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What date does season 9 get relised to UK viewers?
Sarah Gouck 10:17 am Sun 20 Apr

WHEN does it air in uk???
When does ep 9 start in uk???
Lovell 5:16 pm Fri 18 Apr
Uk airing
When will it be aired for us uk fans. What channel and time.
Ddgirl 9:31 am Mon 14 Apr
RHOOC 2014 season9 uk
Trying to find out what channel the show is on tonight? I read it returned but I don't have Bravo on my sky.
Donza 8:35 am Mon 14 Apr
When does series 9 start on ITV2?????
Me 2:26 am Sun 16 Mar
When's season 9 bring aired in the UK and will you show Tamra's and Eddies wedding??
LozzaT29 8:41 am Tue 11 Mar
When will season nine start in the uk? X
Kellyann 8:40 pm Thu 6 Feb
When will season nine start in the uk? X
Kellyann 8:05 pm Thu 6 Feb
When will season nine start in the uk? X
Kellyann 5:04 pm Thu 6 Feb
When will season nine start in the uk? X
Kellyann 4:55 pm Thu 6 Feb
season 9 ?
When will season 9 begin in the UK ?
sas 5:31 pm Wed 5 Feb
When will we see the bid wedding of tamra and Eddie ?
Rees 3:33 pm Fri 31 Jan
When is season 9 coming to uk
Rees 3:09 pm Fri 24 Jan
Missed eps
I missed episodes 1-7 :(( how can I watch them pleeeease!!!
Ange 3:19 pm Wed 15 Jan
Missed eps!
I didn't realise it had already started so missed all last week :( can you watch replays anywhere?
Lau89 12:28 pm Mon 13 Jan
Bring on the girls!!
Sis33 6:05 pm Mon 6 Jan
Where are you
Can you tell me when housewives is back on tv. What time and channel. I used to watch it on itv2 +1. Why also did it finish half way through. The season of new Jersey
L M Hanck 24 4:20 pm Fri 3 Jan
About time
TV set to tape, can't wit for season 8
Feemac 4:29 pm Thu 2 Jan
About time
TV set to tape, can't wit for season 8
Feemac 4:00 pm Thu 2 Jan
RHOC season8
Woo Hoo !!!
Susi 8:22 pm New Years Eve
RHOC Season 8 is back!
RHOC Season 8 starts on 6th Jan, ITV2 at 4.10pm.
Avwhy 7:58 pm Mon 30 Dec
Starts 6th Jan itv2
woody 4:09 pm Mon 30 Dec
Is it really starting in January?? My life will be complete lol
tla 1:19 am Mon 30 Dec
Hope it's on soon need my fix lol
Morgan97 8:10 pm Sun 29 Dec
RHOC season 8
Starts Monday 6th Jan itv2
Susi 12:25 pm Sun 29 Dec
rhoc season 8
any idea when RHOC will air in the UK and what channel?
helsbells 12:36 pm Mon 23 Dec
rhoc season 8
When does RHOC season 8 start in the UK?
netty 5:30 pm Tue 17 Dec
already seen them
what has vicky done to her face
sado 4:32 pm Fri 29 Nov
US real ladies of the uk would really like to know when the rhoc season 8 is on in the uk please :) xxx
heather 10:18 pm Wed 20 Nov
I managed to get 10 mins into this before oxygen reached my brain and I was able to turn over. Usual US formula scripted banal "Reality".
Discerning 8:24 pm Mon 18 Nov
when is series 8 coming on itv2
got really excited only to find out it was a repeat when is series 8 being aired on itv2, cant wait
emz 7:52 pm Sun 17 Nov
seris 8
this is a joke now I have been waiting ages for season 8 I need to know when it is starting all these repeats is not good
sel 11:34 pm Thu 14 Nov
Series 8
I found that series 8 of rhoc will be shown on itv2 but time & date is yet unknown
Sally 7:26 pm Wed 13 Nov
Series 8
Really want to know when season 8 of HWOC is on UK TV.....have been waiting AGES!!! Want to see what's new!
Em's 7:13 pm Wed 13 Nov
series 8
When is series 8 coming to itv2 please
vicky 5:01 pm Wed 13 Nov
season 8
When does season 8 start on itv2 UK
oc s8 5:15 pm Mon 11 Nov
When does season 8 start? N what channel?
ever 12:42 pm Mon 11 Nov
Season 8
When does season 8 air in the UK?
HVW 4:06 pm Thu 7 Nov
rihrih 5:53 pm Wed 6 Nov
Series 9
When does RHOC start again for new series in the uk
Hey u 9:41 pm Tue 5 Nov
season 8
when is this starting in the uk?? original date was sept!!!
anniemay 11:38 am Tue 5 Nov
The episodes airing on E! are not the new season, it's starting Season 1... Channel 151 on Sky
Clauds :) 5:33 pm Tue 29 Oct
The wives of OC
what channel is E ?
Bunny 4:07 pm Mon 28 Oct
Back on uk tv November 2 on E @ 3pm
Lorry 4:27 pm Sun 27 Oct
Looks like they r showing the series from the very beginning
woody 8:29 am Sun 27 Oct
E channel nov 2nd
woody 7:23 pm Fri 25 Oct
sat 2nd Nov on E! at 3pm
Not sure when or if RHOC S8 will be on ITV2 but saw an advert for the new series on E!
Lizzie 12:45 pm Wed 16 Oct
RHOC series 8 UK???
Series 7 is currently being repeated in the UK, does that mean that series 8 will follow? Dying to see it
NikkiB 9:11 pm Tue 15 Oct
Oc houswives new series?
Does anyone know when series 8 starts? Been waiting for ages. Got it on now but its the old one!
Jaz 5:53 pm Mon 14 Oct
Housewives Whurrr!!!!
Yeah I can see S7 being aired w/c14/10 so S8 should be after!!!
Cazza 10:16 am Thu 10 Oct


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