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Film Becoming Jane (2006) Watch show online
A young Jane Austen's parents are intent on finding her a wealthy husband, but she remains determined to marry for love. Before long, a dashing but penniless lawyer catches the future novelist's eye, but any suggestion of romance meets with distinct disapproval from their families. Romantic period drama, with Anne Hathaway, James McAvoy, Julie Walters, Maggie Smith and Ian Richardson in his last film role
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Film On the Buses (1971) Watch show online
Wily bus driver Stan Butler thinks a new company policy that allows women behind the wheel will rob him of his precious overtime money. Enlisting the aid of conductor Jack, he does everything he can to sabotage the plan. Comedy, based on the TV series, starring Reg Varney, Bob Grant, Stephen Lewis, Doris Hare, Peter Madden and Anna Karen. Including FYI Daily
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Film Operation Crossbow (1965) Watch show online
Three Allied engineers parachute into occupied Holland on a mission to infiltrate and destroy a German missile base. The trio team up with the local resistance, but two of the men are unaware the third is a Nazi agent. Second World War adventure, starring George Peppard, Sophia Loren, Trevor Howard, Tom Courtenay and John Mills
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Film Paranormal Activity (2007) Watch show online
A couple move into a new house, only to be disturbed by unexplained supernatural phenomena. They become convinced the property is haunted and set out to capture evidence of their ghostly encounters on film. An attempt to directly contact the spirits only makes matters worse. Horror, starring Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat. Including FIY Daily
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Film The Butterfly Effect (2004) Watch show online
A college student discovers he can travel back in time to his troubled childhood and change future events for himself and his friends - but his meddling in the course of history leads to unforeseen consequences when he returns to the present day. Supernatural thriller, starring Ashton Kutcher, Amy Smart, Eric Stoltz, William Lee Scott and Melora Walters. Including FYI Daily
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Film The Faculty (1998) Watch show online
Six high-school students notice their teachers behaving strangely, and realise they have been replaced by shape-changing aliens who are planning to take over the world. Robert Rodriguez's sci-fi horror, starring Elijah Wood, Jordana Brewster, Josh Hartnett, Robert Patrick and Famke Janssen. Including FYI Daily
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Film The King Of Comedy (1983) Watch show online
A lonely would-be stand-up comic is desperate to become a celebrity, an ambition that has left him with a tenuous grip on reality. After a fleeting encounter with his chat-show host hero, he imagines they have become friends. However, when the presenter refuses to endorse his career, the comic resorts to kidnapping him and hijacking the show. Martin Scorsese's black comedy, starring Robert De Niro and Jerry Lewis
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Film Two For The Money (2005) Watch show online
An American football player whose career is cut short by injury becomes the protege of a power player in the world of sports gambling because of his knack for predicting winners. For a time the former sportsman enjoys the life of a high-roller, but when his skill begins to falter, his mentor turns on him and the pair engage in a fraught game of con and counter-con. Drama, with Al Pacino, Matthew McConaughey, Rene Russo and Armand Assante
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Film Universal Soldier: Regeneration (2009) Watch show online
A dead soldier who was brought back to life as the ultimate killing machine is revived once more to deal with terrorists who have taken control of a nuclear reactor. He finds his enemies not only have a more advanced reanimated soldier in their ranks, but they have also resurrected an old foe of his. Sci-fi thriller sequel, starring Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren. Including FYI Daily
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Film Whip It (2009) Watch show online
Misfit teenager Bliss grows tired of her small-town life and pushy mother, who is trying to relive her lost youth by making her daughter compete in beauty pageants. When she discovers the fast-paced sport of roller derby, Bliss is instantly hooked and joins a struggling team, but has to keep it a secret from her family. Comedy drama, starring Ellen Page and Drew Barrymore, who also directed. Including FYI Daily
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