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Fake News
98 percent lies with a dash of propaganda
Kelly 9:12pm Fri 15 Jun

Women's pay.
Totally agree that women in USA and everywhere should have equal pay. But it would mean bosses having to sack people to afford it. So some would win, some would lose.
Sam. 1:10pm Sun 21 Jan
A load of bull
Please, no-one let this TV show shape your view of the world. Educating the public is NOT their main priority, or even in their best interest. Switch on something that makes you happy.
Nigel 10:03pm Fri 22 Dec
Brilliant service
This is a excellent service, it's clear, I will never miss any news again.
PP 11:42am Sun 3 Dec
USA floods
Oops Houston we have a problem!
couldnotresist 1:30pm Mon 28 Aug
The BBC Bed
Lie in it all the time
Larry 7:51pm Wed 2 Aug
Did you get on the wrong site? Of course the news is on every night otherwise it would not be news. Of course they are not repeats as old news is not.........news. Unless of course you are being faceteous then I like your style!
once more 8:01am Fri 12 Jun
This program seems to be on every single night. Frankly I'm tired of BBC repeats. Make something fresh for goodness sake!
Mikatile 6:09pm Wed 10 Jun
Was it necessary for the BBC to hog a third of the viewing screen with over-sized banners obscuring most of what was going on with todays demonstration in Paris. Annoying!!
Mike 3:56pm Sun 11 Jan
again no subtitles for HoH. thanks
Nan 9:12pm New Years Day
while the world burns, BBC will 'report extensively' on a baton relay. WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY!!
TUBBY 11:05am Tue 24 Jun
The Accent
I am from Yorkshire, but I have friends from Canada and love the show. The actors talk too fast and can't be understood. Slow down
Corrfan 10:56pm Tue 18 Mar
,, of public money, for such narrow, corporate-propaganist and downright lazy reporting on events of world importance,, like Ukraine!!?? No balance, depth or reasonable analysis. BBC GETS AN F!!!
tubby 6:37pm Thu 6 Mar
bong bong bong
"Here is the nine o'clock BBC lies and propaganda"
disgraceful 9:53pm Thu 20 Feb
How many millions do the UK tax payer give them aid every year again ?? Amazing how our politicians can turn a blind eye to gain a few £ in trade :rolleyes:
We reap what we sow 3:55am Sun 16 Feb
Hurrah, that's what I was seeking for, what a data! present here at this web site, thanks admin of this web page.
Josefa 11:38am Sun 26 Jan
i read the news today oh boy
paul 5:44am Sun 5 Jan
couldn't believe the leading story this morning
lynne 5:40am Sun 5 Jan
newsworthy story
news 5:36am Sun 5 Jan
BBC should be privatized
Leftist, pro-EU, anti-family and totally biased, wasted £60 million in severance payments to senior managers and spent £100million on a failed IT project. The BBC is a disgrace
Harry 5:48pm Wed 18 Dec
Biased Broadcasting Corporation
The news is never balanced, the Biased Broadcasting Corporation should be sold only all archived media retained by the government and kept with royalty rights.
James Knight 9:34pm Sun 15 Dec
Boring news, bring back ITV news24
newsy 7:29pm Sun 24 Nov
Unbiased BBC
I love getting my daily propaganda blast so I can slowly begin to hate immigrants, the poor on benefits & expand my love for the heroic MPs. It keeps the wheel spinning in my head.
Lion Heart 11:13am Thu 31 Oct
BooBoo C
Another dose of force fed news. The world according to the BBC. Booo
OOps 5:14pm Fri 27 Sep
Oh dear
Article about the proposed theft of computer data from a bank was said to be "reams of data" a ream is 500 sheets of paper, how does that relate to computer data?? Really!! Someone in the BBC, our national flag bearer with regard to news, should buy a dictionary.
David Wright 6:20pm Fri 13 Sep
@ Anne Fracks
Fair point, well made.
suspect agenda
Why is it that the BBC has failed the majority yet again by reporting nothing of the global protests against Monsanto. It's like their 'reporting' of 'Occupy' all over again....took three weeks before they couldn't ignore it anymore. Disgusting betrayal
Anne Fracks 4:24pm Sun 26 May
Your coverage of the news is disgusting. Stockholm has, for the past five nights, suffered very serious riots with numerous cars been torched. BBC has not said one word about it. I wonder why! Could it be that these riots are caused by immigrants? If this had happened in the US, the permanently based there (at our expense)reporters and their technical army, would have sprang into action and there wouldn't be an end to it!!! STOP brainwashing the population BBC and provide unbiased coverage....This is what we paying you to do.
Basil 10:57am Fri 24 May
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zincsulfate 4:56am Fri 24 May
Excellent Unbiased News
The News so unbiased, so excellent! I'll definitely watch it tomorrow - Great!
Fatty O'TopWak (The Voice of Raisons) 1:06am Sun 14 Apr
tubby 5:28pm Tue 22 Jan
Police Commissioners
The journalist on the street only found one person who had voted. That speaks volumns. A complete waste of public money - again! Will that be another U-Turn one might ask. Oh and voting for mayor - don't get me started.
doubletake 1:37pm Fri 16 Nov
Better than Eastenders, real drama, real disasters, real murders, the works, what more could you want?
The Bruce 6:21pm Tue 30 Oct
I'm not sure I can eer watch BBC news again after the prurient and gossip-mongering reporting on the Megan Stammers nonsense. You can't all this decent reporting; it is following the other cows at best. I will look hard for a way to avoid paying good money to support this laziness. Shame on BBC.
tubby 10:42pm Sat 29 Sep
GANDAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! 12:40pm Sun 19 Aug
for the first time in months, BBC news has done a story that shows a real picture of what goes on in parts of the world that Britain doesn't have a vested interest in, and they have demonstrated a real ability to apply investigative journalism to a serious problem!!,,,, oh wait, that was on channel 4,,,,?? Oops.
tubby 7:18pm Tue 14 Aug
my comments 1:29am Fri 3 Aug
garbage as usual,,,
very poor and insular, by-the-popular-pet-topic reporting. Pathetic. RT is much better despite their biases. For example, ridiculous cheerleaders for the corporate Olympics. All they are fit for.
tubby 9:14pm Mon 23 Jul
Fake stories
None of it it true - The BBC is a lying pit of pooo
yar blar nar 5:58pm Wed 9 May
BBC news is fungus
Zero truth. Zero honesty. Zero evidence. Zero intelligence. It's BBC news
nooooooooooooooooz 6:17pm Thu 19 Apr
nathan bathdur
love yus g
elaine 10:45pm Tue 17 Apr
silly smelly hippies smoking da herb thinking bbc is propaganda LOL
JK 2:20am Tue 3 Apr
Freedom of speech....
I may not like what you have to say, but I will defend with my life your right to say it....!
Winston Churchill 6:54pm Mon 2 Jan
Remembrance Day
Apparently, more than twice as many ordinary, decent, INNOCENT Iraqi civillians have lost their lives than ALL the British soldiers from WW2 and every other conflict since... won't hear THAT reported on the BBC.
Pro Pogandal 11:13pm Fri 11 Nov
thepresenters are puppets
if you look carefully, you can see the government opperating the strings.
theo opodopolus 10:13am Sat 5 Nov
value vodka £6.99... beats the news
lwf wiohf 8:14pm Mon 17 Oct
praise for barnet general hospital while caring for my husband
i,m very grateful to the fantastic care the nurses gave to my husband, tony. tony was very desperately ill, in & out of hospital all the time. tony was very happy with the nurses, & doctor who cared for him. unfortunately my tony died very peacefully in a care home, BUT WHY COULDN,T THEY KEEP TONY IN THE HOSPITAL FOR THE LAST FOUR DAYS OF HIS LIFE? that i found was so very unfair, and uncivilsed. please appreciate that i,m still grieving. all this happened in 2010.
pop3 2:33pm Mon 17 Oct
It is good to hear that checks are carried out on hospitals but why is it only the bad ones are reported. I do think there must be some good news about hospitals. WHY IS THAT NOT GIVEN SOME AIR TIME?? If you think about it many people will not want to go to hospital if all the bad reports are true...
Brockle 4:27pm Fri 14 Oct
planet of the apes
i was watching bbc news about the looting and thought it was an advert for the planet of the apes
byerite 1:00am Fri 12 Aug
It's rather quite clear!
"The BBC are brainwashing us!!". "They aren't reporting on Bilderberg meetings". "Osama nonsense..." etc etc. Some people have far too much time on their hands and smoke too many wacky-backy cigarettes (otherwise known as 'tin foil hat wearing nut jobs', George).
Brandy 11:29pm Sun 31 Jul

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