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Another one along with Summer. Can't understand a word he says.
Jeb 9:04pm Mon 19 Mar
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The new docs really down with the peasants.... as if!!!
Sj 7:54pm Mon 19 Mar
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Goodbye corrie
I've watched corrie for years even watched it with my children I won't be watching anymore
Holly 11:21am Mon 19 Mar
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Poor writing .contrieved lost humour
Life long watcher ,disappointed last 6months let’s throw the kitchen sink at it ,very poor contrieved writing with no humour of northern folk ,needs badly shaken up and all need to get back to the roots of what made this programme great
Mary 11:18am Mon 19 Mar
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What kind of mind does MS Oats
And the writers are,disgusting in my opinion,Corrie no longer interests me,good soap gone bad
Mary 10:47am Mon 19 Mar
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Sad that coronation street has changed almost beyond recognition. After 30 years I will no longer be watching now. Ridiculous over the the top story lines, no humour and no redeeming characters.
Disillusioned 11:47pm Sun 18 Mar
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Yes am quite amazed mine was printed I think far to many are binned for no good reason which is very unfair because after all we have taken the time to write them for others to see our thoughts.(wonder if this gets past big brother)or should I say Mary whitehouse !!!
Bagpuss 9:00pm Sun 18 Mar
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Are you Kate oates?
Sceptic. 8:59pm Sun 18 Mar
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Are you mad?
Jeb 8:06pm Sun 18 Mar
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Previous comment
Been trying to make a similar comment all day without success
Irritated 7:59pm Sun 18 Mar
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It may be an important story to tell but coronation street is not the right place to do it.its been included purely for sensationalism and shock value which it certainly has achieved for all the wrong reasons resulting in corrie losing even more viewers.
Bagpuss 7:25pm Sun 18 Mar
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Excellent, necessary storyline
I think that this storyline is exceptional with amazing acting and writing. It is an important story to tell as it is not covered enough. Kate Oates and the whole of the Corrie team should be enourmously proud of there work
AFS 6:07pm Sun 18 Mar
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Kate Oates is a perverted ,twisted individual.She should be sacked immediately
stringers 12:06pm Sun 18 Mar
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Give her time!!!
Bagpuss 10:06am Sun 18 Mar
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Kate oates.
The only taboo that Kate oates hasn't covered is incest. I wouldn't put anything past this twisted individual. Her psychiatrist must be having a field day unravelling her warped mind.
Sceptic. 7:53am Sun 18 Mar
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What has happened to.....
Leanne’s baby ? Has she forgotten it exists.
EJ 11:47pm Sat 17 Mar
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Is this on purpose?
Is Kate Oates and everyone involved willing the soap to end?? As I can't watch anymore.
Mac 10:03pm Sat 17 Mar
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I think Mr T and his alter ego are disturbed. Roll on down the years and.........well anyone's guess!!
gina 9:53pm Sat 17 Mar
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So Sad
Well Said! My thoughts exactly!
Ros 7:42pm Sat 17 Mar
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Time's Up! Kate Oates
Where on earth does this sick woman live that she feels that everyone in "The Street" should have a dark problem of some kind? I've watched this show for decades and she has managed to change it from a well acted humorous insight of daily life into some dark satanic underlife that exists in a small sector of society....Sorry Kate, but we don't all need it rammed into our living rooms to satisfy your sad perception of life. It simply doesn't reflect what most of us are accustomed to. IT'S TIME TO SAY GOODBYE LOVE !!
So Sad 7:20pm Sat 17 Mar
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Ms oates
Her mind is so disturbed that she would turn Mr tumble into a knife weilding maniac.
Sceptic. 6:00pm Sat 17 Mar
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Time to remove
So Kate Oates thinks these dark stories need to be shown to raise awareness and discussion,this woman should get off her huge soap box and move on to eastenders where it's always been doom and gloom.but I do fear it may be too late for corrie as viewers are leaving in droves.
Bagpuss 1:11pm Sat 17 Mar
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Katel Oates
Why is she stiil employed by corrie? She has destroyed it. Disgusting storylines one after the other. She turned Emmerdale into a dark soap while she was there. Do what they did, and get rid of her please corrie.Send her to Eastenders. Switching off, it's to upsetting to watch.
Mum of four. 12:45pm Sat 17 Mar
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The Pits
Corrie writers can sink no lower. Such a shame that this is what they offer for a once loved show at peak family viewing time .
ex viewer 12:34pm Sat 17 Mar
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Kate Oakes
Is misguided..... while we all accept that day to day issues good and bad should at some point drift into soap world, Corrie has now gone too far with the storylines. Most of us have enough reality in our own life's and soapland should uplift and entertain us for those 30 minutes. Corrie under this woman's tenure is not following that brief.....
Yawning 12:28pm Sat 17 Mar
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South African couple
Neither can act and they certainly don't sound like they've been anywhere near South Africa
Kristian 9:25am Sat 17 Mar
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Kate oates.
Kate oates is perverted and needs locking up in a secure unit.
Poison ivy. 9:13am Sat 17 Mar
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Disgusted that such dark issues are being shown in a once loved show that was once watched by all the family. And before the Watershed! Or does that not apply anymore. I have made a complaint to ITV as we all should do to stop this.
Irritated 8:59am Sat 17 Mar
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Give men a chance
O why do all the men have to be put down physical rrecks .I can’t think of one man in Corrie that is a strong character shame on the script writers .the only thing I can think of is that the writers don’t like men
Sad 12:33am Sat 17 Mar
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Absolutely Appalled!!!!!
Tonight's Episode with David was sickening,and disgusting. Really couldn't believe what I was seeing. Corrie should be ashamed!!
KK 12:18am Sat 17 Mar
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Disgusting viewing
I am very sad to see the writers of Coronation Street think people would enjoy watching such a disgusting story line.
Disappointed X Viewer 11:36pm Fri 16 Mar
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Kate Oates
Corrie has turned into a farcical, depressing, poorly acted program. Tonight's storyline overstepped the mark. It is no longer possible to find any endearing characters or uplifting storylines. I will no longer be watching it.
x-fan 9:57pm Fri 16 Mar
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This is disgusting
This is the last time I watch this disgusting program, with story lines like this I cannot se why anyone would want to what has this writer done to our program it’s time for them to go
Dovetail 9:01pm Fri 16 Mar
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That's it...Im out of here.....Why " Oh "Why do we have to have this story
Maggie 9:01pm Fri 16 Mar
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Now can someone sack Kate Oates I am appalled at what she is doing to corrie.
Bagpuss 9:01pm Fri 16 Mar
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Is this Kate Oates getting away with bringing a once iconic soap to nothing more than sleaze. Surely there is someone in authority that can step in and put a stop to this once and for all
Disgraceful 8:51pm Fri 16 Mar
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Bottom of the barrel stuff. Sickening
Sj 8:45pm Fri 16 Mar
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Not funny
I've watched this wonderful institution since it starred! The plots have gone too far and so much is unrealistic. The worst thing is that's it's lost ALL its humour and its northern roots. Please stop all the violence.
GrannyH 7:57pm Fri 16 Mar
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Nothing to add
I think Yawning has nailed it. Please listen to him/her
Deryl 6:27pm Fri 16 Mar
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Corrie writers
They seem to be obsessed with male sex. They obviously need therapy of sort imo. Or are they in the closet??
gina 1:24pm Fri 16 Mar
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David platt
A soaps not the platform to show gay male sex attacks.
Not bothered. 10:45am Fri 16 Mar
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Kate Oates
Watched her on TV and now know why Corrie is on death row. Does she ever actually watch an episode and see what she has brought this once great soap down to. PLEASE PLEASE GET RID OF HER!!!!! and let's get Corrie back to reality
louise 9:59am Fri 16 Mar
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Kate Oakes
Hmmm Kate Oakes is delusional. Fizz dreadful actress and isn't it Tyrones house????? Chesney sacking Gemma, Isn't Dev in charge of the kebab place? Phelan on it goes the never ending story of Teflon Man..... Summer? Well I think it's all been said
Yawning 11:20pm Thu 15 Mar
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According to Kate Oates being interviewed yesterday. There is still plenty of humour in Coronation Street. I must have blinked and missed it. I also read that it is the most popular soap!!
Confused 6:28pm Thu 15 Mar
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Get a grip
Like Audrey's new friend I'm clairvoyant, I can say with certainty this programme is losing more viewers with every weak episode. Kate Oates needs to get a grip. She's paid to put on a good show after all!
Joyce Farnworth 3:53pm Thu 15 Mar
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Robot Summer
Summer should have acting lessons, her voice is like a robots....so monotonous and she mumbles, get rid of her...Phelan story has dragged on too long, the writers are committing suicide with dreadful story lines!!
Dodo 2:50pm Thu 15 Mar
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Having seen the comments, I'm not going to bother with the show anymore
Sad Northerner 2:16pm Thu 15 Mar
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The mumbler
Summer oh dear! I can’t understand a word she says, she is a poor actress, it’s time she left the show
Chrissy 10:30am Thu 15 Mar
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Beam me up Scotty
Sat here watching Corry as I have done for many years.....what the heck has happened to this once funny and entertaining soap? ( for some fans ) Please bring some excitement back, The fight in the kebab shop was pathetic, like kids in a playground...dreadful acting ??
Pizzalady 12:37am Thu 15 Mar
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aant comment
well said , hail the new barry norman!
kp 9:53pm Wed 14 Mar
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