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Pointless questions app
It would be great to be able to have a Pointless questions screen on a tablet app so that players at home have a longer look at the questions whilst watching the show on telly. Love the show.
rcflier 9:24am Fri 21 Apr
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Thanks to Richard
Surely someone at the BBC can ask Alexandra to stop saying Thank you very much Richard every few minutes He never gets thanked by Richard and it makes me cringe I know I keep on about it but it spoils the programme
Edgar again 10:52pm Mon 17 Apr
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London Bridge
Tell Richard that "London Bridge" was one of the early titles from Bread.
Know-all 6:46pm Thu 13 Apr
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Prev comm
Same as if you put the Queen's stamp on upside down. First world problems!
georgie 12:32pm Mon 10 Apr
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Union flag upside down
Yes I too saw that episode. Sometimes when people make the error of flying the Union flag upside down it makes headline news. Type under search "Mayday Mayday Brown and Mandy" or "UK: Politics Defence Secretary apologises for flag blunder"
PatrickWoodMDE1990 12:07pm Mon 10 Apr
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Union Flag
On todays programme you showed the union flag and suggested if it turned upside down it will be the same...........WRONG, NO IT CANNOT!!!.....SURPRISED THAT YOU COULD GET SOMETHING SUCH AS THIS SO WRONG.
Redcap 5:53pm Thu 30 Mar
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upside down union jack
no you can't fly the union jack upside down the white line is different - surprised you didn't know
tinpanannie 5:34pm Thu 30 Mar
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Alexander ggggrrrr! 16 or FEWER NOT 16 or less. As bad as going into the 10 items or less aisle in the Supermarket. 10 items or FEWER!!
Cattypatty 5:46pm Tue 28 Mar
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Fitting name
The name of this show is so fitting. Osman is a self-inflated supercilious twerp with little IQ but heaps of pretense.
Tarrant 1:47am Tue 28 Mar
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Richard Osmans inconsistency
Why is it with some contestants Richard Osman will accept answers that aren't spot on, but with others, (presumably contestants he's not keen on ), he rejects. For example , he accepted an answer of FIELD OF GOLD, when it should be FIELDS OF GOLD. Previous contestants have answered in the singular instead of plural and been eliminated.
Sad 6:02pm Wed 15 Feb
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thank you Richard
Why does Armstrong say Thank you very much Richard every few minutes he also likes to say many OKs
Edgar 5:04pm Wed 15 Feb
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Sequence of shows
Why is the show not shown in order... there are some new episodes followed by old ones
Jane 6:41pm Wed 1 Feb
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Totally Unfair
I love this show but couldn't belive it when the finalists were told Vivian Leigh wasn't correct because she was an 'actress' and mot an 'actor'.
HP 6:05pm Fri 27 Jan
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order please
Why are the Pointless episodes not in order.We had the 1,000 th episode Monday and the next day we were back to the 998. This is not the first time they have gone out of sequence and repeated old episodes
Hellon 11:15pm Wed 18 Jan
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Right Order
Why was the 1000th Episode yesterday shown before today's 998th episode ?
On the Ball 6:38pm Tue 17 Jan
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Richard osman is obsessed with football sick of all the footall related questions
Itsy 5:56pm Thu 15 Dec
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Why are they so many repeats on point is these days I don't see the point it's pointless !!!!
Pointy 5:27pm Wed 7 Dec
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two women go out on sport questions then final was won on sport, again. Richards face lights up when football appears
ferdyfree 2:29pm Tue 6 Dec
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Contestant introductions
Why have they stopped the contestants explaining there relationship to each other? this leaves you wondering are they friends, work colleagues or family.
S90 9:33pm Fri 25 Nov
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Tight bbc?
Bbc saving money screening repeat quiz sscreenot worth watching.
Bentos. 5:25pm Thu 24 Nov
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H for Hotel
On tonight's quite forgetable show, I felt sorry for the returning pair who like me, thought they provided a low answer with "Hotel". Surprisingly it was not a low answer.
Out of Touch 6:36pm Wed 26 Oct
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Another Incorrect Answer
Please note that "Say I Won't Be There" was by the Springfields as opposed to Dusty.
Observant 6:19pm Fri 21 Oct
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can anything be done to stop Pointless contestants clapping themselves?
irritated 7:51am Fri 21 Oct
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Far too much gibberish spoken between Alexander and Richard ITS NOT FUNNY
Kim 5:40pm Tue 4 Oct
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what is about males, makes silly noise. Alexander guy, mmmh mmmmh mmmh, every show, worse when they discuss food, mmmh mmmmh mmmmh, mmmmh 90% from armstrongs mouth, its becoming repetitve and bloody well annoying. Change the record please, fed up hearing it. mmmh mmmmh mmmmmh mmmmmh, I am turning it over next time. mmmmh mmmmh
none 5:40pm Mon 19 Sep
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In memory of
Who was Lucy Booth? I couldn't see her name in the credits
Scobie 6:16pm Wed 14 Sep
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This IS a word in the dictionary even though Richard denys it!!
RoRo 5:34pm Thu 25 Aug
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I cannot believe how embarrasing the behaviour of Sandy Shaw and Sheila Armstrong is in this afternoons show. I do hope their behaviour improves if they are ever invited again.
Disgusted 5:44pm Wed 3 Aug
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Joan Lee
Richard and Alexander's banter is getting too much.
Jaylee 6:09pm Wed 27 Jul
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Ricahrd Osan a BFG?
Very interesting to read Tinkerbelle's experience at the recent recording she attended. When we went a year ago Xander was extremely friendly with the audience before recording began, coming over and spending quite a bit of time with us. Richard Osman however totally ignored us.
Spellbinder 1:56pm Tue 26 Jul
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In the audience
Lucky enough to get front row seats to watch filming yesterday. Xander was in stitches with some answers could be due to double meaning. Guess those bits will be edited out. Seeing Richard up against everyone else he really is a BFG. Had a fab day would love to go again. Will have to make do and watch tv tonight
T1nkerbelle 6:26am Tue 26 Jul
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I agree with you, Not Impressed. I am pretty sure the two men would never have won had more people been brighter. For heaven's sake, I knew it was meteorite! And that scored 10! And footballers were, indeed, a choice in the final! My goodness, this show is rigged!
BBC needs to die 7:44pm Wed 29 Jun
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Tonight's "Not too Bright" Jackpot winners were lucky in two respects. First of all they were lucky that "Meteorite" scored so low and got them to the Final, when Football was a choice.
Not impressed 6:01pm Fri 24 Jun
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BBC iplayer
why is tonight's ( Mon 20/06/2016 ) episode of pointless not available on the iplayer and as the latest episode on the iplayer is over a month old it looks like I will never see it.
Tom C 7:28pm Mon 20 Jun
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The banter between Richard and Xander,is wearing very,very thin. Richard is so witty,he soon leaves Xander lost for words.
Lizzie 6:48pm Thu 16 Jun
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I can't understand
Why the prize money is so low,and has to be shared between two.The last section of the show is so tricky,it deserves a lot more of a prize.I think anyone getting a pointless answer should win a spot prize,as well as money for the pot.Buck up,BBC.
Lizzie 1:49pm Sun 12 Jun
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celebrity jackpot
Even if the jackpot is not won 80% of it is paid out.
Spellbinder 11:02am Sun 5 Jun
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Why is the celebrity jackpot so low and why does it not roll over to the next game when it's not won?
Maggie 2:22pm Sun 29 May
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Thanks very much indeed.
Alexander Armstrong says the above as many as 30 times per episode - so annoying. Also, whatever the occupation of a contestant, whether it be refuse collector, grave digger etc. he says, "that must be fun".
Miserable Old Git. 4:57pm Wed 25 May
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Missed Episodes
It would appear that the four missing episodes from April are now being shown. It looks like they are going on until Monday, as Repeats start again next Tuesday.
Observant 9:39am Thu 19 May
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London Bridge
Tell Richard that London Bridge was an early single by Bread. I think the problem was that the contestants were a bit surprised that Stoats were only native to the Arctic.
Only Fair 11:47pm Wed 18 May
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Not the correct episode
Today's show did not follow yesterday's but no mention of a repeat in tv guides so what happened.
Jodi 6:12pm Thu 28 Apr
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Brilliant show but.......
so annoying when suggestions go off screen whilst contestants decide which answer to give. Can't they be shown in the corner or something! Otherwise love it.
scarlettrose 12:48pm Thu 28 Apr
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Although they won the Jackpot with Joe Mercer, the answer of Seb SANDERS (also Pointless), should not have been allowed. The couple definitely said Seb SAUNDERS. Richard has disallowed answers in the past for less of an infringement.
Only Fair 8:29am Thu 28 Apr
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Eton Mess
Sorry, I must be in the minority, but I have not heard of an Eton Mess before. I was shocked (as I think were the contestants) when this answer gained many more points, than the John Lennon answer, in tonight's programme.
Ignorant 11:38pm Wed 20 Apr
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Inconsistent umpiring
Say "Andorra" for Andorra La Vella- wrong. Say "Detroit, Illinois" (a real place, population 83) for Detroit, Michigan (population 680,000 and the largest city in the state) and it's OK! Some consistency please....
oliver 1:30am Tue 5 Apr
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Bobo Richard
You except Santiago but not Andorra. Santiago de chili
Avi 5:47pm Thu 31 Mar
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Silly Queen question
In tonight's show you had to find a Queen song from a picture clue. The pic was a stick of rock, surely the answer should have been Brighton Rock, not We will rock you??
Dunedan 5:52pm Mon 21 Mar
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Richard Osman makes plenty of errors with answers. These are the episodes that don't get repeated, including some when Jackpots are won.
Observant 12:04am Thu 17 Mar
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UK flag
To put it mildly I was extremely surprised when I heard Richard Osman claim the aapperance of the Union Flag was unchanged by turning it upside down.
Spellbinder 7:50am Wed 16 Mar
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