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Stop showing the mummy
Day 1000 on itv2 the mummy is on yet again
Nomoremummy 8:17pm Sun 2 Oct
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It's great
Stop complaining. This film (and the mummy returns) are great and never get old. That's why they play them so much! Shame it's not on this week.
LOVE the mummy 7:14pm Sat 27 Feb
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The film that keeps on giving!
Let's keep them guessing.. How about the mummy returns? There are so many films to pick from. But no.. Every week. Sort your life out
?? 8:17pm Sat 6 Feb
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The Mummy Channel.:D
The film that won't die.XD
Deja Views 8:49am Sat 30 Jan
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lee is best
best ever mummy film by a million miles ever, christopher lee makes all other efforts look totally wooden
mr mummy 12:59pm Sat 11 Jul
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mummy don't return
flamin mummy again joke!! arrgh!!!
dj dazee 7:20pm Thu 28 May
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It was on again this evening!
Never gets old...
Chrischil 11:47pm Fri 3 Apr
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Guess what's on for Easter
Yes on ITV2 (Or The Mummy & Nanny McPhee Channel) we have the same old movies... Now all we need is 'On The Buses'.What a dreadful channel!
DrD 6:27pm Fri 3 Apr
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I f@*kin hate this film now!!!
It's Christmas Day and the mummy is on...... Again!!! It's played constantly all through the year. I didn't used to mind it but you've played it so often now that I effin hate it, hate their cheesy faces and acting and find it mind numbingly borin. Find something different to bloody put on. Use your imagination!!!
Jodiddly 8:22pm Christmas Day
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The Mummy, the mummy, the mummy
Ha ha ha ha, ha ha, he he ha...make it stop.. m make it stop.
The Mummy 8:08pm Fri 19 Jul
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Or the unofficial 'The Mummy' fan channel
jp 8:55pm Mon 27 May
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'The Mummy'
Clarebear 7:00pm Sun 21 Apr
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I feel sorry for anyone who bought the DVD given that it's been on the telly every night for the last umpteen years. Is there anyone who hasn't seen this yet? PLEASE STOP SHOWING IT.
-RiCH 8:05pm Sat 21 Jul
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And again...
Not again...oh yes...again and again and again, don't worry if you miss it, it's on again...and don't forget +1
Monty 6:23pm Sat 21 Jul
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and for the 3 millionth time this year ITV show THE MUMMY.
Dave 11:57am Sun 15 Jul
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good film
but overkill ruins it.
get real 10:34am Sun 6 Feb
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the 300th time this month they have shown this film, don't they own any others?
Imohtep 8:19am Sat 5 Feb
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In the absence of Indiana Jones...
Affable Brendan Fraser and sexy highbrow actress Rachel Weisz might not have been two people you would think of pairing together in a movie, but they work well together here in this enjoyable romp, which also features a camp and cowardly John Hannah and Arnold Vosloo, a top choice for many baddie roles, but expecially here as Imhotep.
ajjam1967 10:23pm Fri 28 Jan
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Brendan Fraiser = yum yum! Great film, but it's shown on tv LOADS!!
thekay 4:27pm Sun 19 Dec
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The mummy.
is a good film, otherwise it would not be on tv. stop bitching and enjoy. theres always bbc. now go do one.
Barstoolbear. 4:52pm Sun 31 Oct
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it's not 'there will be blood'
but it's great family entertainment and it's easily the best movie on today. deal with it
movie lover 3:34pm Sun 31 Oct
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crap film x
curllyyyy xx 7:35pm Sun 24 Oct
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Great film
Really entertaining, but it's on all the time. All the damn time.
Freddy McFred 9:35pm Mon 2 Aug
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A rotting, partially-embalmed corpse of a film.
RIP 2:09pm Sat 8 May
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Mummies are Great
I love mummies. And I love this film. It's brilliant and I am happy to watch it again and again (and often do).
Nefertiti 12:56pm Sat 8 May
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how many mummys are there
how is this possible i want 2 see black hawk down now thats a movie
i hate mummys 8:09pm Sat 10 Jan
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how many times???
This film is on itv2 every week ffs... how many times do they show this film! Its like their favourite film
OMG 9:51pm Mon 5 Jan
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I'm afraid Vamos has left home - he lives in a cardboard box next to the tube station.
Mummy 4:37pm Sat 22 Nov
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I like it
Personly I love this film because it has one big selling point...FUN, it is what clinches a film for me. This an good romp from the start with Fraser in the action man role we know him for and John Hannah palying the suprisingly heroic part time theif Johnathan. His character may be a little cliche, but he is my favourite character.
Batmanofni 8:42pm Tue 9 Sep
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Bring on the crumpets
Jack 10:48pm Mon 1 Sep
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Sorry Vamos isn't in - he's at his granny's.
The real mummy 5:16pm Sun 10 Aug
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Critic's view
"There is hardly a thing I can say in its favor, except that I was cheered by nearly every minute of it. I cannot argue for the script, the direction, the acting or even the mummy, but I can say that I was not bored and sometimes I was unreasonably pleased."
QUOTE: Roger Ebert 6:12pm Sat 9 Aug
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Is it just me?
Is it just me or is
Pinod 5:37pm Sat 9 Aug
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I haven't watched this yet - a situation that is unlikely to change.
The Daddy 3:09pm Sat 9 Aug
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sulk sulk
Awwww... is licwle Vamey sulky wulky in his woom?
Vamo's mummy 3:07pm Sat 9 Aug
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Contrary to the rumours there will be no action. Vamos is grounded until further notice.
Vamo's mummy 1:09pm Sat 9 Aug
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Now now Vamey ~ have we been naughty-worty again?
Vamo's mummy 12:26pm Sat 9 Aug
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Where is the ad for the blind.
Heather 10:23am Sat 9 Aug
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sooo hott
oh my god!!! Brendan Fraser is soooooo hot!!!!! he is just the best:)
ladyee g 4:53pm Thu 7 Aug
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CGI overkill
It's quite a good yarn, but the CGI is so over-the-top and unrealistic it may as well be a cartoon. Also, John Hannah's bumbling English prof is cliche and annoying. This film is trash compared to any of the Indy films.
dry_ice 9:36pm Sat 22 Mar
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Normally on later
will 7:46pm Tue 27 Nov
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why is this film on like all the time
tootankarmooooon 9:06pm Mon 26 Nov
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the mummy
the flim was fantastic because it had lots and lots of action and there was no and i mean no boring bits at all
TuQuAnG 5:34pm Sun 24 Jun
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