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Cube application
Hey my husband thinks he can beat the cube!! Could I please be sent an application form please?
Millie 1:14pm Sat 27 Dec

my cube application
Hi there I am very interested in applying for this as I have confidant that I could beat the cube
tedy 12:46am Wed 10 Dec
Cube application
Please sent me cube application form
Abs 12:22am Wed 17 Sep
Application form foe The Cube shown on tv
I would like to have ago at the tv programme The Cube could you send me an application form please.
Jackbear1 8:45pm Mon 8 Sep
Wayne beauchamp
I am determined to beat the cube mo farra has nothing on me I think I could beat it twice.
Mr confident 11:10pm Sun 31 Aug
Mr C S Bath
Challage is something that I look ward to in life. It gives me a drive a reason to push myself to my fullest limites.
Steve 11:54pm Sun 24 Aug
i will beat the cube partner isnt so sure...
Please could i have an application form ....iv watched the program for as long as i can remember ...i have always thought i have got a very good chance of beating the cube hard can it be ...give me the chance to prove i could beat the cube !!!
harley 8:28pm Sat 28 Jun
I love this programme
I will beat the cube
Higers 9:37am Tue 10 Jun
Application form needed ....
Can I please have an application form for my son in law who thinks he has what it takes to beat the cube .... Does he have what it takes ?????
Science Teacher 11:43pm Thu 5 Jun
Application for the cube
I absolutely love the show and I have always said that I can beat the cube
vendog 8:11pm Tue 3 Jun
He thinks he can beat the cube
My husband has watched the cube since it began and is always saying he could beat it. He plays football and pool so he is quite active
Mammav 1:46pm Tue 3 Jun
Application for me
CUBE Application Hi please may I have an Application form for myself. I think i could beat THE CUBE! DeDe 8:31am Sat 26 Apr
Moon 11:40pm Tue 27 May
Please let my partner on the cube
He always saying I could do that when watching , he applied to get on tv before but had an asthma attack the day before leaving to go on total wipeout . He would love another chance to show off ! We are getting married next year so if he won it would be ideal
Weemee 8:01am Mon 12 May
For my brother
I would like an application to beat the cube. I enjoy a great challenge and fun at the same time. My competitive side takes me to edge and gets my adrenaline pumping to succeed. I want this opportunity for my brother and his family.
Bally 1:01am Wed 7 May
The cube
Give me a chance to beat the cube please!
Kirby 4:47pm Sun 4 May
Application form to go on the cube please
Hi can you please send us an application form to go on next series of the cube for my boyfriend who cthinks he can beat the cube
VJS 6:21pm Sat 26 Apr
CUBE Application
Hi please may I have an Application form for my dad. I think he could beat THE CUBE!
DeDe 8:31am Sat 26 Apr
application for the show
Hi, i would like an application form please
B 7:40am Thu 17 Apr
the show
hi, I would love to be the first person to beat the cube, can you send me an application form please
scott 5:58pm Fri 11 Apr
want to join the show
hi, how to join in the show please?thanks
glenn 8:04pm Sun 6 Apr
i can beat the cube
I would be able to beat the cube and wants to try tob
mat 10:21am Sun 6 Apr
I would like to be on the cube when there is next game on i want 2 try and beat the cube
Marcus 8:44pm Sun 23 Mar
I can beat the cube
Please send me an application form
Holmes 8:50pm Sat 22 Mar
I would enter my partner he says he will beat the cube! How do I apply?
Robynne 8:45pm Sat 22 Mar
I think I have got what it takes
Jacko 1:32pm Fri 21 Mar
OAP Contestants?
If OAPs could enter, I had my grandad In mind for the show, he hasn't got anything wrong with him, although he does look like Nelson Mandela.
Frank Dapflappus 9:29pm Sat 8 Mar
I love it. There is not mush more to say it speak for it self
Jay jay 9:24pm Sat 8 Mar
OAP Contestants?
I have been watching the new series of the cube and I wondered; Would OAPs be able to compete in the show?
Frank Flapdappas 9:22pm Sat 8 Mar
A chance
Hi there I am very interested in applying for this as I have confidant that I could beat the cube
Jay boi 9:51am Fri 7 Mar
I can beat the cube
I won't to go on the show,can you plz sent me application form plz.
kieran 2:14pm Thu 6 Mar
I have what it takes
I would love to appear on the cube, I love challenges and I know I can beat the cube
kazbo 9:53pm Sat 1 Mar
How do i apply to go on the cube game tv show?
lauz 9:41pm Sat 1 Mar
give me a chance
I want to go on the cube and give it a go. I need a bit of luck and a challenge. So give me a go.
Tracey 9:09pm Sat 1 Mar
i will win in the cube i will like to be on the cube
royston 2:12pm Wed 26 Feb
i have what it takes!
im pretty sure i got what it takes to beet the cube, i watcch it every day and really want to be the next to get in there! please send me an application, been trying to apply for ages.
kraig 2:10pm Wed 19 Feb
please can i have ago at beating the cube
I know i got what it will take to beat the cube please can i have a go.
laurie 1:13pm Wed 12 Feb
the cube
please could you send me a application form please to go on the cube so i can beat it
crov 7:13pm Wed 5 Feb
Can you please send me an application for the cube please
nutrock 6:08pm Mon 27 Jan
application form
can you please send me the application form for the cube
tri tri 11:28pm Sat 25 Jan
Bob the builder
Please can I have an application form for the cube
Bimbo 4:10pm Wed 22 Jan
Application form
I think I would do well on the cube I always watch it so would be a dream to get on the show.
Manda 10:42pm Mon 20 Jan
Application form request
Please sent me an applicationform my husband would be hilarious
Spoods 9:25pm Sat 18 Jan
I can beat the cube :)
I love to watch The Cube and I would love to have the chance to prove to my partner I can beat it :)
Jonesy 10:03pm Sat 28 Dec
Application form please
Really think I could take on and beat the cube. Please give me the chance. Thank you.
Cabbage75 9:04pm Sat 28 Dec
Application form request
I watch the cube game on ITV show and i believe NOT think will beat the cube. Action speak louder than voice.
Kenny 1:25pm Fri 1 Nov
master the cube
please send me application as i feel i could take on the cube
Ice Cube Chiller 8:22pm Wed 30 Oct
Beat the cube
Hi could you please send me an application form for the cue as I am so confident I can beat the cube. thankyou
integra7 1:59pm Fri 25 Oct
application form please
My partner really wants to beat the cube can you please send me a form please
hannah 12:23am Mon 21 Oct
I love the cube
Yas 5:19pm Sun 6 Oct
You really think you can do better? Do better than people that managed to apply in the correct place rather than on a tv listings website?
myname 7:37pm Thu 15 Aug

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