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More Please
When's the "Xtras" show?
Peter Perfect 5:23pm Sun 8 Jan
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Oh well
Great, another boring male singer !!!!
music fan 9:02am Mon 12 Dec
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I can't believe how selfish Nicole is,she can't help herself every time she does a duet she has to hog the limelight such a attention seeking selfish person, it should of been Matt's moment & she totally stole that from him.
Elaine 2:37pm Sun 11 Dec
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Someone call environmental health, to remove the rotting corpse of the x factor.
jezebel69. 11:39am Sun 11 Dec
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Little known (a few weeks ago) Finnish star Saara Aalto has given this show new wind. For the first time in a very long time, there's actual viable talent on stage.
Monroe 4:35am Wed 7 Dec
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donald pearman
i think Sharon trying to get Simon and Nicole to vote for Honey G was way out of order , and pathetic ,must never happen again .My opinion of Sharon , has gone way down now
Perce 10:00am Mon 28 Nov
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why is honey G still there? she cant speak let alone trying and failing to rap?
J M Jones 9:24pm Sat 26 Nov
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Why did dermot go to simon first in the sing off instead of mrs o or nicole? He wanted to send a message to louis to keep honey g in or face his wrath. Fix!
jezebel69. 3:59am Wed 23 Nov
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Honey G kept in by Cowel - now I know it's fixed. Hopefully viewers will all give up now - I know I will
Freddie 10:24am Mon 21 Nov
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Why honey g should be out
Honey g should have been out because she can only rap and the others can actually sing.
tiredsnake117 8:58am Mon 21 Nov
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Saaras got the best voice. Honey G will end up on big brother. The others are forgettable, no personality. Puppets. Gifty should have won.
shadow1. 12:09am Tue 15 Nov
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I hope Saara or Honey G win, at least they are fun, remember fun ????? singing can be fun you know.
music fan 9:43am Mon 14 Nov
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Ryan allowed to mime! Usually you keep the microphone near to your mouth when your singing. What a disgrace. See next to last 'stop singing your heart out@ sing off song
NikkiD 9:30pm Sun 13 Nov
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If honey g had anything about her she would have stormed the stage and given up her place so that gifty could stay. I hope it backfires now and even though honey g is crap i hope she wins and take the show down with her and sink cowells cash cow without trace.
jezebel69 8:41am Mon 31 Oct
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Honey G freight nite
That wasn't freight night
boo 8:55pm Sat 29 Oct
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Even the audience booed honey g in the results show. Shes like the latest novelty toy. Only the noveltys worn off.
miss boo boo. 4:06pm Tue 25 Oct
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sing off.
The expression on one of the singers in four of diamonds in the sing off resembled someone trying to hold a fart in.
jezebel69 11:02pm Sun 23 Oct
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Honey g looks like shes wearing a sofa from DFS. WTF
jezebel69 10:07pm Sat 22 Oct
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to honey g
youll win
lol 7:46am Sat 22 Oct
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The whole program is a joke
Sad , sad, lives these people lead
HAHAHA 4:38pm Fri 21 Oct
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If i hear you say honey i say g ever again i will admit myself to the loony bin. She is a walking joke.
gizmokatz 2:46pm Mon 17 Oct
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Worst Year ever
I have been an avid fan since the beginning but really the quality of this stuff has hit rock bottom mot of these singers wouldn't get a job in pub they are appalling out of tune and talent Will not be watching anymore finally given up
timbo 8:14pm Sun 16 Oct
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Last years X Factor was abysmal. Out of curiosity I downloaded this years offering but had to fast forward the usual fill and comments. My only comment on X Factor 2016 is it is so stale. Please can we have some better shows from ITV rather than this relentless dumbing down.
Kim5 6:40pm Sun 16 Oct
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hi de ohhh.
More like maplins, hi de hi. Ohhh de ohhh!!
jezebel69 10:47am Sun 16 Oct
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the dregs
Make that primark/ryanair
gizmokatz. 9:31am Sun 16 Oct
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Make that Pontins
Haven Holidays 10:18pm Sat 15 Oct
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Butlins 9:56pm Sat 15 Oct
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i am a huge fan of x factor this year is awful wont be watching no more get it off my tele
dawnb 2:02am Sun 9 Oct
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Oh dear its turned into the Simon Cowell wild card freak show. For the first time it is about 100 percent entertainment and nothing about pure talent. X factor has gotten the V's up from this oldie. Goodbye Mr normally talent spotter Cowell. x
Pops 9:18pm Sat 8 Oct
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same old same old
Its only the first act and simon says "i loved it". Then louis says "you can sing you can dance you will make it all the way to the final"FFS, change the record.
moaner linda 8:18pm Sat 8 Oct
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rap with a C
Honey g. She puts the C in rap music. I think mrs o has been taking ozzies medication, by putting her through
gizmokatz. 11:50am Sat 8 Oct
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winner already chosen
Its all fixed for gifty to win. All the best acts have been rejected so that "king simons" little princess has a clear path to the crown.
gizmokatz 9:47am Mon 3 Oct
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OMG What with Loius's choices we now have Sharon with Honey G, not sure I need to see the rest of the show as people have missed out on places for silly people
sid 10:24pm Sun 2 Oct
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X-factor Overs
X Factor Overs What a joke! Sharon sent home the only three who had any talent - the two men and the blonde landlady!! Shame on you - I won't be watching any more of this farce - Honey G!?!?!?!? PATHETIC!
Thetite 9:16pm Sun 2 Oct
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Sharon's choice's are outrageous
Sharon get a grip. What planet are you on. ! ! !
Kris2016 9:16pm Sun 2 Oct
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Los Angeles
So the 2 guys with great voices go home, the girl from Hull likewise and we get honeyg & the Finnish girl that Robbie said was boring and didn't hold his attention. Crap!
DWC 8:25pm Sun 2 Oct
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X Factor Overs
What a joke! Sharon sent home the only three who had any talent - the two men and the blonde landlady!! Shame on you - I won't be watching any more of this farce - Honey G!?!?!?!? Pathetic
Tan17 8:19pm Sun 2 Oct
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This is supposed to be a singing Competition primarily...although it is entertaining I don't believe Honey G got through because her voice is so much better than those she has beaten. Shame really...you,may have missed out on someone huge that should have gone through.
Dylan 8:16pm Sun 2 Oct
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If i wanted to see those two clowns i would have gone to the circus. Simons behind it. He knows they are moneyspinners. Hes pulling louis chain.
gizmokatz 10:19am Sun 2 Oct
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how can you verify putting 2 guys dressed as Gladiators who cant sing through and getting rid of 3 other great acts who can sing. They aren't even entertaining. This show is getting worse by the minute
Rascal 9:12pm Sat 1 Oct
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Singing competition
What a disgrace to watch Louis put through the two boys wearing a crazy Pom Pom dress. They can not sing at all.
Sing well 8:59pm Sat 1 Oct
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Well !!!
Only 2 of the groups that have gone through do I like and that's the 3 boys and the 2 young lads that should of gone through before don't like the jewward wannabes
Ali 8:55pm Sat 1 Oct
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A fix!!!
Is this competition about singing talent??? I think not after loiuses decisions. Why are we watching it? Some lovely voices lost there chance ! I hope the show looses viewers.
Palfers 8:52pm Sat 1 Oct
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Simon P,ease Please get rid of Louie I don't think he has an ear for music he sends the good groups home and keeps the not so good groups I felt really sorry for the group he brought back and then got rid of them again OH LOUIE Naughty
Music 9:45pm Sun 25 Sep
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X Factor
Last night's episode was a bit "dodgy" but tonight's episode was a disgrace! Rich people "playing" with ordinary people's lives and humiliating them- how dare they!? They have lost one viewer forever (me) and as many as I can talk to! Louis Walsh needs a brain transplant but who would want to live in his body?!!!!
johnrogerson 9:39pm Sun 25 Sep
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Absolutely pathetic
I got sick of the weepies after 10 minutes of the new series - so that's it for me. I thought this was meant to be light entertainment?
Bob W 9:02pm Sun 28 Aug
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Rejiy +
Same every week. Can't say their vocals are worthy of xfactor winners, so much loud music taking away from noticing. Surprised, Simon cowbell is usually so honest. He's mellowed alot
Deeogee 2:53am Tue 5 Apr
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Get rid of potatohead
Dermot was a talented presenter who knew his job. Replacing him with Olly Murs lost X Factor a lot of its adult audience. There must be many better options.
Simon 8:39pm Sun 21 Feb
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Wake me up when its over
The demise of x-factor continues. Mediocre semi -professionals try their luck. Good luck to them but this is not what x-factor was originally about. Nick G and Cheryl V need replacing. If I see anymore tears or Oli Murs say 'amazing' one more time I'll SCREAM !!!
simonsays 9:33pm Sun 13 Dec
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not watching
worst x factor ever what a racket thank goodness for rod and adele --relief from the shouting an screaming-not watching again
jade 8:39pm Sun 13 Dec
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