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take her off
Sorry to see return of Alex. The show improved during her absence.
eiderdown 7:11pm Mon 15 May
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Be advised she is not all sugar and spice. She is to bring back fox hunting to appease her peers for election. purposes. No blood lust leader needed here thanx very much!
reuben 3:49pm Wed 10 May
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Interview with PM
Great to see a lovely relaxed and informative interview with the PM and her husband. It makes me want to vote for her even more.
Dave 7:30pm Tue 9 May
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Why glamorise Valspar ? Sunshine on Valspar walls creates the appaling smell of cats urine. See their website reviews.
Bald Eagle 7:33pm Tue 2 May
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childs programme
should be on at 4pm, childs programme with kids presenters, awful.
den134 5:20pm Thu 27 Apr
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prev comms
She would be quickly forgotten if she was away awhile. Out of sight, out of mind. Plenty of people would soon snap her place up (and do a better job )
nat 9:39pm Tue 25 Apr
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Prev comm
Maybe it's insecurity that has brought her back. The others were doing a good job and now we have her gushing all over the place making stupid comments.....
georgie 8:30pm Tue 25 Apr
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Alex Jones
I cant believe that Alex Jones is back already when her baby is barely 3 months old!! Is she so desperate for the money or something?
YummyMummy 8:17pm Tue 25 Apr
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Angela Scanlon
How much longer do we have to endure this very self effacing presenter?
Daphne 7:08pm Fri 7 Apr
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Angela Scanlon terrible voice, laugh, and very annoying. Bring back Alex.
Debbie 7:09pm Fri 17 Feb
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Get rid of Angela Scanlon. She is annoying and seeks attention all the time.
Jeannie 7:27pm Wed 8 Feb
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Stand in presenter
Angela Scanlon is another irrirating presenter. Very loud and egotistic. Bring back Alex.
Debbie 10:34pm Sat 28 Jan
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My husband watched the One Show, worst Matt & Greed Alex and the Fighting Dogs. Great show - fighting dogs. Never again watching the One Show.
Radio Now 8:16pm Mon 2 Jan
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How can it get any worse
BBC when the One Show is on; this has to be for the brain dead.
Not Pleased 8:33pm Mon 12 Dec
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All about the presenters
I find Alex Jones and Matt Baker so irritating. Every time they present it seems to be all about them. What happened to talent?
No hope for the BBC 7:26pm Wed 23 Nov
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Nothing to recommend it
Early evening TV for the brain dead. Televisual Prozac
Zzzzzzz 12:20pm Wed 23 Nov
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Why anyone wants him as a guest is a mystery. No personality, minimum interaction and limited vocabulary. But he does have a not too good same old song to promote........
get real 7:57pm Wed 16 Nov
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Obscure comments from Alex Jones!
Every time I watch this programme, Alex Jones seems to baffle guests with obscure comments. I'm sure she can't be that in educated, can she?
Albielab 7:06pm Tue 18 Oct
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One big pile of crap
The televisual equivalent of a full frontal lobotomy.
Sparky Alan 2:32pm Tue 4 Oct
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Sugar me
Why would anyone want to be called Lord Sugar on The One Show. Even referred to himself as Lord Sugar. Obnoxious little man
Tweety Pie 7:47pm Wed 28 Sep
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Please stop
When is this inane show going to stop? It's a waste of television
Ben 7:00pm Mon 26 Sep
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Call a spade a spade
Concerning the Rotherham under-age sex scandal, it is not taxi drivers persae. It is an asian minority who could have been a gang working in any industry. stry.
once more 7:15pm Thu 21 Jul
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Dressed by Oxfam
Christine is a nice enough woman but surely the wardrobe department could sort her out!
once more 7:25pm Fri 15 Jul
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THE ONE SHOW celebrity plugs
The One Show seems to exist for celebrities to plug their latest books,dvd 's etc. Not what the BBC is for !! Free advertising !
madandbad 6:55pm Fri 15 Jul
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Philip Schofield
Not only does he monopolise most of ITV hes now on the BBC!! There must be so much untapped talent, fresh faces, wanting a job so why this person ALL THE TIME. So many people I know are sick to death of him!!
Janey B 7:26pm Mon 18 Apr
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The osman family
This is not ground breaking tv the must be the worst show on tv
Jim 7:23pm Fri 25 Mar
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so false
matt baker loves to keep repeating how everything is INCREDIBLE, SO LISTEN NOW, and not forgetting the over the top laughing at anything he can over the top laugh about when it simply isn't funny. SO IRRITATING.
bbcray 7:51pm Wed 23 Mar
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So agree. However you will find the same folk comment on every show.......get rid of him, get rid of her. They never say they actually enjoy watching ANYTHING.
once more 8:55pm Tue 22 Mar
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Cant believe the previous comment
They are both good at what they do and mostly great. Some commentators need to look at themselves. they do what I want light cheer full and engaging after a long day
susie 11:58pm Mon 21 Mar
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Do the bbc big wigs read viewers comments.if so get rid of these inane presenters.
Oap 6:32am Thu 25 Feb
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The forced laughter on this boring show is really irrating. It reminds me of that other disaster show A Question of Sport.
Draget 8:26pm Wed 24 Feb
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Get rid of Alex
Please get rid of Alex Jones. She has no talent and is not the brightest spark. Surely you can see how much better the show is when she is absent.
Bye alex 8:04pm Wed 17 Feb
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The little videos they do are really good and informative, but when they go back to the studio it is awful. The over the top laughs and fake Alex Jones.
:) 12:47pm Wed 17 Feb
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I despise this programme
The televisual equivalent of a bland overcooked roast dinner. Stodgy and boring. The forced laughs from the crew is cringeworthy. The presenters are utterly forgettable. The guests are awkward.
InPain 7:03pm Thu 11 Feb
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Hmm idk if i like it its kinda cheesy lol
Bb 7:14pm Tue 9 Feb
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What was matt baker on last night.screaming wow wow wow at the beginning of this awful show.so another get rid.
Oap 10:22am Thu 4 Feb
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What low low low IQ shart from the sooowers of ell.
kelly 7:12pm Wed 3 Feb
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Prev comment
Don't forget the talentless (sometimes ugly) men!
once more 3:46pm Thu 21 Jan
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Alex Jones
I read that Alex Jones is migrating to New Zealand with her husband, this has made my day! She is quite possibly the most fake, talent-less & repugnant woman on the BBC. And boy does the BBC employ talent-less women!
billy b bob 1:52pm Thu 21 Jan
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Escape from monkey island
Heedy hardy hoo - eek eek
Ken 7:04pm Tue 5 Jan
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"The Alex Jones Show" - yuck
Hahaha 7:12pm Fri 18 Dec
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Gingerbread house
where is the recipe for the Gingerbread house from tonights programme
GI 9:34pm Fri 11 Dec
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Alex Jones
Is made of plastic, has the personality of plastic and is about as appealing as plastic.
5p bag charge 5:43pm Mon 7 Dec
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Brittany Spears photo? Lindsay Lohan photo? No, it is Alex Jones photo.... Yuck
Goodphoto 11:40am Thu 3 Dec
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if A likes anyone at all??
once more 10:38pm Sat 28 Nov
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AXE her!
A 8:04pm Sat 28 Nov
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Angelica Bell
I watched The One Show tonight (20/11/15) and found Angelica's inane giggling over the top and distracting. Please for heavens sake calm down girl!
Storm 7:47pm Fri 20 Nov
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I find this show very inane.
lol 7:09pm Thu 12 Nov
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labi siffri
How bad was Labi Siffri on the one show tonight. Really BAD!
Tich 8:07pm Fri 16 Oct
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If Alex is the best Wales can offer . then its time for extinction
HAHAHA 12:24pm Fri 16 Oct
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