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if you added violence to eastenders you would have walking dead.
Eastenders+Gore=walking dead 12:24pm Sun 12 Feb
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love love love this show best ever ??
louloux 5:39pm Sat 11 Feb
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Miss Linda Harvey
I would say it's horror not science fiction!
Foxychic 10:36pm Thu 27 Oct
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Love this show carnt wait for the next one
babyc123 2:38pm Tue 12 Jan
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Glenn alive...? I hope so!
Hopefully in this episode we will find out if Glenn survived the dustbin tradegy. Can't wait for this episode!
Lewis 8:35pm Fri 30 Oct
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without doubt the greatest tv show ever, ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING.
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series 4
I'm in the uk and am so excited omfg
saoirselovesTWD 9:40pm Tue 15 Oct
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season starts
Season 4 starts 13th october in US n 18th october in UK!!!
danfo 2:13pm Mon 14 Oct
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season 4??
It says the premiere of season 4 is to start October 13th 2013 in the uk but can not see it on the tv listings???
chary 5:52pm Tue 8 Oct
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anyone know the answer?
When is season 4 starting in the UK? and what channel?
wee man 12:34am Tue 10 Sep
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Great Show
I watched all the season in a week, thats how interesting it is! Can't wait till they release more episodes...
Supermotorider 11:43pm Thu 28 Feb
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Wicked Walking Dead
Just gets better, every season. Such a fantastic show. Just love the characters,the best tv programme on the box ever!
Kari26 1:14pm Mon 22 Oct
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i need help
excuse me guys but wat channel is it on in ireland ive seen every episode nd i cant watch season 3 cuz i dno the channel :(
db babes 8:43pm Thu 4 Oct
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Absolutely superb
This is quite simply one of the greatest shows ever, in fact it will be remembered as a true MASTERPIECE, it is superb on every level.
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Amazing film
Best show everrrr!
Courtz 7:57pm Mon 2 Jul
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Could Be Better
The first series promised so much but failed to deliver and this is pretty much the same old same old. Special effects although they are quite good cannot be relied upon to keep viewers tuning in to see it. Like the Vet in tonights prog I get sick of the infighting its become a bore, lets have a new storyline and soon!
nottmdon 6:26pm Mon 11 Jun
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Why does "TVguide show season2 picture"? When it seems as though it is season 1 all over again
wigglylines 4:44pm Tue 3 Apr
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fantastic series, i only started watching it 2 weeks ago, I'm at the beginning of the second season.
jim moimoimoi 9:38pm Fri 9 Mar
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Best damn show EVAR!
TWD 12:05pm Mon 5 Mar
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Best damn show EVAR!
TWD 11:44am Mon 5 Mar
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seiese 2 walking dead
when is part 2 on
garygmar 4:20pm Sun 18 Sep
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Absolutely fantastic. left you bursting for next weeks episode. Can't wait for series 2
sandy 12:59pm Sat 28 May
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I like stuff like this but this was rubbish who wrote it a 6 yrs old
telitlikitis 12:24am Wed 25 May
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WE want more
brilliant acting, when is the next episode?
isa poppin 10:53pm Tue 24 May
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,, ARE THEY GOING TO SHOW THE SAME PROGRAM IN ONE WEEK???? I swear this has been on every night and never been a different episode. GHASTLY!!
tubby 7:27pm Sat 14 May
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This programme is great. I would like to know when the 2nd series is starting?
BunnyBee1989 1:14pm Tue 10 May
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although i thought it would be like 28 days later i was pleasantly surprised! Gotta be the only zombie film that has ever brought a lump to my throat - it brings home that the 'zombies' were once people & had lives/families! Amazing!
mrsr 4:48pm Wed 27 Apr
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andrew lincoln is fit !! but, aside from that, great series, was hooked from the first 10 seconds ! ver gruesome, makes a change from the camera changin angles soon as the gun is fired !!!
jojo123 9:34pm Sun 17 Apr
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Love it...but it looks a bit like 28 days later, or even I am legend.... nonetheless it can be a concurrent storyline told from a perspective of a cop.... :-)
Shamon 8:08pm Sun 17 Apr
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Amazing show
This is redefines what a good tv show is, the best thing I have seen. It's a combination of dead rising, dawn of the dead but inspired from the comic which was great. The episode being shown tomorrow is graphic but it's impossible not to love.
walking dead addict 9:38pm Sat 16 Apr
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with comment below this also exceeded my expectations by some way, rather good.
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Loved It! :)
Since I have seen many zombie films, I thought this might not be up to my high expectations but it really was, I recommend it for Zombie fans! :)
Emlarr :) xx 8:22pm Sat 16 Apr
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I hope this is good - it sounds an awful lot like Danny Boyle's 28 days later!
hopeful 6:40pm Sun 10 Apr
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I didn't think I liked horror until I watched this. It's an excellent piece of TV, though not for the faint-hearted.
PaulH 10:24pm Sat 9 Apr
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this is better than some zombie movies iv seen
undead nightmare 5:55pm Thu 7 Apr
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Pure Brilliance
What’s this? a real plot, gripping story lines, a British actor !!! Am I dreaming no it’s "The Walking Dead" This is a dam fine series, shame it was only 6 episodes. However it has been re-commissioned for next year, so yippee another series to look forward to when series one ends tonight.
markymarksurrey 6:00pm Sun 12 Dec
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Season Two Approved.
It will be back next year with 13 episodes.
Yaspaa 8:16pm Fri 10 Dec
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24 hr Plus
Very good addition to viewing time but no sooner it starts we now have final episode being shown, why why.???
Springbok France 9:34am Sat 4 Dec
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Best TV of 2010
We're only a few episodes in, but already this zombie drama is worthy of being inducted into the year's Top Ten. Every episode leaves us on tender hooks, as it boasts a winning formula of poignancy and eye-watering gore.
TVGuide 11:26am Wed 1 Dec
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I've not gotten this tense since the first couple of series of 24. Not for the feint-hearted as it's a bit gruesome at times!
pitstopboss 2:24pm Tue 30 Nov
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truly something special
Everything about this program is making me smile. The makeup is beautiful and the story line is heart pounding. also its nice to see Andrew Lincoln producing the goods. must watch!
neonrogue 11:43pm Mon 29 Nov
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Zombie Heaven
At last a new gritty sci fi to replace BSG. I'm looking forward to Friday tv again. Well made, great show.
SS Undead 11:31am Fri 19 Nov
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10 / 10
TJCK? 1:29am Mon 8 Nov
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