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Ben bait.
Blatant fix! Katy took well over the allotted time to answer the penalty pot question. A less attractive contestant would have been frozen out . She then proceeded to the final. Ben bait!
foghorn leghorn. 5:12pm Thu 19 Jan
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I was beginning to think I knew some of these contestants until it dawned on me they are repeats, surely it shouldn't be necessary to show repeats so soon after the original show,
Nanni 4:09pm Tue 20 Dec
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Why is tipping point all repeats, haven't they got any new TIPPING POINTS coming on.everytime I turm TIPPING Point on it turns out to be a repeat that I have already seen. I wouldn't mind if they where from ages ago but they are all recent tipping points.
Alan briggs 4:14pm Tue 13 Dec
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Missed timed dropping
Why aren't my comments being published Is it because contestants would possibly be winning more money
Coggo 7:41pm Thu 8 Dec
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Ben annoyed me when he said to denise van outen that this show was his only job. What about good morning britain, goals on sunday and ninja warrior uk. Or are we watching a ben clone. If i was his wife i would divorce him on the grounds of desertion.
jezebel69. 12:24pm Sun 4 Dec
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Why does Ben keep making strange noises?
Onza 4:31pm Fri 2 Dec
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Why won't you publish my comments for goodness sake.
Coggo 4:43pm Thu 1 Dec
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Who is the contestant called Chris!? He says he is an actor, and he looks so familiar. What's he been in?
Annie 5:25pm Wed 30 Nov
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Chris birkett was a presenter on price drop t.v. He has done xtras work as an actor.
jezebel69. 5:17pm Wed 30 Nov
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Who is Chris
Who is Chris the actor on tipping point today. Recognise him
sillyme 4:53pm Wed 30 Nov
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Contestant 16th November
Is the contestant in wed 16th Nov 4pm episode Irish or scouse?
Hazzabear 4:51pm Wed 16 Nov
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The machine
Has the machine got the ability to tip from side to side
collipeg 10:34pm Tue 15 Nov
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Why are my comments being published?
Mikatile 8:10pm Sun 6 Nov
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In order to answer your question AP67 it's because your comment might help contestants to win more money.I can't get my comments published either
Onza 1:55pm Sat 5 Nov
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On saturdays bargain hunt one of the men on the blue team was also on tipping point in the past two weeks. A lot of "regulars"seem to pop up on most quizzes.
jezebel69 1:30pm Sat 5 Nov
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In order to answer your question AP67 it's because your comment might help contestants to win more money.I can't get my comments published either
Onza 1:24pm Sat 5 Nov
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My reply wasn't posted,again,on the 1/11,i'm sure she was on Bargain Hunt,a few days before.It was a Tim one,from last year
Lizzie 5:29pm Thu 3 Nov
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Im sure that i have seen susan as a contestant on an antiques show called masterpiece with alan titchmarsh.
gizmokatz. 2:49am Thu 3 Nov
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I Have
been trying all day to answer the question asked by 'Marky' to no avail. Also tried to leave a review on another show that to was not printed. What is the point of going through all the 'security' tick boxes when the comments are not shown
AP67 7:28pm Wed 2 Nov
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Ben's making strange irritating noises again.
Onza 4:24pm Wed 2 Nov
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Ben needs to get his brain into gear
He is crap
Anne 3:45pm Wed 2 Nov
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Susan in todays episode
Does anyone recognise Susan from today's episode? She said she was an actress or I might have seen her on another game show.
Marky 4:41pm Tue 1 Nov
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It's flat
Why are contestants still miss timing drops and being surprised at getting a rider.
Go getter 4:14pm Tue 1 Nov
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hug off.
If i was bens wife i would read him the riot act regarding touching and hugging the contestants. One of these days he will get a slap in the face or a swift kick. It will serve him right.
jezebel69 11:15pm Mon 31 Oct
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See Ben mauling again tonight
Coggo 9:03pm Sun 30 Oct
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Contestant was right. Mojito is made with Bacardi, I have a bottle and the label says Bacardi Mojito. Once again Ben has got it wrong. unfair on the contestant.
Dad 4:30pm Fri 28 Oct
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Contestant was right. Mojito is made with Bacardi, I have a bottle and the label says Bacardi Mojito. Once again Ben has got it wrong. unfair on the contestant.
Dad 4:24pm Fri 28 Oct
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Am I right in thinking that today's show is a repeat, it is not listed as such in the tv magazine. But I am sure I have seen it before!!
confused 4:23pm Fri 28 Oct
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All wrong
Ben Shepard has got a nerve,mocking people,who get answers wrong.He was a disgrace today.He should remember that the contestants are keeping him in a well paid job.I wish one of them would tell him off,I would.
Lizzie 6:00pm Thu 27 Oct
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not right.
Its not right of ben to laugh at daniels answer. Its ok for ben hes got the answers in front of him. Hes a belittling little toad. If i was daniel i would have walked off the show.
gizmokatz. 4:41pm Thu 27 Oct
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Why does boring Ben have to irritatingly repeat the questions again.
Coggo 4:29pm Thu 13 Oct
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Why does Ben make so many strange irritating noises throughout the program
Onza 4:26pm Wed 12 Oct
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irritating ben.
He annoys me when he does that fake grimmace when he wants us to think someones got an answer wrong when we all know the answers correct. Plus anyone who gambles and wins should have their stake money back. You would in a bookies.
gizmokatz. 11:02pm Tue 11 Oct
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Tiping Point
My husband and I love watching Tipping Point, we are in our 70's and get really excited when we answer a question right. We watch most quiz programs to try and keep our brains active, and think Ben is the right person for this one.
Pauline 5:34pm Tue 11 Oct
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It's flat
Not watching tipping point any more.As it's too irritating.What with boring Ben and not publishing my comments
Coggo 4:59pm Fri 7 Oct
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Dress sense
I'm afraid whoever dresses Ben has not got much dress sense
Onza 4:14pm Fri 7 Oct
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tipping point
why does ben make all those funny noises canet he speak propely and why does he keep say not to worry and grabbibg all young slim ladies that's on he a marred man with kids one show l watch he scream all way through the infact l thought he was hurt he screaming that much at ever question that was ask or as he got something wrong with his voice does he have to make that funny voice as he does not do it on other show
jade2149 1:56pm Fri 23 Sep
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Les D
Got away with this for years on Family Fortunes.....
once more 8:14am Fri 23 Sep
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no chance ben
Anyone who is slim and attractive should avoid going on this show, unless of course you want to get pawed by ben in his unironed suit. People have been arrested for less.
moaner linda 5:22pm Thu 22 Sep
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lame brain
Jays got to be the dumbest contestant yet. Why do borderline dumbos go on these quizzes. I would be ashamed.
lolacherry 4:37pm Thu 15 Sep
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Drives me nuts!
When they keep shouting "Yay". I wish people would stick to speaking english. It's YES fgs!
once more 11:47am Sun 11 Sep
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Drives me mad
When some of the male contestants rock from side to side every time they get a question right! They remind me of chimps, it's so annoying. I love the show, but switch off if a "rocking" contestant makes it to the two last people in the game.
fuzzy 10:38pm Sat 10 Sep
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Can't stand ben
Ben yuk can't stand him and how many times foes he say take the money from the machine and put it in your bank For God sake say something different
Silver tears 5:07pm Mon 29 Aug
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Tipping point
Why does Ben insist on reading the question after it has been answered?? he is the most annoyinbg man on TV. I have stopped watching it now. Can't stand him.
mazza 4:27pm Thu 25 Aug
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Time to switch over
Boring Ben's on again time to switch over
Onza 4:11pm Mon 22 Aug
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why do the people who select the contestants insist on picking people who have no manners i shout at the television please and thankyou you can see some of these ignorant people hold back from saying please i would think there parents are embarressed with them
Patsy 1:12pm Sun 21 Aug
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Bad diction and constant pawing of annoying contestants, why is this still on TV?
Nhoj 5:21pm Fri 19 Aug
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Dress sense
Well done Ben your dress sense leaves a lot to be desired.
Coggo 8:09pm Sun 14 Aug
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What a boring quiz show with boring Ben.I switch over at 4-5 now
Onza 10:56am Sun 7 Aug
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What a boring quiz show with boring Ben.I switch over at 4-5 now
Onza 11:19pm Thu 4 Aug
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