk
You'll end up back at St Pancras nick with a "special" constable keeping you company. Consensual company mind you.
Dixon 9:13 pm Fri 19 Nov
Interesting showmanship
Amazes me to see what you can get away with. Get stoned and drunk, nick a car, crash it, get caught by PC Charisma, and abuse him/her and get some poxy fine you can pay off with your giro at 50p a week, a driving ban which you didn't evan have a licence for in the first place. Good show.
rant over... 10:02 pm Wed 15 Sep
testosterone, violence, fast cars
the police are out of control. beating up people on their way home (Harwood) and throwing women about like rag dolls (Andrews). try and film the police yourself and they arrest you, but here they are glorifying themselves
sceptical ernie 7:45 am Wed 8 Sep
repeat wars
how many times can we repeat this show and get away with it.....
not again 8:53 pm Tue 24 Aug
Road wars is so entertaining. Lee boardman even adds in a bit of comedy in his commentary!
The man 7:55 pm Thu 19 Aug
Anytown UK
They were later released without charge.
Karen Dragmoreton 6:50 pm Wed 14 Jul
Sexy Simon
Simon, I am only watching for you, I am so sad if I don't see your face. Goooooooood, I am crazy about you!!!!
Enigma 4:12 pm Tue 13 Jul
Zemas 11:20 pm Fri 2 Jul
Repeated to many times
Good programme, but they repeat to quickly, need some more upto date episodes on sky 3
dave 7:19 pm Thu 1 Jul
he can cuff me anytime hes gorgous
angel x 2:22 am Sat 26 Jun
Chris Piggot is a ledge!!
Bob 9:56 pm Tue 22 Jun
good one
emi 12:05 am Fri 18 Jun
My motorbike got stolen lifted in a Van!! neighbours called cops and they could not even catch them? Not even recieved a phone call 2weeks after theft! All they seem to do is hassel users for drugs they need to setup stings for motorbike theft!! Very Big problem in London here. It is getting out of control and they are turning a blind eye !
ted 12:37 am Fri 11 Jun
daz is good in the road wars
daz is good in the road wars and dan
robcop 9:23 pm Wed 9 Jun
GEM 3:34 pm Thu 27 May


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