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Nothing to be enthralled about here!
don'tbelieveallyouread 10:40pm Sun 7 Jan
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It 's dark up north. Did you not know?
georgie 9:29pm Mon 3 Apr
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Vera... give 'em a bob..
Brilliant program but not so brilliant lighting. Give 'em a bob for the meter. Half appeared in silhouette against the sun, and indoors appeared like they'd had a power cut. It spoilt it for me...
Monty 4:29pm Mon 3 Apr
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The accent!
Love Brenda Blethyn. Not mad on Vera. Even less so on her Geordie accent!
MollyB 10:13pm Sun 26 Mar
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bring joe back
it's simple bring joe back and make his substitute gay
the grand inquisitor 11:49pm Thu 12 Jan
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Brilliant - love it
I love Vera. Very subtle drama, much less obvious than most TV detectives. Beautiful but unusual locations. Brenda Blethyn and the cast are brilliant. Can't wait for the next series!
Crankshaft 9:14pm Tue 23 Feb
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Nothing new
Switched over. Not interesting enough to keep watching. BBC thriller much more promising.
once more 9:17pm Sun 21 Feb
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Gripping drama.
I love Vera. This programme is so exciting and the main character is unconventional and damaged which I also love. A must watch!
Lauren 6:14pm Sun 14 Feb
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Seems to have some sort of neurological disease as she has a shaky voice and wobbles a bit.
once more 2:37pm Mon 8 Feb
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jessica fletcher + columbo + Freddie Spender + miss marple +
tis reet good, y i man
sara milly khan 8:15pm Sun 7 Feb
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Hammy, wooden, awful. Change channel.
A 2 hour program filled with long silences, dialog limited to no more than 8 word one liners, and an Irish, Scottish, Geordie, Southern accent that Vera could not sustain from one sentence to the next. This was a 2 hour journey into tedium lacking in content and performance. Change the channel or go out for a walk and spare yourself any more of this lack lustre series.
Dead bored 9:07pm Tue 2 Feb
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Nothing special
Found it all rather boring much to my expectation.
once more 9:41am Mon 1 Feb
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What a pity. If there was a natural Geordie playing the part of Vera it would be so much better. Nothing against Brenda. The speech should be speeded up too many silences. All too slow.
Lizzie 8:42pm Sun 31 Jan
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Love Vera. Thought series 5 the best of the lot. More please!
Dave 1:23pm Fri 28 Aug
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loves double pen
Ben and Dave 2:46pm Mon 20 Apr
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so boring
I will be hard pressed to stay awake until 10 at this rate!
once more 9:13pm Sun 19 Apr
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acting is terrible and the voice aggghhhh !
John 10:05pm Sun 5 Apr
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bored already
With her whiney voice and twisty face......so off putting!
once more 8:22pm Sun 5 Apr
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Superb acting?
I could not disagree more! More like overacting in Vera's case anyway. "I want him found.....NOW!!!" stating the obvious.
bemused 7:18am Sun 25 May
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Superb acting from all. Really enjoyable to watch. Their acting is so good I sometimes forget to follow the story. There are little surprises in the script too that are very realistic. Quality broadcasting!
Philip M. 8:10pm Sat 24 May
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Been watching for 30 mins and still waiting for something or anything......boring already!
bemused 8:35pm Sun 11 May
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love the programme, but accent is distracting
The story and filming are fine , but I find myself cringing when 'vera' speaks. Not sure if its the poor accent itself or the screachy whiney tone. Its like nails down a blackboard. Makes a change from american cop shows though.
kentlady 8:31pm Sun 11 May
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If she said "Whitley beer" and "cashkeey" once it was more than enough....
bemused 10:41am Tue 6 May
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Ohh dear
Love Brenda but this role is so wro g. The attitude the accent the who persona iOS not The wonderful Brenda. What have itv done
Kaz 4:41pm Mon 5 May
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I really love Brenda Blethyn in Vera. The human yet detached loner is a character I can identify with. It is her acting that I love over and above the storyline.
Dawn 10:58pm Sat 2 Nov
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Can't wait for the new series, Brenda and David are brill :)
Meg 3:23pm Thu 23 May
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Vera and Joe
Vera is wonderful! Joe is learning from a great detective, while Vera learns form Joe. Love this show!
Cinwall 9:07pm Wed 27 Feb
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Super show a female Columbo .down to earth personality Great acting Keep it going
silver Fox 12:42am Wed 6 Feb
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Brenda Blethyn is a Great Actor, and thought i would be consumed with Vera. But was left rather limp from my viewing experience. Which was most unexpected...
Nicky 9:31pm Mon 10 Sep
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we do not HATE the accent its just not true - the point is if you cannot immitate an accent correctly why bother! Pick someone who can or someone who can genuinly.
doubletake 1:19pm Tue 7 Aug
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whats wrong with you english and hating her accent. Here in Aussie this is a fantastic show and hopefully keeps being made. I love it
prd 7:28am Tue 7 Aug
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surely there must have been some geordie actress for the part or if not why fake it - there really is no need - think Geo Gently filmed in the same place!! if its not right, its so so irritating.
doubletake 12:08am Sat 28 Jul
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great show
I am a new fan. Just watched all episodes. This show is a breath of fresh air. It is very different from US cop shows no gun play, car chases, or drugs. The police use their brains, for once.
B. US ;] 4:18pm Mon 2 Jul
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Now now, what's all this. The acting is brilliant, the scenery is brilliant and the storylines are brilliant. Brenda Blethyn is brilliant as the grumpy but brilliant Vera. Okay her accent is a little off but so what. Stephen Tompkinson's Yorkshire accent was dreadful as DCI Banks but I could overlook this. Anyway folks Vera is brilliant!
Vera's mother 4:38pm Mon 4 Jun
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I love Vera
Pleas can you all remember it's FICTION. Brenda Blethyn is brilliant as Vera. I love the scenery too. Great Sunday night escapism. Yes I too loved Heartbeat and miss it dreadfully but this is great too.
RoxyP 10:15pm Sun 3 Jun
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Missed episode
The missed episode is airing this sunday
TruTru 9:31am Sun 3 Jun
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Vera's great!
Seems to me that most of those who dislike this show can't even spell!
Old Goody 10:22pm Fri 25 May
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Such a shame
Good actor, poor direction & costumes, lovely scenery, good scripts, confusing direction. TO BE MISSED!
MykaMac 8:06am Mon 21 May
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Who really cares?
Veras a good show and to be honest if you really dont like her accent dont watch and dont complain about it!
BKE 10:34pm Sun 20 May
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Vera S2E3
This annoys me, not airing an episode coz of reality. I mean, come on, there's ALWAYS going to be something happening somewhere.... would they not show the news if a newsreader died??!!
Bounty 5:05pm Wed 16 May
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Vera S2E3
Many people didn't see Episode 3 which was due to be broadcast on Sunday 13th May - I emailed ITV, and got the following response: "We regret the late change to the schedule and the non-appearance of Sunday’s episode of Vera. The storyline of this episode concerns the death of a soldier in Afghanistan. Following the news of the deaths of two servicemen in Helmand province, it was considered appropriate to delay the broadcast of this particular episode. We have no information at the present time when this episode will be scheduled for broadcast." Hope this helps people - can understand ITV's approach to this.
A 5:10pm Tue 15 May
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Where is Vera?
Vera was not shown in the Granada area on Sunday 13th May. We got an old Lewis episode instead. Why?
Thelly 12:37pm Tue 15 May
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I enjoy Vera. I'm not familiar with the accent so I;m not distracted by it. I like the fact that she is not such a great person. It makes the show more realistic.
detective fan 9:37pm Mon 14 May
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When is 2 - 3 Sanddancers going to be shown?
Andrea6352 5:40pm Mon 14 May
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Brillian, my favourite teccie
A character whom I am particularly fond of, good acting and interesting story lines. Saddened that it wasn't on last night unexpectedly
Vera fan 5:35pm Mon 14 May
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I happen to like vera, so why was she not on stv toninght 13th May
lizzie 10:03pm Sun 13 May
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why not shoe next weeks VERA.
H 10:00pm Sun 13 May
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Poor beyond belief
Poor content, acting & even worse attempts at accents.
Diddy 3:21pm Sat 12 May
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where is the pool at
patta 9:15pm Sun 29 Apr
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Can't wait for season 2
Really enjoyed the stories and the characters. She's the kind of person that you end up liking despite yourself.
Fred 5:24am Sat 21 Jan
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