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University Challenge Comments
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University challende
Best quiz show
Yolo63 2:36pm Mon 1 Aug
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siwan 7:56pm Mon 15 Feb
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Change of date
I am really angry that UC has moved from tonight to I know not when. Why do they do this!?
Edward Wilson 7:41pm Mon 15 Feb
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Where is it?
Monday evening and no UC. Why not?
stowjac 7:29pm Mon 15 Feb
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Bug JP with a crowbar. He'd love it.
Challenger 7:50pm Mon 8 Feb
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Wrong answer accepted
Since when is ethyne (C2H2) the same as ethane (C2H6)? The gas produced when by Calcium Carbide and water is Acetylene or Ethyne. Paxo accepted Ethane as an equivalent. He definitely doesn't know all the answers and is unable to differentiate between similar sounding but totally different chemicals.
Notevenachemist 8:45pm Mon 28 Dec
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Where is Univesity Challenge ???
Why is it not on tonight - this is unfair - I do not want to watch Nigella at Christmas . Stop playing about with our programme times!!!
Entheo 8:22pm Mon 14 Dec
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miserable phd Nuffield oldies using deliberate delaying tactics to beat nice young Warwick. Shame. Deduct points for delay and age over 21.
einstein 8:33pm Mon 9 Nov
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Jeremy is expected by privately he's downright despicable.
Parky 7:03pm Mon 2 Mar
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I preferred UC in the days of Bamber when most of the students were under 21 - now we have oldies who surely should have the advantage of age and experience. Do wish Paxman would stop fidgeting in his chair, particularly at the start. Surely he can't be nervous.
Dave 6:48am Mon 15 Dec
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quadratic equation questions
I agree, the question should have been 7xx +35x +28 =0. Then it's possible to solve in your head. (Or even easier, 28x)
KeithR 6:43pm Wed 26 Nov
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quadratic equation questions
Surely the answer to the second question would only be 4 if the middle term was 35x, not 42x as given?
mgljw2 10:22pm Mon 24 Nov
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perodic table
when asked for some ordering sequence the answer tendered was "chemical elements" but the correct answer was given by Jeremy was "periodic table". can someone tell me the difference?
ed 8:35pm Mon 18 Aug
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Southhampton cheating
Southhampton seems to have an insight knowledge to some of the questions as they answered a question with the correct answer for the subsequent question.
Sherlock2 7:48pm Tue 4 Feb
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wrong answer
the programme shown on Dec 30. section on ballistics asks, "what angle of launch is required to achieve the greatest distance across the surface. The answer accepted was 45 degrees. The correct answer is 32degrees.
Bwanakafupe 5:15pm New Years Eve
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Still the best Quiz Show on TV
I still long for the glory days of Bamber Gascoigne but Paxo does a credible job. Nice to see something that isn't dumbed down (much).
Auld Curmudgeon 8:57pm Mon 26 Aug
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The Paxman Bias
Imperial college playing against Bristol were given an unfair amount of time to answer their questions.
Diogenes 2:30pm Wed 16 Jan
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Ill judged presentation
Why does a perfectly good format get messed around with a toe curling filmed sequence with the Duchess of Cornwall. This is a quiz based on ability not on position. Did it not occur to the producers that someone who's just there because of who they married and is not know for their intellect would be inappropriate. This last sequence was embarrassing to watch, visually out of keeping and editorially totally inappropriate. it looked like it had been directed thirty years ago; made Paxman look like a creep and the poor students were relegated to bit part players when they should have been the stars of the show. Please don't do this again.
University Challenge fan 8:44pm Mon 19 Mar
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last question answer
Please could Jeremy let viewers know the answer to a question given when the bell at the end of the quiz goes.
Chris 8:33pm Mon 23 Jan
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Does anybody else find clemo's perma-grin infuriating? He's almost as self satisfied as Paxman himself.
Nel 8:36pm Mon 21 Mar
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Incorrect question on first cousins
The question posed tonight on the number of great grandparents shared by married first cousins was incorrect (answer given 12). It should have referred to the maximum number. For example, first cousins could be the offspring of parents from the same two families. One can also propose further complexities in other generations.
Foxy 10:42pm Mon 18 Oct
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Awesome show
This show is amazing, all those who say you need to read the dictionary for a hobby to get this show, obviously prefer watching mind-numbing soaps and don't appreciate good shows
Diamanti 6:01pm Tue 5 Oct
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Tim Coleman
I wanna be Tim Coleman... So freakin' bad.
MeganHarvey 10:35am Mon 4 Oct
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My local 'university' (polytechnic) is full of shambling illiterate junkies who spend their time forn-icat-ing and vomiting in the streets.
sharna 8:16pm Mon 26 Jul
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Oxford vs. Cambridge again?
They should call this show Oxford versus Cambridge Challenge. What a joke. Instead of esoteric questions about Byzantine toilets how about questions about something useful like Engineering. Then we would see that students from other universities are just as good or better than Oxford or Cambridge alumni. ...I was joking about the Byzantine toilets but I just heard Paxman mention mens' lavatories.
Rick 12:27am Wed 21 Jul
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WHY ??? nearly all the programs tonight are repeats. Some of them from LAST NIGHT. Is this the best you can do????? PATHETIC
FED UP 4:44pm Tue 6 Jul
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love this program
always glad if i can get a question right
wouldliketobebrainy 7:54pm Mon 5 Jul
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chips on shoulders
Some of the comments on here are clearly from those with giant inferiority complexes. The knowledge of SOME of these students is amazing. I do believe all contestants should be undergraduates and not postgraduates.
dutty 7:47pm Mon 5 Jul
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Time For Change
Why can we not have University Challenge shown later than the regular soap shows that the kids prefer to watch. I do not have Sky Plus blah blah blah. Also it never gets a second airing??????????????
Dee Daniell 8:32am Mon 5 Jul
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Not as hard as one may think
Majority of the comments are mentioning the difficulty of the questions featured on UC, however my 13 year old daughter answers many of them.
Proud parent 6:44pm Fri 16 Apr
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Goode of Imperial College
Can anyone tell me if Goode of Imperial College ever answered a question? Can't remember this happening.
Fan, Bursledon 8:50am Thu 8 Apr
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Good one Paxman. 4 spelling mistakes, 1 grammatical error and an incorrect statement; in only 2 short sentences. Maybe you should read a dictionary?
Mr Encyclopaedia 8:33pm Mon 22 Mar
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not intresting enough for a broad audiance
program for people who hobbie is to read the dictionary
paxman 6:57pm Mon 22 Mar
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Hello boys and girls
Tony here reporting for the BBC,HELP ME!I keep getting bangs in my head..they are after me! ps check out my track on youtube
T Topping 8:54pm Mon 1 Mar
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Universally Unchallenging
Uncomfortable facts: 1. UC is a TV programme on TV. The aim of TV is to get people to sit down, vegetate and watch TV. 2. Programmers/producers/advertisers use a multitude of TV techniques to keep people watching TV. E.g. irritating host/guests, lovable host/guests, large-breasted host/guests, gay host/guests, etc. The whole idea being it makes you feel superior/angry/warm so you keep you watching TV. 3. UC is not good or bad TV. It’s just another TV programme on TV. Whether or not you like it or not, it’s all the same. You sat down like a vegetable and watched it – the programmers/advertisers have achieved their aim. Don’t U C?
Guzzer 12:40pm Mon 1 Feb
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Without a shadow of a doubt the best programme on TV.
Keith 5:38pm Mon 4 Jan
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Gnawing Lack of Sophistication
Listen to him pronounce 'Don Quixote'. You don't have to be a full blown idiot, Jeremy.
B Gascoigne 8:15pm Mon 30 Nov
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Paxman is such a tool. JJ is right. Oh - I've spoken on the phone with site management. They're going to kidnap TMII and hold him for ransom. His parents are rich.
Saddam Mohamet al Ibbiz 8:31pm Mon 23 Nov
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Putdown Paxman
Is there anybody else out there who deplores the 'Paxman' treatment of those willing minds who sign themselves up to today's University Challenge? I rue the day that Bamber Gascoigne departed. Superior knowledge and understanding is always to be encouraged and applauded but JP's supercilious, sarcastic and sometimes humiliating comments and looks are quite frankly demeaning. Please find someone new who encourages, rather than despairs of the University Challenge teams. Thank you.
Jo James 8:16pm Mon 23 Nov
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enjoyable but....
Jeremy will sometimes laught at ehir wrong answers..one wonders if he knows all the answers himself so can afford to be that condescending!
SM 6:29pm Mon 9 Nov
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Tonights episode 19th Oct
Have you seen the adams apple on the UCLs captain!!! ha
cross dressing luver 8:25pm Mon 19 Oct
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St Andrews v Somerville Oxford
Go St Andrews!
George 9:03am Thu 8 Oct
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university challenge
never tire of this show. jeremy as arrogant as usual but still enjoy this show.
friend of the world 9:58pm Mon 21 Sep
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wimzicle empire
its a joke!
adhd 11:30am Mon 7 Sep
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Wife Swapping Party?
Northerners and uni scum? What you mean to say is most of the English population who enjoy a nice Pint. You blithering idiot.
Wimzicle Empire 5:57pm Mon 27 Jul
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University Challenge is Timeless
Straight to the point, no nonsense questions. Brilliant programming even if the toffs never get any 'pop' music questions right.
Mark Duffield 1:47pm Mon 13 Jul
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It's great to see a show not dumbed-down, undiluted, or adulterated. It's just tough quiz questions.
Fan 7:11pm Mon 23 Feb
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Because it's only shown on BBC ii.
Not BBC i, iii or iv 12:33pm Fri 13 Feb
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why can we not watch this excellent show on BBC i?
stevie 3:46am Tue 3 Feb
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I am an ordinary working man and self educated, ianswer many questions. Irrelevant try reading a book!
stevie 7:56pm Mon 2 Feb
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