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Katie now has the evidence she needs to stop the wedding, and as tensions reach boiling point at the farm, Robert realises the enormity of the situation and the repercussions he faces. Meanwhile, Chrissie arrives at the church with Lawrence and Lachlan, but there's no sign of the groom. Finn and Ross put pressure on Pete to reveal why he has a problem with Emma
ITV (London) 8:00pm-8:30pm (30 minutes) Thu 5 Feb

It's the day of the wedding and Robert agrees to meet Aaron for one last goodbye, but when the groom suggests this doesn't have to be the end, his emotional lover's plot to expose the affair is thrown into disarray. Will the ceremony go ahead after all? Meanwhile, DC Halton tells Ross he has his fingerprints in connection with a burglary. Luckily, Emma comes to the rescue, revealing the house belongs to her - although she's left wondering why her son's prints are already on record
ITV (London) 7:00pm-7:30pm (30 minutes) Thu 5 Feb

Robert manipulates Chrissie into suggesting they pull out of the farm deal to punish Katie for her accusations, and he enjoys telling her the news. Desperate to confide in someone, Katie talks to Chas, who warns her to pull herself together for the sake of her marriage. However, her fortunes take a turn for the better when Aaron suddenly confesses he has been having an affair with the groom - and can prove it
ITV (London) 7:00pm-7:30pm (30 minutes) Wed 4 Feb

Katie storms into Home Farm and refuses to leave until Robert admits he started the fire. Later, the groom-to-be arrives at the cabin to win Aaron round, but after facing rejection, he doesn't have to look far for someone to punish. Meanwhile, Val continues her attempts to help Tracy and Sam's relationship, and Rodney is stunned when Georgia makes an arrangement
ITV (London) 7:00pm-7:30pm (30 minutes) Tue 3 Feb

There's a frosty atmosphere between Katie and Andy as they fill the car with boxes for the caravan, but they agree to stop fighting and focus on celebrating their move to the farm. However, she can't resist quietly taunting Robert about how she's going to become best friends with his fiancee, which he interprets as a threat, and soon after, the caravan is in flames. Meanwhile, Chrissie worries about Lachlan's secretive behaviour, Doug offers Laurel a sneaky drink and Aaron makes a confession to Paddy
ITV (London) 7:00pm-7:30pm (30 minutes) Mon 2 Feb

Robert warns Katie not to play with fire, leaving her deeply unsettled, while Andy asks his wife to drop her obsession. Emma is defensive when Pete questions her about the accident and, knowing she needs to win him round, she later pretends to have received a job offer in Miami. Aaron finds himself making a confession to Paddy, while Laurel avoids kissing Marlon, keen to cover the fact she has alcohol on her breath
ITV (London) 7:00pm-7:30pm (30 minutes) Fri 30 Jan

Emma flees the scene as James lies bloodied and pale-faced under the pallet, but quickly changes her tack when Pete turns up. Robert and Aaron arrive at the hotel, unaware Katie and Chrissie are close behind. As the girls make their way to the corridor near the boys' room, will they expose the groom-to-be? Nicola confides in Rodney, while Kerry lectures Val for helping Tracy
ITV (London) 8:00pm-8:30pm (30 minutes) Thu 29 Jan

Emma tells James what happened with Pete the previous day, but when he later tries to speak to his son, she's devastated by his betrayal and heads to the farm to confront her ex-husband while he's busy setting up some machinery. As her anger grows, she lashes out, causing a pallet to crash down on James, pinning him under a heavy load. Will she call for help or walk away? Kerry forms a plot to get Tracy out of Sam's life, and Robert books another night in a hotel with Aaron, unaware Katie has overheard his phone call and plans to follow him with Chrissie in tow
ITV (London) 7:00pm-7:30pm (30 minutes) Thu 29 Jan

Finn is called away while babysitting, leaving Emma to watch over Jack. Bumping into Debbie and Pete on his way out of the B&B, he reassures them Emma is looking after the toddler, but the news sends Pete into a panic. Later on, he finally explains to Debbie why he isn't happy having his mother around. Nicola is furious to discover Rodney and Georgia know about her diagnosis, thanks to Jimmy, while Belle is buoyed by Lisa's support
ITV (London) 7:00pm-7:30pm (30 minutes) Wed 28 Jan

Nicola receives unwelcome news from her doctor and decides to hide the truth from Bernice when she returns home with a supportive Jimmy. Moira invites Emma for a drink so they can try to put their differences behind them, encouraged by the fact Chas got on well with her. A weary Belle plans Zak and Lisa's anniversary party as she gets used to her medication
ITV (London) 7:00pm-7:30pm (30 minutes) Tue 27 Jan

Chrissie shows Lawrence the pornographic material she found on Robert's laptop along with messages arranging to meet up with women, and when the groom-to-be arrives home he's unprepared for his fiancee's reaction. She orders him to pack his bags and leave, and Vanessa, who has called round, can't wait to tell the girls the gossip. Belle is relieved to discover it was Lachlan who destroyed Gemma's shrine, while Adam and Eric strike a deal regarding the scrapyard
ITV (London) 7:00pm-7:30pm (30 minutes) Mon 26 Jan

While Andy and Chrissie talk business, Katie tells Robert she is still watching him, and later warns the bride-to-be not to trust her fiance. Will her words have any impact? Tracy apologises to Sam for the way she treated him before she left, and the pair kiss, only to be interrupted. Jimmy puts pressure on Nicola to explain what is wrong
ITV (London) 7:00pm-7:30pm (30 minutes) Fri 23 Jan

Emma tries to talk to Pete, but he refuses to forgive her for the past. Keen to win round the Barton boys, she senses an opportunity to build bridges with Ross using her knowledge of Donna. Nicola has a secret worry following her failed afternoon of passion with Jimmy, while Adam asks Moira to take back his share of the farm so he can buy Eric's silence over the scrapyard
ITV (London) 8:00pm-8:30pm (30 minutes) Thu 22 Jan

Ross and Finn try to persuade a reluctant Emma to stay in the village, before James makes an unexpected suggestion. Nicola is pleased when Jimmy says he is moving his business out of the house. Later, he surprises her with champagne and she steels herself for an intimate afternoon with her husband. Cain is brooding after recent events, while Sam and Tracy prepare a birthday party for Samson, but Zak is not pleased about their growing friendship
ITV (London) 7:00pm-7:30pm (30 minutes) Thu 22 Jan

Hour-long episode. As her trial begins, Charity prepares to confess her true feelings for Cain, but a suspicious Chas interrupts them before she has the chance. Sam takes the witness stand first, and as he struggles to lie about Declan, the prosecution seems satisfied Charity is being painted in a damning light. Will Rakesh be able to turn things around? Meanwhile, Robert and Aaron find a new intimacy, and Ross proposes a staged burglary to scare Emma back into the family, but Finn worries the plan will end in disaster
ITV (London) 7:00pm-8:00pm (1 hour ) Tue 20 Jan

After the prosecution presents its case to the jury, Charity is left uneasy to learn Sam is making no promises about supporting her during the trial. She's then troubled further by examining her feelings toward Cain. A truce could be on the cards when Tracy heads to the Dingles' with the money she owes them, while Emma surprises Finn and Ross by turning up on their doorstep
ITV (London) 7:00pm-7:30pm (30 minutes) Mon 19 Jan

Belle reluctantly accepts she needs medical treatment, and a doctor is duly called for. Finn blames Moira for his mother's departure and refuses to live with her any longer, leaving James suggesting to Ross that he approach Emma as she is more likely to listen to him than anyone else. Tracy is caught by Val helping herself to food, and is forced to unburden herself about her problems. Elsewhere, Ali vents her rage on Charity, and Chrissie offers Lisa support
ITV (London) 7:00pm-7:30pm (30 minutes) Fri 16 Jan

Zak and Lisa are rocked to discover what Katie witnessed - while Belle locks herself in Katie's car and threatens to drive it toward her father. With Jai's wedding just hours away, Leyla finally declares her love for him and the pair embrace. Megan insists she is not trying to push Ali out of Archie's life, inviting her to the ceremony as a gesture of goodwill. Elsewhere, Nicola tries to get her love life back on track
ITV (London) 8:00pm-8:30pm (30 minutes) Thu 15 Jan

Zak notices some money is missing, and Lisa accuses Belle of theft. Georgia promises Megan she will get Jai to the register office on time, resorting to deceit to make good on her pledge. Leyla comes clean to Alicia about her feelings for Jai - and contemplates putting a spoke in the wedding plans. Elsewhere, Pete and James recall painful memories, Jimmy and Rodney worry over Nicola's welfare and Sam finds Tracy sleeping in the barn
ITV (London) 7:00pm-7:30pm (30 minutes) Thu 15 Jan

A furious Emma heads towards Moira's farm for an apparent showdown after learning the truth about her and James - and that Adam is his son. Megan books an imminent wedding for Jai, throwing a heartbroken Leyla into panic over her surprise plans. Meanwhile, Lachlan is angry when David questions his integrity and Gabby delights in teasing April
ITV (London) 7:00pm-7:30pm (30 minutes) Wed 14 Jan



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