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Film A Fistful of Dollars
A mysterious gunslinger rides into a town on the Mexican border divided by two warring families. After killing the henchmen of one clan, he seems to have made it clear where his loyalties lie and is hired by their rivals. However, he is secretly planning to play them off against each other to his own advantage. Sergio Leone's Western, with Clint Eastwood making his first appearance as The Man with No Name alongside Gian Maria Volonte and Marianne Koch. Part of the Clint Eastwood season
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Film The Blues Brothers
Two criminal brothers discover the orphanage where they were raised faces closure unless the nuns who run it can pay their tax bill, so the pair embark on an urgent mission to revive their old blues band to raise the money needed. Comedy, starring John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Ray Charles, Cab Calloway, Carrie Fisher, John Candy and John Lee Hooker. Including FYI Daily
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Film The Hunt for Red October
A Soviet submarine commander creates an international crisis by piloting his experimental nuclear vessel, which is invisible to sonar, toward the American coast. The US and Russian navies think he is planning to attack and set out to destroy the submarine, but a CIA analyst suspects he intends to defect to the West. Cold War thriller, based on Tom Clancy's novel, starring Sean Connery, Alec Baldwin and James Earl Jones. Edited for daytime broadcast
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Film Passport to Pimlico
The residents of a London suburb discover documents proving their neighbourhood is not part of Britain, and declare independence. Appointing their own head of state, they begin erecting borders as the government resorts to desperate measures to bring the community back under British rule. Ealing comedy, starring Stanley Holloway and Margaret Rutherford
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Film Zulu
An upper-class soldier and his fellow officer call on a small force to rally against the might of 4,000 Zulu warriors at the Battle of Rorke's Drift in 1879. Fact-based historical drama, starring Michael Caine, Stanley Baker, Jack Hawkins, Ulla Jacobsson, Nigel Green and Chief Buthelezi, with narration by Richard Burton
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Film Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
The Enterprise crew faces a bitter battle to the death with an old enemy. Khan, a genetically engineered superhuman tyrant, has escaped exile on a barren planet and hijacked a starship to take his revenge on Admiral Kirk, while also scheming to turn an experimental planet-creating device into a doomsday weapon. Sci-fi adventure sequel, with William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Ricardo Montalban and Kirstie Alley
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Film Von Ryan's Express
A courageous American colonel with a never-say-die attitude is held in a PoW camp. He boldly sets out to lead a group of Allied prisoners in a daring mass escape bid by hijacking a freight train and fleeing through occupied Italy to Switzerland. Second World War action adventure, starring Frank Sinatra, Trevor Howard, Brad Dexter and James Brolin
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Film Taken
An American teenager travelling through Europe is abducted by a gang of sex traffickers. However, what the kidnappers do not realise is that the girl's father is a former CIA agent, who employs all his old skills as he searches for the criminals and tries to rescue his daughter. Thriller, starring Liam Neeson, Famke Janssen and Maggie Grace
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Film The Pianist
A Jewish concert pianist struggles to evade capture and deportation by the Nazis in the Warsaw ghetto during the Holocaust. Separated from his family, he ends up living on the streets as the city collapses around him - but finds the will and the means to survive with the help of a German officer. Roman Polanski's Oscar-winning drama, starring Adrien Brody, Thomas Kretschmann, Frank Finlay, Maureen Lipman and Emilia Fox. Including FYI Daily
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Film The Spy Who Loved Me
James Bond teams up with a KGB agent to recover missing British and Soviet nuclear submarines, before whoever stole them can use their warheads. Unfortunately, 007 was responsible for the death of his new ally's lover - and she is determined to make him pay before their mission is complete. Spy adventure, starring Roger Moore, Barbara Bach, Curt Jurgens and the late Richard Kiel as steel-toothed henchman Jaws. Including FYI Daily
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Film The Legend of Zorro
The masked hero investigates a mysterious explosion linked to a French count, who is plotting to prevent California joining the United States - and discovers his wife, who walked out on their marriage when he refused to hang up his sword, is somehow involved. Swashbuckling adventure sequel, starring Antonio Banderas, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Rufus Sewell, Alberto Reyes and Adrian Alonso. Edited for language and violence
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Film Operation Petticoat
A Second World War submarine captain tries to restore his crippled vessel to its former glory, but is thwarted by his first officer, who has invited a party of nurses, children and an expectant mother on board. Mayhem ensues as the skipper struggles to rein in the female influence on ship protocol. Comedy, starring Cary Grant, Tony Curtis and Joan O'Brien
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Film Footsteps in the Fog
A prominent Victorian gentleman thinks he has got away with poisoning his wife, but his shrewd maid knows the sordid truth and uses it to blackmail him. As the killer's social standing improves, he realises he has to get rid of the scheming servant once and for all, but his plans to dispose of her lead him into even more danger. Period thriller, with Stewart Granger, Jean Simmons and Bill Travers
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Film Columbo: Ashes to Ashes
The shabby sleuth investigates the complex case of a murdered Hollywood gossip writer. He uses his unique talents to interrogate a smooth-talking funeral director, who was once romantically involved with the victim and one of the last people to see her alive. Detective drama, with Peter Falk. Patrick McGoohan co-stars and directs
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Film Star Trek: First Contact
Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the Enterprise face their deadliest enemies, the Borg, who travel back in time in an attempt to change Earth's history. The starship follows on a mission to foil their plan, but the vessel is taken over by members of the cyborg collective, leaving Picard consumed by a desire for revenge. Sci-fi adventure sequel, starring Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, James Cromwell and Alice Krige. Edited for daytime broadcast
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Film Superman
A fledgling superhero crash-lands on Earth after evacuation from his home planet and is taken in by an elderly couple who raise him as their own. But with adolescence comes a greater understanding of his superhuman powers, leading to his rebirth as a crusader for justice and defender of the American way of life. Comic-strip adventure, with Christopher Reeve, Gene Hackman, Margot Kidder and Marlon Brando. Including FYI Daily
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Film The Searchers
An embittered American Civil War veteran sets out to find his niece, who has been abducted by a renegade Comanche tribe. His search takes him many years, and during the long quest his travelling companion starts to wonder if he intends to rescue her or kill her. John Ford's Western, starring John Wayne, Natalie Wood, Jeffrey Hunter and Vera Miles
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Film The Sorcerer's Apprentice
A young boy fascinated by magic is thrilled when it dawns on him his new neighbour is none other than the legendary wizard Merlin - but the revelation is about to land him in a series of escapades and danger. Family fantasy adventure, starring Byron Taylor, Robert Davi, Kelly LeBrock and Gideon Emery
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Film Columbo: A Trace of Murder
A conniving woman yearns to divorce her husband and set up home with her lover - but a pre-nuptial agreement means she stands to lose out. Instead, she devises a cunning plan to nullify the contract, framing her unsuspecting spouse for the murder of a business rival. However, she reckons without the shabby sleuth's unfailing ability to uncover the truth. Crime drama, starring Peter Falk, Shera Danese, Barry Corbin and David Rasche
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Film Donnie Darko
A disturbed teenager is thrown into turmoil when he is plagued by visions of a sinister giant rabbit. The mysterious figure convinces him the world is about to end and urges him to commit wanton acts of destruction in the community. Fantasy drama, starring Jake Gyllenhaal alongside real-life sister Maggie. With Jena Malone, Patrick Swayze, Drew Barrymore and Noah Wyle
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Film All the President's Men
The true story of Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, who persevered in their investigation of the links between the Watergate break-in and the White House, a scandal that eventually forced the resignation of President Nixon. Alan J Pakula's drama, starring Robert Redford, Dustin Hoffman, Jason Robards and Hal Holbrook
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Film Open Range
Two cattle drovers and their hired hands are looking for pasture to graze their herd, but as they pass through a backwoods town, thugs in the pay of the local sheriff try to drive them from the area. Behind the threats is a land-hungry cattle baron, but the drovers stand their ground as the rancher resorts to increasingly brutal means to intimidate them. Western, directed by and starring Kevin Costner. With Robert Duvall, Annette Bening and Michael Gambon. Including FYI Daily
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Film Rage of the Yeti
Treasure hunters are sent on an expedition to the Arctic on the trail of a missing scientific research team. While there, the explorers discover it is home to a species of ferocious snow monsters, and face a battle to make it back to civilisation alive. Thriller, starring David Chokachi, Matthew Kevin Anderson and Yancy Butler
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Film Laughter in Paradise
A group of people inherits a small fortune from an eccentric relative. However, the conditions of the will state that each person must carry out a bizarre task in order to collect. Comedy, starring Alastair Sim, Joyce Grenfell, Fay Compton, George Cole and Guy Middleton
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Film Murder by Death
The world's greatest detectives are invited to the mansion of a wealthy recluse, who reveals a murder will be committed at midnight and that a million-dollar reward is on offer to the first sleuth to solve it. Comedy, spoofing classic literary detectives including Charlie Chan, Poirot and Sam Spade. Starring Peter Sellers, Peter Falk, David Niven, Truman Capote, Maggie Smith and Alec Guinness
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Film Panic Room
A single mother is determined to keep her daughter safe from harm when burglars break into their home. The pair hide out in a specially constructed sealed room, but the shelter becomes a prison when the robbers refuse to leave empty-handed. Thriller directed by David Fincher, starring Jodie Foster, Kristen Stewart, Forest Whitaker, Jared Leto and Dwight Yoakam
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Film Forrest Gump
A simple soul bumbles his way through a series of bizarre adventures, becoming an American football star, Vietnam veteran, table tennis champion and millionaire businessman - but the love of his life continues to elude him. Robert Zemeckis's Oscar-winning comedy drama, starring Tom Hanks, Sally Field, Robin Wright and Gary Sinise
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Film Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
Hapless youngster Kevin somehow manages to catch the wrong plane and finds himself heading for New York, while his family jets off to Florida. Having got his hands on his father's credit card, he is enjoying the good life staying in a luxury hotel - until he bumps into two familiar burglars with an axe to grind. Comedy sequel, starring Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern, Brenda Fricker and Tim Curry
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Film I Love You, Man
As he prepares for his wedding, estate agent Peter realises there is something missing - a male friend, which he doesn't have, to be his best man. His quest for a suitable candidate leads him to laid-back, hard-drinking Sydney and the pair become inseparable buddies - to the horror of Peter's fiancee. Comedy, starring Paul Rudd and Jason Segel
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Film Joe Kidd
A bounty hunter is asked to capture a Mexican revolutionary leader, and accepts the job after the rebel's men attack his own ranch. But when he witnesses the cruel methods used by his employer, he resolves to bring the fugitive to a fair trial rather than let him face rough justice. Western, starring Clint Eastwood, Robert Duvall and John Saxon. Part of the Clint Eastwood season. Edited for violence and language
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Film King Kong
Oil prospectors travel to a recently discovered and remote Pacific island, where they encounter a gigantic gorilla. The men manage to capture the huge ape and bring it back to America - but the confused creature is terrified by events and escapes, wreaking havoc in New York. Remake of the classic 1933 fantasy adventure, with Jeff Bridges, Jessica Lange and Charles Grodin. Edited for daytime broadcast
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Film About a Boy
An idle womaniser pretends to be a father to meet women in a single mothers' group - but he starts to change his selfish ways when a lonely youngster with a depressed mum becomes emotionally attached to him. Romantic comedy adapted from Nick Hornby's novel, starring Hugh Grant, Toni Collette, Nicholas Hoult and Rachel Weisz
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Film Click
A hard-working businessman gets his hands on a remote control that enables him to manipulate all aspects of his life - including fast-forwarding through the bits he would rather miss. However, the device takes on a mind of its own and starts causing him to skip entire years. Comedy, starring Adam Sandler, Christopher Walken and Kate Beckinsale
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Film Space Jam
Aliens arrive on Earth to abduct the Looney Tunes gang as a new attraction at their failing intergalactic theme park. To keep their freedom, Bugs Bunny and friends challenge the invaders to a high-stakes basketball game, calling on Michael Jordan to save the day and send the extraterrestrials back where they came from. Live action and animated comedy, starring Bill Murray and Danny DeVito, with the voices of Billy West and Bill Farmer. Including FYI Daily
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Film Romancing the Stone
A romantic novelist goes in search of her kidnapped sister in the steamy jungles of South America, only to become the target of a villainous general who demands as a ransom the valuable treasure map in her possession. Help is at hand in the form of a craggy daredevil fortune hunter, who has his eye on a share of the profits. Comedy adventure, starring Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner and Danny DeVito. Edited for daytime broadcast
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Film Silverado
Two drifters met by chance in the desert, later joined on their travels by one of the duo's reckless younger brother and a man they break out of prison. The mismatched foursome rides to a run-down frontier town and fight to free it from the control of a crooked marshal and his cronies. Western, starring Kevin Kline, Kevin Costner, Scott Glenn, Danny Glover, Rosanna Arquette and Jeff Goldblum. Edited for language
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Film On the Fiddle
A Second World War black marketeer is arrested, but a judge forces him to join the army rather than sending him to prison. He soon finds a willing accomplice in an easy-going fellow recruit, and together they concoct a variety of underhanded schemes to avoid being sent to the front line. Comedy based on RF Delderfield's novel, starring Alfred Lynch and Sean Connery
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Film Wall Street
An inexperienced financial trader is taken under the wing of a corrupt New York corporate raider, who draws him into the shady world of illegal insider dealing with promises of money and power. But the trainee stockbroker questions the morality of his actions when the consequences of a deal strike close to home. Oliver Stone's Oscar-winning drama, starring Michael Douglas, father and son Martin and Charlie Sheen, Daryl Hannah and Terence Stamp
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Film A Challenge for Robin Hood
The legendary medieval outlaw is forced to battle his own cousin when the scheming villain seizes control of the hero's rightful inheritance - while the wily Sheriff of Nottingham waits to turn the family feud to his advantage. Action adventure, starring Barrie Ingham, James Hayter, Leon Greene and Gay Hamilton
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Film Adaptation
A neurotic screenwriter has an uphill struggle trying to adapt a book into a film script, and is further hampered by his interfering twin brother, who has decided to make a serial thriller of his own. Comedy drama from director Spike Jonze, starring Nicolas Cage in a dual role alongside Meryl Streep and Chris Cooper, who won an Oscar for his performance
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Film Big Fish
A writer driven away from home by his father's tall tales returns when the old man is on his deathbed. He sets out to retrace his father's life in the hope of finally learning the truth - but in the process, remembers why he loved the fanciful stories as a child. Tim Burton's fantasy drama, starring Ewan McGregor, Albert Finney, Billy Crudup, Helena Bonham Carter, Danny DeVito and Steve Buscemi. Edited for daytime broadcast
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Film Helen of Troy
A Trojan prince travels to Sparta to secure a peace treaty, but there he falls in love with the queen and takes her back to Troy, igniting a long and bloody war between the city and a mighty Greek alliance - which finally breaches the walls of the citadel using the legendary wooden horse. Mythological adventure, starring Jacques Sernas, Rossana Podesta, Brigitte Bardot, Stanley Baker and Niall MacGinnis
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Film Kung Fu Panda 2
Martial arts master panda Po continues to hone his skills when an evil peacock, who was banished from China for trying to build a deadly new weapon, returns to cause more chaos. It falls to Po to defeat him, but he suffers strange flashbacks revealing a connection between his past and the sinister bird. Animated comedy sequel, with the voices of Jack Black and Gary Oldman
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Film Welcome to the Jungle
A bounty hunter is sent into the depths of the Brazilian rainforest to locate a prominent businessman's son, but ends up trying to find a legendary artefact before a crook gets his hands on it. Action comedy, starring Dwayne Johnson, Seann William Scott and Christopher Walken, and an uncredited cameo by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Edited for violence
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Film Rio Lobo
A former Union Army colonel heads for Texas to recover a shipment of gold bullion stolen from a payroll train during the American Civil War and settle a few old scores along the way. Howard Hawks' Western, starring John Wayne, Jorge Rivero, Christopher Mitchum, Jack Elam, Jennifer O'Neill and Mike Henry
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Film The Glenn Miller Story
Musical biopic of the bandleader and trombonist. The film depicts the king of swing's triumphs from his college days to the pinnacle of his career, before it ended when his plane mysteriously disappeared over the English Channel in 1944. Starring James Stewart, June Allyson and Charles Drake, and featuring an appearance by Louis Armstrong as himself
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Film The Gun Hawk
An ageing gunfighter is badly injured while hunting down the men who killed his father. He returns to a sanctuary for criminals to die in peace, but he is concerned that a younger man he has befriended will follow in his violent footsteps. Western, starring Rory Calhoun, Rod Lauren, Ruta Lee and Rod Cameron
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Film The Duel at Silver Creek
A gambler goes after the gang of claim jumpers who killed his father, and joins forces with an injured marshal who also wants the criminals brought to justice. However, their partnership is tested when a devious femme fatale enters their lives. Don Siegel's Western, starring Audie Murphy, Stephen McNally and Faith Domergue
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Film The Eye
A blind woman regains her sight after an experimental transplant procedure. But she is haunted by terrifying visions involving death, which seem to predict future events. In order to discover the cause of her condition, she sets out to discover the identity of the donor who provided her new eyes. Horror, starring Jessica Alba and Alessandro Nivola
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Film The Runaways
Biopic of the 1970s rock band, following guitarist Joan Jett's alliance with eccentric producer Kim Fowley to create an all-female group. Troubled 16-year-old singer Cherie Currie catches Fowley's eye as the perfect frontwoman for the group, but as they embark on a Japanese tour, life in the public eye takes its toll. Starring Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning
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Film Valiant
Computer-animated adventure following the antics of a plucky pigeon who volunteers for duty with the Royal Homing Pigeon Service during the Second World War, delivering vital messages across the English Channel and braving attacks by a squadron of ruthless Nazi falcons. With the voices of Ewan McGregor, Ricky Gervais, Tim Curry, Jim Broadbent and Hugh Laurie. Including FYI Daily
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Film Vanity Fair
An orphaned woman leaves behind her humble beginnings and, using her wit, cunning and sexuality, claws her way up Regency London's social ladder. Her honest best friend, meanwhile, ends up married to a vain and deceitful dandy, unaware of an old friend's love for her. Period comedy drama, based on William Makepeace Thackeray's novel, starring Reese Witherspoon, Romola Garai, James Purefoy, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Rhys Ifans and Bob Hoskins. Including FYI Daily
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Film HOPital VÉTÉRinaire
The Great Horned Owl, Maria the alpaca and the blood donor Today, Kid the dog has come to CHUV to give blood, as he often does. A Great Horned Owl is treated at the bird of prey clinic for a fracture that is healing badly, while Maria, the alpaca, is suffering from a tooth infection which stops her from feeding properly. Directed by: Lorne Brass (Canada, 2011)
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Film Carry On at Your Convenience
Production at toilet manufacturers WC Boggs is brought to a halt when an over-eager trade union representative calls a strike. However, worker unrest is quickly quelled by a jolly trip to the seaside. Comedy, starring Sid James, Kenneth Cope, Hattie Jacques, Joan Sims, Kenneth Williams, Charles Hawtrey and Bernard Bresslaw
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Film 16 Blocks
A burned-out detective is given the task of escorting a criminal to court to testify against a group of corrupt policemen - but what seems to be a routine assignment quickly turns into a deadly game of cat and mouse as the crooked officers try to stop them reaching the courthouse alive. Thriller, starring Bruce Willis, Mos Def, David Morse, Jenna Stern and Casey Sander
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Film Babylon 5: In the Beginning
An Earth warship makes a tragic mistake, which results in the death of the Minbari leader and triggers a savage war threatening to wipe out the whole of mankind. Prequel to the sci-fi TV series, starring Bruce Boxleitner, Mira Furlan, Richard Biggs and Andreas Katsulas
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Film City of Ember
An underground city is built to allow the human race to survive a disaster, with the intention that the population will return to the surface 200 years later. The deadline is nearly up, but the people have forgotten how they got there or how to make anything work. Two teenagers try to find a way to the surface before the city's resources finally run out. Fantasy adventure, with Saoirse Ronan, Harry Treadaway, Bill Murray and Tim Robbins
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Film Death Drums Along the River
A British inspector is called to Africa to investigate the murder of a fellow policeman and uncovers a diamond-smuggling operation seemingly connected to an upriver hospital. Mystery, based on Edgar Wallace's novel Sanders on the River, starring Richard Todd, Marianne Koch, Albert Lieven and Walter Rilla
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Film Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives
Mass-murderer Jason Voorhees' corpse is re-animated yet again, this time by a bolt of lightning, and rises from the grave to embark on another blood-drenched killing spree. Horror, starring Thom Mathews, Jennifer Cooke and CJ Graham
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Film Moonraker
James Bond's investigations into the mysterious disappearance of a space shuttle lead him to a sinister industrialist, who is plotting to wipe out most of the human race. The secret agent also faces a rematch with his old enemy, metal-toothed hitman Jaws. Spy adventure, starring Roger Moore, Michael Lonsdale, Lois Chiles and the late Richard Kiel. Including FYI Daily
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Film Neighbouring Sounds
A private security firm is hired to safeguard a middle-class neighbourhood in Brazil, leaving the residents with mixed feelings about their new protectors. Meanwhile, one woman is more concerned with the constant barking of her neighbour's dog. Drama, starring Maeve Jinkings and Ana Rita Gurgel. In Portuguese, English, Mandarin and Persian
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Film If
Public schoolboys express their contempt for the institution in small acts of rebellion, but their non-conformity is greeted with harsh punishment, prompting them to adopt more extreme methods. Lindsay Anderson's surreal satirical drama, the first of three films starring Malcolm McDowell as iconoclastic anti-hero Mick Travis. With David Wood, Richard Warwick, Arthur Lowe and Graham Crowden
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Film Die Hard 4.0
Tough New York cop John McClane is sent to escort a computer hacker to Washington for questioning. During this routine operation he stumbles on a criminal mastermind's plan to launch a technological terrorist attack on the US, and is forced to enlist the hacker's aid in foiling the evil scheme. Action thriller sequel, with Bruce Willis, Timothy Olyphant, Justin Long and Maggie Q
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Film 8 Mile
A white rapper strives to make a name for himself on the music scene, but his deprived home life on a Detroit trailer park and romantic complications put a damper on his plans as he struggles to win over the crowds and earn the respect of his peers. Drama, starring Eminem, Kim Basinger, Mekhi Phifer and Brittany Murphy. Including FYI Daily
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Film Columbo: A Case of Immunity
A senior adviser to the king of a Middle Eastern nation plots to increase his own power by having the head of security at their American embassy killed and placing the blame on a group of dissidents. Columbo is assigned to crack the case, but the suspect's diplomatic immunity hinders the progress of the investigation. Detective drama, starring Peter Falk, Hector Elizondo and Sal Mineo
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Film Basilisk: The Serpent King
A team of archaeologists accidentally unleashes a monstrous giant snake, and must find a legendary magical sceptre to halt its rampage of destruction. Fantasy adventure, starring Jeremy London and Wendy Carter
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Film 21 Jump Street
Cops Schmidt and Jenko hated each other when they were at school together, but have grown up to become friends. They are forced to relive the horrors of their adolescence when their captain decides their youthful appearance makes them the perfect undercover agents to crack a high-school drug ring. Comedy inspired by the 1980s TV series, with Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum
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Film The Manchurian Candidate
A distinguished Korean War veteran is brainwashed into becoming a remote-controlled killing machine. When he returns to America a hero, an old friend begins to suspect something is terribly wrong. Political thriller, starring Laurence Harvey, Frank Sinatra, Janet Leigh and Angela Lansbury. Including FYI Daily
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Film The Game
A selfish investment banker is given an unusual birthday present by his free-spirited younger brother. He is enrolled in a mysterious game, the nature of which is never revealed - and as he tries to fathom the rules, his life rapidly begins to unravel in explosive fashion. David Fincher's thriller, starring Michael Douglas, Sean Penn, Deborah Kara Unger and Peter Donat. Including FYI Daily
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99 Votes
Next On ITV4 12:35am Fri 3 Oct
Film The Black Balloon
Fifteen-year-old Thomas Mollison struggles to adapt to life in his new neighbourhood. When his mother becomes pregnant, he is left caring for his autistic brother who seems intent on stifling all possibility of him having a normal adolescence. Drama, starring Rhys Wakefield, Luke Ford and Toni Collette
Comment on The Black Balloon
5 Votes
Next On BBC2 London 12:50am Mon 6 Oct
Film The Descendants
Premiere. A lawyer negotiating a land deal in Hawaii is forced to take a more active role in his two daughters' upbringing when a boating accident leaves his wife in a coma. He learns she was having an affair, a fact his friends and eldest child were keeping from him. With the two girls in tow, he sets off to find and confront her lover. Drama, with George Clooney, Shailene Woodley and Amara Miller
Comment on The Descendants
6 Votes
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Next On Channel 4 9:00pm Sun 5 Oct
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Next On Channel 4 + 1 10:00pm Sun 5 Oct
Film The Dinosaur Project
An explorer leads an expedition into a jungle in the Congo, hoping to prove a river-dwelling creature of local legend exists. They get more than they bargained for when they find that in this part of the world dinosaurs are not extinct, leaving them in danger of becoming prey. Fantasy adventure, starring Natasha Loring and Matt Kane
Comment on The Dinosaur Project
2 Votes
Next On Syfy 6:00pm Sun 5 Oct
Film Spanking the Monkey
A student reluctantly agrees to spend the summer taking care of his invalid mother, stirring disturbing incestuous feelings in the pair which soon reach boiling point. Comedy drama, starring Jeremy Davies and Alberta Watson
Comment on Spanking the Monkey
3 Votes
Next On Film4 12:40am Wed 1 Oct
Film Beverly Hills Cop II
Wisecracking Detroit detective Axel Foley returns to Los Angeles to investigate the shooting of an old friend, and uncovers a connection with a spate of violent robberies carried out by a criminal who leaves a mysterious calling card. Comedy thriller sequel, with Eddie Murphy, Judge Reinhold, John Ashton, Ronny Cox and Brigitte Nielsen
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Watch Beverly Hills Cop II online
131 Votes
Next On Film4 9:00pm Fri 3 Oct
Film Carry On Sergeant
A military sergeant approaching retirement hopes to end his career on a high note by seeing his last lot of recruits come first in an annual competition to find the best squad in the forces. However, he is not prepared for the hopeless band of misfits placed under his command. The first in the comedy series, starring William Hartnell and Bob Monkhouse
Comment on Carry On Sergeant
82 Votes
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Film Deadly Hope
A fertility doctor trying to recover from the murder of her colleague attends a charity function, where a man she meets is also killed. She realises that she was the intended target in both attacks, and tries to find out who wants her dead and why before anyone else dies. Thriller, starring Alana De La Garza and Sandrine Holt
Comment on Deadly Hope
1 Votes
Next On 5USA 2:50pm Sat 4 Oct
Film Kung Fu Panda
A hero is needed to defend a peaceful valley community from attack by a rampaging snow leopard. The unlikely candidate for the job is a lazy panda, who enlists the aid of a legendary team of animal fighters and their wise master to teach him the martial arts skills he needs to fulfil his destiny. Animated comedy, with the voices of Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman, Angelina Jolie, Ian McShane and Jackie Chan
Comment on Kung Fu Panda
155 Votes
Next On BBC3 9:05pm Sat 4 Oct
Film Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties
The lazy moggy stows away in his owner's luggage and ends up in London. He is promptly mistaken for an English upper-class cat, who has recently inherited a grand estate, and moves into his stately home - much to the dismay of the real aristocratic feline's conniving relation, who is bent on swindling him out of his money. Family comedy, starring Breckin Meyer, Billy Connolly and Jennifer Love Hewitt, with the voices of Bill Murray and Tim Curry
Comment on Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties
13 Votes
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Film Fatal Honeymoon
A woman goes on honeymoon to Australia, only to drown during a scuba diving trip to the Great Barrier Reef. Her father is not convinced this was an accident, and begins to suspect her own husband may have murdered her. A year later, he finally finds the evidence to prove his accusation. Fact-based crime drama, starring Harvey Keitel and Billy Miller
Comment on Fatal Honeymoon
2 Votes
Next On Lifetime 11:00am Sun 5 Oct
Film Fired Up!
Two lecherous high school jocks cannot face the prospect of a summer of American football training, so sign up for cheerleading camp instead. However, the school's head cheerleader is suspicious of their motives, while one of the duo jeopardises their quest for casual sex by falling in love. Comedy, starring Nicholas D'Agosto, Eric Christian Olsen and Sarah Roemer
Comment on Fired Up!
2 Votes
Next On Viva 9:00pm Fri 3 Oct
Film Nuclear Hurricane
A highly advanced computer in a nuclear power station malfunctions and turns on the human crew. As the operators battle frantically to pull the plug before it causes a meltdown, they also have to contend with a tropical storm striking the area. Sci-fi thriller, starring Brian Foyster and Jamie Luner
Comment on Nuclear Hurricane
6 Votes
Next On Syfy 2:00pm Mon 6 Oct
Film Red Heat
A Russian detective travels to America to oversee the extradition of a Georgian drug baron responsible for supplying cocaine in Moscow. He is teamed up with a hostile Chicago cop, but when their prisoner kills an officer and escapes, they put aside their mutual mistrust to bring him to justice. Action thriller, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, James Belushi, Peter Boyle, Laurence Fishburne and Ed O'Ross
Comment on Red Heat
69 Votes
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Film Gosford Park
A weekend shooting party at a country estate is disrupted by a murder. As the numerous guests deal with their own personal agendas, their actions are quietly observed by their servants, notably an inquisitive maid, who drink in the scandalous gossip while maintaining their own strict social hierarchy. Robert Altman's period drama, starring Maggie Smith, Helen Mirren, Kelly Macdonald, Michael Gambon, Clive Owen and Kristin Scott Thomas. Including FYI Daily
Comment on Gosford Park
90 Votes
Next On ITV3 3:10pm Sat 4 Oct
Film Kidulthood
West London teenagers face difficult choices that could affect the rest of their lives, as they struggle to deal with the effects of gun crime, drugs and bullying in their impoverished neighbourhood. Drama, written by and starring Noel Clarke, with Aml Ameen, Red Madrell, Jaime Winstone and Rafe Spall
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144 Votes
Next On BBC3 12:00am Mon 6 Oct
Film End of the World
A rain of energy from space devastates cities all around the world, burning people to ash and destroying all electrical and communications systems. Two geeky video shop employees put their knowledge of disaster movies to the task of finding a way for the human race to survive the apocaypse. Comedy disaster movie, starring Greg Grunberg, Brad Dourif and Neil Grayston
Comment on End of the World
3 Votes
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Film Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
The super-powered team takes on a mysterious alien who has been sent by his planet-eating master to prepare Earth for obliteration. While the four heroes try to find a way to foil its plans, an old enemy returns, intent on seizing the extraterrestrial's power. Sci-fi adventure sequel, starring Ioan Gruffudd, Michael Chiklis, Chris Evans and Jessica Alba, with the voice of Laurence Fishburne. Edited for daytime broadcast
Comment on Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
137 Votes
Next On Film4 7:05pm Fri 3 Oct
Film Columbo: Lady in Waiting
A desperate woman is determined to rid herself of her domineering brother and gain control of the family business, so hatches a plan to shoot him and claim she thought he was a burglar. Although her plan seems to have worked, her new-found power goes to her head - and she also has to contend with Columbo, who is convinced of her guilt. Crime drama, starring Peter Falk, Leslie Nielsen and Susan Clark
Comment on Columbo: Lady in Waiting
13 Votes
Next On ITV3 5:20pm Sun 5 Oct
Film Columbo: Murder with Too Many Notes
Oscar-winning composer Findlay Crawford relies on his assistant Gabriel to do all the hard work, but the younger musician demands recognition. To protect his reputation, Findlay kills Gabriel with a time-delayed drug to give himself the perfect alibi - but the slovenly sleuth sees through his ruse. Detective drama, with Peter Falk and Billy Connolly
Comment on Columbo: Murder with Too Many Notes
25 Votes
Next On ITV3 10:25am Sat 4 Oct
Film 20 Million Miles to Earth
An American space mission to Venus brings back a bizarre reptilian creature from the planet's surface, but once exposed to Earth's atmosphere it suddenly begins to grow at an alarming rate and wreaks havoc on the streets of Rome. Sci-fi thriller, starring William Hopper, Joan Taylor and Frank Puglia, with special effects by Ray Harryhausen
Comment on 20 Million Miles to Earth
23 Votes
Next On More4 10:00am Wed 1 Oct
Film The Charge of the Light Brigade
A British major and his brother stationed in India during the Crimean War become rivals when they fall in love with the same woman. An allied local ruler betrays the British, carrying out a massacre of civilians and prompting the major to swear revenge on him - ultimately leading a suicidal attack on an enemy artillery position. Fact-based drama, starring Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland and Nigel Bruce
Comment on The Charge of the Light Brigade
5 Votes
Next On BBC2 London 7:25am Sat 4 Oct
Film The Good Shepherd
Fact-based drama exploring the secret history of the CIA, from the Second World War to the Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961. Agent Edward Wilson's job involves leading a double life, until one day he is forced to make the terrible choice between national security and ensuring the safety of his family. Directed by and starring Robert De Niro, with Matt Damon and Angelina Jolie
Comment on The Good Shepherd
42 Votes
Next On BBC2 London 11:30pm Sat 4 Oct
Film The Last Command
Adventurer Jim Bowie returns to Texas during the 1830s and tries to quell the simmering antagonism between settlers and the Mexican government. However, as the Mexican army's aggression intensifies, he is forced to take up arms and fight in the historic battle at the Alamo. Western, starring Sterling Hayden, Arthur Hunnicutt, Anna Maria Alberghetti and Richard Carlson
Comment on The Last Command
9 Votes
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Film Vacancy
A couple whose car breaks down in the middle of nowhere are forced to seek shelter at an isolated motel. However, when they discover videotapes of people being killed in their room, they realise the motel owner has a penchant for casting guests in his home-made snuff movies - and they are about to become the latest victims. Horror, with Kate Beckinsale, Luke Wilson, Frank Whaley and Scott G Anderson
Comment on Vacancy
42 Votes
Next On 5* 9:00pm Mon 6 Oct
Film X-Men: The Last Stand
The mutant heroes return to face a battle on three fronts. Arch-enemy Magneto is back with an army of followers, while a corporation has created a drug that permanently robs mutants of their powers. Meanwhile, their former ally Jean Grey has returned from the dead as the destructive and seemingly unstoppable Phoenix. The third instalment of the superhero saga, starring Hugh Jackman, Ian McKellen, Famke Janssen, Halle Berry and Kelsey Grammer. Edited for violence and language
Comment on X-Men: The Last Stand
137 Votes
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Next On E4 8:00pm Mon 6 Oct
Film Trust
An artist receives a series of anonymous letters and e-mails advising that her husband is having an affair. She sets out to expose the identity of the person behind the messages, but is distracted by nagging doubts that the dire warnings may be correct. Mystery, starring Jamie Luner, Nels Lennarson and Steven Cree Molison. Edited for language
Comment on Trust
5 Votes
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Next On Channel 5 +1 4:15pm Mon 6 Oct
Film Rock Monster
An American backpacker travelling through Eastern Europe finds a sword in a stone in the forest. Overcome with curiosity, he pulls the weapon out only to awaken a monstrous creature carved out of solid rock that is part of an ancient curse connected to his ancestors. Horror, starring Chad Collins and Natalie Denise Sperl
Comment on Rock Monster
3 Votes
Next On Syfy 10:00pm Sun 5 Oct
Film The Bandit of Sherwood Forest
The son of Robin Hood follows the family tradition, this time helping the Queen of England defeat her enemies. Swashbuckling adventure, starring Cornel Wilde, Anita Louise and Jill Esmond
Comment on The Bandit of Sherwood Forest
4 Votes
Next On Film4 11:00am Sun 5 Oct
Over the course of a weekend, four female friends each have their own dangers to face - one is fleeing a stalker, another gets kidnapped, the third suspects her half-brother is up to something and the fourth uncovers her boss's sinister secret. When they get their hands on a stolen cache of diamonds, they find their problems are only just beginning. Crime thriller, with Emma Roberts and Tamsin Egerton
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13 Votes
Next On Film4 1:30am Sun 5 Oct
Film Lava Storm
Husband-and-wife emergency workers suspect something strange is going on following a cave-in. Returning to the surface they discover a devastating series of volcanic eruptions is under way and face a race against time to save their family and prevent the imminent catastrophe destroying a nearby city. Disaster thriller, starring Ian Ziering and Valerie Valois
Comment on Lava Storm
3 Votes
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Film Mega Python vs Gatoroid
The Florida everglades are invaded by a deadly new breed of giant python, unwittingly unleashed by animal rights activists. The park rangers create a species of mutant alligator to deal with the problem, but soon both monsters are on the hunt for human prey. Creature feature thriller, with Deborah Gibson and Tiffany
Comment on Mega Python vs Gatoroid
5 Votes
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