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Omfg I love vampire diaries but I keep on missing it is there anywhere I can watch the last one ;(! Thanks
Emi 1:19 pm Sun 2 Mar

Season 5 start date
I read today that it starts again on 25th Feb at 9pm
Lau006 11:59 pm Wed 12 Feb
Vampire Diaries
Vampire diaries stopped airing before Christmas half way through a series...when is it coming back?
dani 11:56 am Tue 11 Feb
Vampier Daiaries
Its 10th feb 2014 when is the Vampire Dairies coming back on..... Still waiting....!
kitkatk 7:13 pm Mon 10 Feb
when is vampire diaries back on?
When is it back on itv2? I'm missing seeing Damon beautiful face on my tv screen lol xx
Keira 8:30 am Mon 10 Feb
when is the tvd season 5 back on uk tv?
It now the 7th of feb 2014 does anyone know the date please?
tvdlover 3:33 am Fri 7 Feb
love it
can some one tell me when it will be returning please xx
sammy 5:37 pm Thu 6 Feb
I love this show Its brilliant its got everything.
tammy 2:10 am Tue 14 Jan
Where has it gone itv you ignorant people my missus is waiting
charrrros92 11:58 am Mon 13 Jan
Season 5
Ah, were is the rest of it, I have watched to episode 8 and there doesn't seem to be anything more, when is it coming back on?
Richard 9:32 pm Tue 7 Jan
season 5
When is it back on tv
Danielle 10:54 pm Mon 6 Jan
when is the vampire diaries coming back on
When is it back the vampire diaries?
rhia x 3:40 pm Sun 5 Jan
when is the vampire diaries coming back on
When is it back the vampire diaries?
rhia x 3:38 pm Sun 5 Jan
episode 10
anyone know why episode 10 of season 5 not showing on itv2 on Tuesday like usual?
ej908 8:56 pm Sat 4 Jan
on netflix
Nicky you can watch most seasons on netflix
sazmon 10:05 pm Fri 3 Jan
vampire diaries catch up
Missed season 4 so was catching up on itv2 while storing all season 5 on planner. Episodes stopped half way through. When will it be returning please.
nikki26 9:38 pm Sun 29 Dec
Itv2 player
Itv2 player has gone sh...t its not showing any of the vampire diaries repeat
Wtw ;5 8:30 pm Mon 11 Nov
season 5
It's back 29 oct can't wait soooooo excited :)
fangs 12:01 am Mon 14 Oct
season 5
Says Autumn 2013 oh hurry up Can't wait any longer
fangs 2:19 am Sat 12 Oct
season 5
Says Autumn 2013 oh hurry up Can't wait any longer
fangs 10:01 pm Fri 11 Oct
we want season 5!!!!
We all want to know when season 5 is going to be aired in the UK.... don't leave us hangin!!! :(
vic 6:55 pm Thu 10 Oct
whens it back
When is it being aired in the uk ???
kate 2:15 pm Thu 10 Oct
vd season5
Any ideas on when vampire diaries is being aired
nat 10:48 pm Wed 9 Oct
When is it bk on itv2
kelsi 11:56 am Mon 7 Oct
vampire diaries season 5
Oh I'd love to know when it's Back on miss Damon :(
fangs 10:51 pm Sun 6 Oct
vampire diaries season 5
When will season 5 be aired?? The us have got it now im jelous lol
vdcrazy 2:23 pm Sun 6 Oct
whens it back?
when is the vampire diaries back on in the uk? i honestly cant wait any longer, in my opinion it should be on every day
vampirediariesobsession 2:26 pm Tue 30 Jul
coming back ?
when is the show coming back on its not on my planner ?
dee 7:21 pm Wed 29 May
I missed the episode shown on the 16th now its not repeating again why?
Looby 11:35 pm Wed 17 Apr
TVD late night repeat
Y is it no longer repeated later at nite?
Moo 7:47 pm Tue 26 Mar
BLOOD VAMP GIRL 9:54 am Fri 22 Mar
its back!!!
for those who don't already know its back on itv2 tues 9pm as always...enjoy
fan 11:39 pm Wed 20 Feb
Tvdfan 6:37 pm Mon 11 Feb
Tvd disappeared over the holiday season! When is it back?is it coming back?
Fan 8:27 pm Wed 6 Feb
The Vampire Diaries season 4
When is TVD coming back? This is ridiculous now no idea why ITV's taking so long to put it back on air. If its not back in 2 weeks I'm watching it online. -__-
Vampire Diaries Fan :D 6:25 pm Mon 28 Jan
Vampire Diaries Season 4
When does Vampire Diaries Season 4 return to ITV2
Frostie 2:09 pm Mon 28 Jan
MSN has TVD returning to UK screens after mid season break on Tuesday 26th Feb!
TVD widower 9:45 am Fri 25 Jan
vampire Diaries
when is the vampire diaries coming back on ITV2?
anne 7:51 pm Wed 23 Jan
The vampire Diaries Comments
james cooper
cooper 12:38 pm Wed 23 Jan
when is the vampire diaries back on
when is the vampire diaries coming back on ITV2?
sarah t 11:53 pm Sat 19 Jan
Middle of january an still no tvd, watch it every week on itv2 don't see the point of taking it off for xmas anyhow.
jonno 12:20 pm Fri 18 Jan
callum and kole love the show and its awesome we just want to know when its back on itv2
K&C 2:48 pm Mon 14 Jan
When does tvd restart
When is it coming back on.
Tvd fan 8:32 pm New Years Day
f*** sakesss
what Is with not showing vampire diaries ? If you're not going to show it properly then don't show it at all. Rather watch it on channel 4.
irritated 9:04 pm New Years Eve
when does it return
why was Vampire diaries taken on for useless repeats over the holiday season and when does it return one of few decent programs on telly
Bonny 2:22 pm New Years Eve
Damon & Stefan
Love it, best thing on TV, sexiest men on TV, absolutely brilliant. Can't wait for episode 10 so when is it on???
Annsam 3:54 pm Wed 19 Dec
episode 10
hi i was wondering when tvd returns after christmas for episode 10 on itv2
sami 11:06 pm Mon 17 Dec
It wasn't on last night? and im sure i saw it advertised for last night, i was kinda' annoyed, because it was a benidorm double... :'(
Charlessss 10:15 am Wed 28 Nov
Where is vamps?
OMG no vamps tonite????????
Kiren 10:18 pm Mon 26 Nov
where is it tonight????
no TVD tonight? nov 26th!!
shazza 9:34 pm Mon 26 Nov


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