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The Magaluf Weekender Comments
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I what to go on the magaluf weekender me is single
jatland 2:56 pm Sun 9 Feb

how can i get on this show does anyone know?
alvey_92 10:09 pm Tue 14 Jan
Immogen you're a lovely girl butPLEEEEEEEESE lose the stupid bows in yer hair
they look ridiculous!
anti-hairbowbunch 9:07 pm Tue 1 Oct
the show and the ,,, people?
tubby 10:25 pm Tue 17 Sep
Good show
I'm gay and that Jamie girl is so hot would love to get my hands on her
Sjc 10:17 pm Sun 10 Feb
This one was shown on Sunday and again tonight really disappointed I was expecting a new episode
Smiliey 11:07 pm Wed 30 Jan
what trash- the show and the people in it, and, alas, the society that spawned it.
tubby 10:40 am Thu 17 Jan
real disapointment
Wasn't as good as other shows of this type real disapointment
Sam 9:35 pm Wed 9 Jan


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