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Coronation Street Watch show online
A furious Carla issues Peter with an ultimatum about his drinking, while Maria follows Todd out of the pub and launches a tirade of abuse at him. Anna struggles with her guilt about Phelan, fighting back the tears when Izzy thanks her for sorting out their problems, and flinching when Owen reaches out to touch her. Steve is pleased to see a radiant Lloyd and Andrea arrive in the Rovers, and Kevin lays down the law to Maddie
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Eastenders Watch show online
Lucy continues to get what she wants, stealing Lee's attention away from Whitney - only for her insecurities to surface when the two of them are alone. Meanwhile, Cindy is jealous when she hears Ian boasting about his businesswoman daughter and decides it's high time he knew the truth about her. Over at the Vic, Mick comes up with a cunning plan to make Stan do more around the house - with a little help from local undertaker Les Coker - while Nancy organises a pool competition
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Emmerdale Watch show online
Jai causes a scene in the Woolpack when he confronts Charity, furious to have found out about her pregnancy after her refusal to have a baby with him. Val tells Victoria she has finally decided which man is for her - although it may be too late for Eric as her angry estranged husband has set up a stall to sell off her belongings. Chas and her friends decide to throw a surprise wedding for Moira and Cain, Harriet thinks she knows the identity of Dom's mystery benefactor and a drunken Finn receives a phone call about a job
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Hollyoaks Watch show online
The plot to kill Fraser falls into place, but it remains to be seen whether his scorned daughter Grace will have the courage to go through with it. Joe and Freddie realise Sandy's life is in danger, and Mercedes persuades Cindy to slip away from Dirk for the evening to attend a classy emergency-services ball
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Home And Away Watch show online
Hannah feels pressurised to keep her relationship with Andy a secret, while John impresses Marilyn by embellishing the role he played in breaking up the fight between Andy and Brax. Tamara tackles the challenge of being school captain, but gets little support from her deputy Matt, who is more interested in Sasha. Josh's world is turned upside down when he discovers Brax is out of prison
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Neighbours Watch show online
In shock at the news that Bailey may have found their daughter, Brad and Lauren decide to invite the woman to Erinsborough. However, while Lauren is convinced she's connecting with her child at last, not everyone is so welcoming - with Matt urging caution and Terese suspecting something is not quite right
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