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Wrong answer
Lady Diana's middle name was Frances not spencer as answered on 2nd October 2015
Hubby 6:06pm Fri 2 Oct

What is he supposed to say seeing asn here is little scope. No need to be nasty!
once more 10:18pm Fri 18 Sep
For all our sakes drop the patronising annoying WELL DONE. 42 times the other day. Give us a break
LL 5:00pm Fri 18 Sep
wrong answer
On 16 9 2015 answer was Jennifer Lopez not jenifer lawrence
heidi 4:37pm Wed 16 Sep
Wrong answer
There are 8 male faces in a deck of cards, not 16. Shelley was right. So stupid.
Nek12 4:41pm Sun 13 Sep
Ben sbepherd
How many jobs does this guy have.
Woowoo 4:12pm Mon 7 Sep
The riding thing does my head in I want to know how Ben knows if the coin is "riding" and the other contestants don't?
Anon 3:26pm Mon 24 Aug
scraping the barrel
Who on earth actually thought this would be good for T.V . its penny arcade at the pier .. speaking of which , this should be thrown off.
HAHAHA 8:39pm Wed 29 Jul
not fair
Wy do contestants not get any money that they ern for coming 2nd. 3rd.4th and if the winer takes the trade and loses itv) has a cheap day as they pay out no money at all it a fix magnetic tilting hi.tec machine
mike (wales) 6:26pm Thu 23 Jul
Not Ben's fault
Does not have enough scope to say much else. After all there is not a lot to be said on this mundane show.
once more 9:48pm Wed 15 Jul
"Is that where you wanted it"
Taylor 8:17pm Wed 15 Jul
New title
This programme should be called "there you go" the amount of times Ben says it.
Jan 4:52pm Wed 15 Jul
How Many Magnets?
Those tokens move in some mysterious ways.
Magneto 11:10pm Tue 14 Jul
Tipping Pointless
Thanks ITV! For finding an excellent cure for insomnia.
Ricardo 8:44pm Tue 14 Jul
Repeated quiz programmes are the pits.
Quizzer 9:27am Sun 21 Jun
love to be on this show
Ben is so professional. Great show and looking forward to the new series.
Holly 11:44am Thu 18 Jun
Marginally better than Pointless
...but still garbage. That presenter is desperate for work. As has been proved on Ninja UK.
Paul 4:51pm Tue 9 Jun
why do presenters always ask the contestants what they will do with the money if they win
jenny 5:14pm Mon 8 Jun
Me too! The x2 coins were in the more recent episodes
irritated 2:19pm Fri 5 Jun
tipping point
Fed up with repeats. And what happened to the ×2 coin
fj 12:50pm Fri 5 Jun
Sainted aunts
Jean d'Arc is not the patron saint of France. So there it's St Denis
Lebob 1:11pm Thu 4 Jun
How any times do we have to watch repeats (yes we noticed). It's about time there was a new series.
Golden oldie 4:09pm Wed 3 Jun
Incorrect answer given
Today in the tipping point a contestant was asked "In which decade was the Scottish Government first formed?" The contestant gave the answer "the 90's" to which he was awarded the point. The year that the Scottish Government was first formed was 1235 under the reign of King Alexander II OF Scotland.
Thee Big Yin. 4:34pm Fri 15 May
Taking the trade..
Some days they show how they would have done if they'd taken the trade, other days they don't. Why?
Sam68 5:05pm Thu 14 May
would they have won
Agree with colett, I'd like to see what would have happened too, Why don't you show it any more????
ronnie b 5:03pm Thu 14 May
Why! oh Why! do . Presenters insist on calling a 'LOCH' a LOCK where were these people educated?
irritated 4:41pm Thu 14 May
ben does too long gaps between an answer and next question
Me 5:12pm Tue 12 May
Tipping point today
At final two contestants score was £2000 and. £700 then went to £2750 and £750. Then back to previous. Then final round before individual play showed £2750 and £750 bad edit?
Mitchthedog 4:54pm Wed 6 May
constant talkingI
I no longer watch this as the constant talking from contestants and Ben,s moaning and groaning drives me mad. It,s a machine for heaven,s sake! It can,t hear you so why do you keep shrieking at it?
Bored. 4:42pm Mon 4 May
Spelling of Livingston 'Town in Scotland' today was incorrect. There is no E at the end. Surprised this was not noticed when question was set
Taylor 8:15pm Thu 23 Apr
false modesty
"Oh well done" the final two are so sickly polite........as if!
once more 5:22pm Thu 23 Apr
Please or thank you
Quite a few contestants do not have the basic manners - really annoying
Pelestan 4:29pm Mon 20 Apr
Intentionally putting someone off?
Has anybody else noticed that players often mistime the "drop" of their token into the machine when Ben says "Alright Freda/Tom/Beryl/Martin, when you're ready, in your own time." They often panic and press straight away. Strange that ... isn't it!
RegularViewer 11:58am Thu 2 Apr
Is an excellent on this show. He brings warmth and is pleasant with everyone.
once more 2:52pm Fri 20 Mar
Lovely relaxing show.
Love the show, love Ben, always polite, kind and tactile.
Chris 3:44pm Thu 19 Mar
Series 5
When is the next episode of Series 5 due to air?
Big Flynn 3:54pm Tue 17 Mar
music music
Can you please stop playing the music when Ben is asking and answering the questions please as its very hard to hear. Thank you??????
music woman 11:19pm Thu 12 Mar
this show is fixed....
blu 3:25pm Mon 9 Mar
Wrong answer
On the show broadcast on 04/03/15 show said Woodrow Wilson was US president during WW11 which is incorrect. Contestant picked right answer Roosevelt !!
Phil Rambo 4:00pm Wed 4 Mar
credit where credits due
I would love to see a credit on this show to the man who first invented the arcade pusher machine (penny falls) Jim Crompton (The Crompton Machine Company) sadly no longer with us but I know he would have been thrilled an invention of his had been used on a big television game show and still loved by children & adults alike. Diane Crompton.
Diane Crompton 4:37pm Sun 22 Feb
Do the losers win nothing?
Why don't the losers go away with what they gained or at least a trophy or something?
sian 3:37pm Wed 18 Feb
why is it only won once a week
mal 3:13pm Wed 4 Feb
give us a break !
this has to be the most boring competition game on TV with the nicest but equally boring compere. Get it off TV ...please
kaygee 6:18pm Tue 27 Jan
I like Ben too. He seems a genuinely nice person.
once more 11:22pm Tue 20 Jan
Ben is the best
Thank the Lord Ben has been given this show, whats up Phillip Schofield busy, he seems to get everything going. Good luck Ben
Jan 4:11pm Tue 20 Jan
Its Unfair
Why do the contestants on the "celebrity" show get much more money than on the shows with "ordinary" contestants. And why are their questions easier?
Baffled 4:53pm Wed 14 Jan
Lucky rabbits tail!!!!!!
When asked to name the lucky part of a rabbit the contestant said "tail" to which Ben answered "yes well done", they must've realised he messed up because and the end of the contestants turn Ben says "with regards to the rabbit question, we would have accepted tail or foot", Google it, not one source that says a rabbits tail is lucky, read the cards Ben!
Pepper 3:33pm Wed 14 Jan
wrong answer
henry v111 last wife was catherine parr not catherine howard as was on your show
henry v111 fan 2:07pm Sun 28 Dec
Me and my big mouth
And a bloke wins today!! Probably a good job tho as it was getting to be not worth them turning up
RosieD 5:55pm Thu 18 Dec
Interesting to get the past breakdown of winners between girls and guys..the girls do very well.!!!!!! as they should
Rosie D 12:08pm Thu 18 Dec

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