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Wet discs
Sometimes the discs are obviously wet as they barely fall down from a vertical drop. Also I have seen what appears to be a water droplet falling down. When discs are piled up on the edge of the dropping point they will not 'Tipover' because they are obviously 'WET' too
Josh 6:51pm Sun 7 Feb

Saves spoiling a good one
tipping point wastes one hour waiting for the chase
constant moaner Salinas in Spain 4:17pm Fri 5 Feb
Ben Shepherd
I am increasingly finding it difficult to understand Ben Shepherd as he is failing to speak clearly , He mumbles and speaks very quickly. I have many friends who feel the same.
Malsw 4:14pm Fri 5 Feb
Doesn't anyone check the questions? ANUNDANT written as ABUNDENT today!?
spells! 12:29am Wed 3 Feb
boring programme, boring presenter
rob 4:57pm Tue 26 Jan
Who was that erika dame on?? She was hot!!! Lol
Booya 4:42pm Tue 26 Jan
Wrong answer on the show
Date the 26 / 01 / 16 .. What game show was the theme tune yazz the only way is up . your answer was the only way is essix that's not I repeat not a game show its a reality show not a game show so you was wrong
Kempster 4:42pm Tue 26 Jan
Myself and my family have been watching tipping point for quite a while however I think it is unfair that that they do not give the second to last contestants well earned money.
OLIVIAmelville 4:36pm Tue 26 Jan
Thick contestants
Where do you find the players for Tipping Point? There are ALL a bunch of pillocks (morons)
Sijahe 4:37pm Mon 25 Jan
Question 21/01
At the time Martina Navratalova was born in Checkoslovakia. You should have allowed it
Dave 4:21pm Thu 21 Jan
TIMBKTOO 4:24pm Wed 20 Jan
Borrring, very Boooring !!!
This is the most trivial and boring game ever shown. Get it off the TV - I've already switched channels at 4.00pm
miseryguts 4:23pm Wed 20 Jan
How will I get to now if I have won competition
Denise Ashmore 5:48pm Mon 18 Jan
Great show
I love the game it's so funny! I love Ben as well, he is genuinely happy when contestants win.
Ellie 6:03am Thu 14 Jan
A totally irritating woman on todays' show. Has given me a headache.
A.P. 4:57pm Wed 13 Jan
Too fast
Ben Shepherd annoys me how fast he reads the autocue. He is like a robot. Spoils my viewing.
Yvette 4:56pm Tue 12 Jan
Cannot stand Ben Shepherd
Liz 4:05pm Tue 12 Jan
Miss timing drops
I really enjoy the show but it is really annoying to see contestants miss timing their drops and then get stand ups and riders. The tokens take time to drop cant they see that and drop sooner or are they told to drop too late?
Bears fan 7:57pm Mon 11 Jan
Miss timing drops
I really enjoy the show but it is really annoying to see contestants miss timing their drops and then get stand ups and riders. The tokens take time to drop cant they see that and drop sooner or are they told to drop too late?
Bears fan 7:48pm Mon 11 Jan
Tipping point
Can itv give viewing figures for this dross.must cost a fortune.
Woo woo 2:59pm Fri 8 Jan
Ben shepherd
Does this bloke have a family.he's never off tv.greedy man.give an out of work presenter a chance.
New word on the block.wow 1:13pm Mon 4 Jan
Inclusion disabled candidates
Was watching christmas sweater day episode. I am really shocked that itv put tanni who is in a wheelchair on a low desk and the other celebrities standing behind their desks towering over her. Why not give them all a low desk and let the others sit down aswell !
Betsy 4:38pm Fri 18 Dec
Please stop Ben Shepherd straining and groaning. I have to watch with the to muted and the subtitles on!!!
Annoyed! 4:59pm Tue 15 Dec
They must ask the longest questions in TV quizzing, takes up too much time as they only have a short time to answer, there is also no need for Ben to go through the wrong answers again at the end.
irritating 10:40am Sat 5 Dec
ridiculous questions.
stupid questions this evening to the younger woman who only got one point, these aren't general knowledge, they are ridiculous
poppy 4:19pm Fri 4 Dec
We only have one request:- Please stop contestants saying " I THINK" I will try drop zone------- " The response should be."When you have decided we will continue".
Jools 6:21pm Sun 29 Nov
wrong answer
Sitting Bull did not lead the Sioux at Little Bighorn It was Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull did not move from his tee pee in the misguided belief the white man would not lie to him ( about a peace treaty )
johnwilliam 59 6:19pm Fri 27 Nov
fixed ?
It stands to reason that ITV don't want to give away £10,000 every day so I believe the machine it minutely tilted either left or right
Baleen 4:25pm Wed 25 Nov
ben shepherd on tipping point
So annoying how he keeps saying the contestants names over and over when the drop doesn't go well??
Rosie 4:25pm Fri 20 Nov
We love riders
We love riders. That is all
Rider 9:32pm Wed 4 Nov
Reply to wrong answer comment
The comment about the number of male faces in a standard deck of playing cards being 8 is wrong because there are 4 jacks and 4 kings and there are two faces on each of these cards: one at the top and one upside down at the bottom.
jjones37 5:20pm Mon 19 Oct
Wrong answer
Lady Diana's middle name was Frances not spencer as answered on 2nd October 2015
Hubby 6:06pm Fri 2 Oct
What is he supposed to say seeing asn here is little scope. No need to be nasty!
once more 10:18pm Fri 18 Sep
For all our sakes drop the patronising annoying WELL DONE. 42 times the other day. Give us a break
LL 5:00pm Fri 18 Sep
wrong answer
On 16 9 2015 answer was Jennifer Lopez not jenifer lawrence
heidi 4:37pm Wed 16 Sep
Wrong answer
There are 8 male faces in a deck of cards, not 16. Shelley was right. So stupid.
Nek12 4:41pm Sun 13 Sep
Ben sbepherd
How many jobs does this guy have.
Woowoo 4:12pm Mon 7 Sep
The riding thing does my head in I want to know how Ben knows if the coin is "riding" and the other contestants don't?
Anon 3:26pm Mon 24 Aug
scraping the barrel
Who on earth actually thought this would be good for T.V . its penny arcade at the pier .. speaking of which , this should be thrown off.
HAHAHA 8:39pm Wed 29 Jul
not fair
Wy do contestants not get any money that they ern for coming 2nd. 3rd.4th and if the winer takes the trade and loses itv) has a cheap day as they pay out no money at all it a fix magnetic tilting hi.tec machine
mike (wales) 6:26pm Thu 23 Jul
Not Ben's fault
Does not have enough scope to say much else. After all there is not a lot to be said on this mundane show.
once more 9:48pm Wed 15 Jul
"Is that where you wanted it"
Taylor 8:17pm Wed 15 Jul
New title
This programme should be called "there you go" the amount of times Ben says it.
Jan 4:52pm Wed 15 Jul
How Many Magnets?
Those tokens move in some mysterious ways.
Magneto 11:10pm Tue 14 Jul
Tipping Pointless
Thanks ITV! For finding an excellent cure for insomnia.
Ricardo 8:44pm Tue 14 Jul
Repeated quiz programmes are the pits.
Quizzer 9:27am Sun 21 Jun
love to be on this show
Ben is so professional. Great show and looking forward to the new series.
Holly 11:44am Thu 18 Jun
Marginally better than Pointless
...but still garbage. That presenter is desperate for work. As has been proved on Ninja UK.
Paul 4:51pm Tue 9 Jun
why do presenters always ask the contestants what they will do with the money if they win
jenny 5:14pm Mon 8 Jun
Me too! The x2 coins were in the more recent episodes
irritated 2:19pm Fri 5 Jun

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