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This and Suits, best of their kind.
Yaspaa 1:20 am Fri 1 Nov

doing it
My favourite part is where she does it with the dog, thats hot
Dave 8:50 pm Thu 2 May
Good Wife
Watched Series one and two on playback - here in Ireland and they are brilliant
Tilly the Dog 5:59 pm Wed 6 Mar
Season 4
Five days to go for season 4 of The Good Wife :o))))) woohoo!!!
Sam 10:34 pm Sat 19 Jan
Season 4 uk
Yeay.more4 states 24th January at 9pm. Can't wait
Pands 7:09 pm Mon 14 Jan
Good wife
Is the good wife season 4 really starting on more 4 on 31st jan?????
Rose 9:34 pm Sun 6 Jan
31st January at 9pm on more4.....can't wait!!!
x 1:46 pm Sun 6 Jan
when does the new seeries of the goodwife start in the UK?
Gemma 7:11 pm Wed 2 Jan
The Good Wife new series coming
the new air date is here
NOD 11:34 pm Fri 28 Dec
TGW Series 4
My DVD of the previous seasons are just about worn out! Please can you make my new year by confirming what date season 4 will air?
Pinkberni 11:13 am Sat 29 Dec
The Good Wife - What A great program
When is season 4 coming
NOD 11:34 pm Fri 28 Dec
The best programme on the TV
Please please when is Season 4 coming to the UK can't wait !!
Dubai Diva 7:40 pm Thu 27 Dec
Must have series 4!
Please get series 4!!!
Kyla4u 12:38 am Sun 23 Dec
make series 4 available
Has to be one of my favourite american shows. Really looking forward to the new series, the wait is terrible!!!
generalgreen 4:08 pm Fri 21 Dec
Season 4
Hurry up please!!!!!!!
Chins! 10:24 pm Tue 18 Dec
Season 4
I'm missing this show soooooo much and CAN'T wait for season 4! Please please please hurry up and get it on the box! xx
SP 1:53 pm Mon 17 Dec
fabulous good wife
Have loved every single episode- a series for people who want some interesting witty dialogue
dee 10:18 am Sat 15 Dec
Series 4 good wife
I contacted Channel 4 a month ago, and they advised me that they have yet to obtain broadcasting rights, but should be. And that we can expect to see it aired sometime in the new year
AlexS 9:44 pm Thu 6 Dec
The good wife
Please let us know when season 4 Is coming on in the UK!
Hazel 9:36 pm Tue 27 Nov
The Good Wife
When will series 4 be aired in the UK please?Best show on the box!
Wend 1:01 pm Tue 27 Nov
The good wife
Does anybody know when season 4 will be shown in the uk? I know its usually january but its been aired in the usa earlier this year so hoping it might be the same here.
Ruby-rae 10:58 pm Thu 4 Oct
the good wife
when is the series 4 coming to the uk? I miss this series so much
myshelle 2:36 pm Wed 3 Oct
the good wife
when is series 4 being aired in the uk as series 3 repeats are coming to an end this week on channel4
TJ 8:07 pm Tue 2 Oct
season 4???
as an avid viewer of t.g.w. from day 1, i can't wait for the showing of the new season! any news on when we are likely to get the new season on more 4?
esSBee1965 6:13 pm Sun 23 Sep
Season 3 Episode 23
where can I watch the last episode, I missed it. Help
gwcrazy 1:29 pm Wed 18 Jul
repeat of good wife series 3
Pls is there goin 2 b a repeat of this series in the Uk & wot channels wil b showin it thkz
middei 8:13 pm Thu 12 Jul
I have just watched the good wife seasons 1 & 2, I am hooked please tell me when season 3 is on
nat 10:39 am Mon 25 Jun
When is season 3 repeated in the uk? :)
Shorty 10:48 pm Thu 7 Jun
Season 3 repeat
Please can someone tell me if or when season 3 will be repeated on TV? Thanks
Ant 8:09 pm Thu 7 Jun
One of the best thought out programmes on tellie! Well written, well acted, well directed! Thank you Channel 4
Isla the Dog 8:38 am Thu 3 May
pathetic, utterly uninspired plop. no depth at all.
tubby 10:01 pm Thu 8 Mar
Season 3 starts 12th January 2012
It's official, Season 3 of The Good Wife starts on More4 at 9pm on 12th January 2012!!!
Jazz Bhangal 6:19 pm New Years Day
last year on more 4 the closer & southland & the GOOD WIFE was all one after another the end of closer is coming & the good wife is late, why cant whoever controls the listings keep the same programming every time.
A fan 8:23 pm Christmas Day
Sooo looking forward to series 3
Having watched series 1 & 2 twice by watching the re runs on more 4 cant wait for series 3 to start ... When...
The Bad Wife 11:54 pm Wed 21 Dec
The Good Wife, fast moving and brilliant
Now that Mad Men has moved onto the Sky platform, the only programme on Freeview I can happily look forward to is The Good Wife (series 3). Roll on 2012!
noelcso 8:25 pm Mon 19 Dec
Show from the start
The Good Wife is the best program to hit our TV's its gripping drama, has romance and a different story every week, I agree with an earlier post of getting rid of some of the rubbish and get it back on our screens from the start running into series 3. Well done Channel 4 for picking up the rights to The Good Wife.
Nikki west Yorks 8:02 pm Sun 18 Dec
Prime Time
I would love to view it in the evening such a shame a brilliant show is wasted on day time tv.
SNOOPY 6:43 pm Fri 16 Dec
Bring it on
series three as channel 4 have said ..will be on early in the new year. Please show it at 9.00 p.m. on whatever day its to be shown Derek Islington London
Dilligentdel 12:37 pm Tue 6 Dec
the good wife
this is the best show on tv why is it not aired at 9pm prime time tv more people might watch it.
dar13 8:05 pm Sun 6 Nov
Good Wife series 2
Please can you advise when the repeats of Series 2 will be shown. Desperate to see it.
Eager 8:00 pm Sat 5 Nov
Series 2
Just realised we misses season 2 will this be repeated and do you know when? Many Thanks
Anna2 9:37 am Thu 3 Nov
Good Wife in 2012
"Series 3 of this programme will be broadcast sometime at the beginning of next year. There are no exact scheduling details just yet as schedules further than 2 weeks ahead are subject to change; please keep an eye on the television listings closer to the time for precise broadcast information. Our television listings for all our channels can be found at: Thank you again for taking the time to contact us here at Channel 4, we hope you continue to enjoy our programming"
... 5:44 pm Wed 2 Nov
Give us the Good Wife NOW!
The best thing to arrive from the USA in years. Love everything about it. Remove some of the reality rubbish and make room for The Good Wife.
Mich 11:17 pm Wed 12 Oct
I called Channel 4. They do have the rights to series 3 but don't have a schedule date yet.
Sandie 1:16 pm Wed 12 Oct
Season 3 release date in the UK
Does anyone ever answer these questions on the next season release date?
DL 10:21 pm Tue 11 Oct
Series 3 - when??? SOON please!!
Please, please tell me you will be screening series 3 of this amazing show. I am terrified I will miss it and ep 1 series 3 is bound to be a stunner! Please tell us when it will be on air!!
Sharoncymru 7:21 pm Sat 8 Oct
The Good Wife season 3
Have you bought the rights to show this Emmy winning show or not? Do we the fans have to start a campaign? How long do we need to wait? Frustrated in North Yorkshire
LP 10:25 pm Fri 7 Oct
Season 3 start Sunday in the US, when will it air here?
Great show. I'm rewatching the first two series and waiting anxiously for the third. It starts on Sunday in the States! When will it air here????
Caz 2:46 pm Tue 20 Sep
The Good Wife
When, and what channel will The Good Wife start in the UK. Fantastic 1st & 2nd Series.
Bonnie 8:48 am Sat 17 Sep
Season 3
When will this season air in the Uk?
BarN 11:22 pm Mon 12 Sep


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