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straight person
Maybe the gay people should get over themselves. They really don't need to be centre of everything. We are aware they exist. Minority groups should be represented in proportion to the majority as in real life. My guess is the writers must be gay for pushing the ever increasing gay scenarios.
sexualityisprivate 10:44pm Sun 10 Dec
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Agree, but.
There's no need to ram it down our throats every episode.
Also straight. 9:56pm Sun 10 Dec
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gay characters
The writers represent the now. The generation of now does not entertain bigot outdated views. People are gay get over it!
a straight person 8:15pm Sun 10 Dec
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Missed chance.
Why didn't the writers fake garys death so that he could secretly murder phelan. A golden opportunity missed.
Dory 1:28pm Sat 9 Dec
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With all the innuendos' overacting by Anna. And why did Luke hand over all Andy's letters to Philan Going from bad to worse with each episode
Unbelievable 8:32pm Wed 6 Dec
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Re Bagpuss
I thought it was the gay version of Grange Hil now?
Desperate Dan 8:07pm Wed 6 Dec
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Will this get posted!!!
I think it's Kate Oates that's the problem re the downfall of corrie.she seems far too young to understand what is expected of our once loved soap.Grange Hill or similar would maybe suit her talents better.
Bagpuss 6:53pm Wed 6 Dec
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Gary .
Garys still alive. He's coming for phelan.
Dory 3:26pm Wed 6 Dec
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Programming the Viewers
Comments are mainly negative against writers and actors. Suppose it's all deliberate and the producer is encouraging new viewers with low expectation, and wants rid of the more discerning Corrie viewers, who remember only the best of this once much loved soap. It's now so bad that there must be a reason for it.
the analyst 10:00pm Tue 5 Dec
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A little reality
all the people from underworld that lost there jobs ,not one has said I'm going to the job centre.and as for Fay living with Phelan she's still a school girl ,don't give teens the idea they can go against parental advice
Sad 9:04pm Tue 5 Dec
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platt and phelan
when either of them appear my heart sinks. one trick ponies.
ryan 11:31am Tue 5 Dec
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Waste of time
I see this site only gets a 3.9 rating. I know why. It does not publish your comments.
Pino 7:52am Tue 5 Dec
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Agree with dans comment re gay scenes.am now waiting to see if my comment gets posted or as with many others is chucked in the bin with over censorship of this site.
Bagpuss 3:29pm Mon 4 Dec
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Over the line.
Gay folk used to have a raw deal, I get that, but now we have crossed the line, the more we are forced to see gay scenes, the more people will find it offensive, I think it is now starting to damage the gay community.
Dan 11:48am Mon 4 Dec
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I think when I have hadnproblems getting comments printed, it's because I don't understand the purpose of the "I'm not a robot" box or what I am supposed to do with it.
Son of Cain 1:33pm Sun 3 Dec
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At least
With Todd and a few others leaving we may get some people who can act. Would be even better if we had new writers too. If not 2018 could be the end for Corrie.
Sadly 11:41am Sun 3 Dec
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Sadly, Enough is Enough
I've watched Corrie since the very first episode. It's had its ups and downs along the way but I've always stayed loyal, patiently waiting till it got back on top. This time, though, there's no hope and I'd rather read a good book than carry on watching this dross.
Tina 11:31am Sun 3 Dec
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I'm having trouble getting comments printed aswell. I've tried using different names but to no avail. Bet this is rejected too
elaine 9:29am Sun 3 Dec
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I agree....
I agree with ex fan, none of my previous negative comments have been posted either..... Story lines are weak, Phelan storyline is boring and incredulous.
SONIA 10:45pm Sat 2 Dec
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The Pits
Last night plumbed new depths! Who thinks its a good idea to show two half dressed girls all over each other in the back of a van,in a programme that starts at 7.30pm? Give us a break ITV we got the message years ago!!
Mary 4:20pm Sat 2 Dec
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Trying to turn Gemma and Henry into a cinderella fairytale. More like beauty and the beast. Guess which one is the beast.
Jimbo 2:29pm Sat 2 Dec
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I agree that Mary's character is being spoilt, her scenes with Norris and Rita were always full of humour, but now that she has found her long lost family, she is not the Mary that we know and love. Please get rid of her awful family.
Charlotte. 2:04pm Sat 2 Dec
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What a hateful little witch. Choosing gormless seb over her adoptive mother. As for summer calling Billy and todd guncles, more like carbuncles.
Sarky 12:19pm Sat 2 Dec
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Fed up with Phelan story,to be honest fed up with Corrie
Liz 10:48am Sat 2 Dec
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CorrieGAYtion Street
Men kissing is awful to watch and now the girls are at it. I have lost complete interest in this programme. Gemma talking with her mouth stuffed full again. That's me finished after 57 years.
Tenmoko 9:33am Sat 2 Dec
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I have given up watching
I have watched Corriedale for years but stopped a month ago because of the Pat Phelan storyline.it was so dragged out and I was bored.
Kate 11:10pm Fri 1 Dec
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It all defies belief
The scripts are unbelievable, the acting is terrible, the continuity is appaling, the production stinks and oh..... what about the watershed? Ofcom do not appear to care anymore.... we are sunk!
EJ 10:03pm Fri 1 Dec
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She won't be popular amongst her religion. They haven't got a sense of humour where gay people are concerned. They can't separate fact from fiction. Look at the bollywood movies. No kissing. If they did they would be stoned in the street.
Janey 9:10pm Fri 1 Dec
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What was the old saying
The only gay in the village. Complete opposite here!
!!! 8:58pm Fri 1 Dec
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Too many gay scenes
The continued over playing of gay scene is getting very tedious. It seems to take up most of the programme and giving the impression to children that 80% of the population are gay. If this continues I won't be watching.
santa 8:38pm Fri 1 Dec
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Too much
Thought I'd seen it all, but the two females in the back of the van really said it all. The writers should be sacked. Goodbye Corrie after watching from day one
Disgusting 8:01pm Fri 1 Dec
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6 month boycott cuz thats how long it'll take to get rid of Phelan hopefully by then new writers will have been hired instead. Notice all my other reviews havn't been posted guess there limiting the amount of negative ones go figures.
Ex-fan 7:28pm Fri 1 Dec
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get rid of marys family that son such a wooden actor, Mary was one of the best characters now shes awful , like Dev a jibbering idiot and that Gina cant stand her
lulu21 10:54pm Thu 30 Nov
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too many gay characters
too many straight characters, This is sarcasm.
rana 8:10pm Thu 30 Nov
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Had enough.
I am getting totally sick of so many characters now- Mary, Phelan, Anna, Faye, Gina, Gemma, the Vicar, Summer etc..
Tenmoko 7:03pm Thu 30 Nov
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Can't wait to see the back of that horrible Todd character .Such a slimeball.Also get rid of the whingeing vicar.
stringers 3:29pm Thu 30 Nov
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How long can this go on?
I cannot watch Corrie any longer. I will not watch until Pat Phelan storyline over for good.
Jaykay 8:39pm Wed 29 Nov
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Kate Oates
Do you read these reviews ???? You should !!!!!
Jeb 7:52pm Wed 29 Nov
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Simon Barlow
Is Simon Barlow, meghan markles brother?
Mandii 6:00pm Wed 29 Nov
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Move the story on! It's not worth watching Corrie with such characters!!
Almost an ex fan! 5:08pm Tue 28 Nov
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Billy the whinge
Please get rid of that whinging 'vicar'! Terrible actor and If he says 'sorry' one more time ..... !!!
Zoom 7:37am Tue 28 Nov
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Stopped watching
I do think the people in charge need a rethink. The storylines are so ridiculous and the only way the writers get them to work is by making the actors so stupid it defies belief. In the end you stop caring about any one of theseveral characters
Hughie 9:46pm Mon 27 Nov
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Far too Long
Story lines go on far too long. That is why they do not win any awards. People get fed up.
Pino 8:56pm Mon 27 Nov
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27 Nov.2017
When is Pat Pealan going to be outed. How much longer must we put up with his lying,murdering,cheating wicked deeds. This has gone on long enough. Time to call time on this story line.
Avid Watcher 8:43pm Mon 27 Nov
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Agree Phelan is a good actor but unfortunatly he does not have a likeable face so he really does suit the role.we are not meant to like him so is doing the job well.
Bagpuss 2:46pm Mon 27 Nov
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Phelan is a good actor. It's the character he plays that we don't like. It's a pity he wasn't given a part to play that would suit his acting ability in a likeable role.
Tenmoko 1:11pm Mon 27 Nov
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Fed up
What's happened to this show ms oates needs to go
Mills 9:45pm Sun 26 Nov
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Sack the script writers
For goodness sake give us back coronation st whare is the fun, the one liners of sarcasm etc please stop pinching other scripts from other soaps
Saunatown 6:33pm Sun 26 Nov
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Corrie has gone from unmissable to
Unwatchable,get ris of Phelan
Mary 11:08am Sun 26 Nov
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Too many.
Billy, todd, Sean, Kate, Sophie and rana, 6 too many.
Jo 8:37pm Sat 25 Nov
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