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fantastic amazing brilliant
if your iq is less than 10, and you cant string a sentence together
gary linnacker 9:24 pm Fri 21 Feb

Happy Birthday Roberta
kneil 12:20 pm Tue 4 Feb
Towie is crapppppp
jazzy 11:34 am Tue 28 Jan
Towie is reem. All I say to people that don't like towie is shuuut up because u obviously don't know what entertainment is. Joey essex is amazing and the cast know how to pick a fight
Gleek 6:53 pm Thu 2 Jan
dont get it
I gave only ever seen 5 seconds of this awful piece of tv what muppett actually chucks this on tv and calls it entertainment, I have even met and know a few few people who say I want to move to essex it looks amazing in all honesty its the same as anywhere in the uk
jase28 2:50 am Sat 28 Dec
Without doubt.
The worst ever program to be on TV. It is utter bilge and yet lots of people watch it. What a sad, sad state of affairs.
The Rt. Hon. Nick Nocker 10:07 pm Wed 6 Nov
Scuse me 9:50 pm Sun 13 Oct
Bring back National Service
Then this lot could do something useful.
Owd Geezer 9:03 pm Sun 13 Oct
BUT WHY!?!?!?!
Why is this still on TV -_-
-_- 9:53 am Tue 1 Oct
hate it
its crap, get it off tv
fdh 9:50 am Tue 1 Oct
Alex drake
i love you amy
7u 10:21 am Tue 17 Sep
tom loves jade
mohammed 9:43 am Thu 12 Sep
no he dosnt
jamiesGAY 9:43 am Thu 12 Sep
This is nearly as bad as my poo.
mohammed 9:41 am Thu 12 Sep
Bilal hussain strikes again
This show is so bad im gonna go bomb myself
Bilal Hussain 9:21 am Thu 12 Sep
No hope whatsoever
Primordial smeg
da ownlee wheigh iz essix 12:50 pm Thu 4 Jul
Great artistic work.
This such a brilliant show. The self-mocking subtext is superbly observed in all of the amazing acting. The make-up is also brilliant; obviously no real person looks that ridiculous. Also the dialogue has been so inventive; all those non existent words!! Fantastic.
Nerdman 8:16 am Wed 15 May
Entertainment for the cerebrally challenged.
P V 10:05 am Tue 14 May
I hate this show so much I watched about ten minutes of one and got so bored. It is way to annoying and it is and insult to the TV.
KatieDinoDerek 4:49 pm Sat 27 Apr
Great show!
It's so nice to see that our future is in the hands of such sensible and caring people. TOWIE is a gem!
Dave C. 10:26 am Fri 26 Apr
Mario and Lucy
Clearly Mario and Lucy need to get over themselves. Has she ever been in a scene without crying..and Mario is as dull as dish water. What suddenly he's a bit of a chap!!! These two need to be replaced with another couple who actually have a personality.
Ms Hall 11:01 pm Wed 3 Apr
Mr. Green
Get this dire crap off for god sake, it's totally real & reem ( Jesus ) , please . 10:44 pm Sun 31 Mar
ASTON 12:45 pm Sat 9 Mar
From what I've seen the girls look like trannies and the boys look like Jedward.
avid quizzer 5:43 pm Wed 6 Mar
OMG Kirk is back
Yum Yum, he's back
Andi 4:49 pm Wed 6 Mar
ambas 2:34 pm Wed 27 Feb
A new series? Were the others not trashy enough?
FFS 10:23 am Sun 24 Feb
Who is actually paying money to screen this dross?
Discerning 11:02 pm Sun 17 Feb
Kirk norcross
I'm glad now kirks back
Shay 8:05 pm Wed 13 Feb
Amy child's
I love Amy's fashion range
Xox 7:42 am Wed 13 Feb
Scripted Reality
Minor lives writ larger..... boring boring boring
Cardinal Biggles 11:55 pm Mon 11 Feb
Jessica & Mark
I love Jess & Mark
Tvwatcher 9:32 pm Sat 9 Feb
The sound track on the last series was good
Hi 1:01 pm Sat 9 Feb
Amy child's
Amy reminds me of a real life Jessica rabbit
Swagger 5:49 pm Thu 7 Feb
How many series has the show done now?
Chick 5:24 pm Thu 7 Feb
What happened to Maria I really liked her?
Tv watcher 5:18 pm Thu 7 Feb
Mark wright
I heard marks coming back?
Girlxxx 5:16 pm Thu 7 Feb
You don't need a low IQ...
Okay, so we've established that a lot of the TOWIE cast's skin tones are brighter than their level of intelligence... but I guess that just goes to show that having a good head for business can get you just as far, if not further, than being academic. Many assume that mummy and daddy pay for everything these guys own, but that's not the case. Quite a few of them are successful club promoters (Mark and Joey), while others run their own businesses (their own shops or clubs, Mario's tailoring business etc.). I'd also consider myself to be an intelligent individual, yet I love this show because, although well educated, I'm not a pompous twat unlike most of those who slate the show for it's lack of intellectualism.
Mr Cee 12:38 pm Tue 20 Nov
i've been wondering how on earth do u guys get that much money???
Mrs.Cool 2:43 pm Fri 16 Nov
sophie ogorman
Arg dont look that bad with short hair atall x
sophie ogorman 10:26 pm Wed 31 Oct
do they have real jobs
Where do they get the money for the houses/cars and holidays?
oscar2 6:04 pm Sat 27 Oct
Do many outsiders move to Essex?
Could interbreeding be the cause of this sub-culture? If only they were totally acting.
Bewildered 10:34 pm Sun 14 Oct
TV for morons
Dave 6:56 pm Sun 14 Oct
I love it
And I have a Phd in psychology with high paying job etc. Of course the show is mainly a pile of nonsense but we all need a bit of that sometimes. It's a bit like when you feel like getting paraletic drunk (albeit once in a blue moon in my rather 'serious' life lol). Whilst you know that after 10 vodka redbulls and a couple of JDs its all going to end up a bit skewiff but it sure is fun getting what the hell! Towie is just a bit of fun. However, I do think that most of the girls in it do have low self-esteems revealing that money, fame and grand gestures cannot buy you true love.
fan. 2:15 am Thu 11 Oct
terrible role models on this programm
boofer 7:02 pm Sun 7 Oct
Fake, fake, fake
Fake people, fake hair, fake boobs & those 'teef' where did Chloe get those gnashers. Is this how British people should be portrayed as narrow minded, 'fick individuals with no morals. Why can't we portray people who are honest hard working individuals, yes, there are people out there with those attributes. Essex should be re-named 'Tinsel Town', I'm glad I live in the 'Norf' of England and not surrounded by fake wannabe's who need elocution lessons!!
ChrisC 10:57 am Thu 30 Aug
I don't want to live on this planet anymore
What the hell were the people who created this thinking? Its dull and they are retardedly stupid. The only reason I have ever watched it because I find enjoyment in these people trying to speak a word of English. The brightest thing about them are their skin colours. I feel sorry for whoever lives in Essex, you must feel mortified that this is how your area is being represented. To the cast of TOWIE: 'Shut uuuup'. Literally.
Thebants 9:35 pm Tue 28 Aug
Who is that girl ?
What on earth has that poor girl done to Herself? The skinny one with the huge stupid teeth and lips
Camping 2012 2:44 pm Sun 26 Aug
Chloe has to be the most ugliest and boring thing on the show...surley I am not alone in this thought??
sarfab 1:21 am Sat 18 Aug
I have a daughter who is 14 and she likes the only way is essex, do you think it is sutable for her to watch?
jen 5:55 pm Fri 17 Aug


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