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wrong answer.
Zoo was the last resident dance troupe on top of the pops,not legs and Co.
janey. 6:07pm Sun 20 Aug
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Try again, Anthony B, Harrison.
Keep trying until they have no choice but to let you on the show. We see too many thick players on this show and we need to see some smart ones.
shallrich 9:18pm Sun 16 Jul
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She could turn milk sour. At least the others use humour.
georgie 7:07pm Sun 16 Jul
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Anthony B
Interesting comment. I guess it's a mix of making the Chaser look bright and not giving away too much money. I am no brainbox but even I get some questions right that the Chaser doesn't. Mark has a ploy of beating himself up when corrected as if to say he knew anyway.......yeah right!
reuben 6:56pm Sun 9 Jul
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Replying to Reuben
I totally agree Reuben regarding whether the contestants have half a brain cell. I have been interviewed/auditioned to appear on the show. The auditions take the form of the chase. In my audtion i got 20 out of 20 correct. Then in the muliple choice i got them all right. Then in final chase i got most questions right. This means i have more than half a brain cell. Anyway, the ones that got through were very poor in my opinion having got low scores. With this in mind, im not saying all contestants are poor but from my experience of not getting through i can see your point.
Anthony B. Harrison 6:42pm Sun 9 Jul
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More life in the cemetery. What a miserable contestant.
Mario. 5:37pm Fri 7 Jul
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Wrong Facts
I submitted a comment on here a couple of weeks ago about the chase giving a wrong answer to the question that was asked about the first boss of bosses of the american mafia. I don't mean the chaser, I mean the answers that get given if the chaser and the contestants get the question wrong. My comment did not get posted.
ATJN 12:32pm Sat 1 Jul
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Lisa wasn't funny, she was annoying!
cuckoo7. 5:37pm Fri 30 Jun
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MAZ. 5:42pm Mon 19 Jun
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What a big head. Trying to be smart and letting the team down.
Disgusted 6:06pm Tue 6 Jun
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The critic
Let's have the chase back Axe Bubuska for goodness sake What a load of crap
Coggo 10:38pm Tue 2 May
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Previous Comment
I totally agree. Tonights show was a total waste of airtime.
irritated 6:53pm Thu 6 Apr
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Boring now
Wouldn't it make sense if the competitors took a short general knowledge test before selection? Then at least we might have a team with half a brain cell between them.
reuben 5:35pm Thu 6 Apr
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Bradley Walsh
Why does Bradley ask some people what they will do with the money when it is obvious they are loaded?
dave 5:57pm Wed 5 Apr
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See this before, why r they repeats
Kaz 5:14pm Mon 27 Mar
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I must say, I agree with those who say that the contestants that take the minus offer should get nothing. However, no one would compete, so I say that they should lose the amount from the final totting up! Tonight's show was dreadful, the two women and the young man were so thick I couldn't believe they actually got on the show. I very much felt for that clever Irishman!! But! He could easily have taken the top offer! The phrase "I want to get back to the team" are weasel words and show a lack of courage needed to go for it. Shameful!
Loz 7:21pm Mon 20 Mar
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Atrocious team
Poor Darragh, he did not deserve to be with this dreadful team, I love this show but what a waste of time watching it tonight. The team should be ashamed
Kazza 5:52pm Mon 20 Mar
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Worst episode of the chase ever!
It would've been better if this episode were never broadcast. I can't stand it whenever there are useless players. This show needs smart players like Terry.
shallrich 11:47am Sat 18 Mar
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Why do they play that awful loud music when asking the contestants questions you can't hear what they are saying.
Maggie 8:14am Sat 18 Mar
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What incredibly difficult questions in the whole of today's programme (17 March). Eleanor, on her own, didn't stand a chance.
Hitman 5:58pm Fri 17 Mar
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Jordan wade
If one person gets through to the end chase then they should get 4 points head start instead of 1 because it is harder by themselves. If a full team gets through then they should only get one point head start because in theory it should be easier. In my opinion the game should be like this.
Lol 4:49pm Sun 12 Mar
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Even I can get more answers right than the contestants
George was a bit dim and Sue not much better,getting bored with this quiz,it used to be really go
Mary 3:05pm Sat 18 Feb
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what a pain that Helena is.
dave 5:57pm Mon 13 Feb
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Jenny Ryan
So so boring, no personality no matter how she tries. Why is she portrayed as sexy, that doesn't do her any favours.
Chaser fan (usually) 5:17pm Mon 13 Feb
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There have been a few episodes recently tonights Included, when the contestants were all useless. I am certainly not the cleverest person on the planet, but even I knew a good few of the answers. Why bother televising them
Annoyed 10:27pm Fri 10 Feb
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wrong answer
Tonight one of questions was what chocolate slogan was melt in mouth not in hand the answers were m & ms minstrels or smarties the chaser said smarties and that it said correct but the answer should have been minstrels before minstrels.were called treets before that.
nani 5:45pm Fri 3 Feb
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Inconsistent x2
Yes, Ronin93. I spotted this also and was disappointed that Bradley gave Jenny's answer tonight as correct when earlier in the week it was marked as incorrect as the full film title was not given.
Bpk 6:59pm Fri 27 Jan
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In an episode earlier this week a contestant answered "The Rocky Horror Show", which was rejected by Bradley, saying it was "The rocky Horror Picture Show". Tonight Jenny Ryan answered a question "The Rocky Horror Show" and Bradley accepted it!!!! Also the time Bradley allows a team to confer varies wildly between shows
Ronin93 6:05pm Fri 27 Jan
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National Television Award
Congratulations on your win! Best quiz on tv.
Couch Potato 7:08am Thu 26 Jan
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I was about to switch off last night when I saw the chaser was Mark Labbett, but glad I did not the look on hid face at the end was priceless
A.P. 10:52am Thu 19 Jan
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Ha ha
Fat boy played a blinder tonight. That was definitely a fix!
Bradders 5:57pm Wed 18 Jan
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Minus offer stats ?
What is the percentage of men to women who take the minus offer ? Seems to me that they put the people who are likely to go for the lower offer are purposely seated at the number 4 seat ?
Kevin 7:18pm Mon 2 Jan
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If Beth took an interest in something other than shopping she may have been able to answer a question or two! She is a real thickie so how on earth did she get on the show in the first place???
Report abuse 6:50pm Mon 2 Jan
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Jenny Ryan
How I cannot stand this smug, know-it-all woman. The Chase is spoilt for me whenever she is the chaser!!!!!
SueG14 6:19pm Mon 2 Jan
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I seem to regonise Charlotte one of the contestants on today's chase playing right now were is she from please?
Bev 10:50am Christmas Day
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The beast is a big baby
There was no need to thump the wall
Mary 4:45pm Mon 12 Dec
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The series is on far too long and gets boring and repetitive as when the team lose players the chasers then pretend to not know the answers to fill in time NOT ENOUGH WINNERS
Me 6:02pm Wed 23 Nov
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Why do these people bother to go on the chase they stand there and say all the things they want to do with the money and then don't have the decency to take the money they have earned but take the lower offer and then nine times out of ten sail through getting all the answers correct.
Maggie 6:00pm Fri 18 Nov
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Great show
Congratulations on such a wonderful show. Great characters in the chasers and Bradley is so professional, down to earth and personable. A real treat to look forward to each evening. Thank you.
Lou 9:38pm Thu 10 Nov
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Why are my comments not being printed
When very offensive childish ones are.
AP67 6:53pm Wed 9 Nov
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Mark not a good sport
Why is Mark allowed to lean forward and stare at contestants, and make loud chuckling noises to put them off? Very unsportsmanlike.
Mick 10:58pm Wed 19 Oct
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Awful music
Why is it necessary to play awful music when Bradley is asking the opening questions its hard to hear what is being said.
Maggie 10:52pm Thu 13 Oct
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Lovely surprise
I swiched over to Challenge + 1 and it wasnt Anne (for a change) it was the very gorgeous Mark, he really is so lovely, and I am 78 so he appeals to all ages. Love Bradley as well.
Jan 9:39pm Mon 10 Oct
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So dull
I've already tried to post a comment about Jenny Ryan being dull and monotonous,but it wasn't put up.So,i'll try again.Jenny Ryan is dull and monotonous!
Lizzie 5:23pm Fri 30 Sep
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It makes my blood boil to see someone take a minus offer and then walk away with an equal share of the money if they win. I don't no how they sleep at night.
whitbydave 7:59pm Thu 29 Sep
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The vixen
Negative reviews about Jenny Ryan are not being published. Why?
Daffodil 6:35pm Wed 21 Sep
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fantastic show, unless the vixen is the chaser,then it is time to turn off,
jg 10:33am Sun 4 Sep
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Definitely a fix today alittle kid could have answered the chasers questions
Catwoman 6:02pm Thu 1 Sep
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Questioning process
When contestants give a Wong answer time is wasted while Bradly gives the right answer. When chaser gives a wrong answer, the clock is stopped. Seconds often makes the difference in winning or not.
Phyl 10:57pm Tue 2 Aug
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The Man Mountain
I love the Chase when Mark is on, Bradley seems his most funny and they really laugh together, love them both.
Jan 5:16pm Thu 21 Jul
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