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Sparticle mystery
I want sparticle mystery to continue
Lucy 2:12 am Tue 1 Apr

There casting now
Omg there casting people now type online be on spartical mystery 3 they start filming 24 march this year you have to be at least 10 though and live near them
Excited 1:49 am Mon 3 Mar
I'm or biggest fan I've watched or episode like hundred times when is series three coming out I know that it is ckmming out as she leaves it on a cliff hanger saying if these are our parents and were all teenagers whose gonna be in charge
issidon 5:59 pm Sun 16 Feb
I'm or biggest fan I've watched or episode like hundred times when is series three coming out I know that it is ckmming out as she leaves it on a cliff hanger saying if these are our parents and were all teenagers whose gonna be in charge
issidon 8:16 am Sun 16 Feb
series 3
series 3 plz!!! biggest fan here watched all the episodes 20 times!
maxy 9:05 pm Wed 12 Feb
When is season 3 coming out? I can't find season 3 episode 1!!!!😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
Liz 3:10 am Sun 9 Feb
Why isn't season2on love ti a
Sally 2:26 am Fri 31 Jan
series 3? 😳
well i absolutely love love this show well i am watching right now on Netflix but only season 1 buy i also watched season 2 on you tube can you please put season two on Netflix i didn't get to watch all of it i watched season 1 3 time i love reese and sadiqe and everyone if u do do a season 3 please put all of the characters back in and on Netflix thanks so much lokkin forward to watch new episodes 😊😊☺️😍
dejah 2:34 am Thu 2 Jan
i love the sparticle mystery plz can i join
i love the sparticle mystery could i be on the show plz if there is going to be a 3rd series?
sparticle mystery fan 11:49 am Thu 21 Nov
Is there going to be a series 3?
Ammie 5:31 pm Sun 17 Nov
Is and When?
Is there going to be a season 3 of the sparticle mystery, and if so when ?
Tean 7:37 pm Sun 3 Nov
I'm on the next series
kat 2:16 pm Thu 31 Oct
series 3
When is series 3 on is ali and the other guy back or kat is she what's reece going to be like I need to know
jack 10:36 am Sat 19 Oct
Series 2
on series 2 there is only 10 episodes.
Fran :) 10:09 am Sat 21 Sep
Some of the acting in this is appalling.
Hugh Janus 5:47 pm Sun 8 Sep
Luv it
Best show ever luv it so much every body must watch it
So 9:40 pm Wed 28 Aug
THE REAL ALI 11:14 pm Mon 26 Aug
the sparticle mystery
When are u guys coming back on tv. I miss you guys. How can jion you guys on tv . I whish sadiq was my brothers.
leanna smells 7:06 pm Wed 31 Jul
the sparticle mystery
I love the sparticle mystery. I watch it all the time. I whish sadiq was my brother. I love you guys
leanna jedward jacob 9:10 am Thu 25 Jul
3rd season
Will there be a third season
Gooz 11:35 pm Fri 19 Jul
I hated Reese in 2 series she totally went insane and started controlling people with her mind
Good tv 3:47 am Mon 15 Jul
The sparticle mystery is epppppiiiicccccccccc!!!! When is the next sereies
The spark 3:51 pm Sun 14 Jul
Excitement :)
when will the next episodes be on i am still waiting and i love the sparticle mystery
big fan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10:28 am Thu 11 Jul
The other day I watched the last episode of series 2 and even though I had already watched it I was still really nervous about what was going to happen! The spartical mystery is really well done, 'cause sometimes I find that shows on cbbc can be a bit cheesy but spartical mystery is never cheesy!
Panther 11:16 am Sat 13 Apr
Im gonna create a club on this site for all the sparty fans we can discus share reveiw ask questions it will be cool
R.A.P 3:57 pm Fri 12 Apr
Calm down guys............... There is SERIES 3 IN 2013 AND SERIES 4 IN 2015
The title says it alllll......... :D EXCITED!
Chibi 2:51 pm Fri 12 Apr
Karim zeroual is actualy morrocon never new that and he was on eastenders great actor
Cheese 12:01 pm Wed 10 Apr
Ive heard that they a starting to create a story line for series 3
Cheese 6:19 pm Sat 6 Apr
I love sparticle mystery! It's epic! The second series is really good! Shame that Kat, Jorden and ami aren't in it though! Still, it's awesome! Frankie is my favourite character! I really hope that there'll be a third series soon!
Panther 11:35 pm Mon 1 Apr
The best tv programme
I love this program so much, i watch it every morning! The actors are so talented and the storyline is gripping! I am really sad this series has finished but cant wait until the next one!
Poppy 3:27 pm Mon 25 Mar
it is the most coolest show ever so awsome!!!!!!!!
mystery 77 1:42 am Mon 25 Mar
Reese is epic I brought clothes to look like her I am the biggest fan!
han 7:58 am Sun 24 Mar
Im so confused there is no 11th 12th 13th ep because they cancelled them but i'm unshure about ut
Shadow 3:18 pm Tue 19 Mar
Series 2 is not on Netflix but all the way up to episode ten is on YouTube
joker 3:19 am Mon 18 Mar
Cool show .I heard that there is a 11 12 13 as well and the 11 one is calles the age
Rick3222 2:34 pm Sat 2 Mar
The Series
The series was so epic series 3 and 4 will be released in 2014 and 2015 I really like Reese and Frankie the best i am really upset cos i don't know when episode 11,12,13 are on
The Spaticle 3:56 pm Wed 27 Feb
This show is so epic,its full of excited things hope theres gonna be another series
Rap 5:25 pm Tue 26 Feb
series 3
Is there going to be a series 3
River 9:03 pm Mon 25 Feb
Loved it!!!
I love the sparticle mystery, epic program. But I missed Kat, Jordan and Ami
Elena12398 4:45 pm Mon 25 Feb
Is there going to be a series 3 ??? I love it
Albanian 10:34 pm Sun 24 Feb
New series
I loved series 2, is there going to be another series?
heybbygrl 6:47 pm Sun 24 Feb
loved it
I loved series 2 my best character was ernesto because of his funny voice
hollydolly 10:28 am Sun 24 Feb
Yeah, series 2 was EPIC. Though the ending was a bit ... weird. The adults being kids. Ny way whoevers impersinating stop and i hope theres series 3 :]
TobuscusJr. 9:36 pm Sat 23 Feb
new series
sadly we couldnt watch it this week as we were back at school and the programmes were on during school hours -
aaliyah 5:42 pm Sat 23 Feb
i am abdalla and i am 19 year old i love like
abdalla 5:23 pm Sat 23 Feb
I want to know when will the 2nd series be on Netflix I live in the USA and I love it
waltcool 2:06 am Sat 23 Feb
I hope there will be a 3rd series!!!
anon 4:28 pm Fri 22 Feb
I love it!!!
I have watched ALL of them and I really want there to be a 3rd as series after the 2nd!!
elliebellie 3:43 pm Wed 20 Feb
Season 2!!!
I love the Sparticle Mystery and season 2 is even better!!
THE REAL ALI 9:37 pm Sat 16 Feb
the sparticle of the mystery ;)
best fim ever!!
lilly 6:02 pm Mon 11 Feb


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