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Holly Willoughby
Is the most babyish adult!!!
Cira 11:21am Thu 23 Nov
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Sack holly
So holly doesn't know what all the fuss is about in jack Maynard using the n word and making homophobic comments because they were made years ago. On that basis does she feel the same about harvey whatsisface and Jimmy Saville? Sack her now
Outspoken 5:54pm Wed 22 Nov
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I'm off to make Phil's sticky toffee pudding, cake, batter thing now. .
can't stop laughing 12:31pm Thu 16 Nov
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The editor sending a paramedic to schofield because he ate a hot chilli crisp is shameful. Hope that someone with a genuine emergency wasn't kept waiting. He should donate whatever the call out cost was.
Donna 10:44am Wed 15 Nov
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Change of presenters?
How about Kelly Brook as a start? Working on a new male presenter!!!
Snowflake 12:09pm Tue 14 Nov
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Well said. Philips eyes were on stalks. It's another fad from America. Half of me thinks that Philip would love a member of his family to be transgender so he would look cool.
Sceptic 9:21pm Mon 13 Nov
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Monday 13th november
Philip and Holly totally out of line as presenters interviewing the young teacher who is suspended for a gender issue. They attacked the teacher and the lady who was interviewed with him. They may not have quite the same views but it is their highly paid job not to be in biased . Time to give other good presenters a chance time to go.
Sandy 8:47pm Mon 13 Nov
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Dross kemp.
Couldn't knock the skin off a rice pudding.
Min. 11:10am Thu 2 Nov
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time for change
time for change on this show new people to present it last very good with Ben and Amanda bring them back so good
meldrew 10:41am Wed 1 Nov
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Gino seems to be getting a little too big for his boots
Sharon M 12:26pm Mon 30 Oct
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Get rid of these two presenters
They are awful
Liz 10:37am Mon 23 Oct
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feral kids.
Recipe for disaster. Names like hunter, wolf and zipper, what chance have these kids got. A generation of degenerates. A message to the parents, grow up and get your heads from up your backside.
Min. 10:28am Mon 23 Oct
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Thoroughly sick of them flogging competitions - particularly the £300,000 one. With only one winner not much incentive to enter which probably most people have decided hence ITV's desperation to get people to enter.
Slider 11:04am Fri 20 Oct
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Totally fed up of the Holmes' !!!!
They're on everything and in every newspaper article! Its beyond a joke now.
Paula 9:51am Fri 6 Oct
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This Morning is now PAST its sell by date!!
Phillip Schofield and Holly W are two absolute bores. I used to like watching this programme, however, the subjects they cover and the people they have on border on the ridiculous. Put them both out to graze please.
Diana 11:01am Wed 27 Sep
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Fed up with big head Schofield
His head has got soooo big and his mouth even bigger,he puts me off watching any show he is in
Mary 12:42pm Thu 14 Sep
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Thank you Philip
We all wanted to.know about your 'nads' !!!!!
Glimbo 10:10am Thu 7 Sep
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engage your brain schofield!
What an insensitive comment from schofield, he said that if his children's toys had caught fire, the black smoke would be seen for miles. Bet the grenfell tower victims loved that. NOT! !!!
Sally b 12:01pm Tue 5 Sep
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The awfulness continues
with the return of the bad-tempered looking, pouty, snappy, Schofield with his pursed lips and, turned-down mouth and the VERY SILLY, childsh Holly Willoughby. I wouldnt vote for this programne or them!!
Memphis 11:22am Tue 5 Sep
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Prev comm
He should be locked up for polluting the planet with more than than most........
reuben 7:51pm Mon 4 Sep
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Jamie Oliver
He should be locked up for giving his kids such awful names.
jimbo. 7:23pm Mon 4 Sep
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Jamie oliver
I can't even look at jamie oliver, his mouth makes me feel sick,
Shelley 11:02am Mon 4 Sep
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Holly .
I would love to feed the giraffes, but my budget is limited, unlike holly, £200,000 a year is ridiculous. Plus another royal baby, couldn't give a monkeys ar#e.
macca 10:38am Mon 4 Sep
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Jamie oliver
Hate jamie oliver , he acts more like a politician waffling on & on , can't stand him.
Lisa 10:34am Mon 4 Sep
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It's driving me CRAZY!!!
This wall-to-wall Eamonn Holmes.!! When will it end? Thoroughly sick to death of this man taking over ITV.
Beanie 9:39am Thu 31 Aug
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Gerry Halliwell/Horner
So obvious the miniscule JH doesnt eat! How can anyone resist eating a crisp Yorkshire pudding immediately, let alone pull a little bit off and stlll not put THAT in your mouth minutes later??? Not looking forward to Monday with her presenting! Love Rylan and Dan. They should be made permanent!!!
JCrossley 12:33pm Fri 25 Aug
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Denise. Van Outen
I have always hated her and her dreadful accent so I am amazed at what Im about to say! But - how great DvO is sounding voicing the competition this week now she is clearly having elocution lessons! If she continues to speak in this way I can see her becoming very popular as a tv presenter and voice-over as she projects this 'new' voice in a very confident, professional way. Well done Denise for this wonderful improvement. I will listen more now!
Viv 12:14pm Fri 4 Aug
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Certainly not a fan but folk have gone OTT about his recent comments. A sick little boy would be encouraged by someone hoping to see him well again with his new hair. Don't you get sick of those people who make it their mission to be offended on everyone's behalf??
reuben 11:50am Fri 4 Aug
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Eamonn Holmes
Sick of this man mnopolising our tv screens. Hes a nasty piece of work and is unlikeable
AllyO 6:43am Fri 4 Aug
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Mini,I cannot stand eamon Holmes
He is so nasty,and BIG HEADED
mary 10:28pm Wed 2 Aug
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boring kid.
7 yr old wannabee reality star with pushy parent. All the enthusiasm of a wet dishcloth.
sid. 12:17pm Wed 2 Aug
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Stop Holmes from eating on tv!!
He's always scoffing and it is ugly!
Mni 12:19pm Mon 31 Jul
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why the change
why are we stuck with the Holmes instead of Phil and Holly
lejardin 10:32am Mon 31 Jul
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bog off.
A few weeks ago myself and thousands of people signed an online petition to reunite sick guide dog puppy Edward with his human family. What a big mistake. I'm now being bombarded with begging emails for money for sick people. Even sending me photos.
fed up 5:44pm Fri 28 Jul
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Can we please get rid of ryland the bighead,he's always talking about himself I cannot bear him
Chrissie 7:42am Thu 27 Jul
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Only five minutes in
Sarah Greene - NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MillyMolly 10:38am Fri 21 Jul
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For the whole of summer?
REALLY CANT STAND Eamonn Holmes for the next few weeks.........!!!! Why do they have to.inflict HIM on us. Anyone else would be preferable!!!
Dodie 11:22am Wed 19 Jul
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is she for real?
A woman's thinking of dumping her boyfriend because he leaves the loo seat up. Is she for real! A one way ticket to spinsterville is what she can look forward to. How picky!
mel. 12:11pm Fri 30 Jun
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Talk about having your cake and eating it!!!!!
Polly 11:57am Wed 28 Jun
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It's a good job holly is always on tv. When she has a rare day off, her children start screaming, "help us, there's a strange woman in our house "
nemo . 11:41am Thu 22 Jun
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no shame.
Have they no shame. Giving out competition details during the reporting of the flats fire.
mel. 8:00pm Wed 14 Jun
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Bad friday
This is because Eamon,bigheaded Holmes is on
Mary 12:08pm Fri 2 Jun
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Holly swigging tequila mid morning. She's got a problem.
jakki. 11:06pm Wed 17 May
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£189 for a face pack remover. Really! I'll have 2 of them. I mean 2 facepacks for a £1 from the pound shop.
sylvie. 12:11pm Fri 12 May
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Supposed to be a live show. Why was ferne mccanns watch showing 10.05. Do they make that many mistakes it's pre recorded?
observant . 10:44am Thu 11 May
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Holly Willoughby
Need to get her OFF!!! She is the most IRRITATING presenter on TV! Bring back the genuine & lovely Fern Britton.....
Linny 11:18am Tue 9 May
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Bring back Sarah and fern.
She said yesterday that it didn't bother her what size she is. Yeah, right, try putting on a few pounds and stop dyeing your hair, then see if you still have a job on the show. Sarah greene and fern britten will do a much better job and are more liked.
magpie. 1:16pm Thu 27 Apr
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Holly Willoughby Cringe!!
I cannot watch this show where Holly acts and speaks like a spoilt Brat!!!..how old is she? It makes me cringe...Grow up pleeease!!!
Locket 12:29pm Thu 27 Apr
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How old is Holly Willoughby?
Squealing like a little kid over the new Frozen film!!! Do grow up!!
KD 7:41am Thu 27 Apr
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I never watch This Morning when
Eamon Holmes is on with his wife,he makes a point of trying to take her down,this shows him up to be a.jealous bully,this behaviour disgusts me and shows him up as a jealous man
Mary 12:03pm Mon 24 Apr
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