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bad cheese?
Mother and son, are now father and daughter. Hollys in tears. More crap from lala land. I had cheese before I went to bed, tell me I'm dreaming .
moggy. 12:13pm Thu 19 Jan
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new hair, don't.
I'm seriously not being nasty when I say this. But the celebrity hairstylist to the stars didn't do a very good job on the viewers new hairstyles. It looked like they had been scalped.
shadow 1 11:17am Fri 13 Jan
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rat trap
Can you get a human sized rat trap to catch Lorraine Kelly. Then release her into the nearest cess pit.
shadow 1 11:45am Wed 11 Jan
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Davina McCall
Yet another of the world's great show-offs prrsenting the programme this week!
CR2 7:26am Thu 5 Jan
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generous George
What a generous man George Michael was. Giving money to help people that he didn't even know. Some celebs with more money than sense should take a leaf out of his book.
shadow 1 11:40am Tue 3 Jan
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This Yawning
This show is snot
Jimi Chinn 10:43pm New Years Eve
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So sick of......
Mr and Mrs Holmes!!!! Him in particular. He brings every programme hes on down to his level!! Can we have a change of all This Morning presenters in 2017? Please!!!
Fedup 12:13pm Fri 23 Dec
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eamon holmes
What a horrible ignorant bad mannered man he is. He eats like an animal. Would not be liking to be at a dinner table with him.
nononono 11:29am Thu 22 Dec
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Big is Bad
Thank goodness for wide screen tv's ..
HAHAHA 3:25pm Wed 21 Dec
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Eamon Holmes
Is his face different ? couldn't bear him talking with his mouth full of food today
cazzer 12:15pm Fri 16 Dec
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the gopher
Gordon the gopher got rid of phil schofield, now hes trying to cash in by looking like zippy from rainbow.
jez 11:57am Tue 29 Nov
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why are you intervewing prostitutes on a family show
lejardin 10:42am Tue 29 Nov
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let kids grow up
Most girls play with cars and boys with dolls. Its part of growing up and they grow out of it. Its daft parents that think they must be in the wrong body. Its another fashion accessory from america "lets have a transgender child"
moaner linda. 11:18am Wed 16 Nov
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Getting fed up with holly and phil
Time for a change I think
Mary 12:25pm Mon 14 Nov
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Was in tears this morning
Walnut the dog and his owner,been there, cried for days after my dog jazz was put to sleep,I miss him so much
Mary 10:48am Fri 11 Nov
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totally shocked
This show is beyond a joke. First talking about the need for food banks and then watch schofield and holly scoffing the £1000 pound bottle of whiskey and other Christmas delights. Get them off the show !
Sickened 11:46am Tue 8 Nov
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taking the mick.
Nearly ten grand for an advent calendar. Who are their target audience? They are taking the mickey out of us normal folk.
moaner linda 11:43am Tue 8 Nov
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Widescreen not wide enough
Eamonn Holmes is a fat, smug, nasty, useless lump of turd.
Severen 1:37pm Wed 2 Nov
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Ha ha what a brilliant comparison (Tailors Dummy) I think Rylan must be paying ITV -I can't believe the Xtra Factor use him aswell
Dolly Diamond 1:11pm Mon 31 Oct
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dolly diamond(great name)
Todays show was the worst ever. Rylans teeth had taken over. There was more life in a tailors dummy than his husband.
gizmokatz. 3:08pm Fri 28 Oct
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Ryland and Husband
Why on earth do we have to put up with a poor man's Kenneth Williams and sidekick who have NO TALENT!!! There must be presenters who are streets ahead of these two.
Dolly Diamond 11:48am Fri 28 Oct
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who cares,not me.
No one cares about kerry katonas never ending dramas. She had no right to tell about her moms problems. She will always fall for bad boys,which is probably a good thing, why mess up any decent guys life. She is,and always will be a disgrace.
gizmokatz. 11:48am Thu 27 Oct
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Holly Willoughby
Sick of her silly squealy little girl act.
Notagain 11:36am Thu 27 Oct
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Oh no!!!!!
Not another Kerry Katona sob-story for her every-so-often injection of funds!!!
Lorelei 10:37am Thu 27 Oct
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The look of under whelment on bill gates face when he was given a this morning mug will stay with me for a long time.
moaner linda 11:03am Wed 26 Oct
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All the great britons including shakespeare, george stephenson,winston churchill to name a few. So they give a shout out to the woman who first bought us disposable nappies. Great. Says it all about this drivel.
gizmokatz 8:25am Sun 23 Oct
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These young men are knowingly robbing the very young vulnerable children in need of protection. The powers that be that allow it should hang their heads in shame.
once more 11:10pm Fri 21 Oct
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Child refugees
What an absolutely annoying woman debating, but not allowing anyone else to speak, about child refugees. These males are men not children - no one would refuse children needing help but once again the British public have been conned.....
Irritated 10:54am Fri 21 Oct
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all teeth and grease.
She needs cillit bang on her hair to get rid of the grease and half a ton of colgate.
gizmokatz. 11:49am Thu 20 Oct
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Has she never heard of shampoo . Her hair is a messy greasy bomb today.
happy chappy 11:12am Thu 20 Oct
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and phil needs to get some, he looks like zippy from rainbow
nononono 10:40am Thu 20 Oct
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joke teeth
Christines teeth are taking over. They are way too big for her mouth. They are like those plastic joke ones that you wind up.
gizmokatz 12:18pm Wed 19 Oct
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planet zog!!!
Who in this day and age can afford £250 for an outfit. I dont spend that on a months food, i cant afford to. Trinny must think we are all as rich as she is. Unfortunatly there are no money trees near me. She must live on the planet zog.
moaner linda 12:00pm Tue 18 Oct
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Is that "woman"with pip really rylan in a wig?
gizmokatz 10:47am Tue 18 Oct
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Are christine and rylan breaking their teeth in for shergar?
gizmokatz 12:21pm Mon 17 Oct
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Can't stand Gino his cooking is always the same bland & predictable. He can't cook anything but pasta & rice.
Debs 12:07pm Mon 17 Oct
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What could be worse than Holly Willoughby?
Christine Bleakley!!!!!!!!!!!!
Minto 11:32am Mon 17 Oct
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You are awful and I hate you
Eamonn Holmes being gone completely from our screens can't happen soon enough for me.
Captain Sludge 3:35pm Sat 15 Oct
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"Hopefully he'll be gone completely from our screens very soon" - Here! Here!
Miss Ribble 11:30am Fri 14 Oct
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Is eamon wearing that jacket for a bet?
moaner linda 11:14am Fri 14 Oct
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never be
It says a lot about the man when he puts a football team before his wife. Hes a wannabe terry wogan. Hes a never will be.
gizmokatz. 5:55pm Thu 13 Oct
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Eamon Holmes
Thank God he has 'left' Sky News. Hopefully he'll be gone completely from our screens very soon. Awful, horrible man.
chrissie 4:14pm Thu 13 Oct
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sicky pip.
Pips so sickly and fake, hollys a lapdog. Hes on again tonight. What have i done in a previous life that was so bad to deserve this?
gizmokatz. 1:03pm Wed 12 Oct
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What ghastly looking dhal!!
I make better lookingv(and probably tasting) dhal than that and Im not even Indian!
EnglishRose 12:02pm Fri 7 Oct
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Act your age
Had enough baby squealing and talking through her nose from holly At least I can understand Phil but please act your age Putting your hand over your mouth when you find something funny is so childish
Ex this morning lover 9:37am Thu 6 Oct
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no bargains here
Its only a bargain if you need it. Ive not got money to spend on lego and i dont think free soreen mini bites will pay my bills. Where do they get these people from, its not this world thats for sure.
moaner linda 11:07am Mon 3 Oct
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Switched off after seeing man who ate placenta. Is nothing sacred. I genuinely feel physically sick. Disgusting.
g 11:05am Thu 29 Sep
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two clowns.
I have a phobia of clowns. The two clowns who present this show. Even the speakmans can cure me.
gizmokatz 11:12am Wed 28 Sep
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I see that hollys going to be presenting another prime time show. Is there no end to our suffering. I bet her kids carry a photo of her to remind them what she looks like.
lolacherry 11:20am Fri 23 Sep
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Bet philips got a voodoo doll of paul hollywood. He probably thought he would get the bake off job. Hes full of smarm
gizmokatz 3:59pm Thu 22 Sep
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