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Please lock Simon in the cellar and throw away the key, he's even got scary to look at now without having to endure his awful acting.
Bagpuss 8:23am Wed 18 Oct
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old Corrie
I've been watching the old Corries on ITV3 - not sure which year, but Rita is dating Alan Bradley, Bett Lynch is landlady of the Rovers. There is so much more humour in them, so many more real characters. Now it's all doom and gloom. Even Rita, Norris and Mary are given 'serious' story lines. It used to be simple escapism, now it's trying to be 'gritty' like Eastenders - but that was never the point of it. As for the Billy/Todd/Summer saga - words fail me.
catbail 7:57pm Tue 17 Oct
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I'm enjoying the phelan storyline too.
Katie 6:48pm Tue 17 Oct
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Sean, Sean, Sean, Sean, Sean, Beth and Simon Barlow. Did I mention Sean?
Min. 5:51pm Tue 17 Oct
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Previous Comment
Phelan himself.
AP 5:46pm Tue 17 Oct
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Who should be down with Andy?
Which characters would you like to see in Phelan's cellar? I for one would love to see Anna down there...
Steph's 5:32pm Tue 17 Oct
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Pc overload
Mary's daughter in law and child more actors chosen for political correctness percentage wise,getting very noticeable now though.
Bagpuss 9:48am Tue 17 Oct
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misery guts.
Cannot stand Marys daughter in law. Miserable cow.
jade 10:31pm Mon 16 Oct
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Chesney in hospital and that irritating child Summer in hospital. Each picked up on coronation street in separate ambulances as the same time. Then turn over to EastEnders, Jayne and Stacey both in hospital. I fail to understand how Max is allowed to wander in and out as he pleases.
Unbelievable 9:22pm Mon 16 Oct
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Scottish connection
Two of the current storylines are very similar to those in River City from about three years ago. Did one of the Corrie scriptwriters, used to write for that show ?
Observant 8:07pm Mon 16 Oct
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Say no more
Dimwit Sinead, creepy Phelan, deadly Ches, boring Peter......need I say more?
Briggsy 7:59pm Mon 16 Oct
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Re. The so-called Chef's whites
What about Kevin Webster' is overalls? Not a sign of any grease! In the early programs in the 90's he was covered from head to foot in oil and grease after a days work!
EJ 3:23am Mon 16 Oct
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Vic Reeves
never has been funny!
reuben 5:33pm Sun 15 Oct
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Vic Reeves.
What's the point of having vic Reeves in the soap? Trying too hard to be funny and failing big time. Stick him in phelans cellar along with Sean and then have phelan forget that they are there.
janey. 12:36pm Sun 15 Oct
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Irish Connection
Interesting to see Liam Reid from Red Rock, appear as an angry husband in Friday's episode.
Surprised 7:41pm Sat 14 Oct
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Clever boy Pat
Reading the comments, I must be the only viewer enjoying Pat Phelan's horror story. There are many twists and turns, including Daniel being outsmarted by a superior mind, albeit a diabolical one. Some very clever thinking going into the programme now.
Joyce Farnworth 6:26pm Sat 14 Oct
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Andy and the Impossible
How is Andy alive? I mean, it's unreal, despite the fact that Phelan feeds him. How has is gone unnoticed or questioned since the beginning of the year? I've never even seen him eat a full meal down there, so how is he still in a masculine shape despite probably not eating a lot? I bet he stinks down there too..
Stephanie 10:27am Sat 14 Oct
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The story regarding Phelan is boring boring boring!!! The length of time it is going on is ridiculous. Good soap writing involves knowing when enough is enough. It's supposed to be entertainment not death by repetition.
Sophie 9:05pm Fri 13 Oct
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Please end this mans profile in the street so so boreing
Pancho 7:52pm Fri 13 Oct
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Bad actor and boring
How on earth is the chap that is supposed to be the chef at the bistro still allowed to be in corrie.always out the front spotless white overall so never cooked in his life and as wooden an actor I have ever seen.why are they keeping him on.
Bagpuss 6:50pm Fri 13 Oct
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To much is boring,,,,
Can we please end the phelan sage with Andy,its so os boring and way beyond reality,these story writers are so stupid and boring
Alan the ladd 12:37pm Fri 13 Oct
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Wanted to say poo!!
Sj 8:20am Thu 12 Oct
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How stupid for Amy Barlow and co to put blue paint or dye in the screenwash of Roys car . It could have caused a major accident if used on a main road. The writers are mad.
shell 5:09am Thu 12 Oct
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Ablutions, my goodness, you're posh. Lol.
Min. 7:50pm Wed 11 Oct
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Where does andy carry out his ablutions?
Sj 6:42pm Wed 11 Oct
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Fully agree with you soon us hetrosexuals will be in the minority. So fed up with it
frances 6:17pm Wed 11 Oct
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If you want to see the old corrie it's on at 2.40 on itv3. Percy sugden, Mike Baldwin, the duckworths etc.
blanche hunt 4:45pm Wed 11 Oct
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The writers of this now standing joke of a soap clearly do not read these comments which I advise they do and perhaps something drastic will be done about the dreadful, dreary, dragged on storylines and bring the old Corrie back as it's near it's finished thanks to them
Bored 4:37pm Wed 11 Oct
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Too much
The coming lesbian scenes with the two girls Is too much Where I respect the gay community You seem hell bent on pushing it more and more down peoples throats. You are catering for the young what about the older person who may find it offensive. Especially as corrie is part of the establishment. Its getting too much your writer needs replacing
Bemused 10:53am Wed 11 Oct
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So Billy will be revealed as being involved in the death of Susan Barlow. She's been dead for years and how many of today's viewers will even remember her, or frankly care.
maxie. 8:55pm Tue 10 Oct
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Please please please enough of this boring pat phelan nonsense, what used to be a top soap is now at the bottom of the scrap heap.
Mandy 8:10am Tue 10 Oct
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Help on its way (I hope)
Please put Andy out of his misery The story line can't go on.its getting ridiculous.
Sad 3:51am Tue 10 Oct
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So no one in the Bistro saw phelan pick up the clipboard and write on it!And as for the vicar stealing a thousand pounds and getting away with it !!
Unbelievable 9:20pm Mon 9 Oct
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Who is writing this absurd dross, liken to a b movie comody horror film, made on the cheap. Characters have been replaced by aliens who seem to be lurking in every dark corner, no realatey st all. Please stop before you lose any more fans.
Rosie9 8:45pm Mon 9 Oct
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Boring boring same as the writers rather watch paint dry
moz 7:14pm Mon 9 Oct
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Andy should be dead by now . Paracetamol and whiskey. Although I've never seen paracetamol that small.
simmie 5:24pm Mon 9 Oct
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Andy should be swimming in his own waste products by now, and I am sure that he could have loosened that wall mount by now if he had tried over the last few months ;-) I still watch it, but it really is barmy.
music fan 12:27pm Mon 9 Oct
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doing the house up for Eileen, when is he going to start work on it instead of spending his time in the cellar, and why is Eileen not round there seeing what is being done. Stupid farcical story line. Boring Boring.
Jan-Ban 8:42am Sun 8 Oct
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Fed up with Corrie
Friday's episode was the last straw..... I'll have to give up on it I'm afraid. I'"ve got better things to do than watch that horrid man. Corrie has lost its way.
Jingles 4:06am Sun 8 Oct
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I'm more than convinced that the writers of Corrie and emmerdale think the viewers are thick and easily so called "entertained" with their stupid unbelievable dragged out story's fgs what are they thinking it really is all laughable
Chester 12:51pm Sat 7 Oct
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Phelan and Eileen
They are never ever together. He spends more time in that cellar with Andy. What does he do for a living ?
Kris 9:15am Sat 7 Oct
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More nonsense
What a shame after the excellent but long overdue story line of the wedding - that it was overshadowed by the more and more ridiulous Phelan storyline - to be honest who cares about the bloke in the cellar - a silly story line involving him to start with - fake son of Michael - Pat is another Tracy and a good one but the stories are silly - stick to what Corrie is good at - a good story line is good too many boring
jennyjones 7:10am Sat 7 Oct
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What's the betting that Daniel ends up in phelans cellar.
shell 8:53pm Fri 6 Oct
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Silly Billy
Honestly, the Phelan story is becoming sillier by the moment - now starting to giggle each time we go into the cellar.
Rod 7:16pm Fri 6 Oct
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Pat Phelan
This storyline is getting too far fetched. Why is he always there when someone is about to catch him out. He needs to be exposed now, It's getting ridiculous!!!
Ebbsy 7:13pm Fri 6 Oct
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Cannot stand Phelan
always switch over when he is on. Corrie is not the good soap it once was.
Mary 7:00pm Fri 6 Oct
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Previous comment
Thought the same about Liz? Can someone please remind me what Gail does for a job these days.!
Confused 9:16pm Mon 2 Oct
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I was wondering how Sean suddenly got a doctors receptionist job. It's ridiculous don't the writers have one brain cell between them
elaine 1:30pm Mon 2 Oct
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what a joke.
Seans the new doctors receptionist. What qualifications has he got ? Job wasn't even advertised. Patient confidentiality, he can't hold his own wee!
mel. 12:54pm Mon 2 Oct
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Many more homosexual scenes and i will be leaving this once good soap as i have with Emmerdale.
stringers 11:48am Mon 2 Oct
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