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Alan Carr: Chatty Man Comments

Alan carr
As soon as I hear his voice I have to switch channel. So pathetic. He's so camp he must live in a tent. Anyway Alan, if you read this, here's a new joke for you to use. "What do you call a bunch of homosexual lions?" A. "A gay pride" should make 'em roar with laughter.
Heterosexual guy. 1:45pm Sat 5 Aug

Better title for
Alan Carr's new tour, 'Crap, Crap, Crap'
Cheesy Raver 3:51pm Thu 19 Nov
Alan Carr chatty Man Friday 13 November 2015
Comments on John Lewis Christmas Video tonight is below the belt considering it is related to Age UK.Normally love this show
SP 10:49pm Fri 13 Nov
The Queen of Chat!
Alan Carr is superb! He must be the new Kenneth Williams or something.
Wicky 8:27pm Sat 31 Oct
Dreadful man.
Dan 3:41pm Mon 5 Oct
80% of TV presenters
must be far-gerots
Jenny 8:57pm Fri 2 Oct
Good watch. Chatty man is really funny and even amused my Aussie pals in studio audience. Loved seeing Taraji P Henson! highlight of my night
Sel-lioness 10:27am Thu 16 Apr
you have made me happier by showing me that there is still a healthy opposition in england and people like nigel farrage do not have to be taken seriously. yet.
sally 12:18am Sat 11 Oct
The positive thing I can say about this talentless, irritating prat is that he's better than Keith Lemon.
Dell Markus 12:43am Mon 6 Oct
unfunny man
worse than peter kay and paddy whatshisname!
bodo 10:34am Fri 12 Sep
Talentless Man
His material would be inert if it wasn't so damaging by reinforcing negative gay stereotypes. He's profoundly unfunny. Like Lenny Hennry uses 'Black' as a brand, he uses 'Gay' to the same lame purpose.
Reality check 9:10pm Fri 25 Jul
Bad Show
He's not very good and somewhat annoying.
Average Custard 10:40am Mon 14 Jul
Not good
Thought the last show was pathetic, drinking like louts, great role models, and Cher Lloyd ! why ?
music fan. 2:41pm Thu 19 Jun
Unfunny. 10:18am Thu 19 Jun
The Iceman 11:46am Sat 15 Feb
Who cares about the haters? Best chat show there is.
Majorsot 10:51pm Fri 4 Oct
Not really entertaining.
Not sure what the attraction is here. Boring chit-chat with uninteresting "celebs".
Dave Stronor 6:59pm Sun 29 Sep
Spot on Bojtun.
Dead right. Dem sqeels no a fing or too.
Parc Sti Ok. 10:13pm Fri 13 Sep
A great show.
If you like red squirrels.
Bojtun 11:39pm Sun 8 Sep
Too much drink!
Too much discussing alcohol than actual chat! Love the show, but would have loved to hear a bit more discussions happening!
Frankie 11:00pm Fri 30 Aug
It's all rather sad.
Need I say more.
Mr. Geek 11:26pm Sun 16 Jun
Your comment
In the same way yours is not realy required.
5/10 6:08pm Thu 22 Nov
Proper Pedant
"Your comment" would be required to start your comment!
Proper Pedant 3:50pm Thu 22 Nov
Also demonstrates your pitiful understanding of grammar. Use quotashun marcs and then a full stop after 'most funniest', if you want to be a proper pedant.
6/10 12:30pm Sun 18 Nov
braindead Britain
Most funniest, that really shows your utter lack of grasp of the English language. No wonder you find this garbage so entertaining!
talentless 11:39pm Sat 17 Nov
Most funniest man on TV.
Tildo 12:13pm Tue 13 Nov
Waste of Space
The Simon Cowell sketch went competely flat and unfunny. This show is taking up precious viewing time.
doubletake 12:28am Wed 7 Nov
Your glasses are a bit too big for your face! Not being mean or anything cos i am a fan...maybe go spec-savers or summin. Love you ;P
Kelsie-Paige 3:36pm Mon 5 Nov
De ja vous...
Same old guests every series, Tulisa, Louis Walsh, 1 Direction, JLS etc etc
seen it before! 3:28pm Fri 2 Nov
Alan Carr .....
gives gays a bad name , so sad to see gay public figure sell out for fame and fortune (
Thanks for nothing ! 12:12am Wed 3 Oct
The worst Christmas Special ever. Jedward are off their heads well one of them is to be sure to be sure. David Walliams weren't much better. I felt sorry for Ruth Jones who deserved better, even Steps were trivialised. Alan Carr please stop behaving like a complete twat and grow up. You usually make me chuckle so hoping this is just a blimp and too much cooking sherry.
Jah59 1:36pm Fri 30 Dec
Jelly Sea
them jedweirds have got them money and foraris an stuff so you carnt comint cuz you ent.
Frank 10:59pm Tue 27 Dec
Jedward fiasco
Alan, what the hell are you doing even entertaining these young idiots. You do not do yourself any favours with guests like this. They were an isnsult to the watching public. Waste of time and money.
Sickened 7:38pm Tue 27 Dec
What an Idiot
Awfull untallented person, why do people watch such rubbish
dave2 8:21pm Sun 6 Nov
One direction
I love Allen Carr and I cant wait for One Direction to be on the show. I love them to pieces and they are amazing!
Maria Payne 2:23pm Sat 23 Jul
Omg Ilovee you alan you make me and my friends chuckle i wsh i could be your wife lovee crystle x
Baby Crystle 9:50pm Fri 22 Jul
sexy ast lover
i don't any guest on tonight xx
sexy ast lover 5:43pm Fri 8 Jul
cheryl cole
Pls pls pls stop harpering on about Cheryl Cole. Love the show but cringe when u keep mentioning that talentless person x
lol ditto 10:35pm Fri 24 Jun
ALL talk shows are used to 'plug' something...!
LOL! Have you ever watched Parkinson? A new book, biography, video, film... Don't have a go at the host! All these cringworthy 'guests', no matter what channel, are only on to make even more money out of us!
Better than who? 10:53pm Tue 21 Jun
Better by far than Norton
Not really my cup of tea, but so much better than the other drip.
Dancer 5:49pm Fri 17 Jun
who told this block he was funny ??his deaf frienda
tessa 11:08pm Mon 14 Feb
complete rubbish
It's utterly cringeworthy...the man's a complete moron with a horrendous voice. Whoever would have thought British TV could have sunk so low.
Agatha 10:55pm Sun 6 Feb
Because they can see him for what he really is, A stupid man who thinks he is some kind of uber comedian/chat show host.
jlc 9:01am Mon 31 Jan
i wonder..
why it seeems the last few episodes he has had some less than impressive guests
hm 4:24pm Sun 30 Jan
Spot the Alcoholics !
I do like Alan after warming to his sense of humour, I wonder why some guests are not offered a drink of Lambrini or indeed a soft alternative ?
royal.gov.uk 7:30pm Thu 20 Jan
worse than Davina
It is indeed shameless plugging, that is the only reason he "secures" such well known guests, they are only there to promote/sell their DVD/Book/Film
BBC 5:14pm Wed 19 Jan
Can he just make more of an effort. Lazy. It's just shameless plugging, he gets nothing from his interviewees!
Lenlow 12:11am Tue 18 Jan
reply to Jake
no one is questioning his sexuality, that is irrelevant. However it does not detract from the fact he is a crap interviewer
justin lee collins 10:33pm Wed 5 Jan
Haters get out!
I don't see why people write such immature comments on these pages. I do find Alan Carr extremely funny and it's good to see an openly gay presenter on UK TV, most people who leave these stupid negative comments are totally naive and need to grow up!
Jake 9:58pm Sun 2 Jan
read between the lines
could. really. aspire. personally.
Keremy Jyle 7:04pm Thu 23 Dec

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