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Film Sink the Bismarck!
Fact-based Second World War drama, charting the mission to track down and eliminate the pride of the German fleet, a fearsome battleship devastating British vessels in the North Atlantic, orchestrated by a British naval officer recovering from his wife's death in an air raid. Starring Kenneth More, Dana Wynter, Laurence Naismith and Karel Stepanek
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Film The History of Mr Polly
A daydreaming Victorian clerk comes into a large inheritance, which he invests in setting himself up as a gentlemen's outfitter. However, his lacklustre business and hasty marriage to a crabby harridan only bring unhappiness, so he begins to make desperate plans to escape. Period comedy based on HG Wells' novel, starring John Mills, Betty Ann Davies, Sally Ann Howes and Finlay Currie
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Film Brief Encounter
A suburban housewife meets a married doctor by chance in a railway station waiting room. Later, their paths cross many times until the pair become friends and their meetings a fixed arrangement. But as their feelings for each other transform from friendship into passion, both come to realise the affair is doomed to fail. David Lean's romantic drama, with Celia Johnson, Trevor Howard and Cyril Raymond
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Film The Departed
A cop infiltrates the inner circle of a feared Boston mobster, unaware a fellow officer is already an informant on the gangster's payroll. When both the crooks and the police discover they have a mole in their ranks, the two detectives realise they are in sudden danger and try to expose each other. Martin Scorsese's Oscar-winning thriller, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson, Mark Wahlberg, Martin Sheen and Alec Baldwin. Shown with an introduction by Martin Scorsese
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Film The Long Memory
A man is released from prison after serving a 12-year sentence for a crime he did not commit, and immediately sets about tracking down three witnesses who lied in court, bringing about his conviction. However, while seeking revenge, he discovers the case is more complicated than expected. Thriller, starring John Mills, Elizabeth Sellars, John McCallum and Geoffrey Keen
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Film Miracle on 34th Street
A woman raises her six-year-old daughter to believe that Santa Claus does not exist, but they both have a change of heart after meeting a department store Father Christmas who claims to be the man himself. When the kindly fellow is accused of being a charlatan, his new friends engage a lawyer to prove his true identity. Remake of the 1947 family drama, with Richard Attenborough, Elizabeth Perkins, Mara Wilson and Dylan McDermott
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Film The Longest Day
Fact-based Second World War drama chronicling the planning and execution of the Allied landings in Normandy on June 6, 1944, from the differing perspectives of the British, German and American forces. Starring Richard Burton, Richard Todd, Kenneth More, John Wayne, Robert Mitchum, Henry Fonda and Curt Jurgens
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Film The Wizard of Oz
Youngster Dorothy Gale is whisked over the rainbow by a tornado into the magical land of Oz, where she inadvertently kills a wicked witch - incurring the wrath of another. Setting out to find the wizard who can show her a way home, she is joined on her journey by a scarecrow, a tin man and a cowardly lion, who all hope their own wishes will be granted. Musical fantasy, with Judy Garland, Ray Bolger, Jack Haley, Bert Lahr and Frank Morgan
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Film Casablanca
The American expat owner of a Moroccan nightclub is reunited with his old flame during the Second World War. Now married to a Czech freedom fighter, she needs his help to get them safely out of the country before they are captured by the Nazis - but the former lovers also have to wrestle the temptation to rekindle their simmering romance. Drama, with Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, Claude Rains and Paul Henreid
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Film Beetlejuice
Recently deceased couple Adam and Barbara Maitland enlist the professional services of a hard-boiled veteran ghost to scare away the obnoxious yuppie family who have moved into their former home. Tim Burton's supernatural comedy, starring Michael Keaton, Geena Davis, Alec Baldwin, Winona Ryder, Jeffrey Jones and Catherine O'Hara. Edited for language
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Film Waterloo
Napoleon returns from exile on Elba and regains control of the French army in a bid to reclaim his empire and depose the king. Meanwhile, the Duke of Wellington marshals the allied forces for the fateful battle to come and the day that will change the course of history. Drama, with Rod Steiger, Christopher Plummer, Orson Welles, Jack Hawkins, Dan O'Herlihy, Michael Wilding and Virginia McKenna
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Film Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Comedy mixing live action and animation, set in a 1940s Hollywood where cartoon characters are real. A seedy private eye with a hatred of `toons' reluctantly ends up helping to clear an animated rabbit accused of murdering his wife's human lover. Starring Bob Hoskins, Christopher Lloyd, Joanna Cassidy and Stubby Kaye, with voices supplied by Mel Blanc, Kathleen Turner and Charles Fleischer
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Film Parenthood
Anxious family man Gil Buckman is determined to have a better relationship with his three children than he had with his tough father. Elsewhere, his two sisters are also having family problems - one is struggling to understand her two troubled teenagers, while the other's husband wants to turn their toddler into a child genius. Comedy drama, starring Steve Martin, Keanu Reeves, Mary Steenburgen, Jason Robards and Dianne Wiest. Including FYI Daily
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Film Scream
The students of a high school are stalked by a masked knife-wielding maniac with a love of scary movies and a penchant for playing mind games with his prey. One of the girls on his hit list begins to suspect there is a connection between the killer and her mother's murder a year previously. Wes Craven's horror, which satirises the genre's cliches, starring Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Courteney Cox
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Film Limitless
A failed writer acquires a supply of an experimental drug that enables his brain to process and learn information at a superhuman rate. His new-found abilities allow him to make a killing on the stock market, but he soon attracts the attention of shadowy forces who have sinister plans for him. Sci-fi thriller, with Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro and Abbie Cornish
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Film Once Upon a Time in Mexico
A crazed CIA agent based in Mexico learns of a conspiracy involving a drug baron and a military general to assassinate the president. He finds the perfect man to prevent the coup in the shape of a legendary gunslinger, who is seeking revenge on the general for murdering his wife. Action thriller, concluding Robert Rodriguez's El Mariachi trilogy, starring Antonio Banderas, Johnny Depp, Willem Dafoe, Mickey Rourke and Salma Hayek. Edited for language
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Film Dangerous Liaisons
A philandering aristocrat in 18th-century France schemes with his manipulative former lover to seduce a virtuous young woman. As their conspiracy becomes ever more tangled, events take an unexpected turn. Stephen Frears' Oscar-winning drama of sexual politics, based on Pierre Choderlos de Laclos' novel, starring John Malkovich, Glenn Close, Michelle Pfeiffer, Swoosie Kurtz, Uma Thurman and Keanu Reeves
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Film Back to the Future Part III
Time-travelling teenager Marty McFly is transported back to the days of the Wild West, where he strives to save his eccentric scientist friend Doc Brown from death at the hands of a villainous gunslinger. Final instalment in the sci-fi comedy trilogy, starring Michael J Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Mary Steenburgen and Thomas F Wilson. Including FYI Daily
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Film Columbo: Candidate for Crime
An ambitious senatorial candidate murders his campaign manager for threatening to expose his secret affair. To avoid suspicion, the politician makes the killing look as if he was the intended target of an assassination attempt that went wrong - but ends up having to pit his wits against the slovenly sleuth. Detective drama, starring Peter Falk, Jackie Cooper, Ken Swofford and Tisha Sterling
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Film Blade II
The half-vampire swordsman teams up with his lifelong foes to defeat mutant bloodsuckers who lack many of the usual weaknesses of their kind and are preying on humans and vampires alike. Guillermo del Toro's fantasy action thriller sequel, starring Wesley Snipes, Kris Kristofferson, Leonor Varela, Norman Reedus and Luke Goss
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Film Happy Gilmore
A second-rate ice-hockey player with a thuggish temperament discovers he has a powerful golf swing. He decides to enters a prestigious tournament to raise enough money to save his debt-ridden grandmother's house from falling into the hands of tax inspectors. Comedy, with Adam Sandler, Christopher McDonald, Carl Weathers, Julie Bowen and Frances Bay. Including FYI Daily
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Film Hocus Pocus
A teenager in Salem, Massachusetts, breaks into a spooky house on Halloween and accidentally resurrects three witches who have been dead for 300 years. The sorceresses are soon causing chaos while seeking a suitable sacrifice for a ritual to give them eternal youth. However, an old foe - a boy they turned into a cat - is on hand to help stop their mischief. Supernatural Disney comedy, with Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kathy Najimy and Omri Katz
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Film Witchfinder General
A lawyer callously destroys innocent lives while performing his duties as a witchfinder, earning a terrifying reputation for brutality and injustice. However, he meets his match in a courageous soldier seeking revenge on the man for having raped his betrothed. Michael Reeves' 17th-century period horror, with Vincent Price, Ian Ogilvy, Rupert Davies, Patrick Wymark and Hilary Dwyer
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Film The Secret of My Success
A naive country boy travels to New York to make his fortune, only to end up working in a corporation's mail room. He chances on a vacant office and hatches a plan to pass himself off as a top-ranking executive, but leading a double life proves harder than expected. Comedy, starring Michael J Fox, Helen Slater, Richard Jordan and Fred Gwynne. Including FYI Daily
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Film The Town Christmas Forgot
A dysfunctional family gets stranded in a remote and impoverished town two days before Christmas, and ends up getting involved in the local festive pageant. As they help the townsfolk with their problems, they also learn to get along better with each other. Drama, starring Lauren Holly and Rick Roberts
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Film The Grinch
A little girl residing in the Christmas-obsessed town of Whoville becomes fascinated with a grouchy creature living in the mountains. But her efforts to make him part of their celebrations leave him more bitter than ever, and he resolves to ruin the festive season. Fantasy comedy, based on Dr Seuss's children's book, with Jim Carrey, Taylor Momsen, Jeffrey Tambor and Molly Shannon. Anthony Hopkins narrates
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Film The Little Vampire
An American youngster living in a small town in Scotland falls foul of bullies - but just as he despairs of ever making some new pals, he meets a family of friendly vampires that needs his help to become mortal again. Children's adventure, starring Richard E Grant, Jonathan Lipnicki, Jim Carter and Alice Krige. Including FYI Daily
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Film The Devil's Backbone
A couple run an orphanage during the Spanish Civil War and are secretly supplying funds to the hard-pressed Republican forces. A boy who has become separated from his parents is taken into the orphanage, but is soon having disturbing visions of a ghostly child. Guillermo del Toro's psychological thriller, starring Marisa Paredes and Eduardo Noriega. In Spanish
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Film The Drum
A courageous prince in early 20th-century India enlists the help of the British Army to defeat his villainous uncle, who murdered his father and seized the throne - and is now plotting to massacre leading military officers after luring them to his palace. Period adventure, directed by Zoltan Korda and starring Raymond Massey, Sabu, Roger Livesey, Valerie Hobson and David Tree
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Film Source Code
A military pilot is the subject of a top-secret experiment that transfers his mind into the body of a man killed in a terrorist bombing on a train, but only for the last eight minutes of the dead man's life. His mission is to use that time to find out who is responsible and if they intend to strike again. Sci-fi thriller, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan, Vera Farmiga and Jeffrey Wright
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Film The Witches
A boy goes on holiday with his grandmother to a seaside hotel hosting a convention of witches, who have come together to hear their leader's plan to turn all the children in England into mice. When the chief hag discovers the young lad eavesdropping at their meeting, she decides to make him one of her first victims. Children's fantasy directed by Nicolas Roeg, based on the book by Roald Dahl, and starring Anjelica Huston, Mai Zetterling, Jasen Fisher, Jane Horrocks, Rowan Atkinson and Brenda Blethyn
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Film Shanghai Noon
A 19th-century imperial guard to the Emperor of China faces a clash of cultures when he is flung into the Wild West on a mission to rescue a princess who has been kidnapped by a renegade. In a bid to complete his quest, he teams up with a bumbling outlaw. Comedy Western, starring Jackie Chan, Owen Wilson, Jason Connery and Lucy Liu
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Film Columbo: Double Exposure
A maker of motivational films based on subliminal messages uses his expertise to plant a subconscious command in the mind of a rival to lure him to his death. However, any hopes of his getting away with it are dashed by the arrival of a certain shabby sleuth. Crime drama, starring Peter Falk, Robert Culp, Robert Middleton, Louise Latham and Arlene Martel
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Film Rio Bravo
A sheriff and his drunken deputy make a courageous stand against a rancher and his hired guns threatening to tear apart a peace-loving town if a murderer being held in the local jail is not released. Howard Hawks' Western, with John Wayne, Dean Martin, Ricky Nelson, Angie Dickinson and Walter Brennan
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Film Poltergeist
A family experiences strange events after invisible phantoms invade its home. At first the ghosts seem harmless, simply making things move by themselves. But before long, they spirit away the five-year-old daughter to their own plane of existence, forcing her parents to call on paranormal researchers to find their missing child. Horror, with JoBeth Williams, Craig T Nelson and Heather O'Rourke
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Film The Evil Dead
Five students staying in a remote cabin find an ancient magical book, and unwittingly unleash evil spirits on the world. The dark forces they have conjured up possess them one by one, transforming them into ravenous zombies with an insatiable desire to feast on the living. Sam Raimi's horror, starring Bruce Campbell and Ellen Sandweiss
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Film Twitches Too
The identical twin witches discover they have different goals as one revels in her new-found mystical abilities and royal birth, while the other just wants to lead a normal life. However, they have to leave their dreams behind when called on to save Coventry from a force of supernatural evil. Disney fantasy adventure sequel, starring Tia and Tamera Mowry, with Kristen Wilson and Jayne Eastwood
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Film See Spot Run
An FBI drug-sniffing dog's remarkable abilities earn the wrath of a ruthless Mob boss, who puts a price on its head. The crimebusting pooch is sent into hiding, but escapes and is adopted by a bungling postman, who is soon running for his life from hitmen pursuing his four-legged friend. Comedy, starring David Arquette, Michael Clarke Duncan, Leslie Bibb and Paul Sorvino
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Film A Carol Christmas
A self-interested TV talk-show host with heaps of money and a bad attitude vows to pull out all the stops to ensure she avoids any hint of seasonal goodwill, a plan that falls to pieces when three ghosts pay her an unscheduled visit to teach her a lesson. Festive comedy drama based on Dickens' classic story A Christmas Carol, with Tori Spelling, Dinah Manoff, Michael Landes, Jason Brooks and William Shatner. Edited for language
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Film A Christmas Visitor
A couple have not celebrated Christmas for 11 years, ever since the death of their son in the first Gulf War. However, their spiritual faith is restored when they are visited by a mysterious stranger who is the same age their boy would have been, had he survived. Drama, starring Reagan Pasternak, Aaron Ashmore, Meredith Baxter and William Devane
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Film Away from Her
An elderly woman with Alzheimer's disease is adamant she will move into a care home to spare her husband of 50 years the burden of looking after her. Sadly, this leaves him in the heartbreaking position of having to watch helplessly as his beloved wife slips away from him. Drama, based on a short story by Alice Munro, starring Gordon Pinsent, Julie Christie, Olympia Dukakis and Alberta Watson
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Film Drive
A stuntman who moonlights as a getaway driver tries to protect the wife and child of an imprisoned criminal. When the convict is released, the driver tries to convince him to give up his life of crime for his family's sake, but when they work together on a robbery, they end up drawn into a conflict with the Mafia. Crime drama, with Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan and Bryan Cranston
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Film Sleuth
An actor visits the secluded mansion of his lover's reclusive author husband, hoping to persuade him to sign her divorce papers. However, the writer has more sinister plans for their meeting, and engages his rival in a complex battle of wits. Kenneth Branagh's remake of the 1972 mystery thriller, starring Michael Caine and Jude Law
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Film Ride the High Country
An ageing marshal hires his former partner to help him protect a shipment of gold bullion. However, as the two old friends cuss and quarrel over the course of their journey, the lawman comes to realise his buddy is struggling with the temptation to steal the valuable cargo. Sam Peckinpah's Western, with Joel McCrea, Randolph Scott, Mariette Hartley, James Drury and Edgar Buchanan
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Film Horton Hears a Who!
A kindly elephant hears a cry of help coming from a speck of dust and discovers the minuscule city of Whoville. As he tries to help its citizens, the other animals begin to question his sanity, and the evil Kangaroo incites them to turn against the do-gooder. Animated adaptation of Dr Seuss's book, with the voices of Jim Carrey, Steve Carell, Carol Burnett, Seth Rogen and Will Arnett
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Film Interview with the Vampire
A man who claims to be 200 years old tells a reporter his story of how he was bitten during an encounter with a decadent and charismatic vampire in 18th-century New Orleans. He relates how his respect for the sanctity of human life clashed with his blood-lust, and how the pair came to be adoptive parents to a young girl. Gothic horror based on the novel by Anne Rice, with Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Kirsten Dunst, Antonio Banderas and Christian Slater. Including FYI Daily
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Film Halloween II
In the aftermath of masked killer Michael Myers' killing spree, survivor Laurie Strode is rushed to hospital, while the madman is still alive and still at large. As the obsessive Dr Loomis continues his pursuit of the killer, Myers goes in search of Laurie, who has a connection to his own horrific past. Horror sequel, starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Donald Pleasence and Dick Warlock
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Film Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
Captain Kirk is framed for the assassination of the Klingon head of state just as the Federation is about to make peace with their old enemies. As Kirk and Dr McCoy are banished to an icy prison planet, Spock tries to uncover the identity of the real killers. Sci-fi adventure sequel, with William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley, Christopher Plummer, with appearances by Christian Slater and Michael Dorn from Star Trek: The Next Generation
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Film The Simpsons Movie
Homer unwittingly pollutes Lake Springfield, so the US government decides to isolate the city underneath a giant dome. The Simpsons manage to escape and plan to start a new life in Alaska - but learn Springfield is about to be destroyed, and return to save their friends. With the voices of Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright and Yeardley Smith. Part of Simpsons Day
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Film The Parent Trap
Identical twin sisters who are unaware of each other's existence meet by accident. They decide to join forces in a bid to reunite their estranged parents, and switch places to get the warring couple to kiss and make up. Remake of the 1961 Disney comedy, starring Dennis Quaid, Natasha Richardson, Elaine Hendrix and Lindsay Lohan in a dual role
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Film The Sea Wolves
The German Navy use three Goa-based vessels to attack Allied shipping, and their British counterparts cannot retaliate as they are moored in neutral waters. A group of retired officers living in India unofficially returns to duty to deal with the threat. Fact-based Second World War adventure, starring Gregory Peck, Roger Moore, David Niven, Trevor Howard, Barbara Kellerman and Patrick Macnee
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Film That's Entertainment Part Two
Dancing greats Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly introduce a varied compilation of MGM musical and comedy highlights. Featuring stars such as Judy Garland, Laurel and Hardy, the Marx Brothers, Ann Miller, Oscar Levant, Mickey Rooney, Louis Armstrong and Jack Buchanan
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Film The Badlanders
A mining engineer is released from prison after serving a sentence for a crime he did not commit. He now wants vengeance on the mining company responsible for his stint in jail and plans to rob its gold mine - but first he has to persuade his recently released cellmate to help. Western, with Ernest Borgnine, Alan Ladd, Kent Smith and Katy Jurado
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Film UnitÉ 9
Episode 13 Melissa Caron is taken on by Caroline, who shows her around Lietteville. Marie brings together the unit representatives and presents her plan to them for solving the canteen problem. The girls in unit 9 react badly when they learn of the crime that put Jessica in jail... Directed by: Jean-Philippe Duval (Season 2, Canada, 2013) Auteure : Danielle Trottier Cast: Guylaine Tremblay (Marie), Celine Bonnier (Suzanne), Catherine Proulx-Lemay (Michele), Micheline Lanctot (Élise), Eve Landry (Jeanne), Catherine-Anne Toupin (Shandy), Anne Casabonne (Annie), Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse (Laurence), Émilie Bibeau (Lucie), Francois Papineau (Normand), Luc Guerin (Steven), Salome Corbo (Caroline) Genre: drama Parental guidance: TV-PG
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Film Valiant
Computer-animated adventure following the antics of a plucky pigeon who volunteers for duty with the Royal Homing Pigeon Service during the Second World War, delivering vital messages across the English Channel and braving attacks by a squadron of ruthless Nazi falcons. With the voices of Ewan McGregor, Ricky Gervais, Tim Curry, Jim Broadbent and Hugh Laurie. Including FYI Daily
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Film McBride: The Chameleon Murder
An apparently straightforward murder case takes a strange turn when the victim is discovered to have a plethora of identities - prompting McBride to investigate in an effort to prove his client innocent of the killing. Crime drama, starring John Larroquette, Marta DuBois, Annie LaRussa and Devon Gummersall
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Film Crank: High Voltage
Hitman Chev Chelios sets off in pursuit of a Chinese mobster who has removed his heart and replaced it with a machine requiring regular jolts of electricity to keep it working. As he tries to locate his missing organ, he must resort to increasingly elaborate methods of obtaining the necessary voltage to stay alive. Action thriller sequel, starring Jason Statham, Amy Smart, Dwight Yoakam and Efren Ramirez
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Film Bermuda Tentacles
The US president's plane crashes in the Bermuda Triangle, with the head of state surviving the disaster using an escape pod. A fleet of Navy vessels is sent to recover him, only to discover the crash has awoken a terrifying monster from the ocean depths. Thriller, starring Linda Hamilton and Trevor Donovan
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Film Death Race
Jensen Ames is framed for the murder of his wife and sent to Terminal Island Prison, a facility that broadcasts the highly profitable Death Race, a high-octane event where convicts battle to the death in customised cars. When a popular driver dies, crooked prison warden Hennessey persuades Ames to take his place, claiming he will be released if he is victorious. Sci-fi thriller, starring Jason Statham, Joan Allen, Ian McShane and Tyrese Gibson. Including FYI Daily
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Film Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
A respected doctor with a split personality seeks the aid of a lawyer in stopping his violent alter ego from embarking on a killing spree. Horror set in modern-day Boston, starring Dougray Scott, Krista Bridges, Tom Skerritt and Dannette MacKay
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Film Fantastic Mr Fox
A rebellious fox decides it is time to grow up and change his chicken-stealing ways for the sake of his wife and children. However, the presence of three wicked farmers near his woodland home proves a challenge he cannot resist. Stop-motion animated adventure based on the novel by Roald Dahl, with the voices of George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Jason Schwartzman and Bill Murray
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Film Arizona Raiders
In the aftermath of the American Civil War, two Confederate soldiers are offered a way out of jail. Their former comrades-in-arms are now a gang of bandits terrorising Arizona, and the two prisoners are sent to infiltrate the group and bring them to justice. Western, starring Audie Murphy, Buster Crabbe, Ben Cooper and Gloria Talbott
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Film Columbo: Suitable for Framing
A millionaire art collector is thought to have been killed as the result of a random burglary. However, Columbo is convinced the dead man's nephew committed the crime to avoid being written out of the will, and embarks on a mission to ensnare his suspect. Detective drama, starring Peter Falk, Ross Martin and Don Ameche
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Film Only You
A woman who was once told the identity of the person she would marry in a childhood Ouija board game is astounded when a man with the same name calls her on the eve of her wedding. After promptly dumping her dull fiance, she follows the stranger to Italy in the hope of convincing him they are meant to be together. Romantic comedy, with Marisa Tomei, Robert Downey Jr, Bonnie Hunt, Fisher Stevens and Billy Zane. Edited for daytime broadcast
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Film Un An Sur Le Fil
This is just the beginning! The year is almost over. Garance gives a new presentation at the Cirque d'Hiver; Hector has a photo shoot for his portfolio; Miko faces his instructors for the last time; and Damien shares his collection. There's uncertainty and hope as all prepare for the next step: landing internships and jobs. Directed by: Philippe Prouff (France, 2012)
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Film Tower Heist
The manager of an apartment complex asks a Wall Street financier to manage pension funds for him and his friends, but the man pockets all the money instead. When he realises the fraudster is going to get away with the crime and the money will never be found, he enlists the help of a professional thief to steal it back. Crime comedy, with Ben Stiller, Eddie Murphy, Alan Alda, Tea Leoni, Casey Affleck and Matthew Broderick
Comment on Tower Heist
7 Votes
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Film The Black Knight
A humble sword-maker in the kingdom of King Arthur sets out to prove his worth as a knight in a bid to impress a nobleman's daughter. While fighting to foil an invasion, he discovers the attacking army is in league with traitors in the royal court. Swashbuckling adventure, starring Alan Ladd, Peter Cushing, Patricia Medina, Patrick Troughton and John Laurie
Comment on The Black Knight
11 Votes
Next On Film4 11:00am Tue 4 Nov
Film Silkwood
A nuclear power station worker is exposed to dangerous levels of radiation. Her employers insist this is an isolated incident, but she is convinced there is more to it and gathers evidence of their near total disregard for safety standards. Meanwhile, the company is ready to go to any lengths to keep her quiet. Fact-based drama, starring Meryl Streep, Kurt Russell, Cher, Craig T Nelson and Ron Silver
Comment on Silkwood
10 Votes
Next On BBC2 London 1:00am Sun 2 Nov
Film The Iron Giant
A huge robot falls from outer space and crash-lands in a small American town, terrifying the locals with its fearsome appearance. The kindly giant is befriended by a lonely youngster - but trouble looms on the horizon when a corrupt government agent sets his sights on destroying the visitor. Family animated adventure based on the children's story by poet Ted Hughes. With the voices of Vin Diesel, Eli Marienthal, Jennifer Aniston and Harry Connick Jr
Comment on The Iron Giant
35 Votes
Next On Film4 3:30pm Sun 2 Nov
Film What Lies Beneath
A doctor's wife recovering from a car accident is troubled by terrifying visions of a ghostly girl who seems to be asking for help from beyond the grave. While her husband thinks the experiences are the result of her recent trauma, a psychiatrist urges her to communicate with the spirit. Supernatural thriller, starring Michelle Pfeiffer, Harrison Ford, Diana Scarwid and Joe Morton
Comment on What Lies Beneath
84 Votes
Next On Film4 11:05pm Tue 4 Nov
Film Walk the Proud Land
A government agent tries to establish peaceful coexistence between Apaches and settlers, abandoning the brutal tactics of the military in favour of diplomacy. However, to complete his mission, he must persuade the famous renegade chief Geronimo to surrender. Fact-based Western, starring Audie Murphy and Anne Bancroft
Comment on Walk the Proud Land
3 Votes
Next On 5USA 2:15pm Tue 4 Nov
Film Monster Makers
A horror film fanatic discovers a lost monster movie and decides to show it to his girlfriend on Halloween - but the fiendish characters escape from the screen and begin to terrorise the town. Horror, starring Linda Blair, Adam Baldwin, Tim McCallum and George Kennedy
Comment on Monster Makers
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Film Show Boat
A naive showgirl marries a gambler while working on a Mississippi paddle steamer. However, the work-shy good-for-nothing abandons his new wife, forcing her to turn to her friends on board the boat for moral support. Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein's musical, starring Kathryn Grayson, Howard Keel, Ava Gardner, Agnes Moorehead and Joe E Brown. Songs include Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man, After the Ball and Ol' Man River
Comment on Show Boat
3 Votes
Next On BBC2 London 2:45pm Sat 1 Nov
Film Shame
Premiere. A sex addict has carefully structured his life around his compulsion, constantly pursuing one-night stands and keeping everyone at arm's length emotionally. When his equally troubled sister turns up unexpectedly, he is forced to face up to his demons as his world starts to unravel. Drama, starring Michael Fassbender and Carey Mulligan
Comment on Shame
3 Votes
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Film Casper
A paranormal expert moves into a haunted house where his daughter befriends the amiable ghost of a young boy - but things start to go awry when three smelly spooks and two dastardly crooks try to chase the new residents away. Family comedy, starring Christina Ricci, Bill Pullman, Eric Idle, Cathy Moriarty and featuring the voice of Malachi Pearson. Including FYI Daily
Comment on Casper
58 Votes
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Film Changing Lanes
Self-absorbed Wall Street lawyer Banek is on his way to file papers in a multimillion-dollar case when he collides with alcoholic insurance salesman Gipson, himself en route to an important custody hearing. The accident leaves Gipson stranded and at risk of losing access to his children. Determined to get even, he sets in motion a vindictive cycle of retribution. Thriller, with Samuel L Jackson, Ben Affleck and Toni Collette
Comment on Changing Lanes
62 Votes
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Film Girl Vs Monster
A teenager unwittingly releases an evil immortal being her parents have long kept trapped during a Halloween party. She discovers her family is descended from a line of monster hunters, and she and her friends try to recapture the escaped creature before it wreaks revenge on her loved ones. Fantasy adventure, starring Olivia Holt and Luke Benward
Comment on Girl Vs Monster
2 Votes
Next On Disney Channel 6:30pm Fri 31 Oct
Film Dark Relic
A knight returns from the Crusades bearing a holy artefact, which seems to bring him and his travelling companions bad fortune. They do not realise it contains the bound spirit of a powerful demon, and when the monster escapes, they need the help of some unlikely allies to destroy it. Fantasy adventure, starring James Frain, Clemency Burton-Hill and Samuel West
Comment on Dark Relic
3 Votes
Next On Syfy 2:10am Tue 4 Nov
Film Fair Game
Fact-based thriller set in the build-up to the Iraq war. CIA agent Valerie Plame's former diplomat husband is sent to investigate rumours of Saddam Hussein trying to buy radioactive materials. His discovery that no such materials exist is flatly ignored, leading him to publicly condemn the Bush administration's eagerness to wage war. However, their lives are endangered when Valerie's identity is leaked to the media. With Naomi Watts and Sean Penn
Comment on Fair Game
16 Votes
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Film Green Zone
A military officer is sent to Iraq after the downfall of Saddam Hussein on a mission to find the weapons of mass destruction that were used to justify the invasion - only to be warned by a CIA agent that no such devices exist. As he continues his fruitless search, he discovers evidence of a political conspiracy. Paul Greengrass's thriller, starring Matt Damon, Greg Kinnear and Brendan Gleeson
Comment on Green Zone
34 Votes
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Film Dragonheart
A knight sets out to slay a dragon, only to find the unhappy creature is the last of its kind. Forging an unlikely alliance, the pair embark on a mission to rid their kingdom of its tyrannical ruler. Fantasy adventure, starring Dennis Quaid, David Thewlis, Pete Postlethwaite and Julie Christie, with the voice of Sean Connery
Comment on Dragonheart
68 Votes
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Film Cockneys vs Zombies
Two brothers plan to rob a bank to save their grandfather's retirement home. However, on the day of the heist, an ancient tomb is disturbed in London's Docklands, unleashing a horde of zombies. As the crooks fight their way through the city, the residents of the care home fight back against the besieging undead. Comedy horror, starring Harry Treadaway, Rasmus Hardiker, Richard Briers and Honor Blackman
Comment on Cockneys vs Zombies
5 Votes
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Film Columbo: The Most Crucial Game
The owner of an American football team is found dead in a swimming pool, and his drowning is regarded as an accident. The down-at-heel detective is convinced that foul play was involved and sets out to prove his case - but his chief suspect has a cast-iron alibi that places him miles away from the scene of the crime. Detective drama, starring Peter Falk and Robert Culp
Comment on Columbo: The Most Crucial Game
8 Votes
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Film Avalanche Express
A CIA agent uses a defecting Russian spy to lure a Soviet biological warfare scientist on board a train heading across Europe. His aim is to eliminate the expert and so remove the threat he poses to world peace. At the same time, Russian spy-catchers are also pursuing the defector, unaware all their lives are in danger as blizzards begin to blow in. Cold War thriller, with Robert Shaw, who died during production, Lee Marvin, Linda Evans and Maximilian Schell
Comment on Avalanche Express
42 Votes
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Film 360°-GÉO
Romania, tales from a cemetery In Sapanta, an orthodox village in Romania, the inhabitants have a special relationship with the dead. Families save for years to order a wooden cross from Dumitru Pop. The sculpture must be richly decorated and trace the life of the deceased. Visit a joyful cemetery. Directed by: Vincent Froehly (Germany / France, 2013)
Comment on 360°-GÉO
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Film Rambo: First Blood Part II
Incarcerated Special Forces veteran John Rambo is offered the chance for freedom by former commander Colonel Trautman if he takes up the offer to return to the jungles of Vietnam on a life-or-death mission to rescue American PoWs. During the course of the operation, he develops strong feelings for his guide, a female freedom fighter - but tragedy strikes, leaving him more determined than ever to exact a bloody and explosive revenge. Action adventure sequel, starring Sylvester Stallone, Richard Crenna, Julia Nickson-Soul, Steven Berkoff, George Kee Cheung, Andy Wood and Martin Kove
Comment on Rambo: First Blood Part II
140 Votes
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Film Van Helsing
A vampire slayer heads for Transylvania to help a gypsy princess destroy evil bloodsucker Count Dracula and bring his reign of terror to an end. But he must first do battle with a werewolf, Frankenstein's monster and the count's trio of sharp-toothed brides. Gothic action adventure, starring Hugh Jackman, Kate Beckinsale, Richard Roxburgh and David Wenham
Comment on Van Helsing
221 Votes
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Film Soul Men
A soul-singing duo are persuaded to reunite for a tribute concert to an acclaimed R&B star, but the two vocalists have not spoken in years after falling out over a woman. One of them refuses to fly, forcing the feuding pair to drive across America to get to the show - and old grievances soon flare up. Comedy, starring Samuel L Jackson and Bernie Mac
Comment on Soul Men
4 Votes
Next On BBC1 London 12:35am Tue 4 Nov
Film Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
Admiral Kirk and his crew hijack the decommissioned Enterprise to recover the body of their fallen comrade Mr Spock from the planet Genesis. Kirk has learnt that Spock's spirit is still alive, and the Vulcan can be resurrected, but he must also battle a Klingon captain determined to control the planet's mysterious energy. Sci-fi sequel, directed by Leonard Nimoy, with William Shatner, DeForest Kelley and Christopher Lloyd
Comment on Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
37 Votes
Next On Viva 9:00pm Sat 1 Nov
Film Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
The Enterprise crew travels back in time to prevent an alien probe destroying the Earth. The only thing that can avert the disaster is a humpback whale, a creature extinct in the 23rd century - but adjusting to life back in 1986 proves a distinct challenge. Sci-fi adventure sequel, starring William Shatner, DeForest Kelley and Leonard Nimoy, who also directed
Comment on Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
54 Votes
Next On Viva 11:00pm Sat 1 Nov
Film The Mummy
Archaeologists uncover the 4,000-year-old sacred tomb of an ancient Egyptian princess. A mummified priest returns to the land of the living to kill those who have desecrated the sacred burial site - but he is distracted from his mission of vengeance by a woman who is the princess's exact double. Hammer horror, starring Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee and Yvonne Furneaux
Comment on The Mummy
270 Votes
Next On BBC4 10:00pm Mon 3 Nov
Film Tobruk
Jewish resistance fighters out to destroy Nazi fuel bunkers during the North African campaign recruit a Canadian major experienced in desert warfare. Risking life and limb, they pose as a German transport detail escorting British prisoners, but it becomes clear that someone in their group is a traitor. Second World War adventure, starring George Peppard, Rock Hudson, Nigel Green and Guy Stockwell
Comment on Tobruk
41 Votes
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Film Water for Elephants
A veterinary student is left homeless and penniless after his parents' deaths during the Depression. He joins a travelling circus, applying his skills to caring for the animals, and falls in love with the possessive owner's wife as they tend an elephant together. Romantic drama based on Sara Gruen's novel, with Reese Witherspoon, Robert Pattinson and Christoph Waltz
Comment on Water for Elephants
7 Votes
Next On Film4 6:35pm Sat 1 Nov
Film Red Lights
A famous blind psychic returns to the public arena 30 years after his career ended in scandal and a suspicious death. A paranormal investigator ignores his mentor's warnings and tries to expose the spiritualist as a fraud, a task that sets him on a dangerous path. Thriller, starring Cillian Murphy, Sigourney Weaver and Robert De Niro
Comment on Red Lights
8 Votes
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Film Sons of the Musketeers
The three sons - and one daughter - of the famous heroes take up their father's mantles to protect the French monarchy. The death of the king has led to his son inheriting the throne while still a child, and a villainous duke is determined to exploit the situation to seize power for himself. Swashbuckling adventure, starring Maureen O'Hara and Cornel Wilde
Comment on Sons of the Musketeers
1 Votes
Next On BBC2 London 6:15am Sat 1 Nov
Film Role Models
Two irresponsible salesmen find themselves in trouble with the law after crashing their truck. To avoid jail, they agree to undertake community service looking after a couple of troubled kids. However, it soon seems that jail would have been the easier option. Comedy, starring Paul Rudd, Seann William Scott and Christopher Mintz-Plasse
Comment on Role Models
59 Votes
Next On Film4 11:15pm Mon 3 Nov
Film Scooby Doo and the Legend of the Vampire
A rock festival is ruined when the acts are kidnapped by a mysterious vampire. Disguising themselves as a heavy metal band, Scooby-Doo and the gang do their best to solve the case. Animated adventure, with the voices of Casey Kasem and Frank Welker
Comment on Scooby Doo and the Legend of the Vampire
6 Votes
Next On CBBC 2:55pm Fri 31 Oct
Film Sharknado
The deadliest killers of the sea are given a chance to prove their worth in both land and air when a freak hurricane sweeps thousands of sharks into the air, laying waste to the water-logged population of Los Angeles. Slapstick sci-fi horror, starring Ian Ziering and Tara Reid
Comment on Sharknado
18 Votes
Next On Pick 9:00pm Fri 31 Oct
Film Le Ballon De Rouge
Paris, 1963. A couple argues in a restaurant. Beside them, a young man applies for a job as a waiter. As JFK's death distracts the husband and boss, the young man attracts the woman's attention in a surprising way... Directed by: Sylvain Bressollette (France, 2012) Screenplay: Sylvain Bressollette Cast: Lou de Laage (elle), Thomas Drelon (lui), Patrick Poivey (the boss), Bastien Thelliez (Armand) Genre: comedy drama
Comment on Le Ballon De Rouge
1 Votes
Next On TV5 9:38pm Sun 2 Nov
Film Beasts of the Southern Wild
A six-year-old girl's father falls ill, and the sickness seems to have a destructive effect on the world around them. As the sea levels rise and prehistoric monsters return to life, the child must go in search of her estranged mother to find a way to restore balance to the natural order of things. Fantasy, starring Quvenzhane Wallis and Dwight Henry
Comment on Beasts of the Southern Wild
2 Votes
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