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Show sponsored by slingo, anagram of losing, bit ironic as jezza used to have a gambling problem.
Sally b 9:04am Mon 11 Sep
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hypocrite jezza.
What a hypocrite, he tells a couple they should have tried to work at a relationship because of the kids. What about jezza . Pot, kettle, black.
joanna j 10:49am Fri 14 Jul
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Worn Out.
Nearly 18,900 votes - Rating 1.2 Says it all.
Looky 4:31pm Thu 13 Jul
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Thomas 23, with 6 kids he does not see. Needs a pair of sharp scissors to cut off his crown jewels. DISGRACE!
poison ivy. 10:49am Thu 13 Jul
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same old.
Same old recycled lowlife inbreds. With a total I. Q of minus 1000.
nemo . 7:19pm Mon 10 Jul
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I used to like watching the JK show and had it on every morning when I was not working or studying and able to be at home. Since the beginning of the year though and today in particular, I have had to turn it off as for 1. It has given me a throbbing headache attempting to watch it from all the continuous shouting and 2. I cannot understand a word of what is being said anyway thus making it pointless to sit in front of. PLEASE control your guests and make it a worthwhile show to watch again
ST 10:22am Mon 10 Jul
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Please tel me why there are only repeats sjowing now on ITV1
Amanda5356 4:15pm Fri 23 Jun
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Money for old rope.
Give him a rest, about 10 years!
Looker 12:28pm Mon 12 Jun
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On Show
If a woman is over weight you get on show
David 11:02am Sat 8 Apr
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past guest
has the daughter of transvestite been a guest before
jewels 12:03pm Wed 5 Apr
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The man is a complete walloper
Steve the bouncer 11:40am Thu 30 Mar
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Health and safety need no one can get out the door when they storm off stage but doors open when they get sent to rehab
Gee 9:01pm Fri 24 Mar
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So he has a new lover
The girl must be bloody desperate, he is a total idiot. Maybe she wants publicity but what a price to pay, he will soon be interrogating her mafia style if she puts a foot wrong.
Jan 8:35pm Wed 15 Feb
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Who do I choose
Picking between 2 girls depending on a lie detector test one he's with 28 days or his ex of 11 years who never cheated both in love with him wonder who he chose
Murphy 4:28pm Mon 13 Feb
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Sister leave your boyfriend -ill prove he got into bed with me!
This girl who is claiming the boyfriend of her sister got in bed with her has got me split with thoughts. Yes the boy totally over stepped the mark by getting in bed with the girl, however, I do feel that the girl may have led this boyfriend along. There has definatly been som flirtation towards the boy from the girl. However this does not make what the boy did normal behaviour. As an adult he should have used his brain and not his "manhood". I do feel this guy was totally attacked and there should have been two sides.
Critic 10:10am Wed 4 Jan
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Jeremy "dont call me Gerry" Kyle
There was a lady on today, her name was Lucy, and what did he call her "loose" I am sure if he had the manners to ask she would not have liked that, what gives him the right to shorten EVERY ONES NAME even poor Graham gets called Gee, he really has no manners.
Jan 3:51pm Wed 14 Dec
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Wedding ring
Hi why have you still got ur wedding ring on,I'm watching itv+1
Furryraven 10:52am Thu 1 Dec
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You look so sexy in this pic x
Maz 10:31am Thu 1 Dec
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Getting too old.
Has anyone else noticed how he mumble from one subject to another, he really doesnt know what he is talking about half the time
Jan 10:28am Wed 9 Nov
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Repeat repeat repeat
Apart from the "I have 4 kids"he always says, "Its written all over your face" and "I know what the answer is" but he doesnt say, also "You are like two peas in a pod, these things are repeated in each programme, he is useless, how Graham and big Steve put up with the idiot I dont know.
Jan 10:36am Tue 11 Oct
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Todays show
Cant wait to see ur natorious mob on jamie nd dawne
Star girl 6:17am Fri 30 Sep
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Jerrys a roaster as is lurkio and what's happened to doctor death, not seen much of him
Steve the bouncer 11:12am Tue 27 Sep
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I read your comments the new show start Monday but people on the are smart enough to get past the producer
frosty 11:58am Fri 2 Sep
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More annoying habits
He asked someone a question and whilst they answer he says to someone else, your very quiet, and he keeps saying "you cant look any one in the eyes can you" and you can see they are.
Jan 9:56am Fri 26 Aug
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Arrogant unprofessional idiot.
He lays on the ground, making light of peoples problems, but the best is when he says "I like you, I really like you" what an accolade. Also the way he speaks to his staff is appalling, he is so insignificant beside Steve that he tries to intimidate him, not working idiot.
Jan 4:24pm Thu 23 Jun
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Was the cancer woman lying
I feel very sorry for the lady on 18th may show if she really has cancer but I not sure anyone know for sure she not as she seemed
Compo1 10:38am Wed 18 May
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JK he has to say what he is told use the words for viewers. If you are not economically viable for the adverts will not be on the TV
derek 10:30am Tue 17 May
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He has to be like that,because of All the no marks on the show
Mary 10:16pm Tue 3 May
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Why has the 21st 9.25 show been removed
I tried to watch Thursday mornings show and it's been removed why???
Stacy 3:24pm Sun 24 Apr
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If you have been on show before you can get back on. JK he has a dialogue that is told what to say
davie 12:32pm Fri 22 Apr
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Gestapo style
The way he interrogates people, I would love to have been a fly on the wall the day he found out his wife had cheated, I always wonder what the rest of the staff on stage think of him, he is a little Adolph Hitler
Jan 9:38am Thu 7 Apr
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where's Kyle today?!
Thought I was going blind but I'm not as I can definitely see that he's not on at all this morning. Why?!
Steph 9:30am Fri 25 Mar
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is not on
jeremy kyle was supposed to bec on tis morning but there is something else on instead why?
channyy 9:34am Tue 22 Mar
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what a laugh
Today we have a family of toothless people, which is bad enough then the skinny fella takes off his "mens" clothes and wears a slinky black dress, he made a strange looking man, but what a woman WOW
Jan 9:52am Mon 7 Mar
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Erin Convey
Hi every one how e u all doing today
Erinconvey 3:37pm Wed 24 Feb
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Its not about me
Thats what he keeps saying, but it so is, he is either laying on the floor, pulling strange faces or trying to make light of peoples problems. He is very unprofessional and so up himself
Jan 9:27am Wed 17 Feb
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Lie Detector
Great comments by fellow, capable, humans. The "lie-detector" is a scam. It was used many years ago by government and they thought it was right because they interrogated suspects until they said they did it. Then they realised they couldn't go off the test because it had a 57% success rate. (May be a little more or less) I don't know why people go on to take one and I don't know why people don't go on the show with stats in regards to the test. Shambles.
LonelyNortherner 12:35pm Mon 15 Feb
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Why can I not find the show from 4/2/16
Can you tell me why I can not find the show from 4/2/16 please as I was working that day and missed the show
paula 7:09pm Mon 8 Feb
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i am calvin i was on the show!
Hi I was on the Jeremy Kyle show, and it was aird on tv on the 4/2/2016 . But I missed it and its really hard to find on the internet to watch! Every other show is on ITV hub but that day. Pleas could I be told how I can get this thanks. And a big thanks to the Jeremy Kyle team and Jeremy Kyle his self top bloke. Calvin hampshire
calvin 5:59pm Sat 6 Feb
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Top quote
JK tells someone, I like you, I really like you, what an accolade, I hope they realise how lucky they are
Jan 10:07am Fri 5 Feb
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Drama queen
What the hell does JK think he is doing laying on the floor talking to people, does he know how stupid and unprofessional he looks
Jan 3:56pm Fri 15 Jan
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Dear Jeremy Kyle,
Go die under some burning plastic and take Graham 'The Genius' Stanier with you.
Captain Sludge 1:12pm Thu 7 Jan
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On The Jeremy Kyle show a lot of people are over weight and have a made up story so Jeremy looks good
JK 11:52am Wed 6 Jan
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I love jk
I love jeremy kyle and I always watching the jeremy kyle xxxxxxxxx
Im a jlster 9:54am Mon 4 Jan
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He has no manners, he says "gimme those results" no please, no thank you, also what is wrong with the idiot keep laying on the floor, the programme is NOT about him.
Jan 3:02pm Tue 15 Dec
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If you take the following out, there would not be much else for JK to say Look at me Dont tell me tell im Ive got 4 kids. Ive been doing this a long time. Going to do this differently Oh so its my fault now I could go on, the same old thing over and over.
Jan 12:04pm Sun 22 Nov
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Does the big 10 on the screen in the new episodes refer to the average IQ of the viewers or the number of teeth between the chavs that appear on it?
Simon Le Bomb 3:58pm Thu 19 Nov
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That's how people get on show he has to show who he thinks he is a w###er
Derek 1:19pm Wed 11 Nov
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Why does Jeremy always refer to women as 'birds'? It is a very sexist and belittling comment. It's 2015, women can even vote now!!!!
* 10:34am Mon 2 Nov
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As the JK show is on every morning JK should go back to school as he gets 1 hour off Monday to Friday and weekend repeats does his homework or Housework? for the next Monday to Friday
Billy 12:08pm Sat 24 Oct
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