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Tipping Point Comments
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The Mind Boggles
Today one of the contestants was incredibly thick and you have to wonder how she ever managed to get on the show.
don'tbelieveallyouread 10:17pm Fri 12 Jan
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Stupid answers.
Also when they HAVE TO give an answer and they say something stupid because they haven't a clue.
Quiz fan 8:40pm Fri 12 Jan
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And Ben
Retreading the questions and on the final round asking each contestant what answer they would have given.
Irritated 8:14pm Fri 12 Jan
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Too much talking.
When they say "oh bad luck " so fake. Too much talking today, especially dawn. She must have swallowed a tub of birdseed.
Sceptic 7:02pm Fri 12 Jan
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Over doing it
Why is Ben over doing using people's names all the time.Bradley doesn't do it. I find it so irritating and find myself changing channels.
Coggo 10:30pm Wed 3 Jan
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Why does Ben keep reading the question when time is up.Bradley Welch doesn't he stops.
Onza 4:42pm Wed 3 Jan
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When he finishes the question after the times up he gives a pained expression as if to say the contestant would have got it right. The full questions are part of subtitles anyway. Me? I couldn't care less.
Quiz fan 6:08pm Tue 2 Jan
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Why does irritating Ben have to repeat the questions again after the contestants have already answered them and sometimes out of time.
Patti Sheratt 4:41pm Tue 2 Jan
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Why does irritating Ben continue to read a question and ask for an answer when time is up.
Slithery 3:46pm Thu 28 Dec
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Serves the greedy cow right.
Ronnie. 4:59pm Thu 21 Dec
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Repeated Questions
Why does Ben HAVE to keep repeating questions even when contestant has got correct answer???
mikeygit 4:14pm Tue 19 Dec
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Kilo calorie and Calorie
These are the same thing, very unfair that one contestant was told her answer was incorrect
Fay 4:44pm Fri 15 Dec
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Repeats repeats
Every episode is a repeat and has been for months. We are not silly. Make new episode or find something else to replace it.
Rth 4:23pm Wed 13 Dec
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Who are you?
Some of the contestants are so stupid,they wouldn't recognise themselves in the mirror!
Lizzie 8:23pm Mon 11 Dec
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All these repeats
Does itv think viewers are stupid that they will not recognise faces on this pathetic round of repeats.
Fed up viewer 4:20pm Fri 8 Dec
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boring Ben
Ben is so boring, the same mannerism everyday, he is an a state of awe and wonder when a contestant gives the right answer, he is on TV far too much, for his pitiful talent
MIKEM 6:20pm Wed 29 Nov
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To turn off or not ?
Watched an episode yeaterday and might as well have turned off after round one as one of the contestants had so much money. To maintain interest why don't you let all the contestants take away what they win, whenever they are out.
Ed 5:07pm Wed 29 Nov
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Repeat repeat repeat
Why are itv getting away with tipping point repeats. Do they think viewers will not notice.
Fed up with quiz show repeats 4:54pm Thu 16 Nov
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Wrong info from show
So shocked that questions can be asked and then the wrong answer given by the show. The largest bone in the human body is the femur!!!!! The show said the tibia. This is wrong.
Lolly 5:58pm Wed 15 Nov
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Phonetic Alphabet
R is Romeo, not as your question setter said Rodger, which is said to confirm that the message is heard and understood, and will be acted on.
Coco Jo 4:54pm Fri 10 Nov
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How on earth did today's finalist even get on the show! It was painful to watch
Unbelievable 6:53pm Wed 8 Nov
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What hope for our kids
Terrible indictment of our education system when you see someone so lacking in knowledge about any subject at all in today's episode.
Everhopefulteacher 5:07pm Wed 8 Nov
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todays question.
A question which was asked today; Allah is worshipped by Jewish, Christian and which religion? answer Islam. Well I am totally disgusted. Christians do not worship Allah. The worship of Allah is an Islamic faith. Totally wrong and should be apologised for. Get your facts right!!
Bertie 6:36pm Tue 7 Nov
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New Low
Today's winning contestant hit a new low in intelligence
Quizfan 3:55pm Mon 23 Oct
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I've always thought that
this was fixed and after watching 11 Oct 2017, it confirmed my belief.
the Critic 3:03pm Thu 12 Oct
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The worst player has won again
Dave 3:44pm Wed 11 Oct
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These episodes are repeats of repeats, won't be watching again, was good but spoiled by repeats
Patrick 1:11am Fri 8 Sep
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I wish itv would have quizzes where the best player wins and not the luckiest.
Dave 3:17pm Fri 18 Aug
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Am sure I've seen the contestants on Tipping Point before and these are repeats! Or am I experiencing deja vu?!
David 4:27pm Thu 27 Jul
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Ben Sheppards phoney accent
how dare Ben Sheppard mock the Yorkshire accent of Lynn on todays' tipping point disgusting he doesn't do it for Liverpudlians or any other acent so give it a rest as you cannot even do it right.
annc 4:40pm Thu 20 Jul
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I'm sure the machine is rigged with magnets. Another fixed game show.
Vicky 12:18pm Wed 12 Jul
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tipping point. channel w. 11 am.
Check out the word search ad in the break. Costs £10.80 to enter. There's not even a closing date. It could go on indefinitely. What a con.
imnofool 11:22am Fri 30 Jun
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Repeats !!
Why are all these shows repeats. The shows were shown only very recently so why repeated now?
Dori 6:51pm Fri 16 Jun
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it's not a Jack pot
why do they take the money the won of the jack pot . it's not 10.000 prize if they deduct there winnings
blue 4:46pm Tue 13 Jun
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Season 6 episode 116
Sharon answed HOLLAND first on the question about wich footbal team is called clockwork orange ...the answer is the netherlands (which is made of 12 provinces) holland is only made up of two....she answerd incorrecly but was given it ....the other contestant was robbed of another chance
Scott T 4:55pm Mon 12 Jun
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Wrong question again. Confit means "to preserve" not to prepare. Poor contestant given wrong question so was never going to get it right. Need better question setters.
Greyhound 4:47pm Mon 17 Apr
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some men only win because there is sport, football & boxing questions & categories.
Libbi 6:06pm Thu 13 Apr
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Fire it up.
Why does Ben insist on saying fire up the drop-zone when it's actually the other zones that are switched off.
Sindento 4:12pm Thu 13 Apr
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WI Founded in Canada
Again, the WI was not 'founded' in Britain. It was started in Canada. Please check your facts!
Canadagal 4:17pm Wed 12 Apr
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10th April
Isn't Caerphilly in Mid Glamorgan and not South Glam as stated in a question?
jonno 8:39am Tue 11 Apr
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It's flat
Why are contestants still misstiming drops and getting riders
Onza 5:00pm Mon 27 Mar
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The critic
Brilliant show Charming quiz master.Bwest show on the box.
Patti Sheratt 9:44pm Sat 25 Mar
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Love Tipping Point
My husband and I look forward to Tipping Point every day. Why hasn't it been on tv this week.
Sue 10:41pm Thu 16 Mar
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Easy questions
Never have I seen such easy questions on a TV game show. I have made kids quizzes with harder questions.
Timmy O toole 9:50pm Fri 10 Mar
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Incorrect answer supplied by yourself
The code used for a customer switching their mobile phone provider is a PAC CODE not PUK CODE as stated on the 28th Feb show. Puk code is a personal unblocking code when the incorrect pin has been entered and locked the phone. Thank you
lol legs 4:43pm Tue 28 Feb
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why have tipping point on the the weekend no one wants to watch it on saturday its a boring quiz show!!!!!
barbie 12:59pm Sat 25 Feb
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I love tipping point but think it is unfair that the other contestants don't keep the money they dropped
pat 4:41pm Fri 24 Feb
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I wish itv would have quizzes where the best person won instead of being luck.
dave 4:27pm Thu 23 Feb
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The critic
Yes I thought the same ignorant so and so.He didn't deserve to win.Well said critic.
Onza 4:13pm Thu 23 Feb
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Tony, 22/2/17
This contestant (he won the 10k) never said the word PLEASE at all. How ignorant, plus he had a personality failure.
The Critic 10:05am Thu 23 Feb
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